Main Suspect In Brutal Attack At BLM Protest Seeks Donations While Evading Police

download-1When I testified on the violence in current protests in cities like Portland, most of the Democratic senators insisted that violence in Portland was due to the arrival of federal officers to protect the federal courthouse and that the violence subsided after the federal officers were withdrawn.  As other witnesses pointed out, the violence had been raging for weeks and a riot was declared by the Portland police the very night before.  The violence has indeed continued though the coverage has been light, including the arson at a county government building yesterday. One of the most shocking incidents involve the attack at a Black Lives Matter demonstration of a man who was beaten after people filmed and mocked him. Police say one of the chief attackers was Marquise Love, 25, and he is someone already familiar to police. In an interesting twist, Love is now reportedly raising funds while on the run from police.

The attack in Portland was vicious and various individuals attacked Adam Haner but Love is allegedly the individual who kicked him in the head. It was captured on video.



Love has seven arrests in Washington County, Oregon alone. This includes a 2017 arrest for domestic assault and domestic harassment. He also has two separate arrests in 2016 for providing false information in connection with the transfer of a firearm, and domestic assault and criminal trespass.


He has violated probation and has been forced to accept paternity over a child. In 2012, Love was arrested twice in 2012 for second-degree theft interfering with public transportation and criminal trespass.


Love goes by “Keese” and, according to Heavy, his Facebook page says that he is a “Dj for Portland Oregon clubs. Living life to the fullest. Keep lurking😂👀🤷🏽‍♂️.”

Haner was the not only one attacked at the BLM protest. A transgender female was shown on videotape being attacked and robbed.

Love claims that he was merely fighting a racist and is now being hunted down by police. In his recent alleged postings according to The Sun, Love states “Might go to jail for murder tonight for a racist when all I did was fight him look it up on twitter put money on my books and come see me.”

The fund campaign could be raised in any sentencing to show the court that Love evaded police while soliciting funds.  Moreover, his social media comments would be admissible at a trial.  The videotape does not show Haner resisting. These postings can be used to show a lack of remorse if Love pleads guilty. That is why this type of social media campaign is never recommended by criminal defense attorneys, particularly before you surrender.

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  1. I wonder if biden’s staff members (and, now, those in the biden/harris campaign) will contribute to the fund — as biden’s staff did when there was a fund to pay the bail required of the rioters, looters, arsonists, vandals and others who were arrested for engaging in criminal activity in/around Minneapolis??

  2. What we have here is a member of the lower hominin species Sh-tstainus marxii

  3. Attempted murder by his own admission. First degree? Certainly looks willful. The assailant intended to literally kick the guy’s head off – good thing he’s not the superhero he thinks he is. But what a posterchild for the left. He swallowed all the spoonfed lies about the transmigration of oppression. He’s assimilated all the lies about the inherent racism of anyone of European descent. And he’s acted on it. I’m sure some professor’s tearing up and snapping xzyir fingers as xzyir watches xzyir’s prodigy tee off on a random “white supremacist nazi oppressor colonizer’s” head.

  4. What would the nation be like had Lincoln fulfilled the idea of Liberia and colonies in South America?

    1. When he was informed of the cost, he backed down.

      Central America was cheaper –

      “Central America fit the bill for Lincoln, because, as he explained, “[i]t is nearer to us than Liberia—not much more than one-fourth as far as Liberia, and within seven days’ run by steamers. Unlike Liberia it is on a great line of travel—it is a highway. The country is a very excellent one for any people, and with great natural resources and advantages, and especially because of the similarity of climate with your native land—thus being suited to your physical condition.”

    2. Quite diferent, and if I dare say so, it would a far more cohesive and peaceful society.

  5. The West Coast states are really filthy…
    They love the scum they bear.
    And the Portland town is quite irate…
    They hate cops who work out there.
    The southern end like San Dee bend is quite a ravaged shin.
    It’s time to cut them from the U.S. and
    Put them out to sea!

  6. One of the reporters on the ground is going to put together all his videos so you get the real sense of what went on here. Check your Twitter feeds.

    1. I saw a lengthier (30 minute) video of the assault and this did not appear to be any kind of organized demonstration. It appeared to be a random group of people loitering around a street corner, just waiting for a reason to be incited to violence. Ironically, Love was wearing a vest that said Security. Before the victim was assaulted, he had tried to get away in his truck. He crashed the truck down the street and that’s when he was beaten. The mob ransacked his truck and you can hear one of them say that they couldn’t find any weapons.

  7. “…was pulled from the cab and beaten senseless by Blacks. His attackers were venting centuries of pent up anger. One man went back to steal Denny’s wallet. It was a senseless crime…”

    The attack on Reginald Denny was absolutely brutal…the scene caught on video begins at 3:00. At the end he is hit in the head with a cinder block. He is lucky to have survived.

    1. The quote above is from Isaac…I meant this as a reply to his earlier post. Compare Isaac’s anodyne description of what was done to Reginald Denny to the horror of the actual video. The attack was attempted murder. There is a sickness in the minds of the left.

  8. If people give money to a fugitive to help evade capture, are they aiding and abetting or obstructing justice? Could they be criminally charged?

  9. This thug must spend the rest of his life in a prison. His criminal acts from the past up to now clearly shows he can not be rehabilitated. He is nothing more than a common criminal.

  10. No one said he was smart.

    Just send me your current location. I’ll help you!

  11. This reminds me of the attack on Reginald Denny, following the LA riots after the cops were exonerated from beating a Rodney King unrelentingly and unnecessarily. Denny, a white man, happened to stop his ‘big rig’ at a RR Xing and was pulled from the cab and beaten senseless by Blacks. His attackers were venting centuries of pent up anger. One man went back to steal Denny’s wallet. It was a senseless crime, the result of a racist society that permitted its police to beat the living bj&#us out of Blacks.

    This mutt must be brought down. Criminals piggy backing on demonstrations and protests are the biggest threat against any good that might come from valid demonstrations. Police racial brutality exists. Police brutality exists. For the most part the police are nothing but a necessary asset to society. However they must be monitored, as they are of the same human emotional conditions as us all. There is a difference between restraining and venting.

    This criminal must be brought to the most emphatic justice, jailed for a minimum of ten years, as a statement to all others that defile our basic rights to protest.

    1. It is my view that any “demonstrators” or “protesters” who permit themselves to be duped, infiltrated, beguiled, joined, taken in by (you get the idea) criminal-minded rioters, looters, vandals, arsonists, anarchists, etc. are also to blame for whatever wrongdoing occurs. Walk away! Do not give them cover!

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