Washington Man Indicted For Allegedly Stealing Police Rifle During Riot In Seattle

22622219_web1_S-Jacob-D-Little-EDH-200904We have been discussing the notable reliance on federal as opposed to state charges to prosecute crimes during the recent protests.  The shifting of these cases into the federal system is being done with the support of local police. The result can be enhanced sentencing as well as political cover. The latest example is Jacob D. Little, 24, who allegedly stole a high-powered rifle from a patrol car during a riot in Seattle.

Little was charged in U.S. District Court in Seattle on Friday with possession of a stolen firearm. That charge may be expanded later given an allegation that he tried to sell the weapon (which gives this case more of a federal or interstate foot print than some of the earlier cases that we discussed).

Notably, the indictment below reveals that it was the Seattle Police Department that first investigated and identified Little, but then had the federal authorities take the case.

Screen Shot 2020-09-05 at 7.42.38 AM

Seattle officers fled the vehicle when confronted by a riotous mob.  Six patrol cars were torched that night. Among items stolen was a Colt M4 rifle with a suppressor. Prosecutors allege that Little is shown in photos taken by police and in videos posted on YouTube taking the heavy bag from a Seattle police vehicle. Little also apparently posted an image of himself on Snapchat in which he is posing in front of the same vehicle.  Police later found matching clothing in his home as well as various guns. The stolen gun was identified by serial number as well as markings (and fire extinguisher residue).

Screen Shot 2020-09-05 at 7.42.51 AM

The Justice Department refers to messages from Little on the Internet “that he has removed the sling and suppressor and the ‘red dot’ (a type of optical sight) from the rifle.  All those accessories were present on the rifle when stolen from the Seattle Police vehicle.”

The indictment has a variety of high-quality pictures that allegedly show Little at the vehicle and removing the gun bag.  Notably, Little in the indictment papers seems to fashion himself as a type of gangster, including a Facebook account for “Jacob YG Little” —  “YG” typically stands for “Yung Gangsta.”

Screen Shot 2020-09-05 at 7.43.34 AM


One heartbreaking part of the indictment details Little’s parents being confronted with the evidence against their son:

“Also on July 20, 2020, LITTLE’s parents went to the EPD North Precinct and spoke with investigators. Investigators showed LITTLE’s parents photographs of the suspect taken on May 30, 2020. Investigators asked them what they saw in the photos. LITTLE’s parents were initially quiet. S.L. then began crying and at one point pointed at the photographs and said “That is not the son I raised.” Detective Magan interpreted this to mean that S.L. recognized the person in the video as LITTLE and that she was disappointed to see him engaging in such actions. When investigators again asked what they saw in the photos, S.L. said she saw Jacob holding something. Detective Magan released LITTLE, who departed from the precinct with his parents.”

Possession of a stolen firearm is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Here is the complaint: Little Indictment

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  1. For anyone also shopping cars/trucks this guy Scotty showed up on my Ytube. See what you think?

    1. Looks like Cohen is the sick man, not to mention felon, corrupt ex-lawyer and associate of known scum at CNN.

      Nobody has to do a setup to make fun of Obama, the only president who has been to 57 states and led the United States Marine Corpse, as he pronounces it.

      1. Amazing that you recognize that Cohen is a “corrupt ex-lawyer,” while ignoring that Trump was the one who employed Cohen to carry out corrupt acts.

        Amazing that you identify mistakes that Obama has made while ignoring the much larger number of mistakes that Trump has made.

        I don’t ignore that Cohen is a felon and corrupt ex-lawyer or that Obama has made mistakes in statements/pronunciation. But Trump is worse than both of them, and you cannot bring yourself to acknowledge that.

        You say “Nobody has to do a setup to make fun of Obama,” while ignoring that Trump DID do it.

        For your mispronunciation entertainment:

        1. Considering the very large numbers of professionals in this country it is not unsurprising that some doctors, lawyers and accountants turn out to be crooks and liars. Many of us have encountered such people and perhaps even utilized their services. We don’t know of their criminality until after the fact or until they are put in jail. Then we reevaluate anything these criminals did for us in the past.

          Needs to be Committed thinks that everyone who has ever dealt with someone they later found out to have acted criminally is sub human. That would apply to a lot of us reading this blog. It would even apply to Turley who was Aventatti’s professor and thought good things about Avenatti,

          This demonstrates the lack of intelligence and understanding that Needs to be Committed displays on this blog.

      2. ” felon, corrupt ex-lawyer and associate of known scum at CNN.”

        This tells us a lot about Needs to be Committed. She relies on such individuals for truthful facts when everyone knows Cohen makes up facts based on what suits his needs best. From now on when I think of her I can relate her persona to Michael Cohen corrupt ex-lawyer scumbag at CNN.

  2. I was for shutting down the economy before I was against shutting down the economy.

  3. Where in the hell did all these American Hating Commie/Nazi Authoritarian type Azzholes come from???? We’re almost a 100% sure, Bill Gates/Soros/Zuckerburg/ Bozo & other mentally ill Billionaires are funding their Pawns & useful fools here & elsewhere promoting their billionaire masters batsh.it crazy desires.

    Well. they can’t watch this video below or even understand what happening to their brain dead zombies azzes. That’s lucky for those of us that still have our sanity of mind left.


  4. Former Defense Secretary James Mattis:

    “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people — does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us.” (The Atlantic

    “All The Republicans Who Have Endorsed Joe Biden For President”

    Andrew Solender, Forbes Staff


    “Trump’s former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and former Chief of Staff and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly have both expressed opposition to Trump as well, with Mattis calling him “the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try” and Kelly saying he wished “we had some additional choices.” Other ex-Trump officials have spoken out against him as well, including Homeland Security advisor Tom Bossert, communications staffer Omarosa Manigault, National Economic Council director Gary Cohn, Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security advisor John Bolton.”

    1. Mad Dog Mattis a true war monger, he saw nary a war he didn’t want to fight. I fought along side Gunnery Sgt’s that had more understanding of command then did this General, he exemplifies the Peter Principal’s norm.

    2. There are a lot of people who erroneously thought that their opinion should take precedence. None of them recognize that Trump was elected to make such decisions, not them. We can then turn to Trump’s record which is fabulous.We can turn to theirs and ask what wars they won?

      Take note how among the names anonymous is quoting is Omarosa who was on the show the Apprentice. I’d like to start with her to know why what she says should matter to anyone. She isn’t even a general who has fought in wars. Biden’s name should be on the list because apparently anonymous finds hiding in a basement to be somewhat of an acheivement.

      You guys keep throwing dirt hoping some will stick. All it does is demonstrate your severe ignorance.

        1. You search the net for confirmation bias. I look at results. Trumps results have been fantastic. Obama’s results were poor.

          Trump woke us up the the China problem that threatens American workers, IP and potentially the world. Biden woke us up to how a VP can use his office for family gain in China, Ukraine and elsewhere.

          1. Before Trump was elected, it was commonplace for everyone on the right and the let to publicly wring their hands about the China problem. Then, like everything else Trump tried to fix, as soon as he championed a solution the swamp came out against it.

            His results threaten the swamp, especially those on the left. That’s why they don’t argue about results but instead demonize him personally.

    3. What? Frm Gen Mattis is like Chief Justice Roberts, another Blank Mailed Satanic Worshipping Pedophile like so many other govt officals???

      Repent!!! Accept Jesus Christ as your lord & saviour & confess your sins to us the public & be done & reclaim your lives for the wrongs you’ve done in this world! Maybe still time you can still redeem yourselves.

  5. Young & Rhodes need to remove their blinders. The face masks are just for the nose & mouth, guys.

    1. David, why would you say that? Rhodes and I may disagree with Enigma but, unlike Commit, I believe he is honest and we can have a rewarding exchange. If you actually have something to say, then say it.

  6. Commit to honesty in a reply below used Military Times poll to indicate that military personnel favor VPBiden over President Trump. They polled 1,080 solicited responses, there are current 1.3 +/- million active duty and 800,000 reserve. Taking such a small sampling to affirm your argument really does not move or impress me to your opinion.


        “If you build it, he will come.”

        – Ray Kinsella


        If you demolish it, she will go away.

        Ignoring it will do nicely.

        You can’t win against a psychotic decompensating Feminazi White Shirt in the throes of acute TDS – it’s an irrational exercise in futility.

    1. 1,080 isn’t “such a small sampling.”

      A sample that size — if chosen appropriately (e.g., not a convenience sample) — results in ~3% margin of error at 95% confidence, even if the entire population were much larger than the military.

      1. I suspect that the small sample was cherry-picked for the ‘appropriate’ responses. In other words, the poll, like so many polls from the left, is likely to be complete b.s. That is more likely since you are pushing it. More on that later.

        1. LOL if you think the Military Times is on “the left,” Young. Is everything contrary your beliefs part of “the left” for you by definition?

          Again, it’s not a small sample. Have you ever taken a stats course? Do you need me to link to a discussion about sample size, margin of error and confidence levels for you?

            1. I didn’t pick the sample.

              The methodology section addresses the sampling.

              1. “I didn’t pick the sample”


                Good show! This is the type of mincing word play that is so often used by you as a deflection. I could have said “What’s the margin of error when ONE picks ONE’S sample” but you chose to deliberately misunderstand colloquial language. You think it looks clever. In fact it adds to your reputation for dishonest discourse. GOTCHA with that one. Not clever. Stupid.

                1. RME. Yes, you could easily have said “What’s the margin of error when THEY cherry pick THEIR sample?,” and then I would have challenged you to provide evidence that they cherry-picked their sample.

                  In the meantime, you gripe about my first sentence and ignore the second: The methodology section addresses the sampling.

                  You and your friends’ insults — like “You think it looks clever. In fact it adds to your reputation for dishonest discourse. GOTCHA with that one. Not clever. Stupid.” — describe you (plural) better than they describe me.

                    1. How sad that you purposefully bait people. It’s not a healthy way to approach interactions.

                    2. No, Olly, there are healthy and unhealthy ways of dealing with people one believes to be frauds, and that’s an unhealthy one. Moreover, if Young believes me to be a “fraud,” then he isn’t “exposing” anything about me. Frankly, his comments say more about him than they do about me.

                      I truly feel sorry for the many of you who are so inclined to insult, bait, … those you disagree with. And I also regret it on the country’s behalf, as it’s not good for society.

                    3. And I also regret it on the country’s behalf, as it’s not good for society.

                      Given your support for a party hell-bent on destroying the foundations of the United States, you’ll need to be more specific on which society you want good for.

                      Ah, nevermind, your opinion has proven it already.

                    4. ” I truly feel sorry for the many of you who are so inclined to insult, bait, … those you disagree with. And I also regret it on the country’s behalf, as it’s not good for society.”

                      But democrat looting, rioting and destruction of cities Needs to be Committed feels is good for society.

                  1. By the way, I was giving a general hypothetical and singular would be appropriate. Sort of like “When One adds two and two One gets 4.” Your version, “When They add two and two They get 4” is a very peculiar format for a general statement. Perhaps your secretarial skills are not as fine as Allan and I first thought.

                    1. I wasn’t making a general statement. We were discussing a specific poll, and as the Military Times makes clear in its discussion, more than one person was responsible for the poll. Third person plural is “they.”

                      But thanks for clarifying that you were trying to ask a stupid rhetorical question that has nothing to do with the Military Times / IVMF poll we were discussing.

                    2. Evidently you were not capable of recognizing I was making a statement about polls in general which, perforce, would apply to any little poll your feeders choose to hand you.

                    3. Except that I don’t have “feeders,” and it doesn’t apply to the poll we were discussing, much less does it apply to “polls in general.” Yours was just a stupid rhetorical question, Young, not a sincere one.

          1. ” Have you ever taken a stats course? Do you need me to link to a discussion about sample size, margin of error and confidence levels for you?”

            Needs to be Committed is now claiming expertise in statistics. Listening to her rhetoric over and over again even regarding this study one can guess that if she had any statistics courses she didn’t do very well or the course was extremely limited.

          2. Military Times is just another private mass media publication. Maybe it pukes out decent content on one day and maybe it vomits forth bilge on another. There is nothing sacrosanct about these rags just because they cater to a veteran audience. Veterans are a diverse group and the aim of such publications is to target them for profit. Information is just another offering alongside life insurance or hearing aids or class action notices or whatever the advertisers have to peddle.

            It is controlled by Michael Reinstein, an executive with a lot of experience in Hair Salons. Really, look it up.

            He is also a former ceo of “Franklin Mint” a bogus direct mail retailer of cheap junk and trinkets aimed at aging patriots.

