36 thoughts on “Turley Speaks To Incoming GW Class”

    1. Turkey please be sure to explain to them how much money you make now that you sold your soul to support/enable trump and Barr and their practice of the unitary executive, you only pretend to be a madisonian when you can use it as cover when attacking democrats. You, trump and Barr are all big fat phonies and that really is the nicest remark you deserve much stronger criticism.

  1. Tell ’em lawyers founded our Constitution; lawyers preserved our Constitution and lawyers unflaggingly defend our Constitution from all takers – foreign and domestic. If they don’t want to sign on for that and show the courage that entails, there’s always coding school.

    1. That’s a great message for up & coming wanna be lawyers & every citizen, if they are afraid of risking their/their family/friends hides to speak out/protect our freedom we still have in this country then they might as well move now to a commie nation just to save their kids/family the time it’ll take them building their own prison state here.

  2. Meanwhile, the Oregon State Police have pulled out of Portland because anyone they arrest is immediately released. America is awakening. Trump is on his way to another four years. Sorry shills, the people are on to your lies. Sorry, not sorry.

    1. It’s gonna move now and move fast. We’re going all the way Ivan. Leave no gas in the tank, leave no cards on the table, go all the way


      Get out there and start signing any slackers up to vote and hammer it home. Every day from now until november. Trump or we are screwed. Simple as that. Go all the way.

      1. You expect him to make a political speech to incoming students? I mean I know Turley has become a total hack, but even he might be above this.

  3. Meanwhile, another judgement about the corruption of the Trump Admin.:

    Harry Cramer: “BREAKING: Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf (and Ken Cucinelli) are ineligible to be serving in their current roles because they were appointed illegally, the GAO rules. …” [link in the tweet to the GAO ruling]: https://twitter.com/HarrisonCramer/status/1294267501514240000

    Steve Vladeck (UT Austin Law prof.): “Holy cow: The *GAO* has determined that Chad Wolf was not lawfully named the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, and that @HomelandKen (who already is using an inappropriate title) wasn’t lawfully appointed even to his *proper* position at DHS. This is a remarkably big deal.
    “To clarify, the opinion concludes that Cuccinelli was not lawfully named as the “senior official performing the duties of the deputy secretary” (he’s already not the Acting Deputy). Nothing in the opinion calls into doubt his current position as principal deputy director of CIS.”

    And Trump has gutted diverse agencies by refusing to nominate people for positions.

  4. I would love to attend Professor Turley’s course in Constitutional Law. In fact, I think that courses in civics and Constitutional Law
    would be helpful for members of Congress.

  5. From JT” “This term, our orientation like our classes, will be virtual. However, we are all committed to making the best of it.

    Postings today will be delayed due to the speech.

    Thanks for your patience. ”

    After everything else this week, recently I find after the Cherry on Top of spending some time with my wife at a cancer treatment center with them demanding people having breathing, Stage 4 Lung Cancer, trouble wearing demonstrable Useless Mask.

    “Virtual Orientation”

    With all due respect JT what a complete Disgrace to George Washington’s name!!!

    Washington & this young nation/army was battling a Small Pox epidemic at the time of the revolution with a 25% kill rate. They didn’t shut down the War for “Essential Liberty”, they Did Not Wear Mask, Washington Attacked!

    This Bullsh.it Virus that Dr Fauci/Bill Gates/UNC Chapel Hill/Commies Wuhan China’s Bio-level 4 labs Cooked up only has been shown to have… Wait for it & Read It!!!

    Chinese Flu has be shown to have a Kill Rate of Less the 0.032% & the average age of those effected are 78 even as NY’s Gov Cuomo & AG & a few other states force sick people into nursing homes which inturn Manslaughtered the hell out so Cuomo/AG Commies could get the body rate up.

    Does Prof Turley Recall:

    “Death me Liberty or Give Me Death!”

    ” Those that Give Up Essential Liberty for Security Deserve Neither Nor Will They Get Either!”

    I do really feel embarrassed by all these US Fools/Slaves running around with Mask, taking the Fake/Faulty Test with Huge Error Rates, etc….

