“Incubator of Racist Hate And White Supremacy”: Dartmouth Faculty and Students Demand Action Against Conservative Newspaper and Columnists

220px-Dartmouth_College_shield.svgWe have previously discussed attacks on both faculty and students for expressing opposing views of the current protests or their underlying causes, including a recent case at Georgetown where a student was censured by the student senate. Now, over 1000 students and faculty members have signed a letter to the Dartmouth Board of Trustees to disassociate the school from the conservative student newspaper, the Dartmouth Review. The letter accuses the newspaper of “hateful ideologies” and “racist” columns, including one cited column objecting to the careless use of the word “racist.” There were two striking aspects to this story. First, the Dartmouth Review (which counts such conservative figures as filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and Fox anchor Laura Ingraham among its alumni) has always been an independent newspaper. Second, the reason stated by the organizers to move against the newspaper in part because of a recent controversy involving an alumni who resigned from Fox News.

The Review website states that it was was founded in 1980 to “question stale academic orthodoxy and to preserve Dartmouth College’s unique liberal arts character.”

The petition cites some columns that the Review has previously self-condemned for racist tropes or language. However, the organizers admit that they decided to move against the newspaper as a way to responding to the controversy surrounding the resignation of a Fox producer with Tucker Carlson. Blake Neff is a 2013 graduate of Dartmouth and Review alumni. He was found to have written a series of bigoted anonymous comments.

Diana Whitney ’95, says that attacking the newspaper was viewed as a way to respond to the Neff story. Laura Tyson Li ’85 came up with the idea of the letter to force the Board to prove its antiracism by attacking the newspaper, which had no role in Neff’s misconduct:  “We thought, how can the senior leadership of Dartmouth, President Hanlon and the trustees write this letter to every member of the community, and then continue in silent complicity with a publication that since its inception has consistently been an incubator of racist hate and white supremacy?”

Whitney is an author who cites bylines in the New York Times and Washington Post.  Yet, she is leading an effort to punish student authors.

What Whitney calls “silent complicity” is the Board not actively opposing the conservative newspaper. The failure actively target the newspaper is now viewed as de facto tolerance for racism even after the school issued a letter proclaiming its support for Black Lives Matter.

The student editors have objected that the cited articles in recent publications do not contain racist attacks but rather criticism of prevailing views on racism.  The student editors note that one of “insidiously racist pieces of recent years” was a piece on the careless use of “racist” and “sexist” labels.  It also cites the fact that the newspaper uses a logo containing the image of Dartmouth’s iconic weathervane, which the university removed earlier in 2020 as offensive to Native Americans.

The student editors address the criticism in an article, titled “An Overdue Response to the College Jacobins.” The editors wrote “Notably, the petitioners also botched the College’s mission statement, strategically editing ‘the vigorous and open debate of ideas within a community marked by mutual respect,’ to specifically exclude ‘vigorous and open debate,’ but this frankly isn’t markedly surprising.”

As a blog committed to free speech issues, the concern over this controversy is obvious. There are routinely over-heated rhetoric in college newspapers including many reckless statements from faculty and students on the left. We have defended many of those speakers and writers.  However, the first response of many Dartmouth graduates to the Neff story was to seek to attack the leading conservative newspaper on campus in part for its prior association with Neff.

The effort to deny the use of “Dartmouth” is clearly meant to marginalize and exclude these conservative students.  What is being lost in such moves is the diversity of thought on campus.  These student editors contribute to a passionate dialogue on these issues.  Graduates like Whitney can voice their own views and write their own columns. Instead, they are seeking to pressure the university to marginalize students who want to participate in these debates from a conservative viewpoint.

Adrienne Lotson ’82, is quoted as saying the newspaper should never have been allowed to use the name of the college where all of the writers and editors are students:

“Dartmouth lost an opportunity in the 1980s when the Review was founded to make a firm standing on not using the Dartmouth name. People are always talking about free speech issues, this isn’t a matter of shutting down the paper, this is a matter of not using the Dartmouth name.”