            Characters like him are just profiteers, not journalists. He isn’t in the billionaire caste so we can project that he actually wants to make money on Military Times, but may have some market studies which are directing him in his current efforts to fleece aging veterans

        2. Young, did Needs to be Committed tell us about the samples so we don’t have to worry about selectivity or any of the other important things when looking at statistics? Of course not and I have already read that elements of selectivity creaped into the sample. Was it blinded? If not one has a major problem.

          Needs to be Committed is a Poseur and someone not to listen to. We hear the same rhetoric from btb. Is that character ever right? By accident maybe, otherwise no, so why should anyone listen to the rhetoric of this nut case?

        1. LOL, whose polls *do* you value? Only those that give results that you approve of?

          The Military Times was explicit about its sampling, etc., and that they work with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse U. for their polls, but you seem to prefer ad hom, rejecting their poll for reasons that have nothing to do with the poll itself.

          As for their objectivity/bias overall:

          1. The media bias score of the Military Times has nothing to do with the validity of a poll they did with Syracuse University. The validity of the poll is base on if they over sampled, under sampled, correctly sampled. Exact questions asked. Etc. You need to see the raw results.

            1. I agree that “The media bias score of the Military Times has nothing to do with the validity of a poll they did with Syracuse University.” I didn’t say that it did.

              My comment about “their objectivity/bias overall” was about their overall reporting, not about the poll.

              If you don’t draw any conclusions about any polls unless you see the raw results, OK.

      2. I might believe the poll if it wasn’t solicited. You cannot get a true response from solicitation. Who replied, what is affiliation, what age etc. This poll was hog wash. I’m not saying the Trump will win or not. I put my rose colored glasses away long ago. I do hope and pray that the voting public will see the terrible direction the left is offering for the future for The United States of America. God Bless America!!!

        1. Yes, it would certainly be preferable to use a random sample poll rather than an open access one, but I don’t think it’s “hogwash,” especially for a poll that tracks results over time, as is the case here.

  7. I know this is off topic (as are many posts here) but this is a group bound to have opinions on this subject. I’m writing a story about affirmative action. I want to include some quotes from those with an opinion either way. I won’t include names but I can’t promise not to disagree, possibly even mock you. The premise of the story is that affirmative action never was what it was purported to be. Thanks to any that participate. I may not use all the quotes but any I use will not be edited.

    1. In the Sixties and the early Seventies the call was for a level playing field and I agreed with that.

      There was also a demand that everyone be treated equally, and I agreed with that.

      Affirmative action tilts the field and treats people differently based only on race. It is contrary to basic law.

      Comedian, Richard Pryor, once said to the black community something like ‘We opened the door for you. Why didn’t you come through it?”

      And that’s about the time the field was tipped and opportunities were rigged on the basis of race.

      Apparently if many would not go through the open door on their own,they would be dumped through it.

      1. Seriously? You just said that?

        The “playing field” was level in the beginning. Homo sapiens sapiens have competed for ~160,000 years. The winners won and the losers lost the battle of history. Irrefutably unconstitutional affirmative action, quotas, generational welfare, unfair “Fair Housing” laws, discriminatory “Non-Discrimination” laws, etc., nullified the Constitution, ended freedom and tilted the playing filed in favor of the losers. The winners won and the losers want what the winners have. That’s called theft. Those who covet what others have without committing to commensurate endeavor…any endeavor, at all a are sinners, oh, and criminals.

        The problem for the losers is the law; fundamental law. Redistribution of wealth and social engineering are unconstitutional. Article 1, Section 8, and the absolute 5th Amendment right to private property preclude the claim or exercise of dominion over private property by Congress, and taxation for individual welfare, specific welfare, redistribution of wealth or charity by Congress.

        That slaves lost is actually a function of African tribal leaders and Arab slave traders whose “playing fields” were also level and the winners won over the losers thereon. The issue of slavery originated and must be taken up with them. Clearly, the solution was and remains compassionate repatriation, not employment of the political emulsifiers, redistribution and social engineering, which will never accomplish the impossible mixing of “oil and water” in a free nation – that bit of dictatorship will require force. Oh, yeah, that’s what America has now isn’t it, not the freedom of the Constitution but the forced compulsory behavior mandate by the Communist Manifesto. And then, of course, there’s the obvious. The Israelites were out of Egypt before the ink was dry on their release papers. One does need a facile cognitive process to succeed, right?

        All men are created equal – after creation, they are on their own.

        The Constitution provides maximal freedom to individuals while it severely limits and restricts government.

        People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

        Freedom does not adapt to people, dictatorship does.

    2. “The premise of the story is that affirmative action never was what it was purported to be.”

      Enigma, it would help a great deal if you stated exactly what you think affirmative action is, as opposed to what it was purported to be?

      Then I can give you a much more definitive and well-informed opinion.

      1. In think affirmative action served as a cap as opposed to great access. Most programs limiter the combination of all minorities to a certain percentage far less than their representation in the population. As an example if combined minorities comprised 35% of the population, they were fighting for 15% of the pie. When it came to contracting, white women were also included as minorities and a good percentage of the firms awarded contracts were set up by their husbands and family members to meet the requirement while changing nothing. It’s true that the firms now compelled to hire minorities otherwise wouldn’t have, affirmative action meant this much and no more.

        1. Evidently you haven’t heard of the 8a contract set-aside program that reserved lucrative government contracts exclusively for minorities.

          1. I’m familiar, the “goals” are often met through joint ventures and partnerships which are often less than they seem. They also can be met with WBE (Women Business Enterprises) that are often comprised of the same families as the majority owned business. Still, the end result is more limits than access.

            1. A good source for a true picture of where America stands regarding advancement of Blacks: Bob Woodson at the Woodson Institute.

            2. Why do blacks have to secretly partner with whites to run a successful business so often?

              1. I may be reading your question incorrectly so please let me know. If you’re asking why black businessmen seek out white partners or mentors the answer would be access and sales. Without entree, their likelihood of success is decreased, especially in industries where contracts are awarded via relationships.
                If you’re asking why black businesses would enter into secret deals with white companies, it would be to get in a door that was otherwise blocked shut.

                1. Not so. I am familiar with the program. You have to be minority to get in. They welcome blacks with open arms. Not enough are able to come forward and make a success of it on their own. Some whites dishonestly recruit blacks as figureheads to get access to programs they shouldn’t have. The programs are routinely audited to remove those applicants. A friend of mine, black, used to do those audits and explained the problems to me. The doors are not closed. They are open. But, as Richard Pryor said, people are not coming through.

                  There is racial discrimination here, but it is racial discrimination in favor of black business people. It is not the fault of any white or Asian that eligible blacks don’t take advantage of the bounty laid before them.

                  1. By the way, the contracts are awarded with the government and paid by the government. Being black is an advantage. Other relationships with the community are not needed. If the contracts were not very lucrative there would not be so many whites cheating the system to get in on it. Sort of like pretending to be black or American Indian to get a favorable position in a university.

                2. Somehow Enigma, when politicians get involved, things don’t seem to end up the way they started out.

          1. White men are a minority in this country, but, oddly enough, not a minority in BLM and antifa which seem to harvest privileged soy boys, mamma boys, and outright nuts, to do the street work. I am very pleased that US Marshals maintained a proud tradition and shot one of the nuts dead in Washington. We are all safer for their good aim.

                1. Do you think white women fought for the right to vote because that’s what white men wanted?
                  Do you think that white women fight sexual abuse because that’s what white men want?
                  How do you account for the ~11% gap in party affiliation if you think white women just go along with what white men want?

                  But agreed that Lorenzo’s statement doesn’t mean much.

                  1. The point is that we’re all parts of some kind of minority in the US, so the entire premise of ‘minorities’ being unfairly treated is incorrect and counterproductive.

                    Even more counterproductive is the notion that we can slice and dice identity groups and figure out a way to make outcomes equal for all. That’s the true goal of social justice and it goes against basic human nature.

                    The true blessing and dream of America is equal OPPORTUNITY, not equal outcomes. And no, we don’t have perfect equality of opportunity for this nation, but we improve wherever we can and are only held back by politicians who choose their own careers instead of helping those they pretend to serve.

                2. As enigma slips into the realm of sexism does he also think asian women join forces with Asian men, hispanic women join forces with hispanic men and black women join forces with black men true as well?

                3. Wrong. YOU brought up the notion how white women are a minority but their husbands are really behind their businesses. You were NOT critiquing the idea of white women being treated as a minority, but only that it didn’t serve it’s intended purpose. Since the premise of your research is how affirmative action did not work as intended, there is no other reasonable interpretation of your statement.

                  As such, I brought up the very obvious point that if white women are a minority, then white men are as well.

                  Consequently, it’s only meaningless for you because it doesn’t support your narrative. That’s a fundamental problem of yours – you routinely assert opinions as facts and sidestep facts that are inconvenient to your narrative.

                  1. You have assumptions built on assumptions, most of them wrong. I never said or implied affirmative action didn’t work as intended. I’m saying it worked exactly as intended, to limit the intrusion of minorities while pretending to be altruistic. I think white women as a class can be a minority but should have been part of a different program and not diluting the one they came up with. Lobbyists and politicians are very good at intended consequences of legislation. This was a program for show that was never meant to create thriving minority businesses.

                    1. The government has made millions of dollars in loans to black-owned business in an effort to create a ‘thriving minority business’ community.

                      As for women, white and black, at least one government agency set up an entirely separate loan program for them, WOB Loans [Woman Owned Business Loans]. So, Enigma, that different program you wanted for women so they wouldn’t dilute the loans set aside for blacks–it has existed for years.

                      You nurse and cherish your victimhood like a cancer. It is eating you.

                      Tell you what, instead of whining that you are the victim of some odd conspiracy by white men or white women or Asians or whatever, why don’t you put it to the test? Take the advice that Keith Richburg’s father gave to him–get off your butt and put together a business plan and take it to the local federal lending agency and apply for the loan. You will get it.

                      You will have troubles opening a business. Everyone does. But good business people expect that, shoulder the responsibility and deal with it. If you assume your first setback is some white person’s fault you will surely fail.

                      By the way, this victim attitude is one of the things that keeps black people down.

                      If you don’t do it, don’t blame me or Allan or Commit or Jackie Chan—the failure is entirely on you.

                    2. By the way, there are a lot of successful black-owned businesses.

                      Unfortunately Black Lives Matter people are burning a lot of them down these days.

                    3. One last point. If you want reparations I want a refund. My ancestors and Kamala Harris’ ancestors spent good money for their slaves.

                    4. I took “The premise of the story is that affirmative action never was what it was purported to be.” to be the same as it has not worked as intended (in the sense the majority understood it to work). If this is far off, then perhaps you’ll take the time to explain the distinction.

                      That being said, the point stands about what you said regarding white women as a minority.

                    5. It is off the mark and I’ll be happy to explain. Keep in mind the need for affirmative action was because equal opportunity did not exist in any of the areas impacted by affirmative action, education, employment and contracting. Affirmative action was hyped as a solution and did indeed provide limited access but it was purported to be a solution when in reality it was a cap saying this much and no more.
                      I don’t know what point you’re making or think I was making about white women. Some white women faced many of the hurdles as other minorities, others through their marital or family connections suffered far fewer impediments. I have personal knowledge of abuse in WBE contracts in my community and anectotal knowledge of a wider nature but no statistics as to how many women took advantage of the system, certainly a good number.

                4. White women have supported AA if they had job slots coming. That’s been happening for decades.;

            1. White people are not in power in South Africa and the country is rapidly flushing down the toilet, catching up wit Zimbabwe. You may think you want that, but you don’t.

              1. From the perspective of the black majority in South Africa, what were things like before? When black people took land from white p[people (that originally stole it) that’s horrible. When white people take land from others, it’s Manifest Destiny.

                1. Egyptian pharoahs spent every year conquering or trying to conquer somebody. Did you every see a map of the complete Roman Empire? What do you say about Rome’s expansion?

                    1. You posit Manifest Destiny as only white, but isn’t the same regardless of the name. Shaka Zulu, Sioux, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Han Empire, Mongol Empire, etc.

                2. A lot of the blacks in South Africa today came from other parts of Africa because South Africa was comparatively prosperous. Nothing was stolen from them. They moved in.