    And just in case some of you people have the attention span of a goldfish, recall what Dr Fauci & other “So Called EXPERTS” (Idiots!) were saying back in the March 2020 time frame? They told us if we’d just shut down the economy for 2 WEEKS all would be fine. Well, It’s Been 5 Ph’kin Months.

    What won’t the fools put up with next? If the local/state/Fed govt orders you to wear ball gag & a gimp mask I suppose you’ll willingly comply also.

    Enough those Evil Morons & their Illegal Mask orders & lock downs!!!

    Why in the hell are those Bio-Level 3 & 4 Labs still up & running??? What the hell are they Cooking up & Illegal Modifying for “Gain of Funtion”. Everyone of those labs worldwide should be forced to close as there is no good purpose they serve other then to harm human & everything on this planet.

    Why haven’t those Bio- Lab 3-4 Doctors & employees been rounded up & Arrested for “Crimes Against Humanity” just like those Nazi Doctors were after WW2 @ Nuremberg???

    Now I direct your attention to one of a few nations that didn’t act like GD idiots in the thick of battle, Sweden:


    Now take a look at what one of many Americans are currently doing in a leadership role in “Securing Essential Liberty for the USA”

    And she’s a real sweety, 5 min.:


    Other then all that, it’s a beautiful day, go out & try to enjoy it & this weekend. LOL;)

    1. I hope your wife’s treatment is effective Oky.

      I also hope that someday you get past your penchant for conspiracy theories.

      1. Hey CTHD. You are a lady you say, ok. You didn’t say but I am guessing you are white.

        You want to pay trillions in additional debt, as a taxpayer, to fund black families at the price of $800K per each, in “reparations” for what happened centuries ago?


        If you are volunteering as only 1/8 white people foolish enough to desire their own debt slavery, well, then, go vote Democrat

        Or you can vote for Trump because then that’s dead on the vine.

        Nobody will know CTHD. Nobody will know, if at that last second, you remember, your vote may help save your own skin

        Remember, there will be no way to fund Social Security AND black reparations. In effect, if Democrats get the blue wave you may desire now, the reparations thing will come up in Congress. If it passes, it will force the government to choose between baggy pants BLM looter bonuses, and old white people. If you are ever planning on being an old white person, they swallow the bitter pill and VOTE TRUMP

        1. “If it passes, it will force the government to choose between baggy pants BLM looter bonuses, and old white people. If you are ever planning on being an old white person, they swallow the bitter pill and VOTE TRUMP”

          If people want anything that resembles healthcare & health insurance they damn sure better vote for Trump.

          If they vote for the Progressive Commie Democrats they’ll get that Single payer Commie Care, it’ll cost the hell out of everyone & whatever the illness most likely the best we can hope is a Walking Cane. Just look at the mess Europe’s in with their Commie Care Single Payer & hell the US is subsidizing by lowering their military by our NATO presents.

          Any change is very important to us here. That cancer treatment stuff is Super High Dollar!!! We have a fairly good private insurance policy now even with it’s warts. Best I recall this outfit deosn’t except certain patients.

      2. I’d have to be in the CIA to use that ole lame azz deflection tactic that there are no theories worth looking into & there’s no one that has ever been sent to prison on a conspiracy to commit charge & 2 planes caused 3 very large buildings on 911 to fall perfectly into their own foot print, almost like prewired explosives planted in advance with Marvin Bush help among others involved.

        Knock on wood my wife seems to be holding ok, but they/Docs seem to like throwing in some spooky lingo in to keep on the ever close watch. I feel great I got so so pissed at this local MD Anderson Dr, he was I think one of the worst azzholes I have ever meet in my life so I have to think him as he cause me to move her to a much better facility/Doc that gave her the newest/most promising treatment that seems to be getting my wife far more years.

        Believe me, I’ve been through plenty of other family members that died in a very short time from that cancer crap.

        Now, just imagine how many people in the have in been negatively effect by Evil azzholes like Dr Fauci.Bill Gates/China & other nut jobs in white lab coats.

