Separation Anxiety: Rep. Pascrell Sends “Criminal Referral” To Investigate Trump and Postal Service For Interfering With The 2020 Election

Bill_pascrell_375There was a curious moment this weekend when a member of Congress, Rep. Bill Pascrell (D., N.J.) called upon New Jersey  Attorney General Gurbir Grewal to use a grand jury to investigate criminal charges against President Donald Trump and U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for “the subversion” of the upcoming election. From a Madisonian perspective, a member of Congress calling for a grand jury to investigate wrongdoing by a federal agency is like a NASA calling up NOAA to explore Mars. Pascrell is a sitting member in a house, controlled by his own party, with the constitutional authority of oversight over the postal service. Our system of separation of powers commits this question to the political branches rather than criminalizing political disputes.

A grand jury usually requires proof of an actual crime, not a future crime or the possibility of an unknown crime. The basis of this odd referral is a political struggle over additional funding that Trump says that he is willing approve as part of an overall agreement. I agree that the President’s prior statements on the postal service recklessly fueled concerns that he might use the agency to hinder mail-in balloting. However, Pascrell is calling for a grand jury to investigate what is currently a bargaining position in an ongoing appropriations fight.  Such an approach would require half of the country to staff grand juries to handle the referrals from Congress.

Yet, Pascrell sent what he described as a “criminal referral” to Grewal:

“I call upon you to open a wide-ranging investigation of Trump’s actions to interfere in our elections and to empanel a grand jury for the purpose of considering criminal indictments for Donald Trump, U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy … [who] are participating in … the subversion of New Jersey state elections…We do not have much time to prepare and our state, like others, will rely absolutely on the USPS’s efficiency. Amid this ongoing pandemic, the USPS will be the electoral heart and engine of New Jersey’s and America’s electoral machinery.”

His letter below cited criminal provisions that could not be used to criminalize a policy decision on funding. They include Title 19:34-20 (Soliciting or procuring or assisting unlawful registration of other violations of election law);Title 19:34-29 (Obstructing or interfering with voter); Title 19:34-35 (Interference with conduct of election); Title 19:53A-15 (Tampering with or willfully injuring record or equipment or interference with conduct of election); and Title 19:63-28 (Violations, third degree crime).
So Pascrell is suggesting that a president who balks at billions in new funding is committing election crimes despite the fact that he has been railing against the Postal Service since he first ran for office as a failed agency. He would also be investigated despite stating that he would approve the funding if the Democrats dropped other demands.
There has been coverage of the decommissioning of sorting machines by the Postal Service.  The Service has insisted that this is part of a program started in the Obama Administration and reflects a retooling of machines to adjust for increases packages and decreased letter traffic. That is precisely the type of thing that congressional oversight can investigate and hearings are being planned.  That is a good thing. If the Trump Administration refuses to share information, a court would likely expedite orders to force production.
However, this meritless referral is a continuation of the criminalization of politics where every dispute is converted into a matter for prosecution.  This has been fueled by legal experts who have advanced wild extensions of the criminal code to feed an insatiable appetite for criminal theories against Trump and his family.
If evidence of actual crimes emerge, such a grand jury could be empaneled. However, this is currently a political dispute in the midst of a negotiations between the two political branches.
Here is the “criminal referral”: Pascrell letter

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  1. Election day, by constitutional legislation, is “the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November.”

    Voters must present themselves at a polling place, on a date, to be identified, certified and to cast a ballot on the legal date of the election; not before; not after.

    Vote-By-Mail illegally alters that legal election day.

    The establishment of election day provides public notice of a particular day/date to allow Americans time to prepare (i.e. conventions, campaigns) for that particular day/date.

    Vote-By-Mail has moved election day forward by months and denied parties time to prepare.

    Vote-By-Mail is a corrupt, conspicuous and flagrant attempt at cheating by democrats.

    The manifest solution to adverse pandemic effects on an election is quarantine, social distancing, masking or postponement, as is the case with movies, stage shows, marriages, sports events, surgeries, political rallies, shopping centers, restaurants, etc., etc., etc.

  2. Trump Takes Post Office Hostage Simply Because He Doesn’t Want Mail-In Voting

    From Professor Turley’s linked article:

    While Trump has long railed against mail-in voting, falsely claiming it leads to rampant fraud, during his regular briefing to reporters Thursday, he said he would not veto a coronavirus relief bill just because it included support for the Postal Service. However, he continued to push the unsubstantiated claim that widespread voting by mail would lead to an abuse of the system.

