Two Women Arrested In Assault On State Senator During Madison Protests

We previously discussed the attack on a Wisconsin state senator who simply tried take pictures of rioters destroying statues and causing property damage in Madison on June 23rd.  Democratic state Sen. Tim Carpenter was hospitalized after the attack. Now, two women, Samantha R. Hamer, 26, (right) and Kerida E. O’Reilly, 33, (left) have been arrested in the attack. What is interesting is that the punitive measures are not just criminal charges against the women.  Hamer is particularly likely to suffer immediate employment consequences as a teacher. She is a specialist in helping kids with “social-emotional needs” and “behavioral issues.”

Video footage shows Carpenter, 60, being beaten by eight to 10 people and suffering a concussion. However, two women are the first to attack him:


The assault came as the mob was moving to topple two statues including Civil War abolitionist Hans Christian Heg and another of a female figure representing the state’s “Forward” motto.

In a video posted to his Twitter page, Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) said he was punched and kicked in the head, neck and ribs.

The police had clear pictures of the two women.

Tim Carpenter Assault

Samantha Hamer’s profile on the district’s official homepage (here) states that she assists “students and families who are struggling with social-emotional needs, behavioral issues, or environmental issues in the family, school and/or community.” According to reports, Hamer works as a licensed social worker for the Mount Horeb School District in suburban Madison and O’Reilly is a licensed physical therapist in Madison with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy program from Marquette University.

Hamer has been put on administrative leave by the Mount Horeb School System.  This is a violent crime and thus the move was predictable.

Both women however also fall under licensing authority of the Department of Safety and Professional Services, which will now review their licenses for possible revocation.

One issue may be whether the concussion is treated as “serious” or “great” bodily harm under the statute.  It is clearly a felony since bodily injury occurred but there is a distinction on the level of harm in terms of the level of felony under Wisconsin law:

940.19 Battery; substantial battery; aggravated battery.
(1)  Whoever causes bodily harm to another by an act done with intent to cause bodily harm to that person or another without the consent of the person so harmed is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.
(2) Whoever causes substantial bodily harm to another by an act done with intent to cause bodily harm to that person or another is guilty of a Class I felony.
(4) Whoever causes great bodily harm to another by an act done with intent to cause bodily harm to that person or another is guilty of a Class H felony.
(5) Whoever causes great bodily harm to another by an act done with intent to cause great bodily harm to that person or another is guilty of a Class E felony.
(6) Whoever intentionally causes bodily harm to another by conduct that creates a substantial risk of great bodily harm is guilty of a Class H felony. A rebuttable presumption of conduct creating a substantial risk of great bodily harm arises:
(a) If the person harmed is 62 years of age or older; or
(b) If the person harmed has a physical disability, whether congenital or acquired by accident, injury or disease, that is discernible by an ordinary person viewing the physically disabled person, or that is actually known by the actor.

Wisconsin has a definition of the base terms that would apply:

“Bodily harm” means physical pain or injury, illness, or any impairment of physical condition.

“Great bodily harm” means bodily injury which creates a substantial risk of death, or which causes serious permanent disfigurement, or which causes a permanent or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ or other serious bodily injury.

Hospital care for a concussion would seem a great bodily harm though it is not clear if there was “protracted” impairment.  A concussion would be argued as reflecting an assault substantial risk of death.

The women could also argue that they were not intending such harm.  A jury may not be willing to afford them such a presumption.

Given the serious injury to the senator and the evidence that he did nothing to provoke the assault, this would seem to be a case that is almost certain to be handled in a plea agreement if prosecutors are in the bargaining mood.  That however is the open question.

Carpenter could also sue for tort liability for assault and battery. However, given the collateral licensing move, there may be little chance for the payment of serious damages by either woman.  Ultimately, such damages can result in garnishments from future employment, but again that future may be dim if they are convicted in a violent assault.


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  1. Conversely: They will likely use this as resume fodder, and land high-value consulting gigs in some leftist organization or even an administration. “Badge of honor,” as it were.

  2. I thought the idea of defunding cops and sending social workers instead was stupid – but I’m now rethinking that – if the social workers are going to go out there and beat the crap out of protesters … that’s ok then …

  3. What’s the problem? They were wearing masks, after all, which justifies rioting, looting and committing arson, just not church attendance.

  4. (music- not directed at anyone)
    Green hair! What’s that secret your keeping?
    Farting. Till the morning comes creeping.
    Green hair! You smell just like a cretin!