                  Zimbabwe is an interesting example. When it was Rhodesia it was a breadbasket to the world and, for Africa, quite prosperous. After the beginning of black rule it began to decline as white farmers moved out or were evicted or killed. Then Mugabe invited white farmers back in and allowed them to buy farmland–no stealing–and it began to produce food again. Then Mugabe went back on his promises and evicted or killed white farmers–this was stealing– and handed the land to his tribal favorites. The country is a hungry mess now and reliant on foreign aid for food which, ironically is produced by white farmers in other countries. Zimbabwe last I heard was trying to get white farmers to come back. Good luck with that.

                3. enigmainblackcom says:
                  September 5, 2020 at 8:34 PM,

                  I have to ask you why you are supporting the foolish people of African descent that are out burning down their last convenience store & Liquor store in your Ghettos? Furgenson Mo., S Central La, Etc., Etc., Etc.,…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

                  Yes I really want to know. I mean not all African look as foolish, even in American.

                  A few Fools hardly speak for all Africans/Spanish+Indian mix/Whites/Greens or Blues….

                  But I’m glad Prof Turley lets you Commie/Racist azzhole post your Racist Tripe so we all can see who you really are.

                  1. Literally built much of the country for free.

                    Only in James Baldwin’s imagination. The slave population was employed in agriculture and domestic service. Some of them may have been let out or deployed to construction projects, but that wasn’t typical. Note that in 1880, 388,000 people listed their occupation as ‘carpenter’ to census enumerators. About 15,000 (or 4% of the total) were classified as black or mulatto. In re masons, blacks and mulattos accounted for shy of 5% of the total.

                    Recall James Baldwin’s remark, “and this is not an overstatement: *I* picked the cotton, *I* carried it to the market, and *I* built the railroads under someone else’s whip for nothing. For nothing.” IIRC from my research on the subject, about 2% of the railway mileage in the country in 1920 consisted of track first laid in the Southern states during the ante-bellum period. And not all of that was laid by slave labor. Blacks were prominent as railway employees in the post-bellum era, but they got paid for their work. (If I’m not mistaken, they were most commonly service personnel; Phillip Randolph came to prominence as the boss of the Railway porters’ union).

                4. You might want to read “Out of America” by Keith Richburg, a renowned black journalist.

                  He admits he had a bit of a racist chip on his shoulder when he went to Africa to cover stories there. His book is riveting.

                  One part near the end was memorable. I paraphrase, but he said he knows slavery is bad and all of that, but thank God his ancestors were brought to America or he would be one of those in despair or dead in Africa,

                  After reading his book I heard him interviewed on NPR and he was encouraged by the interviewer to see hope in Africa now that colonialism is gone. He saw none.

                  1. “Young says:
                    September 5, 2020 at 10:08 PM

                    You might want to read “Out of America” by Keith Richburg, a renowned black journalist. ”

                    Look to the current/past Christian type High IQ leadership of Tanzania has & has now.

                    Yes, they have some Islamic Nutjobs hoping to get the birth rate up to Phk things up there, people Like Jim Sinclair & his TRX Biz model is showing progress towards the end of the old Colonialist economic models of the past. A 40% share for the nation for the mined resources, 60% for the shareholders after developement cost.

                    Recently even those ignorant azzhole Warren Buffet/Charlie Munger bought into ABX, Sinclair’s old mining operation there, now those Creeps our neighbors there.

                    And don’t forget those damn Commie Chinese are all over Africa trying to Phk them up with Debt like some in the US govt have also done around the world to counties for decades.

                    The big game.

                    Enig & his buds should look towards building something up instead of Burning/Looting/Murdering, everything & any body. Aka BLM/Antif.

                    At this point they are all seen as Terrorist to the rest of us Americans.

                    They currently have No High Ground from which to defend any position they might claim now!

                  2. Young, do you wish to help stock my library? I was going to buy Sowell’s newest book on Charter Schools, but now I have to choose between the two. I’ll buy both.

                    A Black Man Confronts Africa
                    “Honest” is the word that best characterizes Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa, by Keith Richburg. …

                    Beginning his assignment in Africa as someone eager to see his new territory and the lands of his ancestors, Richburg ends up saying, “Frankly, I want no part of it” and “Thank God my ancestor got out, because, now, I am not one of them.”

                    In between are stories of hideous and indiscriminate atrocities, mass starvation, gross inefficiencies, and a pervasive and suffocating fog of lies. Among the cast of characters are African dictators and the thugs who keep them in power, guilty whites in the West who supply foreign aid, and visiting black American “leaders” who fawn over the despots and use double standards in judging black and white governments in Africa.

                    Running through all this are Richburg’s accounts of his own agonizing and changing feelings as a black American. He confesses to being one of those who used their position in the media to propagandize…

                    … there is the pervasive corruption, seething tribalism, and highly developed excuse-making, which blames all the continent’s troubles on long-departed European imperialists, on a lack of…

                    …too many African nations had their standards of living fall below where they had been under European imperialists, still the 1980s and 1990s saw some turnarounds. The economies of Nigeria and Ghana, for example, began to grow after the statist regimes began to allow freer operation of the marketplace, often under heavy pressure from international aid agencies that finally stopped accepting excuses and started insisting on performance. __Thomas Sowell


                    1. Thanks Allan. Sowell’s review of Richburg’s book is great. It has been a couple of decades since I read Ricburg’s book so I was trying to represent it fairly from memory. Sowell’s review brings back much I had forgotten.

                      One thing not mentioned in Sowell’s review [I didn’t either] was Richbug’s memories of conversations with his father when he was growing up in Detroit. Richburg [I think] was repeating street talk of Asians taking black opportunities by starting shops in black neighborhoods. His father, a wise man, was having none of it. The Asians weren’t taking anything. The blacks could do it if they stopped whining and got off their rear ends and worked the way Asians do. I think Keith put that in because he was not convinced at the time but came to recognize his father was right when he got more experience. I thought I would like to have known his father.

                      That is filtered through a couple of decades of memory so it may not be a good representation of that part of the book, but it is as close as I can get just now. Many of my books are in storage and hard to reach.

                      But Richburg’s book is well worth having.

                    2. ” street talk of Asians taking black opportunities by starting shops in black neighborhoods.”

                      This happened in NYC as well. The community could have easily created those businesses but they didn’t so outsiders came in. Those outsiders were too poor to compete in the high end communities so they migrated to places where there was a need and rent was inexpensive. Their prices were higher so people complained they were price gouging, but that wasn’t the case. Being small meant they paid higher prices for their goods from the wholesellers. They also had to make up for the theft that occurred.

                      When the riots came just like today some of these businesses were torched. Then the neighborhood complained they didn’t have the needed stores in the area but people were afraid to come back. The rents were relatively inexpensive but suddenly banks would be less likely to loan them money because of the higher risk and the businesses couldn’t afford the higher interest rates. They also found that insurers knowing their higher risks charged higher premiums. Since risk was so high they had less of an opportunity to get credit from their suppliers. All totalled, going back to such a community to open a store entailed costs that made the inexpensive rents not worthwhile.

                      That is why those on the left that did not cry out to their own leaders to stop the rioting and destruction have been the people that have caused so much harm to minority neighborhoods. Some of those neighorhoods might never come back until the area is gentrified. But, then we hear the complaint that others are stealing the places where they live even though some of them torched those places years before. Of course if those in the neighborhood actually owned the land they would be making tremendous profit. For years in NYC “getto land” was slowly bought up by large developers from outside the neighborhoods and today much of it is held waiting for the environments to change.

                      When first married I lived in a slum but we had food stores not that far a way that were very good because they had serviced an affluent area and still served some of them. Had those stores been burned down life would have become miseralble so I feel the pain of those people that lost their neighborhoods even though those on the left feel no guilt at all.

                    3. The addiction in black American culture of blaming everything that goes wrong on other people, usually whites and Asians, is poison. People reach adulthood with the minds of children who are incapable of taking responsibility in their own lives. I think that is what Richburg’s father was trying to tell him when he was young. There are people in that community who see the danger and are trying to change things, but it is very hard when politicians and the media keep telling them their woes are the fault of others but they will sympathize if we get your votes.

                    4. LIke the Jews who excelled by long practice at selling clothes and showbiz, Asians who migrated here often came from a long line of the merchant class. The Chinese are sometimes called the Jews of Asia for their similar history as migrating merchants. There’s a reason why now many convenience stores and motels are run by East Indians. Immigrants are typically by definition highly motivated and often from a trade perfected elsewhere.

                    1. True, and they have made it pretty clear that they hold Africans in complete contempt.

                5. Enigma, you are permitting your own racism to creep back into your dialogue. You seem to forget the history of the world.

                6. Usual silly nonsense. Throughout ALL areas of the world, the historical reality is that all communities fought each other over resources and took what they could get. Looking back, none of it is pretty.

                  Even you should be able to draw the unmistakable conclusion that it’s impossible to adjudicate these historical grievances.

                  But, that’s what the left is all about, chasing this chimera while beating their chests is righteous indignation. They are out over their skis right now and only time will tell if they can windmill themselves back to stability, or tumble down the mountain in an ever growing snowball of destruction.

                    1. Actually you said you were prepared to differ and disagree and even mock. You have been told your opinion on affirmative action is upside down and you simply can’t bear to learn you are wrong, so you escape.

                      Very weak, Enigma.

                    2. I said earlier that I support equal opportunity. That’s in direct conflict with any program designed to manipulate outcomes, including affirmative action.

                    3. There were in the 2d quarter of 2019 19.5 million employed blacks. Those among them who were of working age at the time of the Philadelphia Plan and the Griggs decision accounted for about 5% of the total.

                      NB, in 1971, about 27% of the white youth born during the years running from 1947 to 1953 were enrolled in tertiary schooling, v. 13% of the black youth. As we speak, about 10% of all black youths administered standardized tests score about the 73d percentile registered for non-black youths. I think score gaps were higher in 1971 than they are today. Blacks were amply represented in collegiate student bodies at the time.

                    4. ” Blacks were amply represented in collegiate student bodies at the time.”

                      According to whom? I’d love to see you document that. Also, standardizes test are falling out of use due to their well established bias. FYI, I scored in the 95th percentile in both English and Math, I guess in Minneapolis I went across town to a school with white folks and had excellent resources, as opposed to the kids in my neighborhood school with less. Some kids were bussed to my school but I took the city bus.

                    5. @enigmainblackcom
                      “Before any programs to manipulate outcomes, very specific outcomes excluding minorities were the norm.”

                      And before there was affirmative action, there not only was a civil rights movement to correct these problems, but the prevailing belief was for equal opportunity, not an equality of outcomes.

                    6. The civil rights movement wasn’t law. Laws were passed by Congress and legislatures. You may not know there have been several Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts passed throughout history, Each and every one was weakened or found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, the same court that at various times said black people had no rights, weren’t considered American citizens, and allowed Jim Crow. The land of equal opportunity you imagine has never existed in real life. People all over the nation are saying that with their protests but you aren’t listening.

                    7. Enigma, people have been discriminated against all over the world. No other country has ever given so much to a minority that was discriminated against. People will always have some degree of bias and one must learn to live with it moving forward not backward. Those that prefer to hold up their signs of victimhood go backwards for there is not time left to move forward.

                      Trying to bash the heads in of those that are perceived to prejudiced isn’t helpful because there is no dialogue. The bashers promote the bashed to arm themselves. In my surroundings which constitutes several locations racism seemed to be melting away. The young seemed to be fuly integrated though some groups of minorities seemed to be the ones pushing segregation. It got worse under Obama and certainly, IMO, is a lot worse today as BLM and Antifa destroy neighborhoods and lives.

                      There are many that have been disadvantaged and might need a bit of help but that group isn’t defined by race. It’s defined by poverty and certain social features. If the public money is to be used to help such people it should be used to augment the services to those that are truly disadvantaged. Examples: Freedom of choice in education along with Charter Schools, more police in crime ridden areas, proactive police actions in crime ridden areas, makeing crime looking areas cleaner both structurally and by ridding the area of drug pushers and criminals. Giuliani showed us how that could be done. Make the streets safe for the children.

                      We don’t need the rablle rousers getting money and advantage to get their kids into Harvard and Yale with scholarships. We should not push merit aside. If your claim is that you want a specific intelligent disadvantaged child to be able to go to medical school and he has that capability then you would not want to place a person at a disadvantage in the medical school. Instead you would want to help rid him of the disadvantages prior to application and then let him compete on a level playing field after his disadvantage was overcome.

                    8. ” No other country has ever given so much to a minority that was discriminated against.”

                      This mindset is why America can’t get past its continuing racism.