    “We want people to vote, but we want people to vote so when they vote it means one vote,” Trump said.

    “I’m not doing this for any reason,” Trump said, referring to his push to deny the agency funds. “Maybe the other turns out to be my advantage. I don’t know, I can’t tell you that. But I do know this: I just want an accurate vote.”

    Trump was responding to questions about comments in a Thursday morning interview with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, who had asked why the White House and congressional Democrats are still miles apart on approving a new relief deal.

    Trump said one major factor is the Democrats’ push for an injection of funds into the Postal Service to expand voting by mail.

    “They [the Democrats] want $3 1/2 billion for something that’ll turn out to be fraudulent — that’s election money basically,” Trump said. “They want $25 billion for the post office. Now, they need that money in order to have the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots. Now, in the meantime, they aren’t getting there. But if they don’t get those two items, that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting because they’re not equipped to have it.”

    Eight states are mailing ballots to all active voters this fall, including five that have been doing so for years, but most states are not conducting what Trump calls universal mail-in voting.

    Trump continued: “If we don’t make a deal, that means they don’t get the money. That means they can’t have universal mail-in voting. They just can’t have it.”

    During his Thursday briefing to reporters, Trump reiterated that stance, saying: “We have to have an honest election, and if it’s not going to be an honest election, I guess people have to sit down and think really long and hard about it.”

    “If they’re not going to approve a bill, and the post office, therefore, won’t have the money, and if they’re not going to approve a big bill — a bigger bill — and they’re not going to have the $3 1/2 billion for the universal mail-in votes, how can you have those votes?”

    “What [it] would mean is the people will have to go to the polls and vote like the old days, like two years ago, three years ago. … It doesn’t say anybody is taking the vote away, but it means that the universal mail-ins don’t work,” Trump said.

    Pressed on what that means for Americans who would be reluctant to vote in public for fear of the coronavirus, Trump said: “They’re going to have to feel safe, and they will be safe. And we will make sure that they’re safe, and we’re not going to have to spend $3 1/2 billion to do it.”

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in her weekly press conference Thursday that if funding for the Postal Service is a red line in negotiations, it’s news to her.

    “What [negotiators] are saying is different than what the president is saying,” she said. “If they came in the room and said the president is never doing this, that’s something we’d take to the American people. And the American people want the Postal Service protected and preserved.”

    Edited from: “Trump Opposes Postal Service Funding But Says He’d Sign Bill Including It”

    NPR, 8/13/20

    Here we have an extensive transcript of comments by Trump on this issue. He is clearly threatening to destroy an American institution in a ruthless attempt to stop mail-in voting amid a global pandemic.

    Trump’s strong arm tactics on this matter are ‘not’ normal negotiating practices for a U S president. Trump is taking the Post Office hostage. He is clearly threatening to destroy an American institution that every citizen depends on. And motivating Trump is the prospect of a landslide defeat this November. Trump knows, and admits, that if voting is ‘too easy’ this November he’ll go out like Herbert Hoover. That’s what this issue is really about.

    Trump’s efforts to destroy the Post Office is not that dramatically different than Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad bombing cities within his own country. It’s the case of a doomed strong man willing to bring down the whole country in order to preserve his regime. By taking the Post Office hostage Trump signals that ‘he’ is willing to bring down the whole country in order to save his own power. At this point Trump should be viewed as an Al-Assad and treated as such.

  3. Let’s see, now. Trump admitted he is hamstringing the U.S.P.S. to limit the ability of voters to vote by mail in order to avoid exposure to the pandemic Trump botched. His admission that withholding funding for the USPS would limit the ability of states to allow mail-in voting, which his “administration” is trying to walk back, lays to rest any claim that this is part of restructuring started under Obama, or any other lame argument they are now trying to make to mitigate this damning admission. Talk about abuse of power! My local P.O. branch, which handles two zip codes, including P.O. boxes for 2 zip codes and which handles passport applications (so it is not some little, insignificant branch office), removed 3 outside drive-up collection boxes last week. It was rare that these boxes weren’t so full that it was difficult to get mail into them. There are a lot of businesses in the area of my office, not to mention relatively dense population. Today, they had installed one, dinky, neighborhood-sized box, which is completely inadequate for the amount of drive-up mail this branch handles. I’m betting my local Congressman forced this minor concession. Until that one box was installed, you had to go inside, and be exposed to other people who might have coronavirus, in order to post mail. It has also been reported that DeJoy (Trump’s errand-boy in the USPS) ordered the removal of 671 high-speed mail sorting machines, capable of sorting 35,000 pieces per hour, which will force hand-sorting. These removals were in larger cities with higher mail volumes. How long do you suppose it might take to sort 35,000 items by hand? Plus, don’t forget that Trump eliminated overtime, so there is no way these steps will not slow mail handling. The USPS has notified 48 states that voting by mail will be slowed down and that it cannot guarantee that mailed ballots will reach the right location on time. All so this election cheater can try to worm his way back into the White House to defeat the will of the American people once again because his fragile ego just must have power and adulation. Even if you are a Republican, you should be outraged.

