CNN Criticized For “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful” Reporting On Violent Protests


Yesterday, we discussed the personal attacks against speakers at the Republican National Convention by CNN analysts, including a false attack on former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. The concern is the increasingly personal attacks against anyone who seems to counter a narrative in the media. That adherence of a story line was evident in a much ridiculed graphic from last night where CNN national correspondent’s Omar Jimenez was reporting live from Kenosha, Wis. with a raging fire in the background over a chyron reading, “FIERY BUT MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS AFTER POLICE SHOOTING.”  Not to get “all mavericky,” but claiming these protests are  “fiery [but] peaceful” seems a tad oxymoronic.

Notably, CNN did not add that the protests were all “looty” or “assaulty” or “shooty” as well as “fiery.”

CNN was also criticized this week when a graphic initially and accurately said, “8PM CURFEW ORDERED AFTER VIOLENT PROTESTS OVER POLICE SHOOTING OF UNARMED BLACK MAN IN WISCONSIN.” A few seconds later,  the message was removed and replaced without the word “violent.”

It is not just CNN. We discussed earlier how an NBC reporter noted that they were not supposed to say “rioters” as opposed to “protesters”

I have worked for the media as a columnist or a commentator for thirty years. I have never seen more consistently slanted coverage than in the last four years, particularly in framing stories against the Administration.  Recognizing violence or rioting is seen by some as undermining the basis for the protests or supporting the criticism of Trump of the handling of violence by major cities.

Most of us agree that the vast majority of protesters are peaceful (including in Kenosha) and that there are legitimate and important issues of social justice that must be addressed. However, in the last three years, we have seen open advocacy or bias in coverage. The objection is to those anchors and reporters who routinely frame news to further narratives. For those of us who cherish our journalistic traditions of neutrality and independence, it is hard to watch as major news organizations succumb to these pressures to block dissenting views or countervailing reports.

That problem was most evident this week when CNN’s Don Lemon (who has been repeatedly criticized for vehemently anti-Trump rhetoric) declared that the rioting had to stop because it was starting to work for Trump and “showing up in polls.”

This follows a long effort to downplay the violence and looting around the country. Indeed, Democratic senators at a hearing on violent protests (where I appeared as a witness) insisted that the violence in Portland was due to federal officials being present and that the violence immediately subsided after they were pulled back. The witnesses pointed out that the night before a riot was declared by Portland police and the violence had continued unabated. It still continues.

The fact is that there is considerable violence including arson and looting at protests. It should not take away from the underlying causes or paint all protesters as violent. That is the point of neutral reporting. You can acknowledge and cover the violence while also covering the peaceful protests.  Then you do not have to adopt such absurd descriptions as “fiery [but] peaceful” to frame the news instead of reporting on it.

On Tuesday, CNN similarly raised eyebrows with another graphic that graphic initially said, “8PM CURFEW ORDERED AFTER VIOLENT PROTESTS OVER POLICE SHOOTING OF UNARMED BLACK MAN IN WISCONSIN,” but the message was removed and replaced roughly 5 seconds later without the word “violent.”

There are clearly those who also frame such stories to fit narratives on the right.

Over at Fox, Tucker Carlson is under attack for his statement that the shooter of two people in Kenosha can be explained by the failure of local authorities: “We do know why it all happened, though. Kenosha is devolved into anarchy because the authorities in charge of the city abandoned it.” The shooter has been charged and he appears to have shown up with a long rifle at the protests.

Many in the public do not know where to turn for unbiased reporting on the left or the right, according to various polls. Even in acknowledging the importance of the media to our system, the majority of citizens believe that the media actively misrepresents facts.  Roughly half view the media as biased.

Then again, I do not want to get all “polly” in speaking of the press.

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    1. I don’t think there’s a secure indication of sociopathy. He does appear to be an impetuous man who fancies the rules do not apply to him when he doesn’t feel like following them.

      Unless there’s bad information floating around, he’s managed to sire six children over the last dozen years or so (by an indeterminate number of women). Most of cannot imagine the mentality of someone who lives that way.

  1. “ACLU Demands Resignation of Top Cops in Kenosha for Racism & Brutal Response to Jacob Blake Protests”

  2. Kenosha is a mess.

    “ACLU Demands Resignation of Top Cops in Kenosha for Racism & Brutal Response to Jacob Blake Protests”

    1. I demand the fake leadership of the misnamed ACLU resign for instigating all forms of socially harmful litigation over many decades.

      And lying to the public presenting themselves as a force for good when they manifestly want to end all forms of religion in America and harass and intimidate normal people from participating in public activities in the most normal and mundane ways. They are actually suppressing freedom of speech more than any other organization rather than protecting it.

      They’ve made of themselves an awful travesty and erased some of the valid actions they took decades ago from time to time. But even then, their plan to change America in spite of its democratic majority was obvious.

      1. So true. They are without an objective standard. That is what post modernism narratives get you. The Truth will prevail as
        good always come from suffering fools

  3. Jonathan: In criticizing CNN for its coverage of the latest protests over the police killing of another black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin you ignore one salient fact. If police stopped killing black men protests wouldn’t be the natural consequence. But conservative commentators, like you, want the media to emphasize the “looting and violence” rather than the causes of the protests. Your post was also a convenient distraction from the real story yesterday and that was the failure of the RNC Convention to advance any new platform. It was long on speeches and short on any specific policy proposals. Trump made up for that in his own “fiery” acceptance speech last night. Trump simply repeated the themes of his 2016 campaign–abolishing Obamacare, further enriching the wealthy and pursuing his “law and order” agenda. Trump made the false claim that Biden is a “trojan horse for socialism”. He emphasized that the election was about “whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny,…” I don’t think many voters will buy this unfounded hyperbole.