                    9. You probably believe that in your heart of hearts, Give me one example of the DNC shouting racial slurs? You probably missed the arrests of two Boogaloo Bois for working with Hamas. They are literally trying to overthrow the government and all you can see is BLM. There is one self-avowed supporter of ANTIFA who was suspected of murder and is now dead (was he a member) that makes the score right-wing militias in the thousands to one for ANTIFA if we give them the credit.

                    10. Anyone supporting BLM/Antifa is a member of the DNC. I did see the thing about the Boogaloo Bois, which seemed odd. I daily watch BLM/Antifa members shout racial slurs at the police. I even saw a guy trying to explain it was okay to say N **a but not N**r. He did about 5 minutes defending himself. I think he has gone viral on Twitter.

                    11. I really think the DNC isn’t what you think it is. Democrats barely care about the DNC, it’s just a strawman used as a prop. I seriously doubt anyone in BLM or ANTIFA is a member. The majority of people you see protesting aren’t members of BLM or ANTIFA. It’s likely that right-wing groups far outnumber ANTIFA though I admit I don’t know.

                    12. They keep wearing BLM/Antifa teeshirts and shouting their slogans. So, yes, they are members.

                    13. Death to America is one. However, you need to get on Twitter and follow Andy Ngo’s feed.

                    14. If it was the first one I sent you, it is BLM harassing a black McDonalds and its owner. It is all over Twitter.

                    15. BLM and black people are not one of the same. You said there were BLM people wearing shirts saying “Death to America,” does even one such photo exist. You throw around terms like BLM, ANTIFA, and the DNC as if they are interchangeable. There have been ANTIFA people shouting “Death to America,” I’ll have to have a little proof that BLM members or even black people did.

                    16. It is in my Twitter feed, but a couple of days back. Still, looking, do not want to leave you hanging.

                    17. If such a picture existed, wouldn’t FOX NEws and all the right wing media have plastered it everywhere? Maybe you haven’t been paying attention but a lot of what is on twitter is fake.

                    18. “BLM and black people are not one of the same. ”

                      Enigma, you are trying to hide BLM from what they are responsible for. No one needs to prove BLM has been rioting and destroying neighborhoods. We see it being done under their name and they have done nothing to dispel the idea that they are behind it and support it.

                    19. Allan: >> ” No other country has ever given so much to a minority that was discriminated against.”

                      Enigma: >This mindset is why America can’t get past its continuing racism.”

                      Enigma, I’m not going to disagree. The mindset of reparations, affirmative action leading to disadvantaged students being disadvantaged at universities, law after law does not rectify the problem. A lot of the problem resides within the people themselves.

                      I am glad Enigma that we can agree victimhood doesn’t lead anywhere.

                    20. I know I’ll regret asking, not because you’ll overwhelm me with facts but because of your distortion of them. What has this country “given” to any minority that wasn’t one of those inalienable rights they should already have?

                    21. ” What has this country “given” to any minority that wasn’t one of those inalienable rights they should already have?”

                      We are going to be in agreement again because I don’t believe most of those gifts helped the people most in need. Rule of law is a place we failed so those inalienable rights were not always protected. Unfortnately in an attempt to keep one particular minority on the plantation democrats have refused to follow the rule of law. I prefer to be color and race blind, don’t you?

                    22. You realize you didn’t even attempt to answer the question. What have minorities been “given?” BTW, you saying we agree on something doesn’t make it so.

                    23. Enigma, It’s strange but I agree with you that commonly perceived gifts aren’t for the most part gifts that did more good than bad. You have things that you are dying to have put out there so why don’t you do it? If I list things, all you will say is they weren’t really given or whatever and apparently you agree with me on that score. Are you dealing with one minority or minorities in general?

                    24. It’s strange thinking we’ve agreed on anything when you haven’t demonstrated a single thing “given” to minorities. I referred to minorities in general though I’m most familiar with one in particular.
                      “[We] have never dreamt of incorporating into our Union any but the Caucasian race the free white race.” John C. Calhoun

                    25. “It’s strange thinking we’ve agreed on anything when you haven’t demonstrated a single thing “given” to minorities.”

                      Enigma, For the most part I don’t think we have really given long term useful things to most even though a lot of money has been spent in the name of minorities. I look at effects not dollars down the drain. One person, while doing the same for all Americans, did a lot for minorities, especially yours, he saw to it jobs were available and we had the lowest black, hispanic and woman unemployment. I’m results oriented.

                      I can see that you don’t want to discuss because I asked you to point to what you were trying to get at so I will take a program said to benefit minorites but I don’t think it helped the ones in most need and caused a lot of problems. Affirmative action. Now you can give us your prepared speech but in the end I don’t think there will be major disagreement as to its overall effect to your preferred community especially when compared to disruption and dollars.

                    26. Affirmative Action wasn’r a gift to minorities, it was the least they could cede. Someone earlier referred to the first court case that reached the Supreme Court, Griggs v. Duke Power. SCOTUS held that their employment requirements discriminated against black employees. When AA was put into place, I won’t waste my time going into how widespread discrimination was because you won’t accept it. AA was ceding as little as possible of what had been almost exclusive reserved for white people. That goes for employment, education, and contracting. Whatever else you think was “given” to Black people or any other minority won’t stand up to scrutiny which is why you can’t name them. Your arguments aren’t even worthy of George.

                    27. Enigma, I know a good deal about discrimination, more than you. To be blunt you have had it easy.

                      Affirmative action took away from some people that had nothing to do with slavery or discrimination and gave it to to another that may or may not have deserved it.

                      “Affirmative Action wasn’r a gift to minorities, it was the least they could cede.”

                      Of course it wasn’t a gift, it was a law. What right did government have to take away a position based on merit from a twenty year old who committed no discrimination and give it to another person even though the recipient might have come from a more afluent and politically powerful family. It seems you have a problem that you wish to solve by penalizing those that had nothing to do with any of the problems of the past. In fact in many cases that person that is being denied might have suffered more than the person (who never suffered) to whom the position went to.

                      “When AA was put into place, I won’t waste my time going into how widespread discrimination was because you won’t accept it. ”

                      I’ll say it again. The discrimination faced by blacks was terrible, but they were not the only people in this world that faced discrimination. Many people had it a lot worse and you don’t hear them bellyaching all the time. Victimhood has gotten your priorities all mixed up. It has also made you forget that it was the English who did so much to stop slavery and that America stained itself from slavery and paid dearly with over a half a million young lives ending slavery.

                      “Whatever else you think was “given” to Black people or any other minority won’t stand up to scrutiny”

                      You have it backwards Enigma. Though what was done to black people was wrong, one can say what was done to others may have been worse and what is being done today is much of the same. Look at the genocides that have occurred in Africa a continent riddled with genocide, a history of slavery, despotism and death. We can even go back in American history to the Barbary Pirates who took American lives and treasure. Look at the over 100 million dead outside of war from socialist styled nations in the 20th century. Look at the slavery and babarism going on in China today. Look at the Holocaust that killed half of the worlds Jews where one of the children that survived with no family what so ever can be displaced by Affirmative Action. Look at the Armenian genocide, the Indonesian genoside and so many others. Now tell me why you deserve more than any of them.

                    28. “Of course it wasn’t a gift, it was a law. What right did government have to take away a position based on merit from a twenty year old who committed no discrimination and give it to another person even though the recipient might have come from a more afluent and politically powerful family. ”

                      Rephrased you’re saying, what right do minorities have to jobs that white people have reserved for themselves. Affirmative Action existed because of the steps companies and colleges were taking to keep minorities out. Duke Power, the defendant in the first case to reach the Supreme Court, changed their testing requirements the day after passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Coincidence? Your sense of white entitlement is amazing, everyone is taking from you instead of deserving the same opportunities.

                    29. “Rephrased you’re saying, what right do minorities have to jobs that white people have reserved for themselves”

                      Your are an incorrigible disciple of victimhood. In your world merit doesn’t, count color or race does. It seems you want things for free.

                      But, you didn’t answer the questions raised in my statement. You stepped away from all those other people that have suffered worse than you yet you want them to pay you for something you never faced. You don’t want a solution. You want a handout.”

                    30. Enigma, your mind is closed. I already told you that what was done for the black population wasn’t a gift to them rather it was a way to keep them on the plantation. That is why many conservative blacks such as Thomas Sowell are insultingly and incorrectly known as Uncle Tom’s not because they are ruled by their plantation owners on the left but the opposite, because they are free and act free.

                      You asked for something that wasn’t there so I gave you what you wanted to hear. Now it is your turn to justify why affirmative action can take away a position from one with more merit whose family faced torture and death and give it to a person not based on merit but on skin color? Add to that the fact that in many cases the meritless ones come from families with means or political pull. That is a question you refuse to answer because it appears in your life victimhood can only be claimed by certain people.

                      The problem is I believe in equality and I am even willing to help those in need. I will however, not take from an innocent person what is his and give it to another for no rational reason. You on the other hand would do just that.

                      To you I am a racist because I believe in equality under the law and have fought for it. To you I am a racist because I am color blind. You believe you and your family have suffered greatly. Your suffering was so great that you got a scholarship for a college education. My family members have truly suffered. Most are dead, many were tortured and that happened in more than one location of the world. That suffering, though I believe you to be a decent person, came at the hands of people that think like you.

                    31. You talked aboiut all that was “given” to black people but don’t dare say what you mean. You also presume white people have more merit and are more qualified which is pretty much racist. Affirmativbe action did some limited good as it let people in doors that were previously closed based on race. It was also a cap which said this much and no more. You say you believe in equality under the law but are too dense to comprehend that the laws themselves promote inequality. All your assumptions about what I would and wouldn’t do are just that assumptiomns.

                    32. “You talked aboiut all that was “given” to black people ”

                      Actually you said that. I didn’t. In fact I thought what some considered “gifts” were harmful to blacks and that other things could have been done that would be much better. You like to talk about systemic racism. I don’t like the term but if I had to provide an example I would say the public school system. It perpetuates bad things that are harmful to the black community. I believe in Charter Schools offering competition to the public schools and permitting the money to follow the child even in the selection of a public school to add even more competition. You don’t like my ideas because you promote victimhood and the lack of choice in educating the young in black families makes more victims.

                    33. You are so full of it. This is what you said and haven’t been able to back up.
                      ” No other country has ever given so much to a minority that was discriminated against.”
                      Don’t try to weasel out of it by saying I said it.

                    34. “This is what you said and haven’t been able to back up.
                      >” No other country has ever given so much to a minority that was discriminated against.”

                      Instead of playing games when it became obvious that out discussion on “given” or “gifts” was like two ships passing in the night you could have quoted the statement then so I would know what you were talking about. You prefer games and look for a gotcha. I was talking about something different. My full statement was dealing with the world as a whole and a generic minority depending on location and time. You are being intellectually dishonest. Look at the lead in sentence of the following paragraph.

                      “Enigma, people have been discriminated against all over the world. No other country has ever given so much to a minority that was discriminated against. People will always have some degree of bias and one must learn to live with it moving forward not backward. Those that prefer to hold up their signs of victimhood go backwards for there is not time left to move forward.”

                      Slavery still exists in Africa today though it ended in 1865 in the US and earlier in Great Britain. Look at all the minorities across the world that have been slaughtered while in the US the slaughter was of our own children to end slavery and in a short time to adjust the laws with Civil Rights Laws in an attempt to right the wrongs.

                      I even told you I didn’t believe we gave “gifts” that benefited the black community in the long term. “Enigma, It’s strange but I agree with you that commonly perceived gifts aren’t for the most part gifts that did more good than bad.”

                      You still haven’t answered the question as to what justification there is to take away from one innocent person and give to another based on color even when the innocent had a more difficult life, was poorer and the other may have money and power.

                    35. “You also presume white people have more merit and are more qualified which is pretty much racist.”

                      Again that is what you say, not what I say. In order to promote victimhood you have to put words into people’s mouths. I learned more about merit from a black man, Thomas Sowell. He is one of the few that have substantially impacted my thinking. He wasn’t born far away from where I was born. He saw the things I saw. He taught me and I consider him one of the most brilliant men alive today.

                    36. “Affirmativbe action did some limited good as it let people in doors that were previously closed based on race. ”

                      I could see where some type of action that opened the doors would be a good thing, but due the victimhood culture of people like you ideas meant to do good ended up doing bad.

                      Affirmative action placed the wrong individuals in the wrong places harming them. It did nothing to correct what the public schools failed to do. I always thought that if that was the case for the disadvantaged not based on color then more education should be offered outside of the public school system. If you want to go to medical school fine but first let’s get a masters in a related field to bring one up to standard and perhaps above it so when one goes to a black doctor they don’t have to worry about affirmative action and maybe find that such physicians were better educated so they sought them out.