    Never forget that a key feature of Trump and his “administration” is a consistent pattern of lying. Turley’s fat hero claims, with no evidence whatsoever, that voting by mail anyplace in the US. will be fraudulent other than Florida, where he votes by mail. In fact, another Trump alter-ego responded on “Meet the Press” to a question about proof for Trump’s claim that voting by mail will lead to widespread fraud: “can you prove it wouldn’t?” Where does Trump get off making baseless claims about fraud in the absence of any scintilla of proof, and especially about something so important as voting in this age of a pandemic? BUT,….instead of addressing this disgrace and traitorous scheme, Turley chooses to again criticize a Democratic lawmaker. This is why, Turley, you are inching ever closer to having literally no credibility.

    As for Republican complaints about the USPS losing money, why should it make money or break even? What private business would charge the same amount to deliver a one-ounce letter between any 2 points in the United States, no matter the distance? The USPS is a SERVICE, and postage is nothing more than a user fee, just like the Court systems, all of which are funded by the taxpayers, but which charge user fees in the form of filing fees, fees for transcripts and other services. The USPS was established by the Constitution.

    1. the salient problem with this whole debates is revealed in Natch’s long boring comment:
      other than Florida, where he votes by mail.”

      Trump votes by absentee ballot. Trump nor Republicans, not attacking absentee ballots. Which may be sent by mail or actually delivered in person.

      “vote by mail” as advanced by certain Democrat leadership now, various ways, is a new expanded thing that goes far beyond absentee ballot voting systems.

      so Natch is the liar, conflating one thing with another, and pretending there is a circumvention of rights when there is not.

      I heard a nice explanation on NPR of this about 2 weeks ago, but i won’t bother to dig it out. Just realize people may not be as easily mislead into this phony tactic as you suppose.

      1. There is absolutely no practical difference between absentee voting and voting by mail. In both cases, a ballot must be requested by a registered voter in advance of election day, and IT IS RETURNED BY THE USPS if mailed. If a requested ballot is delivered in person, this is called “early voting”, which can be done in person as well without requesting that a ballot be sent to the voter in advance. Some states have drive-up boxes which do not require postage, and this is a version of early voting, too. Trump and Pence mail in their ballots, which is exactly the same as voting by mail. This attempt to draw a distinction is more of the Trump lying machine propaganda. What am I lying about, anyway? Name something.

        You cannot seriously argue that Trump’s occupation of the White House is not defeating the will of the American people. He lost the popular vote. He has set a record for low approval ratings, never once getting to 50% in any valid poll. He has decimated the robust US economy inherited from Barak Obama. He threw out the pandemic playbook and dismantled the early response team put in place by the Obama administration. He has downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic and lied about it over and over again. He has been a poor role model for simple things like wearing a mask, and has never really recommended that his disciples wear masks to help prevent the spread of the virus, with the result that it is now a political issue. Most Americans see through this. They know their government lies to them. Most Americans do not think the pandemic is under control, and most parents do not want their children to attend in-person classes until they can be sure it is safe, and we aren’t there yet. This country is in serious turmoil, and now, we have Trump and the Republicans trying to do everything possible to make it difficult to vote, which is our only hope for change. Are voting machines and polling places going to be sanitized between uses? How? How much time might it take to do this on Election Day? I voted early in person in 2018, and I had to stand in a line for over an hour. Even if machines are sanitized between uses, is it safe for vulnerable people to touch all of the other things they must touch in order to vote, like the pens for the document they have to sign when they check in, the screen, if it is touch-screen or an envelope handed to them if they vote early in person? How about social distancing and air handling equipment at the polling places? Trump doesn’t care because he has it in his mind that preventing voting by mail will help him once again defeat the will of the American people. His Republican enablers don’t care either.