    You say you want the media to return to “our journalistic traditions of neutrality and independence”. I suppose that means featuring more conservative commentators who will show more “neutrality:. Don’t expect that any time soon. In criticizing CNN,, you conveniently ignore FOX NEWS that has “consistently slanted coverage” and has defended the Trump administration over the past four years .Can you really say FOX has shown any semblance of “neutrality and independence” when it comes to coverage of Donald Trump?

    1. BLM riots are not a “natural consequence” Dennis. There are years when more black suspects were shot and there were no such riots. Then as such shooting decreased, riots went up.

      They went up not “naturally” but as a combined consequence of a) mass media and social media coverage which amplified the concern and b) financed, planned organizer professionals on the payroll of BLM engaging in “event planning” and organization of the riots across the nation.

      This is not a “natural” activity it is planned.

      Just as the Bastille being stormed by sans-culottes was just a riot. It may mark the beginning of the revolution but the preparation for an overthrow of the monarchy had been prepared in advance by the lodges for some time before July 14 1789.

      Lodges? people are not well informed about the republican organizational activity that was happening prior to that day. it was much done by lodges, freemasonry. Now, some people can call that a conspiracy theory, but, I know a few freemasons who very much believe it themselves and are quite proud of it.

      counting the number of freemasons among the Founders of the United States, one suspects the lodges had quite a bit to do with organizing the rebellion against King George, too.

      again some may consider it a conspiracy theory,. but they are uninformed. I tried to explain to one such ignorant person why the Masonic Temple has such a prominent location in Philadelphia next to City Hall. Those who know, understand.

      I am not a freemason, due to my own doctrinal differences, but I count them among many family, friends, and benefactors. The point is not to slander freemasons, it is simply to illustrate that revolutions are always planned.

      Indeed, if they are not well planned, then they are only abortive coups, and not successful revolutions. Almost by definition!

      The BLM is not staging an revolution. They are staging an insurrection which is an obvious destabilization campaign which is a tactic to try and unseat Trump and intimidate voters who balk at globalism. Again you are free to consider this a conspiracy theory and it surely is a conspiracy hypothesis. I keep advancing it, because it is a useful hypothesis to understand the alignment of social and economic interests.

      1. Mr. Kurtz – you are a thinker with facts. I appreciate your comments all of which are well taken and well founded.

        And btw where is that “evidence” of Russian interference with the 2016 election?

    2. Here’s one other thing Trump and Fox overlook: Joe Biden has been around Washington for years. Americans of all political persuasions know him well. Whether they support him or not, they know he isn’t a socialist, an anarchist, anti-military or any of the other lies and distortions spewed by Trump and Fox. He is not any sort of radical, left or otherwise. He is a moderate. In fact, many people don’t like his pro-corporation slant (he is from Delaware, after all, home state to many corporations due to pro-corporation laws). People also know Trump for being a flamboyant, braggadocious liar, cheater at business and pompous ass. However, I firmly believe that Americans cherish our White House for its dignity, its symbolism of American democracy and they are awed by the historical events that happened there. I believe that most are thoroughly repulsed by the use of this cherished icon for a campaign event, especially one complete with fireworks on the people’s property. All for someone who lost the popular vote and who has never even captured a 50% approval rating.

      1. They used the Rose Garden, not the White House. I do hope your legal research is better, or do you just do intakes? It would not have been there if they could have used their original venue.

        BTW, Biden is supporting a socialist program. Bernie has moved him to the far left. If you listened to C-SPAN callers, there were a bunch of Democrats who are now ex-Democrats. And the Republicans seem to be registering more voters than the Democrats.

        Biden might have been a moderate, but not any more. He is just a puppet on strings.

        1. The convention show was on the south lawn and the Rose Garden is also part of the WH.

          That display was a disgusting display of ego tripping – “TRUMP” in fireworks over the mall – not appropriate for the People’s House, which is why nothing like that has ever happened there before and hopefully will not again. Trump is an a..hole and most Americans know that. That show confirmed it.

          1. That display was a disgusting display of ego tripping –

            Gainesville, every convention has been televised since 1948. I gather you’ve never seen one. Hint it doesn’t look like the filler material on EWTN, where they have all those nuns meditating over the mysteries of the rosary.

        2. Are you blind, too? Did you see the fat one and his ex-stripper wife exit our White House, fake hand-holding (for the Evangelicals), and descend the steps from our White House to the podium? What other President has ever held a campaign rally on White House grounds? Name one. You can’t. Regardless of their political persuasion, all prior occupants respected the fact that the White House is our cherished symbol of democracy, not a prop for a former reality TV performer.

          Bernie hasn’t moved anyone anyplace. More Fox lies.

          1. TIA missed that this was performed at the WH. His lectures on dementia medication were probably posted from in front of his medicine cabinet

            1. Speaking of “dementia medication”.

              They’ve been giving Joe some serious meds to make him semi-lucid for a period of time, when needed.

              That was most apparent in the last debate with Sanders. Though not exactly the younger version of Joe Biden, he was noticeably more cogent than he had been for months before the debate. With none of the manic aggressive behavior he had been displaying last Winter and Spring.

              Unfortunately for him, those drugs will only worsen and accelerate the pace of his Dementia over time.

          2. The CCPVirus is lose in the land. The RNC could not hold their convention where they intended. The Rose Garden is consider a free zone, And if you don’t think they had lawyers all over this, you are soooo wrong.

            And I will tell you right now, Hillary would have done the same thing if she had won. And you know deep in your soul that I am right.

          3. All other presidents have treated the White House as our cherished symbol. Except when they’re getting a blow job from an intern.

          4. News flash: there is a pandemic happening. I suggest you google ‘Chinese coronavirus’ and get yourself caught up on the events of the last 6 months. It could save your life.

            1. The CDC just changed the number of deaths by CCPVirus to 9200. Everyone else had a comorbidity or two.

      2. Joe biden may be a sober, mature, moderate American politician. I am not particularly against him, but for two things.