It is about free speech when you are seeking to marginalize or exclude students because you disagree with their views. This is a successful student newspaper with decades of columns and alumni. It is part of the diverse fabric of the university with more liberal publications and student groups. There is every reason why these students would identify with the college where they study and write.  Moreover, the letter includes the demand that the university “hold student staffers accountable for their bigotry.”  Lotson is accusing these students of being racist and demanding punishment for their writings.  That is a free speech issue. The letter leaves such allegations on a highly generalized level while seeking potential expulsion for student writers.

Lotson is also demanding that the Board prove its commitment against racism by acting against this conservative newspaper: “What we are looking for is a bold, broad statement of the newspaper and the division it has sown at Dartmouth.”

The petition below is just five relatively short paragraphs (including one on Neff) that makes sweeping claims of racism, sexism, and other abuses without any discussion of specific language or the context for the writings. When you are calling for possible expulsion of college students, there should be an obligation to do more than labeling unspecified claims of racism and sexism. It links to four “insidiously racist pieces” but only two are from 2020. 

February 5th, 2020: “On Moral Currency”


January 22, 2020: “Bridging the Gap: Affirmative Action”


May 8th, 2017: “The Problems of Affirmative Action”


November 7th, 2016: “In Defense of Milo Yiannopoulos”


The first article  by is written by a minority student who explores what he considers to be reckless use of racism labels and discusses his own encounters with race-based insults:

“I hesitate to call what I experienced “racism.” Not that many of my negative experiences weren’t largely based on my race—they certainly were. I hesitate to call it “racism” because what I went through wasn’t all that bad. Every specific label for a problem implies a certain response. When we call something “racist” we expect people to rise up and fix the problem. In a perfect world, everything even slightly “racist” would be fixed. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, we live in a real world—one defined by limited supply and unlimited demand.”

The second 2020 article is by another minority student, , who explores what the logic of affirmative action and the author’s disagreement with it:

The liberal point of view uses the principle of regression towards the mean to explain how affirmative action will swiftly correct for racial inequality. Regression towards the mean states that under the circumstance of many trials, the average of those trials will eventually approach the mean (the actual true value).

Since many minorities have been displaced to the lower end of opportunity due to systematic oppression, liberal logic states that by using affirmative action to continually place them above the mean—giving them easier access to more competitive schools—eventually the average academic performance of these minorities will approach the actual average academic performance in society. When these two means of academic performance are equivalent, then affirmative action is no longer needed. This is logically sound reasoning, and everyone should be in favor of equal opportunity for those of all demographics (this operates under the assumption that all races are equally capable of the same level of academic performance, which I believe to be the case).

None of the context or language is quoted, let alone addressed.  Rather, the petition simply makes sweeping allegations of

“malicious and dishonest “conservatism” through vituperative ad hominem attacks, covert and overt racism, vicious taunting and race-baiting, and blatant homophobia and misogyny. BIPOC students, faculty, and staff have been harmed by this bastion of racism on campus, as have Jewish people, women, and members of the LGBTQ community.”

Those labels can ruin a student’s future. Yet, two students are cited as vehement racists without the slightest effort to address their viewpoints or claims of non-racist reasons for the columns.  I am particularly surprised to see faculty sign such a letter attacking student authors. The signatories include Professors Mary Desjardins, Eng-Beng Lim, Mark Williams, Mary Coffey, Jodie Mack, Annabel Martín, Katie Hornstein, Kristin O’Rourke, Desiree Garcia, Melissa Zeiger, Christopher MacEvitt, Peter Hackett, and Leslie Sonder.  Professors Mary Desjardins, Desiree Garcia, Mark Williams, and Jodie Mack teach media studies at Dartmouth and yet have no qualms in signing this petition, including a call for the disciplining of student authors presumably based on these two columns. .

The university itself has declined (thus far) to make any gratuitous moves against the newspaper — citing its commitment to both protecting free speech and opposing racism. College spokesperson Diana Lawrence noted that the newspaper is  “not a recognized student organization and receives no funding or support from Dartmouth.”  She added:

“All students, faculty, and staff enjoy the freedom to speak, write and listen, and are encouraged to challenge ideas, in pursuit of better learning and understanding. However, bias or discrimination in any form — including racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia — are contrary to Dartmouth values.”

Here is the petition: Dartmouth Petition

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  1. The proscription has always been against the government imposing a chilling effect on free speech. As of late it has become the bullying iconoclasts from the political left for which there seems to be no restraint.