        1. Pure jaberwokey. 2009 -10-11 built on Federal infused bailout money. There is a litany of things obama said; could not be done to building the economy which DT did. The only wealth obama built was his own. Obama stopped the drilling. DT opened the drilling and US was exporting crude, Gas, LNG, and Diesel fuel etc. Obama’s hope was to bring islam to USA and Change USA to Communism as he was a Saul Alinsky myrmidon.

          1. “The only wealth obama built was his own.”

            Ain’t that the truth. If only we had an honest media that did its job.

        2. “Trump doesn’t care because he has it in his mind that preventing voting by mail will help him once again defeat the will of the American people.”

          This is where you Dems get it wrong. Trump DOES care. Very deeply. And he is doing all he can FOR the people of the country he loves so much. And people can feel it. We see it. We know it.

          Unfortunately we could not…and still cannot…say that about Barack or Michelle Obama. People aren’t stupid. (They count on it, but people are waking up.) We can smell the inauthenticity a mile away.

          Trump 2020!

  4. Democrats have interfered with the election.

    Election day is “the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November.”

    Voters must present themselves at a polling place, on a date, to be identified, certified and to cast a ballot.

    Vote-By-Mail illegally alters that legal election day.

    The establishment of election day provides public notice of a particular day/date to allow Americans to prepare (i.e. conventions, campaigns) for that particular day/date.

    Vote-By-Mail has moved election day forward by months.

    1. New Zealand Election Delayed Amid New Coronavirus Outbreak

      Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the September national election would be postponed by four weeks, citing voter safety and a lockdown in Auckland that would make it difficult to campaign.

    2. Hong Kong postpones elections for a year ‘over virus concerns’ – 31 July 2020

      The Hong Kong government has postponed September’s parliamentary elections by a year, saying it is necessary amid a rise in coronavirus infections.

      Hong Kong is currently experiencing a spike in Covid-19 infections, and reported 121 new cases on Friday.

      Hong Kong, a former British colony, was handed back to China in 1997 under an agreement meant to guarantee a high degree of autonomy for 50 years.

      On Friday, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said she would invoke emergency powers to postpone the elections, calling it the “most difficult decision I’ve made over the past seven months”.

      “This postponement is entirely made based on public safety reasons, there were no political considerations,” she said.

      – BBC

      1. George

        “This postponement is entirely made based on public safety reasons, there were no political considerations,”

        A far, far, far greater threat to America, and indeed the world is Trump staying longer than November. When his fat %$$ gets its walking papers, Trump will as good as gone. Outside of this disgrace pardoning a bunch of crooks, he will be able to do no more damage, at least nothing that Biden can’t repair. Methinks the whole shebang will be Democrat for a while. The Republicans have messed themselves out of their underwear this time. Trump, a pathetic champion.

        1. “Outside of this disgrace pardoning a bunch of crooks,…”

          How ’bout centuries of antithetical, anti-Constitutionalist, anti-American communist CROOKS???

          Obongo imposed the unconstitutional redistribution of wealth that was Obongocare.

          FDR unconstitutionally imposed unconstitutional redistribution of wealth as Social Security and Medicare.

          LBJ imposed a massive furtherance of communist redistribution of wealth and social engineering as The War on Poverty in the Great Society including, but not limited to, affirmative action, unfair “Fair Housing” laws, discriminatory “Non-Discrimination” laws, quotas, minimum wage, food stamps, WIC, TANF, HUD, HHS, SSI, etc., etc., etc.

          “Crazy Abe” Lincoln’s successors, while Lincoln and the rest of America actually planned, legislated and funded compassionate repatriation of freed slaves, weaponized the brutal post-war duress to compel the overnight invasion of millions of illegal alien Africans by forcing through the unconstitutional and still illegitimate “Reconstruction Amendments” through brutal intimidation of war-weary and war-scarred Americans, as the Naturalization Act of 1802 was in full force and effect, upon the date of issuance of the unconstitutional Emancipation Proclamation, requiring citizens to be “…free white person(s)…,” further requiring the immediate deportation of freed slaves.

          Check the law. Do you adhere to and obey law? Do you believe America is a nation of laws?

          The entire American welfare state is unconstitutional and the “Reconstruction Amendments” and America are illegitimate and in need of corrective action with extreme prejudice.

          You are a communist and you deny and reject the U.S. Constitution; U.S. fundamental law.