        A. He has dementia. I do not diagnose, I just make my own layman’s conclusion, which I as a voter am entitled to do. he is not fit for POTUS and I infer the plan is to replace him with Kamala perhaps under a 25th amendment procedure once his condition worsens as it surely must within one year. Kamala, is neither sober nor mature nor moderate, and I totally reject her, so I must reject him. And wise voters even Democrats will consider if they must make the same conclusions as well.

        b. Biden ignores the awful horrible BLM insurrection and pretends that 3 months of rioting, looting, arson, and organized physical assaults on law enforcement and public buildings has not been happening. They have failed to call for an end to these crimes and so they are complicit. They must be rejected for this total failure of leadership alone.

        1. “Kamala, is neither sober nor mature nor moderate, and I totally reject her, so I must reject him.” Correct.

          “They have failed to call for an end to these crimes and so they are complicit. They must be rejected for this total failure of leadership alone.” 1000% Correct.

        2. List some facts that PROVE Biden has dementia. List all facts showing that Kamala Harris is immature, not sober and not moderate. Like Fox, you think if you keep repeating lies that eventually someone will believe you.

          Biden has decried the violence. Using the word “insurrection” is hyperbole, and assigning the protests to BLM, which isn’t an organized group is just plain lying. Harris and Biden have both called for an end to violence and looting. You watch Fox, so you wouldn’t know these things.

          1. Where and when did Kamala Harris call for an end to violence and looting?

            Where and when did Joe Biden call for an end to the violence and terrorizing communities?

          2. Kamala is an unthinking a$$.

            This is what her father had to say about her comment on marijuana. (He also explained her family tree and ownership of slaves 2nd quote.)

            “My dear departed grandmother … as well as my deceased parents, must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics,” he said.

            “Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty,” wrote Mr. Harris, an economics professor at Stanford University.

            Jamaica Global also took issue with the the senator’s remarks, writing: “For some, it is more than mere unease; one Jamaican commenting on social media expressed the concern that ‘soon my job will be singling me out to drug test me since I am from Jamaica. What a stereotype.’ Her concern is not unfounded given the experience of Jamaicans travelling to US ports having sniffer dogs around them in customs halls.”
            “My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town),” he wrote in a post for Jamaica Global.”

            Hamilton Brown built the town’s local Anglican Church, which is where Prof. Harris says his grandfather is buried. It is also where he himself was baptized and confirmed.
            A research archive of Jamaican records indicate that at one point in 1817, Hamilton Brown owned scores of slaves. The majority were brought in from Africa, though he also owned many Creole slaves.


          3. “List some facts that PROVE Biden has dementia.”

            “Norwegian Psychiatrist Claims Joe Biden is Suffering From “Dementia”

            Says condition has worsened “at galloping speed.”


            “The psychiatrist asserts that Biden’s behavior at campaign events and debates over the past few moths, characterized by “forgetfulness, mischief, confusions, gaffes, and aggression,” is indicative of someone who is beginning to struggle to perform basic mental functions.”

            If “You’re a dog faced Pony soldier” didn’t tip you off, then you are even more clueless than I thought, Natacha.

            1. Losing his cool and shouting at a voter calling him a “damn lair” and asking a voter if he wants to “take it outside” is pretty clear evidence of a problem with self control, whether that is Biden’s normal personality or senility and brain atrophy, we don’t know.

              Joe Biden can help put the issue to rest by taking the same cognitive test Trump took. But he won’t do it. Why not Joe Biden?

              Notice how the media that screamed for Trump to be tested, are not saying a word about Joe Biden taking the test. Why not media? Bias much?

        3. I am not particularly against him, but for two things.

          Huh? His work life outside of politics has to date consisted of 4 years working as an associate in a suburban law practice. He held public office continuously for 46 years. He’s never held an executive position of any kind. He never served in the military. If you examine every man who has graced a national ticket or performed creditably in a presidential nominating donnybrook in the last 70 years, the objective evidence indicates that he has been (with the possible exception of Dan Quayle) the dopiest of the lot even when at the top of his game. He has some unusual character defects, which Quayle (among others) does not. Appropriating Neil Kinnock’s family history is an act of mendacity that’s nearly unique. You’d be hard put to find anyone else in politics who ever did something similar. Then there are the other biographical fictions, the hair plugs, the veneers on the teeth, the credible charges of creepy-crawly behavior, the crooked rent-seeking of his brother and his son, and the bizarre enabling of even the grossest of Hunter’s antics. Biden’s presence at the top of a national ticket is the securest indicator we’ve seen that Idiocracy is NOW.

      3. Ever notice how Natacha is incapable of saying anything in under 300 words, but seldom makes use of those words to accomplish anything but lying and emotional rants?

        1. Absurd– I just noticed that. I skipped her posts until a short while ago and then noticed a string of bizarre declarations coupled with emotional excess. Even with 300 words she doesn’t manage to say much.

        2. Translation: the amount of detail she puts in every post so outweighs your martini party fascist generality drivel and it makes her far more worthy of reading than you.

          1. Translation: the amount of detail she puts in every post

            She doesn’t put any detail into any post. She just recycles bogus assertions she’s made in every other post the last five years. Everyone here dealt with her over and over before you ever showed up in this forum. What is it with you, Gainesville? You bounce from one sock-puppet to another and fancy that if you lie brazenly, you win the argument.

        3. Can somebody please explain to me how a racist organization that has been causing riots and now hate crimes all over the country is being supported by major companies and politicians….Why are we letting this be allowed?

      4. “Here’s one other thing Trump and Fox overlook: Joe Biden has been around Washington for years.”

        Don’t worry, they’re not overlooking Joe’s very long, corrupt career as a politician.