                    37. “but are too dense to comprehend that the laws themselves promote inequality. ”

                      Again you fail in comprehesion. That is why I suggest equality under the law and other things. It is amazing how the cult of victimhood doesn’t permit you to accurately hear what other people are saying and rationally discuss them.

                      “All your assumptions about what I would and wouldn’t do are just that assumptiomns.”

                      I don’t assume what you would do but I can see where you are coming from, a dark place known as victimhood. I feel sorry for you because had more potential and wasted it on a wasteful “ideology” if one can call victimhood an ideology. If feel bad for the black community because of the effect people like you have had on them.

                      I prefer to judge a person on his character and merit rather than on his skin color. I believe in charity and a helping hand. You believe that it is OK to take away from one of the wrong color and give to another of the right color even if the wrong color was more deserving and came from worse circumstances. That is a horrid way to live and doesn’t create anything good. I am sorry for you and if you were my neighbor I would be there to give you a helping hand.

                    38. He had a statue up until this summer. He must have been speaking for someone. He is given credit for why America’s expansion that direction stopped with Texas. Calhoun didn’t want to acquire Mexico because there were, “too many Mexicans.”

                    39. Enigma– I just looked at your most recent post. Do a little research and I think you will discover that not all of the civil rights laws have been invalidated by the Supreme Court as you claim. You grappled an erroneous conclusion and seem unable to understand anything else. It is a mental black hole and you can’t see beyond the event horizon.

                      As to the civil rights laws, I suggest you call a lawyer, preferably a black lawyer, and ask him about those laws. You will find they still exist and are enforced regularly.

                      Are you really in America? It is scarcely possible to live here and not know this stuff.

                    40. I didn’t say civil rights laws I said civil rights acts, passed by Congress. Every single one has been weakened or found unconstitutional or they were ineffective to begin with. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 said all citizens had equal rights but provided for no penalty. The Civil Rights Act of 1875 guaranteed black people equal rights in transportation, public accommodations and service on juries; the Supreme Court found it unconstitutional in 1883. The Civil Rights Act of 1968 that included the Fair Housing Act was weakened by the Supreme Court in 1978. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 overturned or repudiated 9 previous Supreme Court Rulings, the court has responded by consistently finding for the defendants (employers) tho maintain the previous status quo.
                      Are you really in America? It’s scarcely possible to live here and not know this stuff. I’m sorry, it is possible because it never gets reported or might last a single news cycle.

                    41. According to whom? I’d love to see you document that.

                      The data on fall enrollment in 1971 can be found in the Digest of Education Statistics

                      Also, standardizes test are falling out of use due to their well established bias.

                      There is no ‘well established’ bias. The tests are impersonal assessments which stand in the way of the political projects of the Democratic Party, the lawfare artists in the judiciary and the ‘public interest bar’, and the higher ed apparat wish to pursue. They wish to do that in the teeth of public opposition.

                    42. That data isn’t going to say that black students were “amply represented in student bodies” like you did. Who besides you is saying that and on what basis?

                    43. Enigma: “I didn’t say civil rights laws I said civil rights acts, passed by Congress”
                      Okay, here is your first problem. Acts are laws. They are called Acts of Congress. Also statutes. All of the civil rights laws are Acts. All of them. And, no, the Supreme Court has not weakened them.

                      You are drowning in a sea empty of information. Nothing to hold you up. I think you are honest and arguing from the heart but you know so little that some of your statements make no sense.

                      Call a lawyer you trust. Call a black lawyer because you won’t trust anyone else, and have him explain this stuff to you. You have a grade school recess yard education on this stuff. Learn something and then argue.

                      Don’t write articles until you do. I can guarantee that there are many, many black people who understand this perfectly and you risk embarrassing yourself if you are not better informed.

                      Good luck

                    44. That data isn’t going to say that black students were “amply represented in student bodies” like you did. Who besides you is saying that and on what basis?

                      On the basis that 13% of blacks between their 18th and 25th birthday were enrolled in tertiary schooling in 1971. That’s lower than the % of whites who were so enrolled, but higher than you’d expect if impersonal performance measures had been employed to screen applicants without the use of subjective assessments or quotas. Note, as recently as 1928, the share of Americans in that age range in this country enrolled in tertiary schooling – at normal schools, teacher’s colleges, nursing schools, professional schools, colleges, and universities – amounted to just shy of 10%.

                    45. Affirmative Action wasn’r a gift to minorities, it was the least they could cede

                      No, it’s just a bad social policy. And yes it is a gift. The notion that the gift was compelled by some normative principle has no reality outside the imagination of Joseph Rauh.

                    46. who are the booger bois again? gun nut anarchists who consort with hamas? trash! lock them up along with antifa

                      i still doubt they are any significant number. i saw some memes on the internet that were amusing but this can’t be taken seriously. apparently their thing is open carry of firearms and hawaiian shirts. dumb on both accounts

                    47. Affirmativbe action did some limited good as it let people in doors that were previously closed based on race.

                      It did nothing of the kind. It’s not necessary to engage in shizzy social work projects to ‘open doors’. All you have to do is evaluate resumes and examinations without reference to extraneous factors.

                      Businesses and public agencies have missions. To meet those missions, you have to optimize in the recruitment and retention of your work force. Which means you’re concerned with observable skill sets (and concerned that people with observable skill sets may have insuperable personality problems). You’re not concerned with someone’s family history. At least, you’re not if you’re on task and not under the thumb of your compliance people.

                    48. In the first affirmative action case to reach the Supreme Court, Griggs V Duke Power, we learned on the day after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.. Duke Power changed its requirements for several job titles to exclude black people. Some doors would never have been opened without being kicked in.

                    49. Duke Power changed its requirements for several job titles to exclude black people.

                      You can’t actually ‘exclude black people’ with such a strategem. You can provide an excuse to exclude a set of individuals known to you, but you cannot exclude ‘black people’ in this way, because you advertise for applications, you do not control who applies.

                      And you’d be stupid to play these games if you want to optimize the quality of your workforce. Given that power companies are natural monopollies, they have margin to be fat and mean, so they’re more likely to do this ceteris paribus.

                    50. Two things interrelated: You said:

                      1. “You talked about all that was “given” to black people but don’t dare say what you mean. You also presume white people have more merit and are more qualified which is pretty much racist.”

                      2. And you asked what minorities have been given.

                      First I would ask what have minorities [black] given to anyone else?. Why always must they be seen with hands out waiting to be given something?. What have they created? Pretty much the entire modern world is the product of white [and lately Asian] achievement. Black contribution near as I can tell has been close to zero. The American Indians created great cities in Mexico and Peru and invented writing and mathematics. Asians have done the same. Likewise Europeans and those in the Middle East. In all of Africa there is basically nothing to look at in the way of cultural achievement.

                      So, before you ask what else black people have been given [and it is a lot] you should ask yourself what black people have given to anyone in the world, what have they invented, and why do they always want to be seen with alms cups out waiting for everyone else to give them something?

                      Next, you say it is racist to think whites are more qualified though I don’t think he said that. Who cares if it is racist. Everything is racist these days. If black people were highly qualified then Africa would be a technological wonder and would be sending gifts to the rest of the world instead of being a giant, sucking hole for ‘foreign aid’–handouts.

                    51. Black labor, depending on the skill level, was never “free.” There was a market cost for their labor. And even if they remained just on the plantation, got room and board. Skilled labor might be loaned or rented out. However, there certainly was not enough to build Atlanta.

                      The only people to use the blacks as a unified work force was the US Army during the Civil War. Even then, they were not considered skilled labor.

                    52. “I asked for yours and others views on affirmative action, all you seem to want to do is argue with me. Have a good day.”

                      Young, this is typical of the Enigma we see whizzing by us on his way out again and again. But before doing so Enigma makes his accusations seemingly intended to accuse all white people of racism. In the process he wants favoritism granted to all blacks based only on skin color. Then Enigma adds distortions to history and fact. He is unwilling to look at character focussing only on skin color.

                      George Floyd, according to Enigma, is a hero. Why? Because, Enigma will say, ‘he is black’. The cop is a bad person. Why? Enigma answers in a similar fashion because he is white and a cop.

                      What will Enigma do to help the black population? Offer free public school choice to parents? No. Enigma would prefer them to remain in poor schools so he has something to complain about. Charter schools? no. What does Enigma support? BLM that is involved in rioting and looting, Marxism, anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism etc.

                    53. I asked what have blacks done and you responded they built much of the country for free.

                      Not at all. Not even close. Most of the advancement was in the North with the creation of industry. The South remained largely agricultural. The South couldn’t match the industrial might of the North by any measure and it made a huge difference in the war. If you think picking cotton built the country you have a very weak grasp of economics.

                      This is the only country that fought a civil war to end slavery. It still exists in Africa. Why don’t you try to end it there? Donate. Protest at the embassies of countries that still have slavery. Shame them. Do something about existing slavery if you truly care about it.

                      I suspect the truth is you don’t really care about actual slavery existing now, today.

                      You just want to flog a long dead issue in the one country that went to war to end slavery at the cost of more than half a million lives. Shame.

                      Your glib and false response still leaves open the question of what black people, anywhere or anytime have contributed to civilization? Compared to American Indians, pretty much nothing. Compared to Asians, pretty much nothing. Compared to whites, pretty much nothing. Except for demanding more ‘benefits’, what can you do?

                      Note– I often don’t know when someone responds to my comment because WordPress nixed my main email and I have to use a secondary one that I do not regularly check.

                    54. Enigma – – In regard to your outraged sense of victimhood I should like to remind you: You Have Never Been A Slave.

                      You pretend to care about slavery but are doing nothing about it where it still exists in the world.

                      In 2018 blacks were 7.9 times more likely to commit murder than the rest of the population. If black communities stopped shooting each other and stopped shooting up I think life might be a lot better for them. It’s a black thing and it is deadly.

                    55. Enigma – the “Death to America” march/chant/banner video recorded from Oakland, CA has been scrubbed from the internet –as have all other ‘Death to America” BLM Antifa banners, chants, photos and references. No one wonders why or how that happened.

                    56. I submit to you there is no such thing as a BLM Antifa Banner. They are not one of the same though many are attempting to drag one down by tying them to the other. Pictures and videos have been scrubbed from the Internet? Really? Certain fake sites have been blocked but to cleanse something from the whole Internet? I hardly think so. Instead on inventing this whole conspiracy, you could just say, “I couldn’t find it.”

                    57. “The ONLY thing that will fix this is a REVOLUTION. Elections aren’t revolutions.” — Tania Faison, co-founder BLM Sacramento, March 5, 2020

                      “Ain’t no kneeling ass pig gonna stop the revolution!” — BLM Sacramento, June 1, 2020

                      “Stop getting sad and get angry. We need to fight.” — BLM Sacramento, May 7, 2020

                      “Revolutions don’t happen just once in a lifetime; may there be countless revolutions in our time towards Black liberation.” — BLM Toronto, March 24, 2019

                      “DEFUND. DISARM. DISMANTLE. ABOLISH. #DefundThePolice #BlackLivesMatter”. — BLM Toronto, June 19, 2020

                      “Get off our land white man!” — BLM Memphis, July 4, 2020

                      “CANCEL RENT IN #DC!” — BLM Washington, D.C., June 24, 2020

                      “Queer black people are working to get the larger black movement closer to an ideology that is intersectional.” — Patrisse Cullors, BLM co-founder, March 8, 2018

                      “We’re fighting against white supremacist patriarchal society. That’s why you need black women to fight it.” — Shamell Bell, BLM activist, November 9, 2015

                      “We absolutely have to deal with the way in which capitalism exploits us, and the way in which capitalism exploits Black people in particular.” — Melina Abdullah, co-founder BLM Los Angeles, June 23, 2020

                      “Capital can and should be used to fund the independence from capitalism and transition into community. But Capital and capitalism shouldn’t be the goal to fix community…. Black dollar is great… but let’s only look at money as a tool to attain liberation through COMMUNITY and not capitalism.” — Tania Faison, co-founder BLM Sacramento, January 31, 2020

                      “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? …. I just want black liberation, and black sovereignty. By any means necessary.” — Hank Newsome, BLM activist, June 25, 2020

                      “This is an uprising. A rebellion. A revolt.” — Melina Abdullah, co-founder BLM Los Angeles, May 31, 2020

                      “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children…. We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking.” — BLM’s manifesto

                      “We are anti-capitalist: We believe and understand that Black people will never achieve liberation under the current global racialized capitalist system.” — Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), a BLM umbrella group

                    58. Enigma asked: “I know I’ll regret asking, not because you’ll overwhelm me with facts but because of your distortion of them. What has this country “given” to any minority that wasn’t one of those inalienable rights they should already have?”