          Joe “Jim Crow” Biden will be voted in by hordes of foreign invader hyphenates that were definitively precluded from occupancy and voting by the Founders and the laws of the Founders. The only question left to be answered is why Americans are giving their country away to the enemy on a silver platter, given the length of time and the degree of difficulty of creating America. It’s actually incomprehensible. Has there been a nation anywhere in history that simply gave the deed over to random, various and sundry, parasitic invaders?

  5. Jonathan: The US Postal Service is the bedrock of our democracy. 91% of the public supports it. Veterans and seniors depend on it for checks and prescription drugs. The prompt delivery of the mail is so important that interfering with the mail and tampering with a mail box are federal crimes. Another pillar of our democracy is the right of every citizen to vote in a free and fair election. Voting by mail during the coronavirus pandemic should be an option for every voter. But Trump wants to take this away. He wants to suppress the vote. He admires authoritarian leaders like Belarus President Lukashenko who rigged the recent election to stay in power. Trump has a three-pronged plan to subvert the November elections.

    First, Trump has continued to claim voting by mail will result in “massive voter fraud”. But in many states that have universal mail-in voting there is little evidence of “massive” fraud. But Trump continues his false attacks trying to sow fears by voters that mail-in voting is not safe. Second, in red states Trump has had his Republican allies fight mail-in voting with legislation and lawsuits. In Missouri, a red state, the Republican controlled legislature passed a vote-by-mail law, responding to popular demand, but added a catch. Unless you are a senior or have a medical condition your mail-in ballot must be notarized. That’s a significant and unnecessary financial burden on many voters–especially minorities and those who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Third, Trump is attacking the Postal Service. In your post you say Trump’s reckless attacks have “fueled concerns that he might use the agency to hinder mail-in balloting”. “Might use” is not the appropriate verb phrase. Trump and his crony top donor Postmaster General are actively working to sabotage the agency so that mail-in votes cannot be mailed or returned in time to be counted. Among other things, the Postmaster General is slowing the processing of mail by denying overtime, “reassigning” 33 top postal service officials, unbolting and removing mail boxes from city streets and removing mail sorting machines. As a result significant delays in delivering the mail are already being reported around the country.

    This is why Rep. Bill Pascrell has sounded and the alarm in his letter to New Jersey’s Attorney General and why Speaker Pelosi is calling the House back into session to act on Trump’s threat to the integrity of our voting system. Your post is simply an attempt to put lipstick on a pig. This is not, as you say, an attempt by Democrats “to feed an insatiable appetite for criminal theories against Trump and his family”. It is what a democracy does to constrain an authoritarian who wants to make the US the “Belarus” of the western hemisphere!

    1. . Voting by mail during the coronavirus pandemic should be an option for every voter.

      EMPHASIS ON “SHOULD BE.” NOT “IS.” as in you want it to become so, and it is not so, yet
      absentee ballot voting, is different issue than “VOTE BY MAIL” a new contrivance of Democrats looking to stuff

      ” But Trump wants to take this away.”


      If Trump wants to act politically to resist the Democrat party ploy to expand the franchise, GOOD I APPLAUD HIM

      Otherwise, I do agree the US mail is an important federal service. It should be run properly. One can’t expect much from federal bureaucracies, however, I love my postman and the US mail service in general. I am a big user of it.

      1. Mr. K, what is the constitutional, legal, legislated date of the election?

        Americans have illicitly already begun to vote.

        A fair and legal election occurs at a polling place with identified and certified voters personally and securely casting their ballots.

        The only rational solution to COVID-19 is cleaning, masking and social distancing at the polling places


        postponement of the election

        as Hong Kong, New Zealand et al. have done already.

        1. Other jurisdictions will do what they do George. I favor a vote on the usual day, pandemic or not.

          Here, I am not against state systems of abstentee ballot voting. They too have been occasions for fraud but they are designed to try and give old folks and those abstent for good cause a vote. I am not against abstentee voting



          1. The Founders severely restricted the vote and, by their design, turnout in 1788 was 11.6%.

            A small number of exceptions to attendance at a polling place may be made for documented health problems, service over seas, etc.

            Democrats simply want to cheat and vote-by-mail makes that easy.

      2. Kurtz

        You’re losing it. Time to wait it out. After November, all will begin to get better. Intelligence will return to the White House. In the mean time, just let it go. Trump=indefensible.