        1. Even were he at the top of his game, he’d be in a class by himself as far as consequential presidential candidates out of the Democratic Party are concerned. The only ones who’ve been anywhere near his level of intellectual mediocrity were Bernie Sanders, Tom Harkin, Jesse Jackson, and Ted Kennedy and even these four might be at least one ratchet higher than Biden on that scale (Jackson is a talented extemporaneous speaker; PJ O’Rourke has said you cannot critique his work with just a prepared text because he doesn’t ordinarily use one and he relies heavily on gesture, nuance, and audience response). His family is weirdly capable in one way – leveraging connections for financial benefit. (An example of this abroad would be Mark Thatcher, who couldn’t pass his accounting examinations but has built a lucrative international business).

      5. The BLM riots started under Obama/Biden. The Culture war started under Obama/Biden. Biden/Harris are doing nothing but fanning the flames of insurrection and hated being directed toward Trump and his supporters – whether they be black, brown, yellow, or white. All Black Lives Do Not Matter — only certain ones. The hatred is coming from the Democrats and their media and being fomented by THEM, not the other way around.

        1. The Democrats, their media, Hollywood, etc. are directing their outright hatred toward Trump and his supporters. Their rhetoric of hate, disdain, loathing, hostility, intolerance, detestation, antagonism, bitterness, animus, revulsion, and utter contempt, has been directed at Trump and Trump supporters and Republicans since the day they lost the 2016 election. It continues to this day.

          Just watch the DNC for evidence of what darkness, hate, contempt, disdain actually sounds like.

          Watch the RNC for evidence of light, redemption, aspiration, love of country, optimism, opportunity.

          BLM is a racist Marxist hate group. So is Antifa. The Democrats embrace both ideologies.

          1. Everything the Democrat party does today is talk about and divide us by the color of our skin and our political leanings. THAT is divisive, not unifying. And they use their identity politics, as they have for EVER, to gain and maintain a hold on POWER. Not to solve problems for blacks or other minorities. Do not mistake the Democrat agenda for unity and inclusiveness. It it the precise opposite. BLM is intolerant of trans and gay communities. But the media won’t tell you the truth about this hateful, racist Marxist group the Democrat party has aligned itself with.

            1. These people cannot be allowed to take power. Trump must win in a landslide that includes winning the popular vote.

      6. “All for someone who lost the popular vote and who has never even captured a 50% approval rating.”

        Come out of your little myopic anger bubble, Natacha.

        “In our latest Zogby Poll, the president has recorded his best job approval rating on record-52%”

        He’s also now got a 36% approval rating among black voters, a 37% approval among Hispanic voters, and a 35% approval rating from Asian voters.

        You can thank the Antifa/BLM violence for that reality. Buh bye Biden.

        1. 538 has Trump approval at 42% and National Polls Biden 50.9% – 41.8% Trump.

          Real Clear Politics has Trump approval at 43%

  4. I’m done with Professional Sports. Do they really think I find them enlightened. They nary speak of the truest tragedy in the Intercity and the souls left with failing government, schools and a swelling criminal base.

    1. The oligarchs were worried by increasing evidence that the public is turning against both the riots and the protests. They thought that bringing athletes in might change some minds.

      1. Lysias perhaps so but it only inflames us more against the super-owners and their rich players. They are all spoiled brats. Never patronize “ball games” they are a tax on the sheep who watch them. Why volunteer to be fleeced?

        The only professional sports i have ever paid to see in person were fighting sports. Now that’s worth the physical proximity. To be close to the ring and hear the slap of leather and smell the sweat and feel the thud vibrate into your seat nearby when a fighter goes down in the ring, wow, there’s nothing like it coming from the over-rated big three ball games out there.

        I would say boycott pro bastketball except nobody I know has wanted to go see them in over a decade. College women’s basketball is a more entertaining venue if you really like the sport,. They exhibit teamwork and speed and accuracy and the odious monkey-like act of “dunking” and swinging on the rim, is never part of it.

        1. You should try being in the ring, Mr. Kurtz, with those leather gloves knocking your mouthpiece around and your brain being banged from one side to the other in your head, Yep, lots of fun,

          1. Oh, I have been in the ring, not just for exercise but in competition, and in more than one discipline. I know the joys of victory and i have also been concussed and had ribs fractured and hands injured. here’s the thing. at the moment of injury you don’t feel it, if you are in the fray. The pain comes after the adrenalin wears off.

            However, only as an amateur, and never a professional paid athlete. Fortunately for me, I had many better educational and professional opportunities.

        2. Kurtz, you have a similar experience being close up in BB and FB. I am told the speed of hockey is only appreciated in person.

          If I can only get higher up seats I’d generally prefer to stay home, but courtside at any level of play is great fun in my opinion.

          1. Yes Book for sure, hockey is really great in person I agree. and I like a cold arena. this one is really great at the college level.

            I really enjoy women’s college basketball, even on tv. the teamwork aspects are so much more apparent
            I think the worst part of mens pro, aside from dunking and other prima don type antics, is that they seem to have some sort of rule against zone defense. I am not sure the status but that always ruined it for me.

            High school football is way more fun to watch in person than college. it’s so boring to sit there at college games for tv timeouts. Football has a pace and a rhythm and tv timeouts destroy it for spectators who are there in the flesh

            1. Agreed with you on women’s college basketball, Kurtz. Couldn’t disagree further on your thoughts on dunking, although they’re not surprising given your previously ideas on race/racism. Dunking was always considered an advantage blacks had in the game (although back in the day I threw one down on occasion despite my 5’9″ crazy white boy status…my skeletal health has paid dearly for those forays believe me).

