Penn State Deletes Tweet Welcoming Conservative Students After Outcry

imagesToday we discussed the formal censuring of a conservative student at Georgetown for his criticism of Black Lives Matter as an organization and his objections to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court. Georgetown University has remained silent as the student has been declared a racist and the student government called for his investigation.  At Penn State, the university took an important step in this time of rising intolerance and actually included conservative students in a welcoming message.  It did not last.  After an outcry from students, the university deleted the tweet — thereby sending precisely the opposite message to conservative students.

Penn State University went out a tweet affirming the inclusive environment at the school that included welcoming messages for a wide variety of student groups including a line stating “Dear conservative students. Your viewpoints are important.”

Students reacted with outrage at the notion of expressly welcoming conservative students to campus. For example, the student newspaper, reported that “student Cassandra Nuñez said the experiences of conservative students and students of color cannot not be presented as equal in any way.” She is quoted as writing “Conservatives in the United States do not live in a system that was built from the blood and trauma of their ancestors — a system that continues to put down people who look like [their ancestors] every day.” There was no objection to other groups being welcomed, just the conservative students.

Rather than reinforce its support for students of color, the university yielded to demands and actually withdrew its welcoming statement to conservatives.  The explanation was perfectly Orwellian. Penn State Director of Strategic Communications William Hessert, Jr stated that the school wanted “to express the inclusive, democratic and participatory values of the liberal arts.” However, the “message was not being received well and it is important for us that our messages be received as intended.”  To unpack this: we wanted to assure conservative students with other students that they are welcomed but many disagreed with their inclusion in that sentiment.  So we deleted the welcome.

Hessert told one site “While we do not believe in deleting our posts, given the sensitivities of the matter we felt that it was better to remove it.”

There was another possibility. Be more inclusive rather than exclusive. I would have preferred an additional reference for liberal or progressive students or even libertarians.  The point is that Penn State celebrates its rich diversity of viewpoints, experiences, and culture.

There is a very good reason to reach out to conservative students given the rising intolerance for opposing views on our campuses.  As we discussed recently, polling shows that conservative students are much more fearful of expressing themselves in classes and on campuses due to a lack of support — and often outright hostility — from administrators and faculty. The ham-handed action of Penn State took an important gesture of inclusivity and turned it into a chilling messaging of hostility for conservative students who want to join their community.


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  1. (Joe Paterno’s office, one afternoon during a football season)

    “Coach Paterno, your wife, line one, says it’s an emergency.”
    “Hello? I have a press conference in five minutes, this better be important!”
    (Hysterical screaming in the background, sounds of violence) “Joe! Joe! Three men broke into our house! Jay is bleeding badly! I have been stabbed! A man is raping Susie!”
    “Look, after my press conference I will email the State College Police Department. Now leave me alone, I have work to do.”

      1. Because Paterno was omniscient and capable of and obligated to do everyone else’s job for them.

  2. Liberals and leftists are going to get what they want. A conservative free college and university campus. Conservatives need to be welcomed in all points of society, yet the main stream media and liberal college campuses show and tell opposing viewpoints that they are not welcome. What a great educational system, huh.

  3. Meanwhile, Howard Fineman:

    “Just had a long talk with #RogerStone. He says he doesn’t want a pardon (which implies guilt) but a commutation, and says he thinks #Trump will give it to him. “He knows I was under enormous pressure to turn on him. It would have eased my situation considerably. But I didn’t.””



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      I know this doesn’t relate directly to the column. But then Professor Turley’s columns now focused almost exclusively on the excesses of Bernie Bros and their so-called ‘Cancel Culture’. In fact, Professor Turley has written so many columns on this subject lately, they all blur together. One gets the strong impression Professor Turley has an official black-out on Covid 19 news. ..Funny how that goes..!

      Turley has also ignored the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Trump’s tax returns. How odd.

  5. Rather than reinforce its support for students of color, the university yielded to demands and actually withdrew its welcoming statement to conservatives.

    A spineless act by a university which has the audacity to proport:

    We strive to celebrate diversity in all aspects of our educational and operational activities. Our strategic plans are designed to result in ongoing improvements that help prepare future generations of leaders.

    Some one should remind Penn State Director of Strategic Communications William Hessert, Jr that leadership is not capitulating to petulant demands.

    Leadership is articulating/demonstrating an idea and then inspiring others to follow you.

    Ignorance and intolerance will never be mistaken for intelligence.

    1. Personanongrata– I did just that this morning. His email address is relatively easy to find. I wish everyone would tell him that “leadership is not capitulating to petulant demands.”