    2. Excellent post, Dennis McIntyre. Here’s the thing about notarization. Some people, especially insurance companies for some reason, think that a signature that is notarized is “more legal” than one that isn’t. That’s not true, and court rules and many state laws have eliminated notarization for signing legal documents and for things like car titles, because it serves no valid purpose. If you sign a document that states that you are signing under the penalties for perjury, the document is binding. Ballots usually contain language indicating that it is a crime to impersonate someone and that the signer is swearing that s/he is the one identified as casting the ballot and is legally registered to vote. We also now have E-Sign for electronically signing documents, which doesn’t even require a “wet-ink” signature.

      Notarization came about at a time which most of the populace was illiterate. The Notary Public was someone who would read a document to the signer, who would then place his or her “X” or other mark and then the mark was notarized as having been placed by the signer in the presence of the notary. Nowadays, most people are literate, and there is no reason for there to be notaries public. How many notaries public know the person who is signing, anyway? I agree this is just another stumbling block to intimidate people, to make it more difficult to vote by mail and to increase the cost for no valid reason other than to try to limit Democrats from exercising their right to vote.

    1. this is a clever trick. they– Democrat leadership and their pundits– use their leverage of the mass media and the confederates within, to get everybody thinking they have a “right” to something,

      which actually ISNT. a right.

      then whiz all over Trump for “Taking it away”

      patently dishonest and very cynical. but they figure people like me who understand the nuances, are not the norm. so they can get away with it.

  6. To The Moderator.
    I posed a legitimate question to IBK, asking for additional information that he said was there. His reply was crass, personal, and insulting. I would like you to give him a holiday from posting here. If you want this blog site have continued success, which has recently seen a fall off of participation, you might do something about the type of participants here now. I have other things to do with my life than put up with some of the BS here. I will simply put additional time into my community organizing efforts. What the hell do I need this/ or you for?

  7. This Post Office stuff smells like Russiagate 2.0 for the Democrats and their Media propagandists. Because it is.

    1. Not totally true Bill, they have become the loyal representatives for Russian/Chinese/Iran opposition”

    2. The nomenclature has changed.

      The anti-American, anti-constitutionalist, foreign invader enemies you reference are communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs).

      This is not opposition.

      This is war.

  8. Firstly, both sides do this, attempt to engage the courts to stop and/or punish the other side for alleged stuff. I use the word stuff because it is typically that precisely defined.

    Secondly, the Democrats, in this instance, are trying to bring focus upon Trump’s treasonous holding of the voting process hostage so he can get his way and also, affect the outcome of the election. Typically ‘swaps’ include allotments, allowances, and allocations for funding to various pork barrels peculiar to either party. The President and/or either party in passing a bill include riders for unrelated stuff such as military stuff attached to a health care bill and threaten to obstruct the health care bill if their state doesn’t get some ribs.

    This is not about that. With an election in less than three months and the postal service of a ‘NATIONAL’ importance to ALL voters, Trump is impeding Americans’ right to vote. The rest of Turley’s argument is legal mumbo jumbo that he could apply in any direction. Trump has stated consistently that he is against voting by mail, yet he and millions of Americans do it on a regular basis. Trump has stated that in his opinion voting by mail would be an advantage to Democrats, yet the mail is used by all Americans, Republican as well as Democrat. Trump is creating chaos in a time when he should be marshaling federal resources to empower the postal service to handle the increased demand.

    This federal or Presidential handling of the election process designed for personal purposes is the same as how Trump handled the Covid-19 pandemic. Trump looked to make himself look good as Americans died by the tens of thousands. Mitch McConnell, “I don’t care if it’s good for Americans or bad for Americans, if it comes from the Obama White House, we will block it.” Let’s hear a legal defense of this treason, Turley. You don’t need the Supreme Court and/or a lawyer-any lawyer-to identify a politician who is acting in its best political interest at the expense of the country. This is just that blatant. No amount of legal BS can obscure this. Trump is openly attempting to create a voting environment that is to his advantage. Trump continuously yells fraud. There is no bigger fraud than Trump. Disgrace.

    1. IBK, just curious to know about ur stmt saying both sides do it. Could you send me examples of the ‘other side doing this’? In the nearly 4 years since the Trump election, I have only heard about the Dem’s going to court on the border wall construction, then the border wall funding, prior, it was the restriction of allowing people into the US from selected other countries, then trying to force the President to testify before the Special Counsel (i think), but many court actions to stop President Trump from doing what he said he would do. I can’t remember more at this moment, but you do understand what I am saying, of that I am certain. Thanks

      1. IBK can’t unless the left sends him the appropriate talking points to that question, which they won’t because there is no data. Seems as if IBK went out on a limb and had no where to go now.