              Zone defenses were illegal in the NBA up until 20 years ago or so. Rule was you couldn’t leave your man by more than 8 feet. A rule certainly liberally applied and you’d basically have to get caught in an overt double team in the paint in order to trigger an illegal defense call. Right now zones are legal but there is a defensive 3 second rule, meaning you can’t camp in the paint for more than 3 seconds. It’s a mechanism to keep the superb shot blockers at the highest level from being able to stand in front of the basket and tee off on anyone taking the ball to the hoop. This differs from college where if you’re playing weak side defense (on the side where the ball is not) you can step all the way into the paint and stay there until the ball swings back and you have to close out on your man. Then again, zones are more popular in college because you can go long stretches without having to face a team that can truly light it up from beyond the 3 point arc.

              Straight up zones are only used sparingly in the NBA now chiefly because they’re only good as a surprise element — the level of skill is so high that you can’t play a zone for long without it getting shredded due to superior passing and 3 point shooting skills that every team has in good store.

              FWIW, when I coached I never would zone all 5 players in a scheme unless in a full court trapping scenario. Sure I had kids that should’ve never ventured far from the hoop on defense and I’d zone 1, 2 or 3 players out of 5 under the basket…, but never everyone all at once unless we were pressuring full or half court and trapping. All of which I was a proponent of. Had a couple of my teams win championships and only one of those was at it’s strongest playing defense under the basket so, given a chance to disrupt an offense in the middle of the floor, or soon into the other teams offense gottdamn right we were going to take that opportunity.

    2. I suspect many are like you and I. Sports was my outlet from all the other crap in the news. I tuned out of the news not long after Covid19 panic information changed almost daily. Now with the BLM movement centered around sports, I have tuned out if that also except golf and NASCAR. If they “strike”, I will write them off also.

      But when the face of the “movement” is overpaid athletes, is it really a movement? What impact does that have in Chicago where black living conditions could be considered some of the worst in USA.

  5. Pelosi’s Hero legislation to bail out states is so we all have to make sure salaries are kept high and other astronomical costs continue.

    Example NY salaries:

    • Plumbers working for the city of New York make $285,000 per year.
    • Police officers at the Port Authority of New York-New Jersey earn $423,467.
    • Long Island school superintendents make up to $547,049.
    • One 93-year old retired CUNY college professor receives a $561,754 pension.

    HEROES Act: Democrats’ Wasteful Bailout

    Thomas W. Smith is chairman of
    Adam Andrzejewski is the CEO/founder of, dedicated to posting all government spending online.

  6. How does CNN take itself seriously!? LOL! They’ve devolved to rank propagandists and sheer buffoonery. They’re like a parody of the SNL news room!

  7. I wonder when Turley will address Rittenhouse.

    That may prove a tough case for his wheelhouse, as there are legitimate questions of self-defense and citizens defending property when authorities abdicate by forming coalitions…

    I don’t know the full details of whether Rittenhouse was being chased down and attacked before he returned fire, but obviously self-defense does not require parity between weapons if someone has a reason to believe they are in danger.

    The case raises all sorts of interesting legal questions, some of which don’t look good for the rioters as well. Meaning, if a governor and mayor suspend the rule of law, permitting routine violence against property and physical assaults on people, cannot the citizenry constitutionally restore it? We’re a far cry from a Bronson movie when whole city blocks have been burning for months…

    1. about rittenhouse. one guy threw a molotov cocktail at him. the guy beating him with a skateboard also had a handgun in his hand in one clip. these facts will be shown to the jury and they will easily find that he was in fear of grave bodily harm or death.

      the problem for the defense relates to if he was violating laws in the first place. but how fair is it to stick him with a burden for a curfew violation when nobody was following curfew. Is it fair to expect that only BLM can flaunt COVID restrictions on public assembly at will? is it fair only BLM can violate tresspass and curfew and a hundred other small laws to say nothing of looting, riot and arson? if they government will not keep order than this is what they will get. so as they unfairly punish Rittenhouse it only drives home what a corrupt and failed government is in play in these Democrat cities maintain.

        1. “Bulls&^t.”

          Bug, why do you say that? You don’t have inside information. Why does your reaction skip the brain and go directly to your ‘feelies’?

            1. And this interview clears up nothing you unmitigated fool. It’s a travelogue interview, doesn’t make any specific statements other than what the reporter said and did himself. Why is this? Because that’s the only POV the reporter can give now since the shooting is moving into a murder investigation. Murder 1 I might add.

              It must be painful carrying around the amount of cluelessness that you do.

              1. Bug, this individual provides direct evidence of what happened. It will be part of the evidence used when the final conclusions are drawn.

                You like to call others fools as quickly as possible because you think that your stupidity and ignorance can be erased by doing so. You knew nothing of what happened when you said “Bulls&^t” to Kurtz. You demonstrated your typical ignorance.

                I don’t know what happened and neither do you even though you pretend to have the answers. Part of the reason you get so confused is your undeveloped brain that responds to right/ left instead of thinking for itself.

                  1. When the Bug’s brain power poops out it automatically replies “ibid”.

                    That means nothing worthwhile exixts in the Bug’s brain. Too small.

        2. “Bulls&^t.”

          I have to come back to this ignorant response by Bug which represents his shallowness and stupidity. He doesn’t wait for facts before providing his ignorant opinions.

          Below is a statement by Rittenhouse’s attorney. Much of it seems to be backed up by video and eyewitness accounts. This demonstrates once again that Bug is wrong on almost everything much like Btb. We still have to wait for more evidence, but Kurtz’s comment wasn’t “Bulls&^t.” and Bug once again is undressed by the facts.

  8. David Brooks captures the essence of our divide and describes what many posters here exhibit:

    “I’ve been thinking about the two families we’ve encountered over the past two weeks. The Biden family is emotionally open, rendered vulnerable by tragedy and driven by a powerful desire to connect. The Trump family is emotionally closed, isolated by enmity and driven by a powerful desire to dominate.

    Occasionally this week one of the female members of the Trump family would struggle to stick her head above the muck of her family’s values and display some humanity. But Donald, Don Jr. and Eric showed no such impulse.

