New York Times Reporter’s Probing Questions For Tara Reade Highlights Double Standard In Media Coverage


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  1. Your use of the word “probing,” whether intentional or not, is sadly evocative. The rape (let’s call it what it is) that was perpetrated 30 years ago is being repeated today on a national scale. I’m not a believe-all-women woman. I do not believe everybody should lose their minds when it comes to rape cases. We should not abolish the statute of limitations, nor should we allow universities to try rape cases. As awful as it is, rape is a crime like any other crime and must be treated as such. At the same time, what is happening to Tara Reade is medieval. It’s the 1st world equivalent of stoning. Those who doubt Ms. Reade’s story based on her resume apparently know nothing about trauma. Anyone who has experienced trauma or who knows anything about it at all (which is not that easy because trauma is a Lernean Hydra), should at the very least wonder if Ms. Reade’s subsequent difficulties are connected to that early experience. It’s not something that can be generalized. The fact that Blasey Ford went on to lead a happy life does not prove that she was not raped and the fact that Tara went on to lead a less successful life is not proof that she was. But it was my understanding that “character” was no longer admissible in a rape court as evidence against the alleged victim? I am a conservative and I am not in any way a feminist, but Tara Reade is being raped every single day by the media and it’s not only not ok towards her, it is a terrifying testament to the fact that women, in America, are still chattel, to be used and abused at will.

  2. Only those Dems who “think” are able to articulate that they see a double standard.
    Like you, Prof. Turley — tho it must sadden you.

    Have you ever asked yourself how a Germany loving socialist, who has no hatred of Jews, would feel in a 1934 German University where it was not just Politically Correct to hate Jews, but required by laws made by the National Socialists?

    Your own discomfort about how too many US Dems are hypocrites, without seeing it, is probably a mild form of the distress felt by other rational folk among a majoritarian mob calling for irrational hate and inconsistent treatment.

    Please keep up your good criticism of Trump, and your consistent similar criticism of Dems who do the same.

  3. Yes. Part of why I defend Trump is because the media attacks on him are so scurrilous. In fact, I’m a longtime Democrat voter whose first vote for a Republican was Trump in 2016. Why? The New York Times made me do it. When they started their hysterical coverage of him during the 2016 election, it just made no senes. This man had been in the public eye for 30 years or more and no one hated him. He seemed like a sensible, New York businessman. So I started watching his speeches on YouTube to get an unfiltered view. Much of what he said made sense. So I voted for him.

    Had the NYT and the rest of the mainstream mis-leadia not been hysterical about him, I’d likely have just voted for Hillary, who I favored over Obama in 2008.

    But the leftist media never learns. And their hysteria is likely continuing to drive folks right into Trump’s camp.


  4. Let’s be honest for once. Christine Blasey Ford was an obvious liar and made up her completely refuted story by all the witnesses 100%. Literally every of the time witness totally refuted her.
    Republicons call this witness a possible and probably truth teller. They are literally that stupid.

    Tara Reade has much substantiated in her metoo abuse by Biden. All the indicators are it did happen exactly as she said. Her remembered quotes and getting shook by the side of the shoulders by Biden after the rejected digit rape fits 100%.

    Tara Reade is obviously telling the truth and kept her trap shut for the most part because that’s what the democrats have demanded forever – until recently.
    Republicans call this obvious truth a lie and believe Biden, who won’t open the archives that could list the assault. This is how stupid republicans are. Republicans like to call this guarding their honor or integrity.

    So we have absolute no with Ford, period. There isn’t a shred of doubt. With Tara Reade we have an absolute yes. Everything fits. Factual data is being hidden by the guilty party.

    Repubs give Biden the advantage, and are really just kind of wishy washy on Ford, perhaps they are democrats at heart and don’t know it yet.

    If republicans lose the election don’t anyone say they didn’t ask for it. A dumber cabal of morons cannot be found.

  5. “New York Times Reporter’s Probing Questions For Tara Reade Highlights Double Standard In Media Coverage”

    – Professor Turley

    Let’s axe Donna Brazile about “probing questions,” about lying and cheating and conspiring to defraud. Hey, maybe that’s why Fox puts her all over the airwaves, because Fox likes lying and cheating and conspiring to defraud. Hey, maybe it’s done for the same rationale the MSM uses to put the likes of the alleged fraud and plagiarist Doris Kearnes Goodwin on so frequently. Hey, Dorrrrrrisss, how’s that chicanery workin’ for ya?

    It’s not “Greed is Good.”

    It’s “Lying, Cheating, Conspiring, Plagiarizing and Defrauding is Good.”