  6. The fact of the matter is these leftist justify to themselves their hate and violence against conservative students, and that violence is real active violence not just threats, with some vague reference to “their ancestors “blood” blah blah blah, and half the ones spouting that line had ancestors that actually did commit genocide. Don’t come at me with a Hispanic name yakking about genocide when your Spanish ancestors committed the WORST genocide the western hemisphere has ever seen! What does believing in smaller government have to do with any of that? In smaller government would help prevent that very thing. Leftists are lunatics and logic will never penetrate their thick headed emotionalism.

  7. Trump Is Toxic To Everything And Everyone

    Because of Trump ‘conservative’ is now linked to denial of Climate Change, Women’s Rights and the Pandemic. ..Oh, and tax cuts to billionaires..!

    Because of Trump ‘conservative’ is also linked to defense of Confederate statues and hostility to BLM.

    None of these views appears the least bit wholesome to intelligent university students.

    1. You are a liar and a fraud.

      President Trump defends law and order and the orderly process of constructing and/or removing statutes and/or icons, whereas communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) support chaos, anarchy, criminal and unconstitutional acts.

      President Trump defends the city codes which preclude the creation of nuisances such as the illegal yellow lettering criminally applied to the roadway in N.Y. city by its mayor, who, incidentally, should have been immediately cited by a N.Y. City code enforcement officer.

      Countless women support President Trump, unfortunately for you, they’re not anti-constitutional, anti-American, communist (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) women.

      The climate has been changing (warming and cooling) for 4.5 billion years, before which the climate did not exist, which represents a substantial change in and of itself. North America was under an ice sheet 3 miles thick all the way down to Dallas. There was no anthropogenic cause for the global warming and climate change that melted that ice pack.

      BLM is a racist criminal enterprise.

    2. Only a desperate sufferer of the TDS could take an article that had no mention or reference to President Donald J. Trump and link it to president Trump.

      To call Trump conservative is like calling Captain Crunch a military man.

    3. To be fair, other than the pandemic, all other issues are standard thuglican fare. tRump is accomplishing the R agenda, he is just not suave enough for the blue bloods.

  8. Where Is George Washington When You Need Him?

    Proportional to the relative rate of commission of crime, the same number of Americans is killed by police as that of Africans.

    Africans demand that “all men are created equal” then, in the next breath, demand “superior materiality, value and rights” for black folks.

    This “Black Lies Matter” hoax is a brilliant PR campaign by global communists, not dissimilar to that of the anthropogenic “global warming”-cum-anthropogenic “climate change” (it has been changing for 14 billion years) and the entirely “fake,” “alternative” and fatally inefficient energy generators of “windmills” and “solar power,” both of which would wither-on-the-vine in the absence of unconstitutional governmental subsidies.

    All of these hoaxes devolve to the communists and their tireless, greedy efforts to obtain power, destroy American constitutional private property, severely limited government, freedom and free enterprise, and impose totalitarian communist “globalization.”

    Communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) feign actually listening to these hysterical and incoherent, caterwauling African charlatans and frauds as they perpetrate their hoaxes and chicanery in order to facilitate their own pursuit of power and abiding, total dominion through the oppressive and subjugating globalization of communism.

    America is in a condition of hysteria, incoherence, chaos, anarchy and rebellion.

    President Abraham Lincoln seized power, neutralized the legislative and judicial branches and ruled by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Union.”

    President Donald Trump must now seize power, neutralize the legislative and judicial branches and rule by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Republic.”

    1. If there ever were a conservative judge, what would the democrat reaction be to his zealous, subjective, ideological pursuit of a political outcome in an ostensibly objective, fair, coherent and rational court of equity be?

      This totally corrupt, liberal democrat functionary, District Judge Emmett Sullivan, in his effort to protect Obama and the co-conspirators in the Obama Coup D’etat in America from exposure and prosecution (which the Deep Deep State has a lid on, in any case), has committed actionable impeachable crimes of high office and made a mockery of American jurisprudence.

      America is in a condition of hysteria, incoherence, chaos, anarchy and rebellion.

      President Abraham Lincoln seized power, neutralized the legislative and judicial branches and ruled by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Union.”

      President Donald Trump must now seize power, neutralize the legislative and judicial branches and rule by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Republic.”

      1. Answer me this: why is Flynn helping the DOJ cover up the crimes that the DOJ committed,

        The two appellate judges that are trying to suppress a hearing on the matter said very plainly that they don’t want the judge to be able to ask the govt why they charged Flynn. You too apparently don’t want the judge to ask what the heck happened here. You too want the case buried and no questioned asked about how it got to court.