        There are millions of people serious health problems that are avoiding going to the Doc/Hospitals because of that (Proven, start with Dr Francis Boyle 4 evidence) Bio-Weapon.

        Anyway, breaking News most won’t see: Infowars contract reporters also working with Trumps WH were arrested today over dump evidence of Obama Admin., & corrupt parts of the US intel attacking our legitimate govt of the USA.

        More on this coming up:


  6. I wonder if Turley will wear his red hat. Well, he might not go that far, but there’s a tee-shirt under that suit.

      1. You, want to wear the red hat, that way everyone will know who the village idiot is, and you do such a good damn job at it.

        1. Fish head you white? ready to pay up $800K per white family? Get out your checkbook if you do. Vote Biden Kamala if you do

          Or at that last second, Fish, in the silence and privacy of the voter booth, do what you may find unthinkable now– vote for TRUMP
          VOTE TO SAVE YOUR OWN SKIN. dont worry– you can lie afterwards. but we understand, Biden won’t keep you safe.
          Maybe BLM will be on your lawn one day too
          Maybe you will be like this weak white man groveling on his back before a thug.
          Or maybe you will reckon your own interests wisely– who knows.


  7. “My German passport, which I was able to retain when I naturalized, currently entitles me to travel almost anywhere in the world. My American passport can gain me access to only a handful of countries—not including Germany or the majority of developed democracies in Asia, Europe, Australia, or South America. The coronavirus is so out of control here that other nations (understandably) fear contamination from our citizens….”


    1. The atlantic is a mag with a reasonable editorial position – if you subscribe to BLM racism. I bet the list of countries banning travel from the US is long. SO WHAT? This too shall pass as just another swipe at voting trump out of office. But how would you protect the citizens of the country your president of, during the explosion of a pandemic across the world? Poor Italy. The got screwed by Chinavirus. BIG TIME. Oh, has Venezuela has also banned US passports? Makes me happy! How about Oregon, or Washington? I can’t wait. Add NY to that list too.

    2. BTB is desperately hoping that the idiotic and sophomoric political strategy of trying to blame Trump for the scamdemic, is going to get a 78 year old guy with Dementia being sequestered in his basement, elected POTUS.

      1. I see you don’t believe in facts. The pandemic is real, Biden is 77, and if you watched TV of late, Biden has been on for days making speeches. But if you feel the need to reelect the Trump-Putin ticket, that’s up to you.

        1. I feel the need, yes indeed, Trump 2020! Give peace a chance! Trump/Pence 2020!

          1. PS even John Lennon’s progeny gets what’s going on in the world under Trump’s ‘let’s solve the problems and get it done’ presidency:

            “Hooray for the Peace deal between Israel and UAE! Wait…what? Trump negotiated it? I meant Boooo! I hate peace, peace is bad! Us dems have always been against peace deals right? Yeah that’s the ticket.” @seanonolennon

      2. Rhodes would have us believe that Trump’s advocacy of injecting bleach will be forgotten by voters because Biden is 5 years older.

    3. Book, this is a far cry from that story Ronald Reagan used to tell about Americans in a foreign trouble spot who walked out of a shooting zone by carrying small American flags. That’s how much respect the United States used to command: ‘One could stroll safely between warring factions in third world sh_itholes simply by carrying a small American flag”. In fact, American embassies used to keep a stock of small flags just for that purpose. Those flags afforded more protection than bullet proof vests!

      But under Trump U S passports command no more respect than the ‘club cards’ of most grocery chains.

      1. Seth, if you think that, then you haven’t travelled much abroad

        the major problem in international travel related to US now only relates to the COVID, and quarantine measures

        trust me, people are still literally dying to get into the US and are willing to stay here forever if they can

        If you think it stinks, I am sure Canada would be pleased to have you

    4. Hey book thanks for a link to this pathetic piece of anti-American “dreck” there’s a little German for you

      they are so useless that millions are still pushing hard to come here legally, or not, even near 4 years into trump, and get work cards, green cards and get naturalized.

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