    Trump family values are mean world values. Mean world syndrome was a concept conceived in the 1970s by the communications professor George Gerbner. His idea was that people who see relentless violence on television begin to perceive the world as being more dangerous than it really is.

    By the 1990s it was no longer violent programing that drove mean world culture, but reality television. That’s an entire industry designed to give the impression that human beings are inherently manipulative, selfish and petty. If you grow up watching those programs, or starring in them, naturally you believe that other people are fundamentally untrustworthy.

    These days mean world culture is everywhere. It’s a siege mentality. Menace is everywhere. We’re on the brink of the cataclysm. This week’s Republican convention was a four-day cavalcade of the mean world alarmism.

    Mean world thrives on fear and perpetuates itself by exaggerating fear. Its rhetorical ploy is catastrophizing and its tone is apocalyptic. The Democrats are not just wrong, many speakers asserted this week, they are “subverting our republic,” abolishing the suburbs, destroying Western civilization and establishing a Castro-style communist dictatorship. The Democrats, Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida said, want to “disarm you, empty the prisons, lock you in your home and invite MS-13 to live next door.”…

    The implicit argument of the Republican convention was that Joe Biden is too old, or soft, or compassionate to survive in mean world. He’ll cower before rising crime rates. He’ll get pushed around by the hard left. He’ll get swallowed in the maelstrom. “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America,” is how Mike Pence put it.

    This is the Republicans’ strongest argument, especially if murder rates continue to soar and if Portland and Kenosha-style mayhem becomes commonplace this fall. Democrats have foolishly allowed themselves to be portrayed as the enemies of policing. There’s a lot of fear floating around America right now, available to be exploited by someone.

    But let’s also be clear about what the real threats are. In many ways this election is about two rival versions of threat perception. It will be won by whichever party more persuasively identifies what we should fear.

    Yes, there have been disgraceful scenes of far left physical and verbal brutality, which get magnified on Twitter. The far bigger threat, however, is that we have a president too busy fighting a culture war to respond to a pandemic and an economic crisis, or even to perform basic governance. What part of 180,000 coronavirus dead does Donald Trump not understand?

    The larger threat is that we’re caught in a polarization cascade. Mean world fanatics — on the left and right — are playing a mutually beneficial game. Trumpian chaos justifies and magnifies the woke mobs on the left. Woke mobs magnify and justify Trumpian authoritarianism on the right.

    The upshot of the mean world war is the obliteration of normal politics, the hollowing out of the center and the degradation of public morality. Under the cover of this souped-up, screw-or-be-screwed mentality, norms are eviscerated, truth is massacred, bigotry is justified and politics turns into a struggle to culturally obliterate the other side.

    Joe Biden is going to have to take on this widespread anxiety about personal safety by insisting that the real source of danger is Trump’s chaotic incompetence and that Trump’s mean world extremism is corrosive to the social order. When the social order dissolves, people suffer.

    Biden could point out that disorder from left and right will only accelerate so long as Trump is in the White House. He could make clear that compassion is not weakness, that the toughest thing is to stand in a hailstorm of hatred and insist on kindness and consideration.

    In a civilized society law and order is not established with a bullying jackboot. Law and order is established through the calm, regular enforcement of decency, so people across society behave like stable, honorable human beings.”

    1. “Biden could point out that disorder from left and right”

      As Brooks (the long time propagandist) knows, the only “disorder”, lawlessness, violence, vandalism, arson, assault, etc., is coming from the “left”, not the “right” or from the middle.

      “Law and order is established through the calm, regular enforcement of decency”

      WTF is that supposed to mean?!

      As Brooks knows, decency doesn’t need “enforcement”.

      If a law enforcement officer needs to enforce a law, it is because someone has violated a law. It is that simple. But Brooks is attempting to muddy up the law enforcement waters.

      It would be interesting to see how Brooks would feel about it if the Antifa/BLM thugs arrived at his home at 3:00 in the morning.

      Meanwhile, BTB is hiding in the woods.

      1. “As Brooks (the long time propagandist) knows, the only “disorder”, lawlessness, violence, vandalism, arson, assault, etc., is coming from the “left”, not the “right” or from the middle.”


        Disorder comes from some people throughout the political spectrum, and only a dishonest person will refuse to admit it. Why are you dishonest?

        When you deny it on the right and the middle, you’re denying the Neonazi who killed Heather Heyer, you’re denying the caravan of Trump supporters who drove through Portland last night shooting paintball pellets and pepper spray, you’re denying the huge amounts of white collar crime (which the Trump Admin is choosing to investigate less), you’re denying tax fraud throughout the political spectrum, you’re denying the men of all political persuasions who rape, you’re denying the white nationalist domestic terrorism, etc.

        Is all crime coming from the right? Of course not. But neither is all of it coming from the left.

    2. David Brooks is a phony.

      The Biden family are thieves. Biden had 47 years to make America a better place and during that time he did very little and today demonstrates that his principles fly with the wind.

      Trump was raw around the edges but in government has been all about the people. He has grown into the job and is now a dignified and capable leader, perhaps one of the best we have had. The RNC convention demonstrated class and an understanding of human nature.

      One can listen to Grenel’s short convention speech to get an encapsulated version of what Trump has accomplished.

    3. Oh Look it’s a Butterfly! Such pure poppycock. As the Stumpers would say “Never give an inch” “Sometimes a Great Notion” Ken Kesey, when you are in the right. The lefts simple mindedness in these perilous times of just stand down and let mayhem prevail is not a winning formula for a continuous peaceful society.

    4. Brooks is full of it. Every person has not only love but hate inside them., We all crave prosperity and the power and security that comes with it. Only a fool feels no fear.

      BLM sure in heck has a lot of hate, anger, and desire to dominate. Mr Brooks apparently forgot about them.