    1. With that orange shirt, give me 400 yards and decent windage and I put her right up against the barn from there.

    2. Recall that a male (sort of) writer for the New Yorker (or NYT) shot a round from a gun like this and came away traumatized, shocked, and suffering from PTSD. It was a loud, terrible weapon with a vicious recoil, he said. It is none of those things as you can see when this lady shoots it. I should think a man, or woman, or little girl would be ashamed to write pathetic drivel like that.

      1. Sorry. This person who makes a soy boy look like Hercules wrote for the New York Daily News.


        “It felt to me like a bazooka — and sounded like a cannon.”

        “The recoil bruised my shoulder, which can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary form of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.”

        Watch the video of the pretty girl shooting her AR-15 again and ask yourself if any of the impressions this ‘reporter’ is describing are even possible. What a disgrace he is to the male sex–or any sex for that matter.

        The paper says he was educated in “The Yale School of Drama’. That kind of makes sense. I wonder if they castrate all their new students?

        Oh yes, he did NOT smell sulfur. It isn’t used in modern gunpowder. What an idiot. Might make a good opera singer though. The high notes are hard to reach for most people who are intact.

        1. Young – we did a production of West Side Story at ASU and none, nada of either the Jets or the Sharks knew how to handle a knife, much less how to fight with one. For a while I thought they were going to have to use pillows to fight with. 😉

          1. Paul– That is disgusting to hear. Sometimes on television I see someone holding a knife out in front of them when faced with a possible aggressor. The knife won’t fight for you. Besides, you don’t have any thrusting room with you are sticking out. Closer to your body you can actually use it. Better if they don’t even know you have one. It can come as a nice surprise.

            Isn’t West Side Story racist now? Thought I heard that somewhere.

              1. Young – I am having problems with Chrome as well. You need to go to Red Letter Media and search for Surviving Edged Weapons. You will understand why police pull the trigger so fast. It is based on true incidents.

                1. rifles are offensive weapons. reach out and touch someone, like att said. handguns are defensive weapons.

                  knives, most often used offensively.
                  the way to use them effectively is how they are used in prison every day around this country

                  a. inflict the damage most efficiently with the point, not the edge, just like in fencing. the underhand thrust is the best.

                  b. conceal prior to attack, surprise, and then upon the attack strike repeatedly.

                  c. if you’re faced with a knife attack better get it over fast, happen quick, because yo will get hit and if you take it in an artery you got precious little time to survive the aftermath faced with “exsanguination” — look that one up, nice word

                  That’s 90% of what you need to know about knives.

                  the video that anonymous refers to is probably the one that shows, a guy with a knife 10 yards away can close the gap and strike in less time than it takes to pull a handgun even from an open holser when ready. like 1-2 seconds. something like that. a classic, telling video, that the American mass media does not want people to see nor understand, so that BLM will be able to stage more fake outrage

                  1. Kurtz, I agree but would add that a very sharp edge can kill very quickly if you can cut the brachial artery, the femoral artery or the carotid. Sykes Fairbain methods like that were taught to commandos and were learned in Singapore.

                  2. Mr K,

                    Maybe I’m wrong but to me you seem to have some odd believes… like all rifles are offensive “”””” Assult “””””weapons. City Slicker type views.

                    Can you imagine if just about everyone in Chicago packed firearms, I can, there’d be a bunch of people, good/bad shot at first, but by then the bad would have been taken out, behave or they’d leave

                    Have you already forgotten the 2 lawyers in St Louis recently Defending their home from around a 100 Invaders, with the husband using the semi-auto “””” Defender Rifle”””” as a Defensive Weapon Successfully without anyone harmed.

                    Granted they totally screwed up on how to handle weapons more safety & when under attack, the need some training bad.

                    Note that Bullsh.it lie that no one needs a 30 round mag/clip. With a 100 invaders Attacking he needed at least 4 mags assuming he took out a target with every shot & it’s very unlikely that guy was a very good shot if violence broke out around him so likely need 8 or 10 30 round mags.

      2. That little 5.56 is a “pop” gun…and fun on Rock ‘N Roll!!!

        Throw in a Claymore and a couple baseball grenades and right away you’ve got a party!

