“The Movement Is Winning”: Alleged Ringleader In Statue Attacks Claims Victory In Public Comments

download-5We have been discussing the case of Jason Charter, the George Washington University student who is alleged by the government to be the “ringleader” of the attack on the statue of Andrew Jackson near the White House. He is also accused of participating in the destruction of the statue of Confederate leader Albert Pike in Washington on June 19th.  This case raises some difficult questions over the admissibility of his political views. However, he may be making that issue easier (and harming his case) with continued comments on an unverified Tweeter account where he continues to support Antifa and claim victory.  The public comments raise the possibility of an effort to trigger a politically-infused case like the “Chicago Eight” prosecution after the 1968 Democratic National Convention.  These comments have greater value in rallying supporters than building a defense.

Many on campus have been discussing the Charter case and how it may play out in federal court.  The fact that the alleged “ringleader” of the recent attack on the monument is a GWU student came as a surprise for many. However, Antifa has long had a presence on our campus, including a 2017 incident where Charter appears to have had a confrontation with the very same conservative journalist in a government video from 2020.

Again, in the interest of full disclosure, I have been a long-standing critic of Antifa due to its profoundly anti-free speech views and its history of violence against those with opposing views, though I have opposed declaring Antifa a terrorist organization.  They have a history of attacking journalists, academics, and others. Indeed, I have been critical of Democratic leaders who have supported Antifa despite this history.   Some professors openly support the group, including its violence.

Faced with these charges, most defendants would be cautioned to avoid public statements.  However, soon after his arrest, Twitter comments from Charter began to appear.  While the account is unverified, there has been no denial that these are the comments of Charter and the account links to a defense fund for him.

On July 2, one posting on the site proclaiming #IAmAntifa stated:

I am innocent and the fact @realDonaldTrump is tweeting at and prosecuting a crippled 25 year old activist shows how desperate his is to creates false narratives. Please support my legal defense.

He also posted a film to defend Antifa.

One posting states “When you are winning you get fascism. The movement is winning so the State turned to fascism to try to stop it.”
Jason Charter
When you are winning you get fascism. The movement is winning so the State turned to fascism to try to stop it.”
He also announced that “There will be a press conference early next week where I will be making a statement.”
download-7There are real risks for criminal defendants in such public statements.  What is striking about the Antifa references is that I identified the connection to Antifa as a potentially weak point for the defense to address.  While Charter is connected to Antifa, the government does not say that he was leading an Antifa effort.  While Charter does not make that claim, his own continued references to Antifa may undermine the type of motion in limine before trial.

My concern when Charter was charged was that prosecutors would use political views to taint a case, particularly when you have an association with an extremist group like Antifa.  Whether or not such statements are admissible at trial, as discussed in the earlier posting, they could play a role in pre-trial motions in key issues of admissibility.

There would be particular concern from a criminal defense standpoint with the statement that “When you are winning you get fascism. The movement is winning so the State turned to fascism to try to stop it.”  That ties is case — and his actions — to Antifa. It also will make it more difficult for Charter to take the stand in his own defense.  Rule 608(b) states in relevant part:

Except for a criminal conviction under Rule 609, extrinsic evidence is not admissible to prove specific instances of a witness’s conduct in order to attack or support the witness’s character for truthfulness. But the court may, on cross examination, allow them to be inquired into if they are probative of the character for truthfulness or untruthfulness of: (1) the witness; or (2) another witness whose character the witness being cross-examined has testified about.

Even if the court grants a motion in limine on the political associations, these emails can easily be introduced for cross-examination or impeachment purposes.  The risk would be too great for most criminal defense counsel.

download-6Charter’s claim of innocence is less of a problem though he will have to address photos of him on these statues and even lighting a cigarette off the burning statue of Pike.  Of course, being present does not mean that he caused the damage.  As discussed, the indictment says that he is seen “waving others away from the statue, and squatting down behind the statue where his hands are not visible. Seconds later, the statue catches fire. Charter is said to be ‘seen standing over the flames as it burns.” That still requires an assumption from the jury on what he did behind the statue.

