Hungary Shows How Fake News Is The Rallying Cry Of A New Generation Of Censors

Coat_of_arms_of_Hungary.svgI recently criticized the calls of Democratic leaders like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for greater censorship of the Internet and social media. Such calls have been growing for years but leaders like Schiff are citing the pandemic as a basis for speech monitoring and censorship.  That opportunity has not been missed by countries like China which has used “fake news” on the pandemic to arrest dissident scientists trying to share suppressed information. Most recently, Hungary has started jailing people for up to five years, which political dissidents say is targeting political critics.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán decided to use the opportunity of the pandemic for the same type of speech controls with a change in Hungary’s criminal code.  Dozens have been arrested for “distorting” the facts of the pandemic — the type of charge used by China against dissidents.

The bill also gives Orbán sweeping new emergency powers while notably not including a sunset provision.

In one case, a 64-year-old man in the town of Szerencs posted a criticism of the government’s response to the pandemic and called Orbán a “cruel tyrant”. He was promptly arrested and the police noted on its website that “a malicious or ill-considered share on the internet could constitute a crime”.

For those academics proclaiming that “China was right,”this is the future that these new censors are embracing.  It takes a great deal to convince a free people to give up their liberties so these leaders including U.S. Democratic leaders are suggesting that free speech can actually kill you.  If they are successful, the greatest loss to the Covid-19 could be free speech.

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  1. “It takes a great deal to convince a free people to give up their liberties” Would that this were the case… alas

  2. Prof. JT – It’s a wrap. I talk to enough folks here and there, I can you, from my point of view, out here in Cali, a lot of ppl agree with censorship! They agree with their overlords censoring their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.


      1. And part of it, just IMO, is they don’t think they will ever be the ones to be censored.

        It is: “Oh, yeah, that person over there should be censored bc they say ” bad” things, but I will never be censored bc I only say “good” things. And that is bc I am on the “right” side of the thought process.”

        And I say: wait until your overlords, aka the gov’t doesn’t like what you’re saying, they will come for you too.

        But of course, people never think that bc they are “good and honest and upright.”

        Ha-ha-ha 😉🙃😊😆

    1. WW33 – when the Revolution comes, I know I will be first up against the wall. 🙁

      BTW, if you click on HonestLawyers Icon you can get his website and email. He has agreed to send my email to you, if you are interest. I used to teach study skills and might be able to give you some tips for studying for the Bar.

      1. Paul – I have the email now. It’s almost ~ 4 a.m. in Texas. I don’t want to disturb if the phone dings for emails (Idk), so I will wait until tomorrow.

        Any study advice would be helpful. 😄

    2. World War Thirty-Three,

      I think PCS got the per diem for the room under Professor Turley’s “Civility Rules.”

  3. The American Founders considered the rights, freedoms, privileges and immunities they provided to be natural and God-given.

    Nature and God most assuredly exist in and permeate the planet, the galaxy and the universe, including Hungary.

    Hungary most certainly enjoys the freedoms of speech, press, thought, belief, religion, assembly, etc.

    The tyrants and dictators in that nation have not yet received the memo.

  4. Orban is a strong and patriotic leader for Hungary. I will leave it to Hungarians to mind their own store.

    At most what is happening there, is some leftists are getting their ox gored. The EU countries like Germany have been locking supposed “right wingers” for decades. If anything this is a dog bites man story.

  5. The Dear Leader the impeached president has called for the jailing of political opponents and newspapers and writers, but sure Turley, you write about China, Hungary and Democrat leaders.

  6. This is an Irish Poem for committedtoamentalinstitution, and other Spelling Nazis. I think it all goes back to bad parental potty training. It is all so banal! Hey! That is a great title!

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    Squeeky Fromm
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    1. Squeeky – I know that some people on here write at a subopimal level, however, I hate it when people explain a joke. 😉 If they are one this site, they should be educated enough to get your material or google it. 🙂

      1. Are you kidding??? Have you read some of the drivel by Peter Shill, bytheDNCscript and Natacha??? If they are being sincere in what they write, they are cretins.