  2. Actually what can ruin a student’s future is being an idiot in the future…

    At least you didn’t maintain D’Souza and Ingraham are “distinguished” alumni. Not that they aren’t distinguished for dubious reasons, but I was happy just for reasons of maintaining your brand outside of sheer trumpist shill territory on some level.

    1. “At least you didn’t maintain D’Souza and Ingraham are “distinguished” alumni”
      And yet they are.

      Your distate for their viewpoint does not diminish the accomplishments of others.

      What have you done with your life that reaches to their level ?

      1. He’s currently using three sock-puppets, so he’s going to have to riffle through his notes to find the back story he’s been using for this one. Give him time.

  3. Not to worry.

    When “citizen” Kamala Harris is sworn in as President, she will follow Abraham Lincoln, suspend Habeas Corpus, smash all the presses and throw her opposition publishers in prison.

    Oh, Happy Day!

    1. When are you going to remove the body parts from the deep freezer of your last girlfriend where you sliced/diced her and showed her who was the boss?

        1. PCS,

          Will those deep freezers hold communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO) bots?

          They’ve been deployed en masse against the Turley Blog and it needs a cleansing.

      1. My last girlfriend has been my wife for some time and she provides me a SECOND vote!

        She loves me so!

    2. Oh, and President “Citizen” Kamala Harris will demolish private health insurance.

      Oh, Happier Day!

        1. Anonymous – there are 300 million people, how big are the armed forces. And remember, fighting for your homeland is a force multiplier.

          1. At the moment the government does not appear to be very effective in ‘bug squashing’.

          2. the 82d airborne is not going to be confiscating guns from Americans in flyover i tell you that.

            but I could see them wiping out elements of an insurrection quite easily, and lawfully, and doing it with zeal

            I would not know which elements of the armed forces are more reliable for what aspects of MOUT but you can be sure the question has been evaluated by smart people who may be in a position to cleave the good from the bad if it came to that.

            for those who think its imaginable., they are not watching. ask, did Esper mutiny against Trump? He might have. it’s not clear at this time, but he may have, and got away with it.

            that means it WILL happen again

        2. Anon,

          You best pray the Anti American Commies that a burning down/Rioting/Mur.dering etc., in these Blue State Sholes don’t continue to spiral out of control into a larger civil war as you/others will likely be shocked by the amount of current/former military/police join in helping citizen putting down that Treasonous Trash Antifa/BLM!

        3. Don’t forget that Trump and his administration IS “the government” for 78 days after the election, and his supporters, non supporters, those who don’t want to become North Korean style citizens and everyone else who doesn’t want to die with their families for daring to exercise Constitutional Rights, will make it their mission to opt out of the death cult Communism Biden and Harris intend to replace the Constitution with.
          78 days is a lot of time for hundreds of millions of heavily armed Americans fighting for their lives and the lives of their children to correct a lot of historical wrongs and mistakes.

        4. When Honecker ordered east german forces to squash citizens protests – did they ?

          Do you honestly think that if armed conservative protestors actually sought to take back their government, that the police, national guard, or military would defend leftists ?

          1. Putin was ready to help from his KGB post in Germany, but the Politburo would not authorize it. They deliberately allowed the Warsaw pact to disintegrate and the USSR fragment into more coherent and manageable pieces, and ones which they could loot in the process of “privatization” which became an orgy of state sanctioned fire sale fraud which massively screwed the Russian people in the name of western style liberal democracy.

            this is how the average Russian sees it today, and there is merit in that interpretation. I would not know “the truth” i leave that to others to declare

        5. in a devolution scenario, the armed forces will divide.

          America is not in an insurgency,. it is basically widespread extensive and organized criminal activity, at most what is called “insurrection”

          it can be neutralized very quickly. ANTIFA has had its social networks fully mapped by intelligence experts inside government, I guarantee

          BLM too

          if it ever made the step up from insurrection to insurgency, they would be decapitated pheonix program style before it degraded all the way to Civil war

          that does not mean that a “devolution” a la the disintegration of the USSR could not happen, or will not. that is possible
          remember, that happened pretty much without any sort of shooting.

          because why?