The threshold is a showing of $1000 of damage. U.S.C. §1361 states:

1361. Government property or contracts

Whoever willfully injures or commits any depredation against any property of the United States, or of any department or agency thereof, or any property which has been or is being manufactured or constructed for the United States, or any department or agency thereof, or attempts to commit any of the foregoing offenses, shall be punished as follows:

If the damage or attempted damage to such property exceeds the sum of $1,000, by a fine under this title or imprisonment for not more than ten years, or both; if the damage or attempted damage to such property does not exceed the sum of $1,000, by a fine under this title or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or both.

One possible prosecutorial move could be to argue that, as the alleged “ringleader,” Charter is responsible for the damage caused by others at the scene.  Again, this magnifies the importance of the linkage to Antifa and related advocacy by Charter.

The alleged public comments by Charter may help generate support for his legal fund, but it will likely cause greater difficulties for his criminal defense counsel.  Charter is already in a highly precarious position.  He has been tagged as a leader in this effort, which reduces the likelihood of a deal with prosecutors.  He is more likely to be the subject of other plea deals than the beneficiary of a deal for himself.  If the prosecutors can admit statements claiming victory, it will advance that theory.

As the rhetoric increases on both sides, these cases are taking on the fear of past criminal cases with strong political overtones like the “Chicago Eight” Trial (sometimes called the
“Chicago Seven”) involving alleged conspiracies leading to the violence surrounding the 1968 Democratic National Convention.  As here, the federal government took the lead in the prosecution with charges against Abbie HoffmanJerry RubinDavid DellingerTom HaydenRennie DavisJohn Froines, and Lee Weiner—charged by the federal government. (The eighth defendant, Bobby Seale, was tried separately). The trial became a rallying cry for the movement as the defendants mocked the court and the case.  They were ultimately acquitted of conspiracy, inciting to riot and other charges. However, they were given sentences for contempt of court by the hard-nosed judge in the case, Judge Julius Hoffman.

The trial became an utter circus, particularly due to the mocking of the court by Hoffman and Rubin, both “Yippies” (or members of The defendants, particularly members of the Youth International Party).  At one point, Hoffman and Rubin appeared in court dressed in judicial robes. Huffman ordered them to remove the robes but then discovered that they had Chicago police uniforms underneath. Abbie Hoffman was particularly vocal, even telling Judge Hoffman “you are a shande fur de Goyim [disgrace in front of the gentiles]. You would have served Hitler better.”

The strategy ultimately worked for the defendants. It served to electrify the counter-culture and movement. While it resulted in contempt sentences (including for counsel), they had succeeded in making Judge Hoffman so angry that, on November 21, 1972, all of the convictions were reversed by the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit on of judicial biased as well as other problems at trial. While contempt charges were retried before other judge, he did not impose a sentence on Dellinger, Rubin, Hoffman, and or their counsel.

That however would not be a good strategy today.  Judges are all too familiar with the Chicago Eight litigation.  Moreover, the case against the Chicago Eight was more attenuated than the claims raised against Charter.  Nevertheless, there are going to be difficult issues for the court (and possible an appellate court) to resolve on evidence admissibility and the attribution of damage to an alleged leader of a protest.

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  1. Yes, Attacking Monuments Isn’t Cool

    But Is Turley Using These Attacks As Cover?

    Currently we are seeing what is most likely the inevitable downward slope of Trump’s presidency. The news has been almost uniformly bad for Trump this past month. His poll numbers are such that Republicans have good reason to fear losing the Senate. There is also a fear that Republicans are becoming so linked to White Nationalists that their brand could be toxic long after Trump’s defeat.

    Today’s New York Times features a story about the massive confusion resulting from Trump’s insistence on moving the GOP convention from Charlotte to Jacksonville. Republican donors had already spent millions in Charlotte on nonrefundable expenses. Those donors include many North Carolina Republicans who had hoped to boost their state.

    Meanwhile the residents of Jacksonville are ‘not’ that anxious to play host. The surging rate of Coronavirus infections has Jacksonville understandably worried. The NYT compared Jacksonville to the dog that finally ‘caught the car’! What’s more, Republican donors who funded Charlotte are not that eager to open their wallets again.

    Trump’s rally last night at Mount Rushmore was larged portrayed as an Anger-Fest Of White Grievances. A reactionary event, strictly for the base, and tone deaf to everyone else. As if to mock Trump’s denial of everything virus-related, Don Junior’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, tested positive to the virus upon her arrival in South Dakota.