                      Opportunity. We are all created equal but we are not born into equal circumstances. America gives ALL the opportunity to succeed. You want examples? Look around. They are all over. Stop being a victim and you might be able to see.

                    59. You either have absolutely no knowledge of the history of this nation or are incredibly obtuse. This country denied black people education, restricted housing, voting (which they still do) many types of employment and more.

                    60. I watched the video, I couldn’t pick out a single black person chanting, perhaps you can? I had to watch the video preceding it which thelink directed me to. I hope you’re proud of the anti-BLM protesters, they would make Trump proud.

                    61. Enigma said “You either have absolutely no knowledge of the history of this nation or are incredibly obtuse. This country denied black people education, restricted housing, voting (which they still do) many types of employment and more.”

                      Okay. And now? What is happening NOW?

                      Are you being denied education? Trump wants to give all parents School Choice but Dems are siding with Teachers unions to DENY that to black parents that choice.

                      Are you being denied housing? (it is against the law)

                      Are you being denied your vote? (be very specific with your “voter suppression” claims)

                      Are you being denied employment?

                      Are you being denied opportunity? (see, Oprah, Barack Obama, Senator Tim Scott, Serena Williams, Megyn Markle, et al.)

                    62. Enigma — Get off the Democrat plantation. It has gotten you nothing. NOTHING. Joe “You ain’t black” Biden is an absolute racist who panders and condescends to blacks. It is sickening, really, open your eyes. Look at Biden’s history. It’s all there.

                      Trump wants to continue helping the black community with opportunities that you will never get from the Democrats. Never. Do something radical and vote for Trump in November. Walk Away.

                    63. Enigma wrote: “I thank you and the rest for the feedback I requested. You are who I thought you were. Time to go write my story.”

                      Before you go write your story, please tell me who you *think* I am?

                    64. There is a woman out there whose rapist will have his name displayed on the helmet of an NFL player as a tribute to a criminal thug. Jacob Blake.

                    65. Anon– You knew what Enigma was all along, someone torn by grievances for imagined wrongs and twisted by hatred for imagined enemies while possessed of an unconquerable ignorance. Basically this is what one can find in typical studies programs that are contributing to the decline of education.

                7. When black people took land from white p[people (that originally stole it)

                  During the European late Medieval period, the Bantu tribes ejected the Khoi-san tribes who originally occupied that territory.

                  The black political class in Zimbabwe had a choice. You can learn from the settlers and produce more from acquiring their skills, or you can loot. They elected to loot. The effect on the country’s productivity is manifest. Angela Channing speaks at 00:35

              2. White people are not in power in South Africa and the country is rapidly flushing down the toilet, catching up wit Zimbabwe.

                True they’re not, but it isn’t and it isn’t. Real domestic product per capita has been stagnant since 2007, but has not declined (it’s about 20% higher than it was in 1990). The ratio of South Africa’s per capita product to that of the United States (at purchasing-power-parity) was in 2016 about the same as it was in 1988. The economic historians at the Maddison Project are of the view that the economic fortunes of the Cape Colony / South Africa vis a vis those of British North America / the United States have proceeded such that the relative disadvantage of the former has been more pronounced every generation. As recently as the period immediately preceding the 1st World War, the four South African colonies taken together would have qualified as among the world’s affluent countries (such as that would have been understood at that time), although that prosperity was very unevenly distributed. Nowadays, they’re a country near the global mean. The secular decline in relative prosperity has been a feature of life there since the early 19thc.

                As for the homicide rate, it’s currently horrid at 34 murders per 100,000 persons per year. It was actually a great deal worse 25 years ago. (NB, see Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country published in 1948; street crime was a source of anxiety 70-odd years ago; Paton himself took up writing and electoral politics after a long spell working in the juvenile detention system).

                What’s really disquieting is two fold: (1) the mortality rate of the country’s white farmers and (2) the evolution of the political culture.

                Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) has had horrid economic performance, of course – not quite as bad as it gets in Africa, but down near the bottom. Real domestic product per capita declined by about 60% over the period running from 1974 to 2016.

                1. I think the scaffolding supporting SA economy to the degree it is supported is being kicked away one beam at a time. The murder of farmers is just part of it. Increasing political instability is another. Crime is yet another. Tribal frictions yet another. I imagine at some point a phase change can happen rapidly, sort of the way it did with the Soviet Union.

                  A few years ago someone was posting before and after photos of Johannesburg. The rot, even devastation, of the city was shocking. How long can that be sustained?

                  But I could be wrong.

                2. Absurd — Just curious: would you risk your own capital on a venture in South Africa?

                  Trust, or the lack of it, in the country as a whole is another factor.

                3. It is difficult to get comparisons of crimes before and after apartheid, but “For Better and For Worse, South African Crime Trends (2002) tries. It appears crime is significantly worse post-apartheid. The justice system is failing as well. I think the country is going down.

    3. “Affirmative action is a managerial spoils system for jobs, that operates at the expense of white male workers. However, it’s a cruel irony for those white male workers, whose wages have stagnated for decades, that the managerial regimes implementing AA which have been run mostly by white men.”

      1. Kurtz, AA only applies to large employers, the federal government, and some state institutions, so the preferential hiring of white men to the detriment of others, which has prevailed in this country for more than 150 years, is still in force in the largest group of employees in the country, small businesses.. Your white privilege remains safe.

        1. I know i know. we are so small here we not only don’t have AA we don’t even qualify for the 1964 Civil Rights act.

          AA has some merits for things like police forces that necessarily must reflect demographics.

          however, you will notice, the black police have got precious little respect from BLM & ANTIFA

  8. COMMIT TO A DISHONEST DISCUSSION has again posted lengthy quotes and citations for ‘proof’ of something or other.

    Awhile back I ran one of those down in detail and confronted Commit with contradictions. This is one of the more recent of Commit’s basic response:

    In Set Up or Slander: Did Pelosi Defame A Salon Owner

    September 4, 2020 at 12:21 AM

    “It seems you believe that if I link to something, it means that I have to agree with everything in it, down to the wording of every phrase. If that’s what you think, you’re nuts.”

    So there you have it, and Allan and many others would agree, if you think that even Commit believes the rubbish that Commit plasters on these pages, “YOU ARE NUTS.”

    Well, Commit, we are not nuts and we do not believe you.

    Except, perhaps, that we do believe you when you say we would be nuts to take you at your word.

    1. This will be no surprise to many of you who have actually tried to engage with Commit only to be confronted with misdirection, insults, and running away. It’s part of a pattern. More to come.

    2. LOL.

      I post links to all sorts of things, including Trump’s tweets, WH statements, …. I would think it obvious that I do not agree with everything that I link to. Only a foolish person would suggest that someone can only link to something if s/he “agree[s] with everything in it, down to the wording of every phrase.”

      As you said, Young: “Coomit– I already told you I am an ‘assh*le’. Why complain now.”

      1. But look at the thread. You disagreed with wording that supported your original statement. You are not honest.

        1. I think you’re not honest. We disagree about this, and each of us has people who side with us. I don’t see the point of debating it here. Either you have something substantive to say in response to what I’ve written here, or you don’t. So far, you don’t.

    3. CTHD is “dragging” us. This is akin to trolling. It is a time waster. Ignore it

      1. Kurtz, if you can’t handle the discussion, f..k off. Commit posts more substantive comment here then anyone else and her quotes are to the point and her reasoning sound. Step up to the plate or get lost.

        1. Pathetic book, you always popping up to play white knight for CTHD. IF she’s so smart let her play her own games. When somebody calls her out, that’s par for the course.

          CTHD is a troll. Ignore it.

        2. “Commit posts more substantive comment here then anyone else ”

          Btb is trying to be a comedian again. Though he fails at comedy it’s the best routine he has.

  9. To those on the left: You could while away the hours, conferrin’ with the flowers, Consulting with the rain. And your head you’d be scratchin’ while your thoughts were busy hatchin’, If you only had a brain. You’d unravel every riddle for any individ’le. In trouble or in pain. With the thoughts you’d be thinkin’ you could another Lincoln If you only had a brain. Oh, you could tell yourself why The ocean’s near the shore. You could think of things you never thunk before. And then you’d sit, and think some more. You would not be just a nuffin’ your head all full of stuffin’ Your heart all full of pain. You would dance and be merry, life would be a ding-a-derry, IF YOU ONLY HAD A BRAIN.

  10. What were the Seattle cops doing on the street with a silenced automatic weapon, an actual assault rifle? They have not been very active in suppressing arson, looting and rioting to protect the right to peacefully assemble and petition. What were they planning to do with noise suppressed automatic fire? Also believe if I were the Seattle chief of police I might have some pointed questions for the cop(s) who had that gun someplace where they could easily lose control of it.

    1. “Possession of a stolen firearm is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.” Sounds draconian to me. But I believe that punishment is for possession of unregistered NFA items, and that would include the suppressor (silencer).

    2. lefty665 : The Colt M4 need not be full auto. And it is my understanding that beat cops do not carry full auto firearms, but members of SWAT teams may. The presence of the suppressor (NFA) item is odd. But perhaps it was not a suppressor at all.

      1. it’s not odd. Cops like to use cans and use them more and more. the generation that served in iraq loves them.

        the human scum that stole this weapon will get maximum sentence. bye bye idiot

      1. “And more to the point,what is the point of having cops that flee?”

        So, you prefer cops that are burned alive inside their patrol car?

        Apparently you missed that in the story.

        I.E.- “Six patrol cars were torched that night.”

        The far more important “point” is why are allegedly “peaceful” demonstrators torching police cars?

    3. “What were the Seattle cops doing on the street with a silenced automatic weapon, an actual assault rifle? ”

      Would you prefer to be shot with a 10 gauge shotgun, rather than an assault rifle? Most Police departments carry easily accessible shotguns in their patrol cars.

      But I can tell you from experience that you have a much better chance of survival if you’re shot with the assault rifle. Especially at close range.

      So the cops who fled the squad car probably took the shotgun, and left the rifle, because they were in a big hurry due to the fact that they didn’t want to be burned alive inside the car.

      Once they had to exit the squad car, a shotgun loaded with buckshot is a much more effective defense and deterrent in close quarters. Especially when outnumbered.

      1. SWAT Team members usually carry their equipment in their cars. We could assume, for the sake of argument, that the rifle with the suppressor (not silencer) belonged to a SWAT member.

  11. (music)
    He’s a chump, he’s a chump.
    He’s a Trump half the day.
    From his first cigarette…
    To his last dying day!

  12. Hopefully Little will get a Lot of time. I just hope the arrests continue but get to the money supporting both BLM/ANTIFA. We might find a number of Democrat’s at the end of that trail.

  13. Its great to have such photo’s and this guy is a fool for having his picture taken. Its Excellent that the FED’s are taking control of the Prosecution vs the local Soros/Liberal DA.

  14. And in Washington, DC, last night, projected on the front of the Trump Hotel:
    “Our troops deserve better than Trump. Trump disrespected our troops.”

    I condemn the violence, looting, and destruction in the protests. I want people to protest peacefully — and that’s what most protesters are doing. A new report from the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project:
    Demonstrations & Political Violence in America: New Data for Summer 2020
    The protests against police brutality are justified, but they need to be peaceful and non-destructive.

    1. “DHS draft document: White supremacists are greatest terror threat”

      “… all three drafts describe the threat from white supremacists as the deadliest domestic terror threat facing the U.S., listed above the immediate danger from foreign terrorist groups.”
      “None of the DHS drafts POLITICO reviewed referred to a threat from Antifa.”

      Yet in his discussions of arrests, Mr. Turley disproportionately focuses on those on the left, not on white supremacists. Why?

      1. Some people, like the City of Rochester are just waking up to the domestic terrorism of Antifa/BLM. They trade t-shirts depending on what they are doing.

        1. The Department of Homeland Security — the source of the drafts — isn’t the city of Rochester.
          The Department of Homeland Security is looking at national data.

          Do you think you understand this better than the DHS, “Anonymous”?
          If so, please present comprehensive data comparing domestic terrorism carried out by white nationalists vs. Antifa/BLM.
          Do you have the cojones to do that? (My guess is that you don’t. My guess is that you also don’t have actual data to present.)