          Communist leadership decided to let it go. And, they had prepared the way to enrich themselves as kleptocrats in the aftermath. Which many of them did

          Putin understood what was happening, used cunning to embed into the new government, such as it was, bide his time, until he was powerful enough to strike at the corrupt oligarchs and restore a form of constitutional order and effective central government after the Yeltsin era orgy of “privatization” that was thinly disguised organized crime in its own right

          Maybe there will be a devolution of the US in years to come, into more socially coherent and stable fragments, that will be more efficient to maintain than the current mess.

          Perhaps waiting in the wings, an American Putin who will rise to power and one day cancel the global plutocrats strip mining our economy with unimaginable financial chicanery and debt, as we speak. Or maybe never. I guess we will find out if we are lucky to live long and see

      1. There is ?
        Who on the right is calling half the country racist bigotted hatefull hating haters ?

        Who on the right is engaged in arson and looting ?

        At the moment those on the right are angry because you will not let them reopen their businesses, go fishing, send their kids to school, and because you are burning and looting, and lawless.

        Just 2 months ago armed protestors petitioned government at state capitols and city halls,
        and no one broke a finger nail. Not a stone was thrown, not a policemen was injured, not a business was burned or looted.

        The right is increasing armed it is increasingly getting prepared to deal with your lawlessness.

        It is not hateful, just determined.

  4. Related topic. Women of color. First woman of color. What was Palin? A woman. White. Is white not a color? How about red? As in American Indian? Redskin.
    White, brown, black, yellow, red. Look in the dickstionary.

    1. Kamala Harris is a “black” woman according to Biden’s definition – “she voted for Biden” – and in no other way.

      She’s a genteel, rum-sipping Caribbean-aristocratic “woman of color” who doesn’t have any embarrassing roots in the African-American community. Made to order for the DNC – oh, except she was the head of law enforcement in California.

      No worries. In California under Kamala Harris and Xavier Becerra, being Attorney General didn’t involve enforcing laws against persons of color, so it’s all good,#BLM!!

  5. These idiots wouldn’t know real racism if it hit them in the face with a broken bottle. Don’t give in Dartmouth. You give them an inch, and you wind up losing your socks.

  6. In the early ’50’s, the vile Senator Joseph McCarthy used as his weapon the epithets “Communist” or “Red” or “Commie Sympathizer” (often with scant or even no evidence) seeking to attack his opponents and deny them a platform. Today, Leftist thugs do the same thing, calling their targets “racist” or “homophobes” or “misogynists.” Too many stood silent then, and too many stand by silent today.

    1. arthurjmaurello – McCarthy was right and the State Dept was firing people left and right. It was when he attack Ike’s beloved Army that it hit the fan and Ike put all his power behind shutting McCarthy down. However, the HUAC hearings were still going on. We learned a lot about Hollywood and the unions.

      1. The point isn’t whether or not McCarthy or today’s Leftist thugs are right” — no one is invariably right, or wrong. The point is that the use of epithets to shut down and stifle speech is anti-democratic in the extreme. Those holding certain ideas and beliefs should be able to advance them — and to have them opposed in terms of their content, not ad hominem attacks.

        1. Arthur, you overestimated Trumpers if you thought they would agree McCarthy is ‘vile’. No Trumper on this blog is going to agree with that.

          1. Possibly, but it turned out McCarthy was right about Communists in government, education and Hollywood. These days they don’t even try to hide it and they are doing enormous damage. Soviet files released after the collapse revealed we had more infection than we realized. The Venona files were one indication. As for measures on the ‘Vileness Meter’, McCarthy barely moves it compared to people like Sharpton and many more in public life. Haven’t heard much from people like Sean Penn and NYT writers who gushed over the Progressive dictators running Venezuela now that it is so bad even they can’t deny it. But they are still outhouse droppings.

            1. McCarthy was perfectly redundant, a headline grabbing self-promoter.

              1. McCarthy was perfectly redundant, a headline grabbing self-promoter.


                Sounds like the CV of most politicians.

          2. McCarthy was an obnoxious, alcoholic demagogue who ruined morale in a menu of federal agencies in order to promote himself. He also launched a successful defamation campaign against at least one U.S. Senator, ending his career. On a moral level, he’s somewhere around Adam Schiff.