    1. Donna Brazille right on the msm claimed she was scared senseless after Seth Rich’s murder. Hiding and peeking through the curtains… etc.
      So she lost her victim rights and so had to go FoxNews maybe.

  6. Remember Chris Mathews famous Obama comment, “He sends a tingle up my leg”. Or how about the hard hitting quest tmhey use to hit Bill Clinton with, ” Boxers or briefs”!

    1. Did you say, “Obama” and “tingle up my leg?”

      Larry Sinclair stated that Obama smoked crack cocaine, had homosexual relations with him and implied that Obama had homosexual relations with a “Donald Young” who was murdered on Dec. 23, 2007, and was the openly gay choir director for Reverend Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ.

  7. I believe that that majority of womans so called “claims,” are false. I was accused three times as a CEO of sexual discrimination and all three were poppycock. You can never a trust a woman so you have to ask questions.

    1. Can you say Lie Detector Test – for the accuser and the accused??? Let’s start there. Then we can go to the certified, authenticated, proven and documented circumstantial evidence provided by the complainant, Tara Reade.

    2. Means, motive and opportunity, Mr. Tracy.

      Oh, and demonstrated proclivity to sexual aggression/predation (i.e. touching, sniffing, etc.).

  8. What double standard? There is only one standard and leftists see no contradiction. You either are on the side of what they see as equality, progress, multiculturalism, etc. or you are a reactionary. Anything done by the former to further their goals is acceptable. Anyone who stands in the way is an evil deplorable. Leftists never punch left and criticize BLM types, antifa, rioters, etc. And anyone who who disagrees and slightly to the right of Mitch McConnell is probably a fascist. Mainstream conservatives don’t understand this and wonder why they aren’t treated fairly by the MSM and culture. Mainstream conservatives also conserve very little and are a shade above useless.


    1. Once again, busted by antonio. None of these typical human failings are ever engaged in by him or his fellow Trumpers. How they maintain their even handed approach to each issue and fair minded judgments is legendary and of course reflect the character – hack, cough cough, gagggg, hack – of their leader.

      1. @btb

        Not sure what you are trying to say. The issue was whether the MSM (and leftists) treat those with whom they agree (ie Biden, Ford) differently than their opponents. And I bet you will tell me with a straight face that they treat everyone fairly. After all, everyone know leftists are uber tolerant towards all! I guess that is why leftists try to outlaw, censor or shut down those with whom they disagree. More of the famous leftist superior intelligence and morality.

        And this may surprise you, but Trump is a big disappointment. And unless something unforeseen occurs, he will be the last Republican president, no matter what happens this year. But wait until the next Trump shows up, but is someone with good political skills. The demographics may be too late but will make things interesting.


        1. Leftists despise Biden and leftists are the ones who initially pushed forward Tara Reade’s allegations. I am far left and while I don’t know if she is telling the truth, I agree that centrist liberals have a double standard.

          I’ve noticed that many conservatives like yourself have basically zero understanding of the left. You don’t have to agree with us, but you don’t know what you are talking about.

  9. Not All Witnesses Are Equal

    This is one of those rare columns from Turley where the writing is badly structured and the key points are lost amid a mishmash of ideas.

    As a Law Professor, Turley should know that all witnesses are ‘not’ equal. Some are definitely more presentable than others.

    Christine Blasey Ford was an effective witness for a host of different reasons. She was happily married, employed in a professional capacity, financially secure, and her life had generally been quite stable. In short Ford didn’t seem to need money or attention.

    Tara Reade, however, stands out as a woman who might truly need a financial boost. Unlike Ford, Reade’s life has ‘lacked’ stability. She left Biden’s office for reasons that are not exactly clear. Reade then embarked on a failed marriage to an abusive husband before moving to the west coast.

    Resuming her education in middle age, Reade bounced through different schools and seemingly embellished a degree. Her subsequent career as a non-profit administrator was middling at best. She was also an ‘Expert Witness’; though her embellished degree may cause old cases to be reexamined.

    Currently Reade claims to be an Actress / Writer. But it’s not the least bit clear if she has any professional credits in these creative endeavors. Which suggests Reade might really want the attention that her allegations have brought.

    Unlike Christine Blasey Ford, Tara Reade is a portrait of instability. Reade’s entire life story raises far too many questions to make her an acceptable witness for the allegations she has leveled. And one must note that Reade’s most recent lawyer has dtopped her as a client.

    Therefore one has to ask why Johnathan Turley, a distinguished law professor, cannot recognize how problematic Reade is as a high profile witness.