            1. SMH that you’re so resistant to me presenting facts from the DHS that you falsely fantasize “You are antifa.”

              1. You don’t present facts. You present distortions, lies and spin. That has been proven over and over again. You are not to be trusted.

                1. Allan,
                  This short video explains exactly what these domestic terrorists are seeking to accomplish on behalf of their political masters.

                  1. Again:

                    “DHS draft document: White supremacists are greatest terror threat”

                    “… all three drafts describe the threat from white supremacists as the deadliest domestic terror threat facing the U.S., listed above the immediate danger from foreign terrorist groups.”
                    “None of the DHS drafts POLITICO reviewed referred to a threat from Antifa.”

                    I take it that it’s too hard for you to accept, Olly, that white nationalists are a great terrorist threat than those on the left. But why is that so hard for you to accept? It’s not as if you can dismiss the DHS is some left-wing organization.

                    1. I stopped needing or relying on the government to tell me what to believe years ago, especially when I can see it for myself. You on the other hand will see the truth and then effort to redirect attention to an alternate reality. Yuri Bezmenov had you nailed 36 years ago.

                    2. What you see for yourself is not a random or representative sample, Olly. (And the same for each of us. Which is why people who want to be informed draw on reports that either attempt a comprehensive assessment or use a random or representative sample.)
                      If you only rely on what you see for yourself, no wonder you have a distorted interpretation of what’s going on.

                    3. What you see for yourself is not a random or representative sample,

                      You have no idea what I see. Of course the video I posted is not in dispute as to who those domestic terrorists are. It’s not difficult to find more. What I haven’t seen, heard or read are reports of incidents with white supremacists…at all. So a DHS draft report that puts WS as the #1 domestic terrorist rings hollow. Unless threat means, hasn’t happened yet. Antifa and BLM are no longer threatening domestic terrorism, they are actively committing it.

                    4. “You have no idea what I see.”

                      But I do know what you say about what you’ve seen, such as “What I haven’t seen, heard or read are reports of incidents with white supremacists…at all,” which indicates that you’re not watching/listening/reading widely enough.

                      I’ve linked to more than one police report about white supremacist violence in these protests (like the ““Police: Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter” article on this very page), and of course, the protests aren’t the only violence in the U.S.

                      “Unless threat means, hasn’t happened yet”

                      So you’re truly unaware of white supremacist violence like the El Paso Walmart mass shooting last year? It got a lot of attention on the news. And you’re unaware of the white supremacist who killed Heather Heyer at the NC Unite the Right rally? That also got a lot of news coverage. And you’re unaware of the white supremacist who threw a Molotov cocktail into a Planned Parenthood clinic in Delaware and the white supremacist who pleaded guilty to planning bomb and shooting attacks in Las Vegas earlier this year? Those got less coverage, but were still in the news. … If you’re unaware of all of these and others, then you’re not trying to be aware.

                    5. You’re so easily manipulated. I write a sentence, purposely omitting a couple of words and you bit. 😄

                      What I haven’t seen, heard or read are reports of incidents with white supremacists, like that at all.

                      Of course there are individual events. But for WS to be ranked above Antifa/BLM as domestic terrorists doesn’t seem credible. What is the political motivation behind WS? What is the political motivation behind Antifa/BLM?

                    6. Olly, I don’t care whether you, personally, find the domestic terrorism reports from a wide array of government and non-government sources credible.

                      “Of course there are individual events.”

                      And the El Paso shooting alone — that one individual event — resulted in more people being killed by that white supremacist than people killed in the thousands of BLM protests across the country this summer.

                      “What is the political motivation behind WS? What is the political motivation behind Antifa/BLM?”

                      If you don’t know, look it up.

                    7. It’s hard to accept because it’s FALSE

                      this state department influenced dreck was probably penned up before BLM went into action torching so many different cities

                      yes they have engaged in a level of public violence and intimidation that puts even the harder old klan of the early 60s to shame

                  2. please observe that the Red Guard episode was an anarchistic episode in which chapter after chapter of young rogues was recruited to form these intimidation squads, mostly from the lumpen and student elements. NOT the government bureaucracy, NOT the schoolteachers in general, NOT even normal CCP cadres. The

                    In fact run of the mill PRC officials and CCP cadres were TARGETS of the chaos. It was not just “landlords.” Heck the landlords had all their land expropriated a generation before. The “landlord” designation was mostly vestigial anyways. That was a fake part of the persecution– the object of the chaos for Mao, was disrupting his rivals in the state organs.

                    The Red Guard episode was ANARCHISTIC and also YOUTH-ORIENTED

                    Everybody got really sick of it. Eventually, Mao was eventually FORCED BY THE RED ARMY TO SHUT THEM DOWN.

                    Yes the Army gave Mao an offer he couldn’t refuse.


                    The PLA went on to CRUSH the Red Guards. And, the higher level cadres that had been purged by them– eventually became the leadership. Deng Xiaoping.

                    And, he was known for 2 things. First, opening of economy to market pricing mechanisms. Secondly, “Gerontocracy”– don’t let the crazy 18-21 year olds get out of their lane, ever again.

                    1. And your point? Are you suggesting the parallels with what’s happening in our country today to what happened in China are not parallels at all? Explain.

                    2. Olly– there are huge parallels here to the Red Guard episode. But some differences.

                      Here, the Red Guards have been organized, financed, and supported by global capitalists like Soros and the big corporations who donate

                      In China, it was unleashed by Mao, who sent out his extreme Left against the middle of his very own state bureaucracies
                      and his very own Army is the thing that reigned them in.

                      Now, there is zero chance our Army is going to reign in the BLM & ANTIFA. And apparently many bureaucrats seem to like them, strangely enough

                      So we have to consider other alternatives on how to end this disgusting episode in American history

                      An avalanche for Trump would probably do the trick, not on getting rid of them overnight, but on putting in motion a counter-attack that would stamp them out as viable organizations. In the long run, remember, they were financed from above.

                      So there is an outside chance that somebody, some patriots, in the military-intel sector, would make SOROS and those like him, an offer he can’t refuse, and that would clear things up pretty fast. But, don’t hold your breath. They aren’t really serious. Let me expand on what i mean by “serious”

                      Now much as the PRC are adversaries, and the Chicoms have an alien ideology we do not accept, please observe one thing that shows they are very serious and not about to give up THEIR sovereignty to billionaires:

                      they can, they have, and they will, “humble” Chinese billionaires who go too far out of line
                      and when I say humble, I mean, humble to the fullest extent possible.
                      for some of them, prison is a welcome outcome, because they yet live


                      Am I suggesting Soros should be in jail? Absolutely I am. He’s the top of a transnational racketeering operation and should be arrested promptly

                    3. Soros has very carefully used armies of lawyers to deploy his billions of ill gotten gains into a constellation of NFPs and NGOs called the “open society foundations”

                      he has had to comply with national tax laws in many jurisdictions and probably violated a lot of them. but it would be buried under mountains of CYA letters and memos.

                      Still, some of these “mistakes” could be leveraged into wire fraud cases a la the one they just hit steve bannon with
                      or, money laundering, especially since we are talking about transnational fund flows

                      Soros also has paid a lot of money to various figures who may be corrupt politicians and in some instances, people on the State Department’s sanctions list.

                      FBI should investigate all this with a fine tooth comb. but you see, FBI is full up of bureaucrats near the top, who want to lick his loafers and gain his favor. Remember Soros was a big donor to BHO too annd we see how he manipulated FBI to persecute his enemies and protect his friends

                      over time, a sufficiently strong patriotic government in the US could rectify these corrupt practices and use RICO laws to punish the international racketeer Soros, strip his shell companies of their assets, and lock him up for what little remains of his already long and wicked life.

                      With about 1000 solid FBI agents and some very patriotic AUSAs, it COULD BE DONE! A big effort but perhaps a worthy one’

                      However, if Durham can’t deliver the goods, then this is all just a pipe dream because the rot may be too deep. We will see.

          1. 90 days + of rioting, looting, murder, rape, arson, attacks on police, etc. in Portland was not done by white supremacy groups. Nor Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, Wisconsin, etc.
            White Supremacy groups are not acceptable to conservatives. ANTIFA and BLM are terrorizing our cities but are acceptable to liberals and the media.
            Get it?

            1. Arguably, most white supremacists ARE conservatives. Trump has retweeted white supremacists like Michelle Malkin. Do you condemn him for doing that?

              I already said that I condemn the violence, looting, and destruction in the protests. That you claim “ANTIFA and BLM are terrorizing our cities” doesn’t make it true. I already provided data showing that most of the protests nationally have been peaceful. Some of the violence, … in the protests comes from people on the left, and some comes from people on the right, for example: “Police: Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter” — https://www.wsls.com/news/virginia/2020/07/27/police-richmond-riots-instigated-by-white-supremacists-disguised-as-black-lives-matter/

            1. I only have a burden of proof for things I’ve actually claimed, Rhodes, not for those you want to push onto me.

              I don’t know who’ll win in November. Neither do you. The difference is: I’m not pretending to know, but you are.

      2. “Yet in his discussions of arrests, Mr. Turley disproportionately focuses on those on the left, not on white supremacists. Why?”

        Because we can all note the violence in the streets and the deaths and injuries that have occurred. This violence is from the left and is promoted by democrat mayors and governors. The feds are now becoming involved in charging these criminals so I think we will see a lessening of this type of criminal activity.

        If one looks at the politics of white supremecists one finds their politics is all over the place. One of the best known white supremecists who has some “cogent” policies supports many of those things that come from the left. This is not surprising since throughout America’s entire history it has been the left that acted in a racist fashion, supported slavery and opposed civil rights. The left has done a lot of damage to the black community and perhaps the most damage they have done in the recent time frame is to black families and black education.

        1. Regarding your comment, that is and has always been the left’s problem: that they believe something called ‘black education’ exists. If someone is not a capable human being first, the rest falls to pieces before it even begins. Democrat racism never went away, it just changed its vernacular. They have substituted, ‘black ____ (Education, vote, employment, family)’ for ‘n*****’. They are EXACTLY the same party they were a century ago, JFK was an anomaly, like Trump. It would be hilarious how backwardly ignorant these kids are if it weren’t so serious.

      3. CTHD, I don’t think you actually read source documents and methodology, but just cherry pick. The above is your interpretation of Politicos interpretation of Lawfare’s interpretation of a possibly accurate segment of a series of drafts of what is likely a very long report, based on historical DHS reporting. DHS reporting talks about both lone actors, and group activity such as anti-government (which clearly Black Bloc/Antifas would qualify for), religious in the form of Islamic terror cells, and white supremacy lone actors and groups. It is unclear how they might classify BLM triggered shootings like ones that have occurred this year, and in the past as in Dallas in 2016 but I’m sure they are in there somewhere as well. It is prudent to be concerned about all of them, and it doesn’t make any difference if you are killed by radicalized Islam at a gay Miami night club or at the Boston Marathon, by an Antifas member, or by a Tim McVeigh type bombing, Americans are killed. You only seem to care that it isn’t your side.
        But you will be happy to know the DHS is looking at any potential actors in all these categories.

        1. Indeed I am “happy to know the DHS is looking at any potential actors in all these categories.”

          I neither said nor implied that I “only seem to care that it isn’t [my] side.” In fact, I explicitly stated that “I condemn the violence, looting, and destruction in the protests.” It’s hard to get more explicit than that.

          What, exactly, would I have to say in order to convince you that I care about all of it?
          Why would you rather imagine “You only seem to care that it isn’t your side” than deal honestly with all that I said, “Henry”?

          1. CTHD, nice to know that all those people, many minorities, who lose their jobs, savings, and business to looters aren’t experiencing violence. In any case, it’s clear you don’t read the things you cite. The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project report you mention as the source indicating peaceful protesting actually doesn’t include items you yourself say in comments are violence in a category of rioting or causes of loss to violence. In addition, their studies don’t count Antifa shooting people or vice-versa.

            By YOUR definitions in the comments here, the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project report YOU CITE is systematically UNDER REPORTING violence and rioting. So violence and rioting is higher, not lower, than you think, which invalidates your assertions. Hopefully there is more rigor in some of your other comments and citations, but since the others are all opinions, people are right to be skeptical. Have a nice Labor Day weekend.

    2. Do you have any baseball scores or updates from last night? Those would also be off topic.

    3. Antifags like yourself do not condone non violence. Your words are hollow and your actions speak otherwise. All your violent POS stealing weapons , and murdering actually peaceful people will get their day. And as we have seen of late , sooner than later.
      America is tired of the fake outrage and bought violence of the left. You people work for the wealthy soros mob and are just too stupid to see the pawns you are in doing the bidding of these wealthy elite socialists. America ‘s very constitution is under attack from these wealthy violence buying elites… and ill educated antifags/BLM are nowhere smart enough to see hwo they use you….and for good measure some of you enjoy being tools.