            Note, as late as 2007 there are red-haze types trying to peddle the idea that Alger Hiss was framed. Ellen Schrecker is an explicit admirer of Soviet spies. She’s not a random character. She was president of the Organization of American Historians. At our cultural control centers are people who think working for a hostile foreign government is cute.

            1. “McCarthy ruined the morale in a menu of federal agencies”
              That sounds like a feature rather than a bug.

              Considering what a number of federal agencies have been up to for the last few years it would please me if half their people spent their days on the suicide hotline while the other half waited for the phone.

          3. The old McCarthism was vile. The new McCarthyism is worse.

            Though more accurately it is Maoism.

            Turley is noting an attack on conservative journalism – amazing that such a thing even continues to exist in the academy.
            But the left is much more effective in punishing and silencing its own.

            1. lol, the old McCarthyism is a trope of years of misreporting about the extent of Communist penetration of many levels of government in the US

              whatever its excesses, it had plenty of truth behind it

              the new McCarthyism is blatant anti-Russian ethnic bigotry, we might call racism, except Russians are white and we have been told that anti-white racism, isnt

              there is no comparison to the intelligence activities of the USSR compared to the rump state which is Russia. Russia is vastly smaller and commanding less resources of payment and organization than the former Soviet Union. They are a national rival and adversary, and a dangerous one, but when it comes to “spies” and such, not the awesome threat that the Democrats pretend they are,

              1. Nor are the Russians as big a threat to the country as the Democrats are. Their spies are in our own intelligence services. Still wondering if they have something on Roberts. That does not seem as bizarre as it once did.

          4. Well, Seth, I’m a Trumper in the sense that I voted for him in 2016, and will again. This even though he was not gifted as someone entrusted with governance. I’m not sure he even understands how government should work. And surely his recent “Executive Order” allegedly on COVID-19-related matters (extension of enhanced Unemployment Benefits et al.) was unconstitutional. But I can’t vote for Biden & Company (just as I couldn’t vote for Crooked Hillary, though for different reasons).

            1. Yeah, Arthur, you’re a ‘collaborator’. You know that Trump is a threat to democracy. But you’re scared of (fill in the blank) Socialists? Immigrants? Non-Whites? Women’s Rights? Gun Regulations? Environmental Planning? Taxes On The Wealthy?

              Or some combination of the above?

              1. Well, call me any name you like. . . I voted for Trump not, as I indicated, out of any fondness for the man. He is aptly described, at best, as a narcissist — though I imagine most politicians are, though they know how to hide it. As to your laundry list of things I fear, let’s see: Socialism would be a disaster. What is worst about it is the feeling of most of its proponents that they know how to do it right . . . after all they have a Master’s in one of the approved majors from one of the Ivies or a handful of the other prestigious U.S. colleges.
                Next, Immigrants: I feel that lack of assimilation of a pronounced problem, so that even legal immigration should be seriously controlled, and illegal immigration not winked at.
                Next, Women’s Rights: women already have equal rights to those of men, so I don’t see the point at all.
                Gun regulations? Those who would eviscerate the Second Amendment lack coherent arguments. I have never owned a weapon, but I have never felt threatened by my neighbors who do. And I know enough to avoid neighborhoods where illicit gun use is rampant.
                Non-whites? You mean like Clarence Thomas. (Or is he, in your view, an inauthentic and/or self-hating black?)
                Environmental Planning? I’m just fine with that.
                Taxes on the “Wealthy” — you mean like the “carried interest break” for fund managers, 95% of whom support their puppet, Biden? You know very well that they will continue to reap this benefit even if we transition to one-party Democrat control. And, no, I have no problem with the elimination of this loophole.
                Back to your initial premise, I cannot be a collaborator unless I acknowledge that Trump is an enemy. I do NOT believe this — only that he is in many ways a victim of his naïveté and narcissism. Fortunately there are adults in the room to control Trump’s excesses (most of the time). I do have one pronounced fear: that under a Biden/Harris administration, there would be no adult supervision at all.

            2. arthurjmaurello – a vote for Biden is a sure vote for Horrible Harris, Biden is already setting up his stepping down.

  7. Free speech. No speech. No college newspapers or websites. UtShay the ukFay up.

  8. Spitting rage at The Dartmouth Review has been an episodic feature of life at the college for nearly forty years. The founding editor is now 61 years old. Since the publication is playful with other people’s pieties, it’s faced nonsense accusations all that time. Dartmouth’s trustees have a long history of nonfeasance (just like trustees at any other institution).