  5. I can only imagine what Samantha Hamer was teaching her students. Is there no effective emotional/ mental screening process for teachers? Anyone who would commit an unprovoked assault with serious injuries has emotional, developmental problems. She and her cohort need to be stripped of their licenses and go to jail to really experience life on the wild side.

      1. Young – no there is not. There is a fingerprint and background check. That is as good as it gets.

  6. If I were the prosecutor, the only plea deal I would accept is permanent deportation. These people obviously hate the U.S. anyway. Good riddance.

  7. Must serve community service. Send these 2 “social workers” instead of the police to the next armed hostage or domestic violence complaint. Armed with only the Democratic manifesto for such occurences

  8. Hopefully these two will be practicing their job skills on fellow inmates. I would imagine both are collecting unemployment benefits with the supplement how else could you be able to riot all night and survive?

    1. yes this country is insane. if you are an essential worker– and that includes many clerical desk jobs, from law office secretaries to lawyers, cpas, insurance agents, etc, and all their support staff– you are probably working longer hours in this mess, with no additional pay bonus just for being unemployed

      and the unemployed not only have this extra pay not to work but they have, free time to riot!

      what could go wrong with a system like ours

  9. You say this, “and the evidence that he did nothing to provoke the assault”, as if some provocation (assume non-physical) justifies assault?

  10. Boneheads deserving of the sanctions coming their way. I’m sure it made sense to them in the moment, but it was an awful decision on their part to kick off what just became a beat down from a crowd.

    Next up, Professor, I’m hoping you write about “Umbrella Man”, the “Aryan Cowboy” who kicked off the initial violence and looting in Minneapolis. Otherwise the Trumpers on your blog will just hallucinatingly rave on about how Dems are evil..

    1. “I’m sure it made sense to them in the moment,”

      If it made sense to them at any moment they should be in jail. Yes, they are evil.

        1. Bug– Of course that is nonsense. It is not Trump supporters destroying cities with fire bombs. What we see in these two women is typical leftist, Trump-hating lunacy. Thank you for the opportunity to rub your face in it.

          1. Besides, trump supporters have a body count to contend with directly related to their behaviors around C19.

            1. Bwahahahahaaha

              You Marxists really are funny. So how did you cover for killing millions in Russia under your dear leader Uncle Stalin?

              Oh, thats right: NYT! Walter D

            2. I didn’t know inmates at the bughouse were allowed internet access. At least your moniker, Buglife, makes sense now.

            3. ha ha bug now you think IM RESPONSIBLE for the China virus casualties. Oh that is rich. Wow. You are unhinged. Pull it together

          2. Young, one could argue Trump is part of the problem if he inspires such lunacy. It’s like Newton’s law of physics: ‘For every action there’s a reaction’.

            Or, ‘For every crazy president there are crazy protesters’.

            1. one could argue Trump is part of the problem if he inspires such lunacy.

              Trump has inspired this lunacy in the same way that Obama inspired the Tea Party. The question that will be answered in November is, does the middle 40% of Americans support lunacy or the rule of law?

            2. not so. but, in every society, regardless of form, there are the “lumpenproletariat,” and their anarchist handlers, who are perpetually unemployed, sometimes unemployable, and on the make for cheap thrills and free new sneakers

              Bakunin articulated anarchism, Karl Marx decided he was a nut, expelled him from the Communist International, but, whenever the Commies needed them to create a racket, and help prepare a revolution, the lumpen mob and their “leaders” provide chaos on call.

              Then the commies usually will liquidate them once the revolution is secure. because, they aren’t crazy!

              And yet in every new generation, the lumpen mob rises again, chanting the same nonsense.

              Margaret Sanger hoped birth control would help tame the problem. I suspect it probably has helped somewhat. though perhaps it is only those who are responsible enough to plan for the future who even care. so maybe it has had a dysgenic effect. I would not know the answer, these are ponderables.

              Buit after watching these mobs, I feel we need a LOT MORE “planned parenthood” in places like Seattle and Portland. Seems to me.

                1. from the great Teddy Roosevelt:

                  “”It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    2. boneheads. this is what antifa call skinheads. you ANTIFA bug?

      Skinheads, that was Portland back in what 1990?

      “Let’s do the time warp again!”