      1. You sound rather … triggered, and you’re continuing to fantasize about actions that aren’t mine.

        1. Commit, you’re triggered constantly.

          You’re obviously very afraid, and your fear is delicious.

          1. Rhodes, you continue to imagine that you can read my mind, when you cannot. I assume you’re projecting your own fear onto me.

            1. “you continue to imagine that you can read my mind, when you cannot”

              You say that a lot whenever someone tries to make sense of your comments. That and “projection”.

              1. No, Young, I say it when someone claims that I feel or believe something that I don’t actually feel or believe.

                You’re one of the people who has pretended that I believe something I don’t actually believe. You apparently find it easier to argue against what you imagine than to deal honestly with my actual beliefs. And you and I both know that you’re not trying to have a sincere discussion where you’re trying to honestly understand what I’ve said. where you’re willing to honestly answer the questions posed to you in the course of the discussion, where you refrain from insults.

                If you dislike my responses about projection, how would you suggest that I respond to someone like you or Rhodes who pretends that I feel or believe something that I don’t actually feel or believe?

                Do you want me to simply quote the insults back? For example, should I tell Rhodes “You’re obviously very afraid, and your fear is delicious”? Should I tell Allan that he “demonstrates [his own] propensity to lie”? Should I call phergus an “Antifag”? It doesn’t strike me as that productive, but maybe that’s the way to get through to all of you who get off on insulting and lying about me, to encourage you to grow up. I’d been assuming that it’s better to simply wave it off as projection, but maybe you need me to insult you in kind, and since I’m not going to stoop to introducing that kind of garbage myself, the closest I’ll come is quoting back to you the insults that you (plural) introduced.

                If you think there’s actual evidence for Rhodes bizarre claim that I’m “obviously very afraid,” quote it.

                1. ” Should I tell Allan that he “demonstrates [his own] propensity to lie”?”

                  The problem, Need to be Committed, is that I don’t lie and correct my mistakes. I want to maintain my credibility. On the other hand you lie all the time and when not lying you are distorting or spinning. Just like btb you will repeat over and over again things that have been proven false in the same dumb way btb does even providing citations that don’t prove your case. Your reputation for credibility sucks.

            2. Why would I need to read your mind, when I can just read your words, Commit?

              Your transparently lame attempts at deflection, combined with your sophomoric and repetitive attempts at changing the subject, tell me all I need to know.

              It’s like watching the actions of a spoiled child who thinks she is going to have her lollipop taken away from her….again.

              1. Rhodes, it’s striking that you refer to it as “watching the actions of a spoiled child” when you’re the one posting insults. You continue to project.

                1. You’ve apparently mistaken me for someone who gives a sh*t about your feelings, Commit.

                  That’s because you’re a spoiled rotten self-important little twit, and my treatment of you is a direct reflection of the way you act.

                  You’re just a paid DNC talking points troll.

                  1. On the contrary, Rhodes, I’m well aware that you don’t “give a sh*t” about most people’s feelings, including mine.

                    I’ll simply note your continued projection (complaining about me being “a spoiled rotten self-important little twit,” when you’re the one engaged in name-calling) and your imagined beliefs (that you think I’m paid to post comments).

                    1. It’s a two way street, Commit.

                      Unlike you, I don’t suffer from a vastly overblown sense of self-importance, as a result of being brought up improperly. So I don’t get offended when people attempt to offend me.

                      You on the other hand are offended constantly by anything and anyone who isn’t in lock-step with your sophomoric belief system, that has no basis in the context of most peoples day to day lives.

                      Which is exactly why the “Defund the Police” meme was complete idiocy following mass destruction and rampant violence towards regular citizens in major US cities. Further exacerbated by the fact that the last thing lower middle and lower class black people living in crime ridden neighborhoods want, is less law enforcement thanks to coddled white kids like you. Who will never know what it is like to live in those neighborhoods, day in and day out.

                      Which is why you and your fellow spoiled rotten white kids are a far worse and far larger threat, than the Klan, or white supremacists will ever be, to those peoples well being.

                    2. Rhodes, I don’t care about your opinions enough to be offended by them.
                      I’m simply noting your continued projection.

    4. Earlier in another blog Needs to be Committed linked that video to the already debunked article from the Atlantic. This once again demonstrates her propensity to lie.

      1. Allan,
        I live near Camp Pendleton in San Diego county. I belong to an international organization with a large active and retired military membership. Oathkeepers is another. My colleagues are retired Army, Marine Corps and my closest friend is retired Air Force. If there is any support for Biden or Democrats within the military, it’s not being discussed anywhere I can find. If Democrats want to float the idea the military will intervene after the election if it’s disputed, I say good. He has our support.

        1. “If there is any support for Biden or Democrats within the military, it’s not being discussed anywhere I can find.”

          Then you should improve your search skills.

          “Trump’s popularity slips in latest Military Times poll — and more troops say they’ll vote for Biden”
          And that was 5 days ago, before the Atlantic article and confirmation from other sources (including Fox News) that Trump has privately disparaged the military and refused to drive to the Aisne-Marne American cemetery, even though other world leaders did drive there, as did Gen. John Kelly and Gen. Joe Dunford. There are photos of Gen. Kelly’s and Gen. Dunford’s visit on the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery / American Battle Monuments Commission website: https://www.abmc.gov/aisne-marne

          And the Military Times’ report is confirmed by other news reports, such as Time Magazine:
          “Trump’s support among military voters is tanking,”
          and US News and World Report:
          “Half of the Military Disapproves of Trump as Commander in Chief: Poll
          “The poll shows the president trailing Joe Biden by 6 points. He led Hillary Clinton by 20 points in a comparable poll four years ago.”

          Here’s part of the confirmation from Fox News that I noted above:

          Jen Griffin, Fox News’ National Security Correspondent (twitter.com/JenGriffinFNC/status/1301975321495973889):
          “Two former sr Trump admin officials confirm .@JeffreyGoldberg reporting that President Trump disparaged veterans and did not want to drive to honor American war dead at Aisne-Marne Cemetery outside Paris. …
          “Re: trip to mark 100th anniversary of WW I
          “Source: ‘The President was not in a good mood. Macron had said something that made him mad about American reliability and the need perhaps for a European army. He questioned why he had to go to two cemeteries. ‘Why do I have to do two’?’
          “President Trump’s staff explained he could cancel (his visit to the cemetery), but he was warned, ‘They (the press) are going to kill you for this’. The President was mad as a hornet when they did.
          “When asked IF the President could have driven to the Aisne-Marne Cemetery, this former official said confidently: ‘The President drives a lot. The other world leaders drove to the cemeteries. He just didn’t want to go.’”

          Trump didn’t drive there because he didn’t want to go. He’s not patriotic.

          And he’s continuing to lie about it. For example, on Thursday, in an attempt to excuse his behavior, Trump falsely claimed that he “called home, I spoke to my wife and I said ‘I hate this. I came here to go to that ceremony.’ And to the one that was the following day which I did go to. I said I feel terribly. And that was the end of it.” But Melania wasn’t “home,” and Trump didn’t call her about it. She was with Trump in France, and her WH travel readout stated at the time that “Due to inclement weather, the First Lady and President were unable to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial in Belleau, France.” (whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/readout-first-lady-melania-trumps-visit-france/)

          Trump lies all the time.

          In that same thread, Griffin also noted:
          “According to one former senior Trump administration official: ‘When the President spoke about the Vietnam War, he said, ‘It was a stupid war. Anyone who went was a sucker’.’
          “This former official heard the President say about American veterans: ‘What’s in it for them? They don’t make any money.’ Source: ‘It was a character flaw of the President. He could not understand why someone would die for their country, not worth it.’
          “I read the source a few quotes from The Atlantic article. This former Trump admin official said, ‘The President would say things like that. He doesn’t know why people join the military. He would muse, ‘Why do they do it’?’ …
          “Regarding Trump’s July 4th military parade, during a planning session at the White House after seeing the Bastille Day parade in 2017, the President said regarding the inclusion of ‘wounded guys’ ‘that’s not a good look’ ‘Americans don’t like that,’ source confirms.
          “Regarding McCain, ‘The President just hated John McCain. He always asked, ‘Why do you see him as a hero?’ Two sources confirmed the President did not want flags lowered but others in the White House ordered them at half mast. There was a stand off and then the President relented.”

          Why do you support an unpatriotic liar like Trump?

          1. Then you should improve your search skills.

            Why? You keep pushing links that confirm your bias. I live in and among the real world of veterans. That kind of confirmation will never be found in a poll.

            1. Because you said “it’s not being discussed anywhere I can find.” If you cannot find it, either you aren’t looking, or you have weak search skills.

              You’re relying on a convenience sample, Olly (the people you talk to). Do you understand why convenience samples are often misleading?

              1. You’re relying on a convenience sample, Olly (the people you talk to).

                You have no idea what my sample size is or how I gather data. It’s really pathetic how you have to experience life like a video game. What you have is artificial experience, certainly with regard to the military.

                1. “You have no idea what my sample size is or how I gather data.”

                  I said nothing about sample size.

                  And I do have a sense of how you gather data, because you’ve told me things about how you gather data or the (lack of) results of your data gathering efforts — things like “If there is any support for Biden or Democrats within the military, it’s not being discussed anywhere I can find,” and “I live in and among the real world of veterans.”

                  1. Well you have the senses of a gamer about the real world. I’m finished with you. Thanks for trying.

            2. Needs to be Committed complains you use a convenience sample, but was the sample used in this poll any better? We have no data of the selection process or any of the other important stuff. Was it done across the world or just in Virginia? Did the sampling favor career soldiers? Was it blinded or did the responses have to do with what the person thought was ‘the correct answer’. Loads of other questions.

      2. She’s nailing all those down who argue with her, in endless knots of fake news that can’t be disentangled, so that you are not busy posting positive content. Instead, just trying to refute her lies. wasting time and energy, being trolled

        There is an old proverb, ” a liar can make up ten new lies in the time it takes to refute one old one”

        ergo, just ignore her or tell her she’;s a stinking foul mouthed liar and be done with it

        1. “ergo, just ignore her or tell her she’s a stinking foul mouthed liar and be done with it”

          Kurtz, for now I am going to leave that to you as you do it so well.

    5. CTHD, do you define looting, destruction of private or public property, or trespass as violence? Or as peaceful protest?

      1. Henry, you need to include a third category: neither.

        An example of a relevant definition for “violence” (Merriam-Webster): “the use of physical force so as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy.”

        “destruction of private or public property” falls in that category, so I’d call it violent. Looting (as distinct from breaking down doors and windows in the first place) and trespass do not, and so are neither violence nor peaceful protest.

        But the vast majority of the protesters this summer did not engage in violence.

        For example, from “Demonstrations & Political Violence in America: New Data for Summer 2020” (the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project report that I linked to above):
        “Between 26 May, the day after Floyd’s death, and 22 August, ACLED records over 7,750 demonstrations linked to the BLM movement across more than 2,440 locations in all 50 states and Washington, DC. … The vast majority of demonstration events associated with the BLM movement are non-violent (see map below). In more than 93% of all demonstrations connected to the movement, demonstrators have not engaged in violence or destructive activity. Peaceful protests are reported in over 2,400 distinct locations around the country. Violent demonstrations, meanwhile, have been limited to fewer than 220 locations — under 10% of the areas that experienced peaceful protests. In many urban areas like Portland, Oregon, for example, which has seen sustained unrest since Floyd’s killing, violent demonstrations are largely confined to specific blocks, rather than dispersed throughout the city.”
        And if you’re wondering about “more than 2,440 locations” vs. “over 2,400 distinct locations” and “fewer than 220 locations,” some locations (e.g., Portland, DC, Seattle) had more than one day of protests, and had a mix of totally peaceful protests on some days and protests with some violence on other days, and a single city might also have protests in different parts of the city, with some that were totally peaceful and others including violence.

    6. “but they need to be peaceful and non-destructive.”

      The reason they are not, and the reason they will never be, is because the Antifa/BLM crowd are Marxists intent on insurrection.

      They hate personal liberty, and core principles this country was founded on.

      Which is why the Marxists will be destroyed.

  15. Assuming they are guilty, I am hoping they are pushing for speedy trials and maximum sentences.

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