    1. one day the incompetent trustees may not only be fired and replaced, but arrested for Racketeering.

      it’s a long shot, but the first step to making it happen– is believing that it is possible.

      I advocate a complete overhaul of US nonprofit taxation laws, similar to the aggressive 1969 Private Foundation law, which is aimed at cutting them down to proper size, eliminating their unfair subsidies and privileges, restoring a level playing field of competition between them and taxable entities, preventing and punishing unjust enrichment of insider cliques particularly in universities, and most of all, extirpating the academic rot that’s encouraged by the globalist donors such as Geo Soros and his ilk who are misusing our educational system to destroy our nation.

      RICO is a tool that can be used to kick the fangs out of these rattlesnakes mouths, break their backs, and let them lie broken in jail until they rot. I can visualize this happening now.

      1. You ask me how I would get around the Article III tyrants. Who might intervene. Well. Arrest them under RICO too, that’s how. Replace them by new appointed magistrates who understand their duty to help restore order.

        Lock them all up, anyone who stands in the way, thousands or tens of thousands of them, until there are no malingerers and saboteurs left in government to block the necessary reforms.

        It can be done, and one day, it will be done. Probably not soon, but imagine it and it becomes possible.

  9. These squeals from these idiotic liberal students are absurd. When they are unable to cogently dispute someones opinion they cry tropes of racism and injured feelings and beg those in power to ban the adults. And I am shocked that the orthodoxy held by grads of the 90s. It’s really scary how ill-educated the college grads of the last 40 years are due to the liberal orthodoxy on college campuses. If college administrators continue to cave we have lost our republic. If Biden and Harris win it will continue the decline of the American intellect.

  10. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate in order to combat systemic racism. Somebody should tell him.

  11. This horse is dead, Turley. You made your point. Extremes, Newton’s third law. Etc., Etc., Etc. Can we have some other stuff? Foxnews is calling, they want you for Tucker’s job.

    1. The only thing necessary for Isaac to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

      1. The first thing necessary for Isaac to succeed is to be discharged from the group home.

  12. Isn’t college where the immature intellect struggles with new, difficult, disturbing, and uncomfortable ideas in which no easy answers and often no answers exist?

    1. FarOutWest– I think there was a time when students did that. It was called education. But that was back then. Today there are answers only from the “professors” and no questions are asked or even allowed as proven by the petition.

  13. The “thrills in the hills” rich white guys are getting called out and the pearl clutching begins in 3…2…1…

  14. The Left can not tolerate a counter-narrative to its delusional racism theories. That is because it should obvious to the meanest intelligence that in the year 2020, it is blacks who cause most of their own problems. Not the KKK. Not Republicans. Not bigots. Not the electoral college or rebel flags. Not “institutionalized racism.”

    It is sooo obvious that all dissenters must be shut completely down or marginalized out of existence. The Democrats have invested heavily in Delusion, and they must hold that line.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky– I thought when Baltimore took down its statues the shootings would stop, everyone would have PhDs in physics, and the city would bloom. Hasn’t it?

      1. Seems to me the only logical thing to do now is to run the US’s Flag followed by the Robert E Lee’s battle flag up the flag pole above the S. Carolina’s capital building & ship that ignorant .itch Nikky Haley back to her Home Country of India!!!

        She started most of this current Crap the last few years by , pulling that flag & not having a damn clue as the the importance of remembering the history of how this nation has survived well over 200 years.

        1. I recently read D. S. Freeman’s books, “Lee’s Lieutenants”, and found them to be remarkable. Besides finding courageous and honorable men, I Iearned more than I expected about the bureaucracy of war. The battlefield strategy and tactics of the Confederate army were often superior to those of the North during much of the war, but every battle, before and after each, had to deal with fitting complex personalities and an enormous amount of administrative detail together. I suspect the volumes are still studied by military men. I intend to read Freeman’s biography next. If you had to go to war you would want men like these in your army.

        1. Dawn– Good point. The physics was cancelled so the PhDs are now on loincloth wearing and composing symphonies on goatskin drums. Much better than gowns and Beethoven.

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