Turley Testifies On The Lafayette Park Controversy [Updated]

downloadThis afternoon, I am testifying on the hearing on the controversy surrounding the clearing of Lafayette Park on June 1, 2020.  I was called to appear to address the underlying legal and constitutional standards governing such mass demonstrations.  For roughly 14 years, I was one of the lead counsels in the World Bank litigation that helped establish guidelines and case law governing such operations.  I have been critical of the force used to clear the park as well as the attack on a team of Australian journalists covered the protests.

The operation to clear the Park began two days before with the plan to install fencing.  By Monday, a small barrier was in place around the park itself and the clearing operation was to push back the crowd to a perimeter to allow the higher fencing to be installed beyond the range of debris or objects.  The crowd was pushed back to I St. from H St. by the line of officers.  (The hearing title and the testimony refers to the “Lafayette Park” or “Lafayette Square Park” generally.  In fact, the immediate park was closed off and we are discussing the operation to clear the area for the installation of the higher fence).

As I state in the testimony, I believe the order to clear the area would be found lawful. It is the level of force (and a charging of the line of officers) that is likely to be the focus of any court.  I still do not see the need for this level of force in the use of batons and pepper spray.

I have attached my testimony below.

The hearing went until after 2 pm.

I will be appearing as the sole Republican witnesses with three witnesses from the protests:

Kishon McDonald
Civil Rights Demonstrator
Amelia Brace
U.S. Correspondent
Seven News Australia
Right Rev. Mariann Budde
Episcopal Diocese of Washington

The oversight hearing of the Committee on Natural Resources is scheduled for June 29, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. (EDT) in room 1324 Longworth (Hearing Room) and online via Cisco WebEx video conference platform.  It is titled, The U.S. Park Police Attack on Peaceful Protesters at Lafayette Square.

Here is the testimony: Turley.House. Testimony.Lafayette Park

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