        Plus, I like to think I am paying homage to T.S.Eliot and The Waste Land!


        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Squeeky – Natacha couldn’t tell a joke if her dress was on fire. She is the Queen of the Gish Gallop and I hammer on her all the time.

          Your limerick was great, however your explanation of the punch line was an essay. 😉

  7. Recently, I put the following statement on Facebook: World Health Organization — Nobody could have done a better job.

    They still haven’t figured it out.

  8. Free speech is not only a government problem but also YouTube. They pulled down a video of two ER doctors in California that criticized the current lockdown policy based on facts regarding COVID infections, hospitalizations and deaths, as well as their experience with patients and thousands of tests ( The “crime” committed was violation of YouTube’s rules. The CEO of YouTube was interviewed and said that the video violated their community rules which do not allow permit disagreeing with W.H.O. I checked their rules and see nothing like that so it appears that the take down was a personal decision.

    The video removal was widely reported, for example,

    Big brother is alive and well.

    Congress has to figure out how to control social media.

    1. Youtube is not part of the government. It’s a subsidiary of a publicly-traded business.

      Big Brother was the head of the government of Oceania in Orwell’s novel, 1984.

      Best not to conflate the government and businesses.

  9. Mr. Turley, you need to proofread your work better or hire someone to do it for you. Yesterday, you referred to Andrea Mitchell as “Andrew” (and you still haven’t corrected it), and today you’re referring to Rep. Schiff as “Smith”:

    “I recently criticized the calls of Democratic leaders like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Smith for greater censorship of the Internet and social media.”

    1. Commit to Honest Discussion — Can you let it go? Perfection is soooo boring, isn’t it? Btw….The latin root of the word ‘perfect’ actually means ‘to finish, to complete’….so by definition Turley’s articles are ‘perfect’ simply because he finished them. 🙂


      Latin Etymology

      Perfect passive participle of perficiō (“carry out, finish; perfect; cause”).

      perfectus (feminine perfecta, neuter perfectum, comparative perfectior, superlative perfectissimus); first/second-declension participle

      achieved, executed, carried out, finished, completed, having been finished or completed; complete, perfected, having been perfected; perfect, excellent, exquisite, brought about, caused, having been brought about or caused
      (grammar) perfect

      1. LOL that you think asking a *professor* to proofread his columns for typos prior to posting them and correcting errors after they’re pointed out is asking for “perfection.”

        I bet you’re smart enough to understand that a column with no spelling or grammar errors can be far from perfect, as it could still contain factual errors, logical fallacies, etc. Unfortunately, some of his columns also contain those kinds of errors.

        “by definition Turley’s articles are ‘perfect’ simply because he finished them”

        That must be the definition that Trump uses too, for his “perfect call” and when he said “Anybody that wants a [COVID-19] test can get a test. … But as of right now and yesterday, anybody that needs a test — that’s the important thing — and the tests are all perfect, like the [call] was perfect. The transcription was perfect.”

      2. BTW, Turley himself says “I will often miss typos or automatically “corrected” words that are errors. … We welcome any suggested corrections.”

        So you’re bothered by something he says is welcome.

      1. It’s not a case of misspelling. It’s a matter of not taking the time to proofread for obvious mistakes. It is unprofessional to refer to peoples’ names incorrectly. To add to the list, he referred to one “Norm Essen” when his actual name is “Eisen.” A lawyer’s stock-in-trade is careful drafting. I doubt that Turley would welcome such sloppiness when grading his students’ papers.

  10. The Orban government has a hatfull of salutary policies. They need to stop besmirching themselves with obnoxious measures (and the Hungarian courts need to make use of their legitimate discretion to put a stop to what they can).

    I think it’s an indication that Orban needs to retire and leave the helm to someone more balanced. This is megalomania we’re looking at.

  11. This is the dark side of Orban. The human rights lobby will notice when it’s Orban or Putin doing this. When it’s done by liberals in Canada and Scandinavia, it will be ignored.

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