      1. Hey that’s almost as cool as the boogaloos using the urban term “jump off” for their wet dream race war climax. Funny thing, the term was the forerunner of ‘friends with benefits’. IOW a hit it and quit it friend.

        If only the boogaloos understood metaphor.

        1. I wouldn’t know. In my book boogerloo bois are just another version of an anarchist. I have studied their memes online and they are a one issue group of lunatics that wants to play with guns preferably illegal ones. they are the worst and craziest element of our gun culture and in every generation they have been around, pouring over the cookbooks, etc. They are the very sort of intractable and unstable personality which populates ANTIFA. Now i know a lot of gun nuts but I have yet to meet one who calls himself a boogerloo boi. The very expression sounds disgusting to me. People who actually shoot a lot through gun clubs and organized matches and so forth, do not like the criminally insane element. such as these will always be interested in contributing to insurrections whatever the supposed goals or excuses. they are simply the very same kind as any other anarchist.

          I also wouldn’t know about the actual urban origins of the term jump Off. It is a common usage among convicts referring to a prison riot beginning. ie when it jumps off. this is how i learned it. I am not a convict but in decades of practicing law I have met more than a few.

          there are some obvious parallels to a prison riot in the current insurrection. make whatever you will of them.,

  11. Why would Carpenter, a member-in-good-standing of the Democratic Party, want to bring charges and cause licensing and employment troubles for fellow Democrats? He shold suck it up for the “good” of the cause. You know, rioting and vandalism in the Streets, random assaults with intent to do bodily harm! That cause!

    1. You said what I was going to say.

      Carpenter has already admitted he is sympathetic with them (Trump’s tweet that he was probably there showing support for the rioters is probably accurate.)

      He looks weak. He looks susceptible to the Democrats emotional blackmail tactics. They will twist it so THEY are the victims. Make him feel guilty about ruining their careers if he testifies against them.

      Unless his injuries are so serious as to require ongoing medical treatments, I’d bet a fake plant-based cheeseburger the emotional blackmail works, he caves, and they end up with wrist slaps.

  12. “Samantha Hamer’s profile on the district’s official homepage (here) states that she assists “students and families who are struggling with social-emotional needs, behavioral issues,”

    Boy, you just can’t make this stuff up.

        1. Princess Trohar – luckily for Biden he has a driver. If not for that, we would be putting out a Silver Search for him. 😉

  13. So much anger.

    Ever notice how only the radical left is talking about racism? The actual white supremacists I’ve seen on TV usually can’t stop talking about race. It’s their thing and everyone else rightly has a WTF attitude about them. But now we’re supposed to believe that everyone is a secret racist but can’t shut up about it??? Well, look at the ones who ARE talking about it nonstop.

    1. I would assume their property would be fair game to recover damages against? Houses, etc.? If they lose their licenses and have to work at Starbucks I get their wages will be greatly reduced, but would think you’d go after their real property in order to recover as much as you can first. Now we know what all the teachers are doing these days…

  14. O’Reilly is a licensed physical therapist in Madison

    I’ve been through multiple courses of PT. If I saw that creature coming toward me, I’d run screaming out of the building.

    1. Possibly, with the irony that many traditional Democrats don’t quite understand that the radicals they have embraced for so long have now taken over.

      1. I see how ‘traditional’ Democrats reason on our Facebook wall. It’s just like the ‘peaceful protesters’ and the rioters. They are symbiotic actors and the ‘traditional’ and ‘peaceful’ do nothing to constrain or critique the rest.

        1. Historically, the radical left has been seen as misguided but not immoral (and thus ok to tolerate like ill-behaved children), while the radical right has always been characterized as a bunch of immoral miscreants. This gives the traditional Democrats space to tolerate their idiots while at the same time denouncing right wing idiots as bad people.

          Of course, the risk with moral shaming in a political context is that the definition can change for political reasons. That’s why with the rise of Trump, all of a sudden the ‘alt right’ was a much bigger presence of immoral actors including Trump and his defenders rather than those who many mainstream American would normally characterize as bad people (e.g., actual white supremacists). Since this rhetoric had been acceptable and because it offered an explanation for Hillary’s loss, it wasn’t challenged by traditional Democrats. IOW, they liked the idea of a boogie man. That then cedes more power to the radicals and the cycle has continued to the point now where the MSM is literally a propaganda machine for the DNC and people like Jerry Nadler simply lie about the existence of violent mobs in Portland.

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