    But here, on Johnathan Turley’s blog, the focus has been riveted to attacks on monuments as if nothing else is happening in the news. Perhaps Turley simply wishes to avoid commenting on larger events for now. Having invested so much blog space to defending Donald Trump, Turley now finds himself ‘holding the bag’ like those donors on the Hook in Charlotte.

    1. Turley is just following important news and noting the destruction caused by the left, Antifa and BLM. Now we expect you to squeal because people will be going to jail for substantial sentences.

      July 3, 2020


      – – – – – – –


      Executive Order on Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence
      Issued on: June 26, 2020

      ALL NEWS
      By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

      Section 1. Purpose. The first duty of government is to ensure domestic tranquility and defend the life, property, and rights of its citizens. Over the last 5 weeks, there has been a sustained assault on the life and property of civilians, law enforcement officers, government property, and revered American monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial. Many of the rioters, arsonists, and left-wing extremists who have carried out and supported these acts have explicitly identified themselves with ideologies — such as Marxism — that call for the destruction of the United States system of government..

      1. Alan, I’m not a Bernie Bro. But all you Trumpers loved Bernie before Biden thumped him. And back then you attacked me for supporting the DNC!

        Well now you know what Bernie Bros are like. Don’t blame ‘me’ for ‘them’.

        1. Even Pelosi added to the violence and destruction of statues. That is the left you belong to. Obama and Biden were involved in the actions of the FBI against Trump knowing that all the claims were phony. Bernie is another phony but don’t hide behind Bernie when your leadership are following in his footsteps. Presently BLM is providing a lot of money to Biden’s campaign and a good deal of it is extortion.


    “For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.”

    – Hippocrates

    “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

    – Plato

    In Saigon, during the 1968 Tet Offensive, the police chief, of necessity, employed the “…extreme methods of cure,…” of Hippocrates.


    America is in a condition of hysteria, incoherence, chaos, anarchy and rebellion.

    President Abraham Lincoln seized power, neutralized the legislative and judicial branches and ruled by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Union.”

    President Donald Trump must now seize power, neutralize the legislative and judicial branches and rule by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Republic.”

      1. I read in the news some years ago that the man with the gun in the photo came to the U.S. as a refuge and is living in Houston.

  3. Charter needs a minimum of 10 years in jail at which time he should be prevented from advocating to other prisoners any type of harm to the United States.

  4. Is Charter is trying to get someone sympathetic to set up a GoFundMe on his behalf? That might explain his impulse to keep posting a defiant stance of victimhood. “The movement is winning”?….free airtime, yes, but the battle for hearts and minds is still up for grabs….it won’t be decided until the US faces a foreign adversary’s aggression. Then, the SJW movement will be sidelined.

  5. though I have opposed declaring Antifa a terrorist organization.

    I question your free speech concerns. Antifa meets the FBI’s definition for Domestic Terrorist. A rational explanation for your so-called concern is it’s you that doesn’t want to become a target of these domestic terrorists.

      1. Thank you Princess. Until our esteemed constitutional scholar explains a legal reason for his reluctance to designate Antifa a domestic terrorist organization, I cannot view his opinion as anything other than self-serving.

  6. I had to ad some thoughts with this kid as well as all the kids who are following his idea of life in America. The majority of these kids are probably college educated and at no time have given one day of their lives to helping the nation or her people. Somewhere along the line someone sold them a bill of goods on how America should be, most likely a tenured professor. Their conduct reminds me of Hitler youth, dressed in their black uniforms, roaming in gangs, make your opponent go on the defensive call him racist, fascist and beat anyone who opposes you. They “think” they’re in combat but if they keep pushing they are going to be met with the real thing and trust me they’re going to pee their pants. By themselves they are nothing cowards, their backpacks conceal a change of clothes to blend into the crowd if things go wrong.

    Unfortunately we are to blame for what they are, we all coddled them, made sure they attend college, stay in safe places, speak politically correct. Told them manual labor was for Uncle Louie but in the mean time Uncle Louie got rich cleaning clogged toilets and their education bill got bigger. America never should have ceased drafting many of these kids, get them away from home, make self reliant men and women of them and appreciate a nation that offers so much to all. We have politicians who are encouraging these kids for their own end and failing the nation. It’s hard for me to believe that the very people who protect us from ANTIFA/BLM are now made the evil bad guys. I still hope that there are more Americans who love this nation and value the Constitution to defeat this threat.