      There is no jackboot yet. The jackboot will surely come if the chaos continues long enough. It will be either Trump or Biden, but the next POTUS must suppress the BLM rioting.,

      1. Kurtz, from Brooks above:

        “But let’s also be clear about what the real threats are. In many ways this election is about two rival versions of threat perception. It will be won by whichever party more persuasively identifies what we should fear.

        Yes, there have been disgraceful scenes of far left physical and verbal brutality, which get magnified on Twitter. The far bigger threat, however, is that we have a president too busy fighting a culture war to respond to a pandemic and an economic crisis, or even to perform basic governance. What part of 180,000 coronavirus dead does Donald Trump not understand?

        The larger threat is that we’re caught in a polarization cascade. Mean world fanatics — on the left and right — are playing a mutually beneficial game. Trumpian chaos justifies and magnifies the woke mobs on the left. Woke mobs magnify and justify Trumpian authoritarianism on the right.”

        1. Trump is not anywhere near powerful enough to be considerd “authoritarian.” he barely seems to be able to exercise command over Esper. I could elaborate on that point but the fear of “trump fascist’ is really overblown. It’s like calling Democrats communists. The epithets dont fit the facts very well in either instance.

          The COVID response has been flawed, but the critics of it have also consistently refused to admit that there are tradeoffs in measure like quarantines and lockdowns, which impair important human economic and social activity. In our system the states are left to manage public health emergencies. Perhaps Trump should have used more of the powers of the central government. He did some things. Maybe he did more because he made a cost benefit analysis that shutdown measures outweigh the harm of a certain degree of disease spread.

          I have yet to hear Trump critics address this seriously. I have heard the doctors and public health people give the tradeoff problem its due, but the point that Trump made clearly in his speech last night, that a certain level of intentionally decreased economic and social activity will claim lives too, does not seem to be taken seriously by his critics.

          Among the tradeoffs, obviously, are some things like increased depression, domestic abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, overdoses and suicides. These side-effects of quarantines are real not speculative.

          There are also other tradeoffs such as deferred or cancelled elective surgeries and treatments, and routine health maintenance.

          There are profound economic effects. Industry and commerce if halted long enough will lead to major economic dislocation and bankuptcies and poverty and if all that goes far enough it also translates into excess deaths.

          There can be systematic infrastructure disruptions which emerge. Logistical supply chains can fray and unravel. That means trucking. There are some trucking problems now not just because of COVID but also all the rioting. This leads to who knows what other secondary unexpected difficulties.

          So I say take these tradeoffs seriously. Let the governors make their calls and Trump makes his call too. There are lives lost in either direction. Public leadership occiasionally will call upon leaders to make the most awful choices of who will die based on how resources will be allocated. We should not imagine such “lesser of evils” type problems only come up in socialist countries. They can come upon any country as they have come upon ours too. So I pray they all make good decisions. the decisions will differ and voters can cast their ballots to show their judgment on the choices which all these officials are making.

          1. Kurtz, your lame excuses aside for why we have had the worst response to covid -19 in the world with the most expensive healthcare system in the world, I know 2 people who died from it, 4 people who have had it, and absolutely everyone I know has had their life turned upside down from it.

            I don’t know anyone being attacked by those white high school and college girls and guys looking to hit on them in “BLM”, nor do I know anyone who even knows someone being attacked. I also know that when school does start up and the weather turns cool, the streets where this is happening will be empty.

        2. The 180.000 number is pure over-inflated bullsh*t.

          Now, what happened to the 1 to 2.5 million deaths the propagandists forecasted back in February?

          It’s a cold virus.

          1. “It is a cold virus.” Nope, it is a cousin of the cold viruses: SARS(1)-Cov, SARS-2-Cov, a few cold viruses are coronaviruses.
            It is a virus which affects those in long term care (mostly elderly) for almost any reason, those with low D3 levels, the obese, and diabetics especially. But any comorbidity will do. It may be that 40-60% have T-Cell (native) immunity due to exposure to SARS(1) or cold viruses. In that case herd immunity is reached when 40-20% have B-Cell (antibody) immunity (total 80%). Another way to get herd immunity is to vaccinate those who do not have T-Cell immunity nor B-Cell immunity. (But remember the Moderna [Mod-rna] candidate is not a vaccine but a genetic-engineered mRNA.)

    5. David Brooks? I feel sorry for people who get their news and opinions from the NYT. You have my sympathies.

  9. “firey but mostly peaceful”

    Paraphrasing the best line on TV explaining what that really means.

    Drink the glass of water that someone just peed into. It’s mostly clean water.

  10. CNN decided to go into propaganda territory rather than do actual journalism. They are as responsible as can be when it comes to fanning the violence by doing nothing but putting out manufactured outrage all day while at the same time pretending that the violence and anarchy is mostly peaceful. What made these protests go bad is how the media egged on the racial rhetoric and instigated anger rather than report objectively, calmly, and serve society as a hole rather than the fringe on the left. This picture of CNN is very reminiscent of the Iraqi Information Minister back in 2003 when he was claiming no US troops entered Iraq while Baghdad was burning behind him, you know, propaganda. The same with COVID, the nation response was impressive when it comes to supplies, hospital beds, logistics, testing, but we got undermined big time by politicizing it instead of working as one nation to face it.. in fact early on there was some solidarity around a solution and the federal government was supplying states with what they needed and states were acknowledging it positively and battling on, until the media and Pelosi, being bitter after the failed impeachment, decided let’s politicize this and use it against Trump. You can ask any american today and they will tell you we failed, because public opinion was being shaped, but one look at the data you will realize that we did great on every front except one, which really escalated the death, which is protecting the elderly. The average age of death from COVID is 79!!!, close to 40% were in senior homes in which few states issued executive orders to shove sick people into those nursing homes. Then as we climbed down that failure, suddenly we told everyone its ok to go out and protest all across the US and we got our second wave which was bigger in case count but lower in death given that most infected were young. We are given not the facts, but the narrative, and the minute you remove the tinted glasses and take a fresh look at the data, you will know the two things that should have been done from day one, don’t put sick people into nursing homes, and NY should have had travel restrictions to the rest of the country, MIT just came out with a study showing it was NY that seeded most of the nation, and when Trump back in March said he wanted to quarantine NY, Cuomo called it a declaration of war, then went on to kill more people in nursing homes… make no mistake, US deaths today would be less than half of what you see as a minimum, if these two things were done.