    1. @seth warner

      Please spare us the intellectual exercise! You could care less whether Chrissy Ford was credible or Kavanaugh did the actions of which he was accused. The bottom line is that you did not like Kavanaugh because you disapprove of his judicial philosophy and worry about his potential rulings from the SC. Same with Tara Reade and Biden. Let’s be honest, you really don’t care if Biden is a rapist or even if “eats babies” for breakfast, you hate Trump and probably anyone who supports him.


      1. Yes, antonio, seth obviously lacks your clear, unbiased, and non-partisan insights into these issues.

        1. Antonio, you presume too much as usual. I didn’t agree with the Kavenaugh hearings. I don’t think vague allegations from high school should be presented 40 years later.

          Nevertheless, Blasey-Ford was credible enough that even Donald Trump was ready to drop Kavenaugh as a nominee. Ford had much more to lose than gain by coming forth as a witness. By airing her testimony, Ford opened herself to volumes of hate mail by deluded conservatives.

          Tara Reade, by contrast, appears to really ‘need’ money. And as a wanna-be actress, Reade would seem to want attention.

          1. Yes, that million dollars+ go fund me or patreon was losing a lot.
            What a JOKE !
            She is a hero to half the US populace, forever. Marvel comics is working on it.

        2. @btb

          He does indeed! Glad you realize this. And as a Hispanic, member of a victim class, am presumed correct, all things being equal.


      2. Antoinio, you presume far too much as usual. I didn’t like the Kavenaugh hearings. I don’t think vague allegations from high school should be presented 40 years later.

        Nevertheless Blasey-Ford came across as far more stable than Tara Reade.

        1. she may have her general life in better order than Reade but here accusations were even more tardy, and less plausible

          at least we know that Reade actually was in close personal contact with joe and it was possible

          Ford never established with certainly that she had ever even met kavanaugh

          but i will give biden the edge against reade nonetheless

        2. @seth warner

          Reade may be lying (mistaken, etc.) but she didn’t make this up 2 months ago. This was mentioned in her divorce years ago, was indirectly mentioned in a call to Larry King Live.

          And whether Biden “did it” or not, Shouldn’t he be held to the same standard by the MSM as Kavenaugh was because after all, aren’t we supposed to “believe women”?

          Again, spare me the intellectual moralizing. I don’t give a d@@n about it and could care less what any s@@lib thinks. See above post. Just admit that you could care less RE the facts about Biden, Reade, Ford, Kavenaugh and care only as to how this might effect your candidate’s standing and/or lead to Trump’s defeat.


          1. Antonio, you’re arguing with the liberal in Sean Hannity’s @ss. Seriously! It’s just an imaginary leftist generated by Fox News to trigger Trumpers like you.

            ‘I’ am not that liberal and nothing in your comments pertains to anything I actually wrote. That’s par for the course with you.

            It’s hard to believe that you’re a lawyer. Because typically your comments are so broad and over-the-top they fail as genuine arguments.

    2. Peter – Brie Larson claims to be an actress/director. 😉

  10. Just a diversion to soften the blows to the far left extremists and slow their eventual disappearance Sooner the true citizens from that group split and make a real party the better of we’ll be a Constitutional Republic. Then the Pelosites and Schumerian disease can be sent the way of the Chinese version

    1. You misread the tea leaves. The Tea Party is destroyed.
      The commie party is ascendant and it won’t be stopped.
      You and yours are at minimum 55 years behind.

  11. (music)
    Born on a pool stool in Tennessee.
    Raised on him and vitamin C.
    Sold his chickens..when he was only three.
    Now he’s doing time in Wash DC.

    Joey Biden!
    King of the DemoQueers!

  12. Maybe I’m in the minority, but there’s no comparison between the locker-room talk that was taped of Trump “grabbing p” and seeing all those video clips of Biden sniffing women’s and little girls’ hair and inappropriately touching them. Just seeing those women and girls try to overcome their repulsion and fear at that moment while trying to maintain their dignity and, perhaps, shield Biden and themselves from embarrassment, makes me cringe. While locker-room talk is pretty disgusting, being sniffed and touched is much worse!

  13. Juanita Broadrick has been complaining about what Bill Clinton did to her for years, few democrats cared and Joe Biden was silent. A pox on all of them.

  14. Blabber, babber bo blather….

    If someone claims to be a victim of sex abuse then they claim some human did it. If the claimer lies then they are not a victim and the person she said did it is a victim.
    Liar I liar! Your pants. Are on fire!

    1. The underlying but not often addresses question is why the socialists are victimizers of women and why the questionable women in their midst are supporting the victimizers.

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