    1. “The economy, stupid.”

      – James Carville

      It’s the lazy, greedy, striking, thug teachers unions, stupid!

      It’s the local School Boards, stupid!

      It’s the Dept. of Education, stupid.

      Shut them all down; shut all those communists down.

      Make teacher prerequisites sensible, coherent, affordable and commensurate with the abilities of students and the resultant product of public schools.

      Make taxation and expenditures for public schools local and rational.

  7. What a service JT is doing focusing on inconsequential BS his right wing followers can get outraged over. Fortunately the country faces no serious problems while we are leaderless.

    1. Book, my sentiments exactly.

      I honestly don’t approve of these attacks on public monuments. But how many times can we really comment on these incidents? What more is there to say??

  8. Rubin later went into finance and became a stock broker. Life continues but our lives today are better for the protests and demonstrations performed decades ago. The crimes committed have largely been paid for with jail terms and fines. Those committing crimes of arson, looting, property damage, etc. today should be charged and punished for those crimes, not for being a part or member of any group. Antifa is both good and bad. When the bad crosses the line, whack. Tomorrow will be better for the good accomplished by today’s protests. The one ingredient of change that makes it impossible to completely control is emotion. The emotion pent up by racial inequity, racial profiling and police brutality is subject to taking lawful, peaceful, and necessary protests too far and attracting those that are just evil and/or mad. Chauvin was evil when he murdered Floyd. Now Charters is evil when he destroys property. When peaceful complaints and letters to the editors, don’t work, this is what happens. America is a better place because good citizens had the courage to rise up in the sixties and seventies. America will be a better place after this, in spite of the perverse detritus that comes along for the ride. Unfortunately it will probably have to happen a few more times as America is like that, slow to evolve. This ability to change, however, imperfect, is reason enough to celebrate July 4th. Bastille Day is coming up.

    1. Bastille day has a totally different meaning and we are soon approaching the terror that was the French Revolution.

      1. I lived in France for many years and can assure you that regardless of the details, the sad fate of the Swiss Guards, and other blood thirsty events, Bastille Day is the July 4th of France. There was no one declaration of independence in France, but years of strife, slaughter, and internal turmoil. This was because, primarily, the enemy was themselves. The good and bad of the aristocracy were murdered. The good and bad of the revolutionaries were murdered. It was a madness that ended with a combination of threats from the adjacent monarchies and the swift actions of the next Emperor, Napoleon. On July 14th, the French celebrate Bastille Day, with the same fervor and nuance that Americans celebrate July 4th. The histories are different but the moments are the same. I attended a few Bastille Days on the Champs Elysees. It’s all about France, irrespective of history, just as July 4th to an American is all about America, irrespective of the history.

    2. The 2020s will be very chaotic. Something like the late 1960s to the early 1970s. But the 2030s will probably be like the 1980s and 1990s. The future will be different than the past, but it will be better. What we are going through right now is how we do things in this country. What we did in the past is what we will do in the future. Somewhere down the road there will be a meeting of the minds.

  9. I’m confused

    JT posted a mug shot of Jason Charter with a zit between the eyes on July 3rd. Then JT posts another mug shot of Jason without a zit between the eyes on July 4th.

  10. “I have been a long-standing critic of Antifa due to its profoundly anti-free speech views and its history of violence against those with opposing views, though I have opposed declaring Antifa a terrorist organization.”
    JT: You really need to jump down off of that fence you’re perched on.

    As for his public statements, isn’t his proven state of mind relevant to the prosecution?

  11. I wonder if his “crippled” status has gained him access to SSDI. If so, someone at SSA should look at the fraud involved… if the guy can climb statues and organize mayhem, imagine what he could do if he applied those “skills” in a proper (aka civilized and law-and-ordered) way in some employment capacity.

    1. DV, Charter has claimed on Twitter that he is not crippled.

      So I assume the cane is both a prop, and a potential weapon.

      The antifa crowd has a penchant for various types of bats, clubs, bricks, and frozen water bottles, used to break windows, and attack cops.

  12. An open letter to Mr. Charter:

    If you did what the state is accusing you of, then stand up in open court and confess. Proudly declare your support for Antifa. Prove how righteous you are and how committed you are to your cause.