    2. “Trump is impeding Americans’ right to vote.” “Trump has stated consistently that he is against voting by mail, yet he and millions of Americans do it on a regular basis.”

      No, Trump is bringing attention to the potential for fraud and a completely f*cked up election *because* mailing ballots to EVERYONE in your state is a very different process than the procss of a registered voter requesting an Absentee ballot which is then mailed to them and they then fill out and mail back in. Trump is not against Absentee voting.

      Trump has stated that in his opinion voting by mail would be an advantage to Democrats.” Of course it is. Did you see that the Postal Workers Union has endorsed Joe Biden for president? Did you see what the Post Office did to help Hillary in 2016? It was in the WaPo. Look it up.

      Did you see where Dr. Anthony Fauci said there is NO REASON to not vote IN PERSON on ELECTION DAY? You probably missed that, because the fake news ignored it.

      “Trump is creating chaos”

      Trump funded $10 Billion for the USPS weeks ago. It is Pelosi, the Democrats and their media who are fueling the chaos and feeding outright LIES to the American people, yet again!

      Trump is trying to prevent the complete and total chaos of the election but it is the Democrats and their media that are *counting on this chaos* and using to their advantage in the election. How so? Here’s how Scott Adams put it (and he’s right about it, too) —–>

      “The more CNN talks about “What if Trump loses and does not leave the job,” the more you know Coup V2.0 is a go.

      Step 1: Get mail-in voting approved to guarantee a non-credible election result.

      Step 2: Claim Trump’s electoral victory is not legitimate.

      Step 3: Use media brainwashing to make it “true” that Trump really lost but has become a dictator, staying in power.

      Step 4: Impeach or otherwise remove Trump by non-Constitutional means. Frame it as saving the nation.”

      1. Or, fund the post office as they request and keep it out of a hostage condition. Then make it a national task to straighten out the voting systems, monitoring, availability of stations, etc. If Trump was a real American he would push for monitored, and controlled voting without any obstacles. This means a system of handling increased mail in votes due to the pandemic, more voting stations, more oversight, etc. All Trump is doing is whining and restricting voting. He knows the more legitimate votes cast the more votes against him. It couldn’t be more clear, yet still you go on.

        1. USPS is not in a hostage condition. Trump is trying to help streamline and systemize USPS operations to effectively handle the election. USPS just got a $10 Billion infusion to keep doing a job its been doing a looooong time. States got over $400 Million additional funds to prepare for the general election, but of course they are screaming they need Billions, not millions. Dr. Fauci said there is no reason to not show up and vote in person on Election Day. If you can protest in the streets, you can stand in line to vote in person at a polling place and you will know your vote was counted that day, not wondering if it got lost in the mail.

          1. Hell, if you can shop and stand in line at Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Costco, Trader Joe’s, and get your hair done, your pedicure, and have your personal training sessions — you can safely vote in person on November 3.

            1. Or you can plan accordingly and request an Absentee ballot and vote that way. No one is sabotaging the election BUT for the Democrat-manufactured hysteria and lies being amplified by the biased and corrupt fake news media that is in the tank for Democrats as always. THERE is your election interference. Not the bulls*it we are hearing from Pelosi, et al.

            2. So says Anonymous, a pugnacious but unknown commenter who predictably defends Trump regardless of Trump’s position.

        2. I don’t remember hearing how the Obama administration prepared to safeguard the 2016 election. Remind us. Besides, spying on the Trump campaign and spying on the transition and spying on the new administration. Besides that, what did Obama do to safeguard the 2016 election?

          1. Obama spoke to Putin and warned him to desist and also spoke to McConnel who rebuffed his suggestion that a bipartisan statement be made warning voters to be wary and Russia to stop meddling. He walked on eggs otherwise, mindful of not appearing to be acting politically.

            IG Horowitz found that is was false that there was any spying going on against the Trump campaign, and all those involved refrained from publicizing the fact that it was under FBI investigation prior to the election. If there was partisan intent – also rejected by Horowitz – publicizing that fact as Comey had Hillary’s investigation would have been the shortest rout to putting Trump on ice.