        The two FBI agents that interviewed Flynn are on the record as saying they believed Flynn was not lying to them.
        The FBI told the press that there would be no charges because they believed Flynn was not lying. That should have been the end of it. With the FBI saying he was not lying there is no possibility of a case against Flynn
        and yet it happened. How?

        It happened because the Trump administration appointed a senile prosecutor named Mueller who with the help of Michael Flynn concocted a story that contradicted the assessment of the FBI (that said Flynn did not lie) and created a fraudulent court case that was always (from day one) designed to fall apart and turn into another giant nothing burger just like the rest of the Mueller investigation. The whole purpose of the Mueller investigation was to make it look like Trump was engaged in a Kayfabe combat with the deep state. For years it was made to appear that the battle was unwinnable but in the end the Donald was able to pull off a victory (just ask him he will tell you he won).

  9. Perhaps these administrators are so afraid because on some level they understand that the students are unaware just how badly they are being ripped off. 30 years ago, you arrived on campus to an unknown roommate in a dingy dorm room with a thin mattress, totally out of your comfort zone, and this was ok. It was ok because there was value coming to you for having gained entry and being willing to live in that dorm. You were there for what they had to offer you. Now the administration is massively overpaid and the school is massively leveraged to the “students”. They must cater to the students, not teach them. They must go along with whatever those 1% interest student loan dollars dictate. The students believe they are elite, but they are just paying massively over market rates for a diluted product, but they are oblivious and will remain so, so long as the administration plays to their every whim.

    1. Because the university routinely caters to leftoid students. The welcome is a courtesy to dissenters, who are not actually valued by the faculty and administration outside a few professional schools. I know I know. Courtesy is not something you understand.

      1. Oh the pathos, the humanity!

        How about no welcomes based on political ideology? Too much to ask?

        1. Seth Warner says, “We should now consider conservative youths an aggrieved minority?”

          They would probably settle for just being treated like human beings with the basic right to express an opinion.

        2. Absurd: we should now consider conservative youths an aggrieved minority?

          Peter, this is not difficult for most people, but it’s challenging to you. When someone writes an ordinary piece of commentary on his personal website, that’s not an occasion for the student government to issue a resolution of denunciation. If any individual member of the student government wishes to pen a reply, they can send a letter to the campus paper or put up a blog or put up their own website. It’s absurd for a body which is notionally representative of students qua students to do whatever scut work student councils do to be declaring opinions ‘kosher’ and ‘trayf’. They don’t have a counter-argument to him, they just declare him a social enemy. Now, who gets this treatment, Peter? I was both a student and employee in higher education for 24 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it. But, of course, that was my beat prior to 2014, before the BPD types were so common on student bodies.

        3. they are and also, among american youths, whites are literally a minority. 15 is the age


          we had better teach the youth how to have a spine, because, they are going to need it.

          the baby boomer generation will go down as the one that utterly failed America and lead to its demise.

          now the hope is mostly that good people will outlive the country and somehow rebuild, as it collapses before our eyes

          you may think I am being dramatic. well, think what you like. our opinions do not matter as much as we believe. it is instinct and will that matter now.

  10. More of the famous leftist love, tolerance and inclusion for which they are so well known.

    Wonder if any leftists here will tell me with a straight face that they would oppose the adoption of Canadian and European “hate speech” laws in the United States. Naw, you will just call me a ‘bigot’ and say hate speech is not free speech, right?

    And it will all be done in the name of fighting domestic terrorism and using critical legal theory.


  11. Actually, ALL Americans live in a system that was built by the blood and trauma of their ancestors. As for blacks, they have shed the least amount of blood and suffered the least amount of trauma. Only a handful of blacks were killed in America’s wars prior to Korea and picking cotton is far less traumatic then working all day in a foundry. I know – I picked cotton. What we are seeing are the results of lies told by academics who seek to rewrite history. By the way, Penn State is a public university and is open to all.

    1. yes and the academics should pay a price for preparing this case with ideology.

      here is the ultimate proof that “free speech” and :”reason” and other Enlightenment phantoms are actually illusory.

      every society must be sustained by shared culture and norms or it will fail. as ours IS FAILING BEFORE OUR EYES

      next go round, forget about “free speech” for our enemies. that one is done, over.
      it’s for decades only been a tool they used against us. the scales must now drop from our eyes.

  12. A state university only allowing one party. Does that mean all republicans in Pa. get refund of their taxes that went to a partisan freedom hating university (lower case intended)

    1. “ lower case intended)” under what rules of English would any of those words require capitalization? You are not very bright, no need to prove it.

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