    If you go to the big house for ten years you’ll become a martyr and a saint with Democrats. Confessing could be a career enhancing opportunity if you play your cards right.

    While in prison you can work on your PhD. Upon release, perhaps your alma mater, George Washington University, will hire you as a tenured radical. As you may know many of our nation’s formerly terrific but now degenerate academic institutions love hiring domestic terrorists. (Except, of course, the right wing variety of domestic terrorist. Right wingers are hated with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.)

    But you’re a left winger. You have what it takes to become an academic. Or a Democrat Congressman. Radicals like Tom Hayden became a Democrat Congressman. Black Panther Bobby Rush has been a Democrat Congressman for over 25 years.

    Besides, you’ll love prison. It’s a Socialist Utopia. It’s wonderfully egalitarian where everybody is equal. Everybody has the same accommodations. Everybody eats the same food. The state provides your healthcare. You don’t have to compete or provide value in a market economy to support yourself. It’s wonderful.

    So do the right thing. Confess. Become a martyr among Democrats. Then after your release from the Socialist paradise of prison your resume will qualify you for a potential position in academia or Democrat politics.

    1. Be careful – the idiot children of the 21st century might very well take that seriously. They are supremely gullible in their quest for comfort, and seldom comprehend sarcasm (because they can’t think critically and have been trained to be hyper offended) and when they do, they either wet their pants or start throwing punches. And I mean that literally. My wife teaches, and some of her kids literally wet themselves if even politely corrected, or, as another girl did, break their father’s nose for taking away her iPhone (for which she was not harshly disciplined).

      1. In law school, I had two acquaintance friends, who I was getting to know, and I liked equally. One gal was older than me, the other was younger than me. One day, I was standing with the older gal, she is Asian, and we were standing outside the Bux near GW Law, and upon saying Goodbye, I told her, I had to leave/get going bc my boyfriend was sitting in the Bux and he was waiting for me.

        She stated, “Oh, you have a bf, which one is he, can I see him from here?”

        I said, “Sure, he is the one in the corner reading the newspaper, do you want to meet him?”

        She exclaimed, “Oh, no, that is quite alright, but I just wanted to see him, and I do not need to meet him.”

        I said, “The one in the corner with the dark hair, and tan skin, reading the newspaper.”

        She stated, “I am not sure. I see two guys.”

        I said, (in frustration), “The Mexican one, he looks Mexican, because he is. And he is the one reading the newspaper.”


        She exclaimed, “Oh, I had no idea you were like that, I can see him now, very clearly.”

        I said, “Huh!? Uh, okay.”

        ::hug and goodbye::

        Later on . . . .

        The group of future lawyers is at a bar in DC on a Thursday night for Bar Review.

        And, lol, the Asian gal, tells the other younger gal, another friend, who is Indian, that I introduced my boyfriend as the “Mexican” one.

        And they both looked at each other and kind made a face. And I am standing there like . . .

        You two gals cannot be fing serious!? Are you both serious right now!?

        I have an Indian and an Asian gal, making issues with me, a White gal, over the fact that I called my boyfriend the “Mexican” one. I was the one dating him, I can call him whatever I like and so please.

        And here, you two idiots, are making “issue” over the comment that he is Mexican. Of course he is Mexican, and will always be Mexican.

        Why were they Sooooo Offended!!!? That is the real question.

        I did not say anything rude, I stated the facts.

        It was a huge Nothing burger. And then the two gals spread the around to everyone in the Section, making me look like a “bad” person. And of course, no one told the whole story, just that I was this and that…

        These are adults in their late 20s and early 30s, acting like childish fools.

        I think GW Law had another Nonsensical issue a year or two after I left, except this time, the catty women involved blew the Nothing burger up So Big that it became an issue for the law school, and the news was involved, and the Dean had to get involved. I think the Dean lost his job over this crappola too.

        ::sigh::: Smh

        Stop the Offended and Offensive, it has gone to far, and it has become a travesty.