            1. Right, I forgot. Obama told Putin to ‘cut it out.’

              IG found that it was ‘false that there was any spying’ ?? Hello? Spying on Carter Page *was* ‘spying on the Trump Campaign’!! The fraudulent FISA warrants gave the FBI authority to spy on Page, and that was illegal surveillance! And Page wasn’t the only one! Here’s the facts: Obama was illegally spying on the Trump campaign before the election, during the transition, and attempted to overthrow Trump once he was in office.

              1. You’re wrong, but you knew that.

                Horowitz found no spying or partisan basis for actions. None of the “Deep State” villains let the public know that just like Hillary, his campaign was under FBI investigation.

                Those are all facts.

                1. Cite your sources.

                  Because here is what we KNOW: there was not just spying, but “substantial spying” under the cover story of investigating “Russia collusion.” And there is far more that has yet to be exposed. But it’s coming.

                2. It occurs to me that maybe you didn’t hear the news from just a few days ago about a criminal indictment of one of the officials behind the Russia investigation? Did you catch that news?

        3. Has Hillary Clinton accepted the results of the 2016 election yet? Has any Democrat politician accepted the results of the 2016 election? And yet here we go again with the Democrats scheming once again to sabotage and deligiteimize the 2020 election. You want to see “election interference” in real time? Look no further than the Mainstream Media “news” coverage and Big Tech censorship.

    3. Isaac Bacon, You are the disgrace. Trump has taken nothing away but a fiction you have projected in all your ignorance and misunderstanding.

      Or, if you do understand there is no “right to vote by mail,” then, your LIES

  9. Presumably the Attorney-General of New Jersey is a lawfare artist and the congressman expects him to make a media field day of it. The Democratic Party is a collecting pool of sociopaths.

  10. Shocking. JT looks into the deep swamp of the Trump administration and finds…., nothing that quite rises to the level of illegality or impeachment. He’s consistent, no doubt.

    1. Turley put both feet into the swamp and now has to wade thru the muck to protect his backside. It’s always nothing to see here with Turley.

      1. I have my issues with some of the stmts made by either the moderator or Prof. Turley himself and made my concerns known.
        Of course you would like to shut down this site. But you can’t. Why don’t you sue?

      2. Just more fund raising being done by the Dum’s. They gotta get more money from G Soros so they can continue to perpetuate their lies on behalf of the Open Society Foundation.

      3. Then take the fishy smell away when you say bye bye, since nothing here to see Fish

        and yet you’re back every day, stinking it up like rotting fish heads floating out your one sentence nonsequitors

  11. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D., N.J.), New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal , give them both a double dose of Dr Fausi & Bill Gate’s special Chinese Flu vaccine & both will then become the perfect lobotomised non playable characters for the USA.

    I’m sure our Nation’s enemies are laughing their azzes off looking at the morons that wish we’d call them leaders. lol I never would have thought I’d be witnessing this type crap decades back, but here we are.

  12. To anyone thinking Kamala would save the day for Biden, behold the train wreck response to friendly questioner, Stephen Whateverhisnameis, asking about her 180 change of heart on Sleepy Joe:

      1. LV,
        I have always wondered what her big problem was with that little girl being bused to school. My three kids, who are white, were all bussed to school. Was her point that only blacks were bussed and she was one of them…a victim of some kind?

    1. Yes, you have exposed that dirty underside of campaigning. Yes Harris is a hypocrite. All politicians are hypocrites. Harris’s hypocrisy here is absolutely nothing compared to Trump’s or most other Republicans. Lindsey Graham makes Harris look like the most consistently loyal sidekick ever. Even Graham isn’t in the same category as Trump. Revisit Trump’s campaign and just about everything he has ever said. If this is all you have, then you look pathetic.

      Harris does look foolish here; but all politicians look foolish. Score one for the rednecks.

    2. Eeegads the “Hillary evil cackle” is back!

      “It was a DEEEBATE! cackle, cackle, it was a deeebate, cackle, snort, chorle, nervous cackle.”

      So we should all understand this is just Political THEATER to you, not about having principled positions on anything, is that right Karmella?

    3. to people like her, there is no truth, there is no loyalty, there are no friends
      there are only, positions, temporary alliances, and those with shared interests

      she is amoral and supremely mercenary. we can’t allow someone like that so near the executive branch.

      for the right price, she would sell anything, and anyone

        1. My values aren’t your values, perhaps.

          And I am not disqualified by you for anything. I’ll say what i please

  13. These people are sick. 2020 the year of crazy. And the violence continues to increase. No it’s not Trumps fault!

    All this nonsense is from the Progressive Democrats.

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