  11. Cardi B interviewed Biden, wherein Biden said he has 5 grandkids. That actual # is 7. To confirm #6, a judge had to force Hunter to take a DNA test.

    I guess Joe has to use one hand to count to 5 on the other hand, and can’t switch hands. Or Joe’s dementia is so bad he just can’t remember.

    Remember Joe saying, “I’m Joe Biden’s wife…?”

    1. How does the old joke go? “Joe can’t count to 11 without pulling his pants down.” But seriously, CNN can’t afford to admit the obvious about the riots, because it puts the lie to the entire Democrat meme that appeasement stops violence. The aggressors don’t see compassion. They see only weakness and opportunity, and they are inspired to carry out even more violence, expecting to exact even more concessions.

      1. Anon…..I was just reading about him….Christopher Macchio….Manhatten School of music… Had a world tour in 2014 He sang at Trump’s New Yr Eve party at Mar-o Lago.
        Nessun Dorma was Pavorotti’s signature aria…(just watch….Absurd will correct that for me…LOL) He really sounded so much like Pavo.

    1. “Joe Biden is not the savior of America’s soul, he is the destroyer of American jobs.”

      “We will appoint prosecutors, judges, and justices who believe in enforcing the law and not their own political agenda.”

      “Joe Biden’s plan is not a solution to the virus but a surrender to the virus”

      President Trump in his RNC acceptance speech.

      1. The Trump personality cult – there are no higher principles and there is no platform for the 1st time ever- which so many of you belong to, has just used the WH and the Mall as a convention stage for the 1st time ever, with “TRUMP” exploding above in fireworks. Now many of you are salivating like Pavlov’s subjects while the rest of the country gags and wretches. Well have to hose the place down in January, fix all the lowered bars, and restore dignity, civility, and principle to the executive branch. It’s been seriously damaged in a way that could be lasting and you better hope it is not.

            1. “Private profit should not motivate the provision of vital public services, including in the criminal
              justice system. Democrats support ending the use of private prisons and private detention
              centers, and will take steps to eliminate profiteering from diversion programs, commercial bail,
              electronic monitoring, prison commissaries, and reentry and treatment programs. Democrats
              believe prisoners should have a meaningful opportunity to challenge wrongful convictions and
              unconstitutional conditions in prisons.”

              “First Step Act” – Trump



              “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act” – Biden


              Quite the multi-faceted conundrum. I can only imagine how Joe will respond to it during the debates.

            1. Book– No true Democrat doesn’t do personality cults– Obama, Kennedy, President Jefferson Davis.

              It’s in your genes.

              1. Young, check the average IQ of presidents by party since Reagan.

                In this election we have a platform and someone serious, informed, accomplished, and consistent about issues for over 40 years. You have no platform and a reality TV host who was a Democrat 10 years ago, or that’s who he gave money to. He doesn’t know or care about issues, or anyone else for that matter.

                1. Book — Go to your cupboard and see if you can find where you stashed your sense of humor.

                  My first comment about Biden’s lack of personality was a joke based on his actual loss of personality due to senility.

                  My ‘No true Democrat . . .” comment was another joke. It was framed in the format of a familiar fallacy, the ‘No True Scotsman’ Fallacy which I assumed you would recognize at once as a famous fallacy and thus successfully identify the joke.

                  As for your IQ comment, your posting pall, Commit, assures us that IQ has no relationship to intelligence, so I assume you are trying to make a joke about presidential IQ scores. It falls flat. IQ may not measure raw intelligence but it has been shown to relate to a sense of humor.

                  Back to that sense of humor thing–see if you can find it. You have lost it somewhere.

                2. Man we need more former Democrats like Trump. I have been saying this for years. Democrats understand aggressiveness, teamwork, and organization in ways that Republicans still don’t fully comprehend. Democrat organization is what is to be emulated and it sincerely comes from a more instinctual understanding of the importance of social cohesion and teamwork for group success.

                  Cashier the failed RINOs, the silkstocking country clubbers, and reform the Republican party starting with getting guys who have the habits and instincts of union organizers near the bottom. This is the recipe for future success.

                  Trump has shown the way! He will be gone sooner or later but the very thing that Book has identified is central to his success and we must listen and learn from it.

                  1. Nixon and Reagan understood these things well. Nixon understood it at a professional level. He was a friend of the Teamsters. Reagan was himself a union member and leader, the SAG if I recall. Organized labor has been a blessing to America, at times a mixed blessing, but on the whole, one of the things that saved us from the excesses of European style socialism and extremism, and helped temper the excesses of earlier industrial capitalism. It is still an important part of our social and economic fabric as a nation.

                    It’s sad that some corrupt union officials over time have been bought off by the “free trade” plutocrats and their quislings in the Democrat party. Making American workers compete with labor in the PRC which has ZERO right to organize, is totally unfair. Union leaders should have adamantly opposed admission of the PRC to the WTO. Thank God and Donald Trump that a president like him finally stood up for the workers against these global financial interests.

                    1. Reagan actually spied on fellow actors in SAG-AFTRA during the McCarthy show trials. Shades of things to come.

  12. Now I know why there are no professional sports being played. The athletes just wanted to stay home and watch Trumps acceptance speech.

  13. Wow, no hockey, no basketball, no baseball. That’s ok, the republican convention was still held on schedual.

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