  13. Why would the government want to introduce evidence of Charter’s link to Antifa when the legal grounds for admission of the evidence is disputed and could lead to reversal on appeal, I ask rhetorically? The government has Charter on tape committing a criminal act. The criminal act is a general intent crime so all the government must prove is that he had the intent to do the act. In other words, the government only needs to show that Charter did not act by mistake,inadvertence, or accident, not too hard to do given what he is seen doing on tape. It does not matter whether or not he is a member of Antifa or espouses their views. The video shows him destroying the statue. That is enough for conviction.

  14. It is being reported that the MSM did not cover Charter’s arrest but instead are continuing to spread propaganda to support the radicals’ “peaceful protests.” Is anyone covering his comments now? If no one is covering them, they will have little or no effect on his trial or the jury pool and his attorneys may be able to present him as a crippled choir boy who is a victim of government suppression.

    Also, there is a major difference between the Yippies back then and today’s radicals. The MSM did not engage in propaganda to support the Yippies; instead the MSM reported on all of their conduct, good and bad so the public had a chance to see who they were and what they were doing. Today, the MSM is covering up for the radicals, hoping it will hurt President Trump with little regard for what it is doing to our country or the victims of the radicals. Today, as we celebrate our wonderful country’s birthday, it is fitting to remember that the MSM, most democrats in leadership positions and some major universities are not patriots and have no regard for this country or those of us who are.

    1. It’s a very SAD to see this great country being literally torn apart and down by the “Socialist” agenda(s)! This needs to rooted out and stopped dead in it’s tracks b4 they destroy this country as we know it!! Use ur power to Vote and also send your concerns to your local Gov’t officials…have a great 4th July Celebration and wknd all

  15. When you call some person “a fruit” you are not calling the a queer. To look “fruity” is to look deranged. This guy in the photo looks “tuity fruity”. That could be a defense.

  16. JT what exactly are you professors teaching at GWU? I wonder who the puppet masters are teaching these people how to use our freedom to lose our freedom?

    To all the posters enjoy our 4th of July if ANTIFA has it’s way there won’t be many.

  17. His tweet suggests how infantilized this generation is. He complains about being prosecuted, in that he is a “25 year old cripple.” What does that mean? He is not 8, or 12, or 15. Does he not get that at 25 he is a grown man and fully responsible for his actions? When my dad was 25 he had done two tours in Korea, was working full-time to support a non-working wife and 3 young kids, and going to college part-time on the GI Bill. When I was 25 I was an attorney. And being a “cripple” didn’t prevent him from climbing up on the statues to affix ropes. He’s like the “ima stab u” Harvard grad who was outraged to learn that making offensive and threatening statements in a public forum can affect your employment. And again, rather than show attrition, they both became even more belligerent in a follow-up tweet. It’s sad that after having such tremendous opportunities bestowed upon them, they throw it all away with acts of narcissistic self-destruction.

    1. TIN, I agree about him using the “crippled” victimization card. Would that most “crippled” people had the mobility to climb statues and get around at the speed and ease that he does. Give me a break!

  18. Some serious questions for Thomas LeBlanc, president of George Washington University: Two lawyers educated at prestigious East Coast universities are being held without bail for attacking the police with Molotov cocktails during the recent riots in New York City. And now the violent destruction of a public monument by a GWU student. What role does George Washington University play in normalizing political violence among its students? Isn’t this a cause for serious self-reflection among the University community?

    1. EDKH – Since there seems to be a pattern of misbehavior (lawlessness) from graduates of GWU, I think they should be included as a co-conspirator in all actions, civil and criminal.

    2. We can only hope, but in the present most universities embarrassingly kowtow to the whims of uneducated students. These institutions are too occupied establishing new counseling/awareness groups, safe zones, protecting limited speech. etc., in the appeasement of impractical meanderings to chart a course and vade mecum for developing character, responsibility, civility, sagacity. If the present trajectory continues, there will be blood.

    3. And another question in the now popular style. Mr. LeBlanc, many have recognized that the rise in political violence among students at elite universities is emblematic of a leadership failure at these institutions. How do you respond to calls that the administration and faculty be held accountable for these failures?

  19. If convicted I wonder how his comments will factor into his sentencing. Colorado super-max would not be a fun destination.

    1. Lack of remorse and failure to accept responsibly are both enhancements under the sentencing guidelines. And challenging/provoking the government in public is the act of an utter fool. Whether he likes it or not, the prosecutors and the judge have a tremendous amount of discretion over his future at this point. He’s only digging himself into a deeper hole.

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