Turley Speaks At National Media Law Conference

Today I have the pleasure of speaking at the Media Law Conference, the largest legal organization of media defense practitioners. The panel discussion is entitled “The Roaring 20s: The Decade Ahead in Libel, Privacy, National Security & Newsgathering and Other First Amendment Law.” 

Joining me in the discussion will be Floyd Abrams Cahill Gordon; Mary-Rose Papandrea University of North Carolina School of Law; Ben Wizner ACLU; and Jonathan Anschell ViacomCBS Media Networks.

I will be discussing new issues in biometric privacy and the erosion of free speech protections in the United States and abroad.

12 thoughts on “Turley Speaks At National Media Law Conference”

  1. Everybody at that conference knows by now that Turley has become a Trump enabler apologist and shill and he should be treated that way. Turley has brought this on himself with repeated misinformation on Trump and Barr.

  2. So the CIA and the FBI wanted to know about Clinton getting information from the Russians to launch her smear campaign. Obama was in the room. Biden has more than once claimed that Obama always kept him in the loop. Was good old Joe in the room? Just asking for a friend.

  3. The prosecutor who charged the McCloskeys should be sued for civil rights violations. Second Amendment.

  4. I think this piece is the biggest news I’ve seen, maybe ever. Maybe it’s saying all those assets you/we thought we had now we don’t. That you/I are not Freemen but now the Globalist B.astards Slaves! Maybe we always were?

    I’ll have to digest this on but my sense say reject the Fed’s digital currency crap today.

    Instead, how about moving to Gold/Silver/PM Refinery Receipts for Money as opposed to the Fed’s BS crap currency?

    Special Reports
    Fed Announces It Will Quit Printing Paper Money
    The David Knight Show
    October 5th 2020, 5:40 pm
    A digital currency will be forced by the elite in the near future.


  5. No one said Grand Juries could not be a bunch of ignorant GD American Hating Commie/Fascist. Huge demand for trigger pullers coming up fast.

    Grand Jury Indicts St. Louis Couple Who Used Guns to Hold Off Protesters
    Mark McCloskey addresses the press alongside his wife Patricia on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020, outside the Carnahan Courthouse, in St. Louis, Mo. The couple’s hearing scheduled for Tuesday was postponed until next week. The McCloskeys were charged in July with brandishing guns at protesters outside their Portland Place mansion in …
    Laurie Skrivan/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP
    AWR Hawkins6 Oct 202036

    A grand jury indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey Tuesday on charges related to their June 28, 2020, use of guns to keep protesters away from their home.

    KSDK reports that the grand jury indicted the McCloskeys on “exhibiting a weapon and tampering with evidence.”

    Breitbart News reported that Mark held an AR-15 and Patricia held a handgun on June 28, in hopes of deterring protesters from damaging their home or property.

    Video of the couple standing outside their home went viral:

    Breitbart News reported an investigation was opened against the McCloskeys on June 30, just two days after they stood with guns to protect their property.


    1. No problem! They will beat the rap. Even if they get convicted it will be a trivial sentence. Worth it to show the world you got BAAALLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  6. here’s the thing. First amendment is just a tool for big global media corporations to toss their weight around, and for those who want to suppress the public religious expressions of Christians for fear of them. it sees little other significant use these days.

    most regular folks would not even notice if it were chucked on the ashheap of history. right now it only serves global media and bureaucratic elites

    the real story, which Turley often captures, is how little freedom of expression we the small people truly enjoy, ;constantly bedevilled by thought police on every major social medium, in the class rooms, and the professional licensing authorties, and the hate-hating self appointed and self righteous “Watchdogs.”

    For us it’s already gone, history

    1. I’ve never meet this Pastor, but I think him for stand up for our Rights, after all they’re not Suggestions!!!!

      About: 30 minutes

      Pastor Tony Spell: Arrested For Obeying God

      Oct 6, 2020
      The David Knight Show
      The David Knight Show

      Tony Spell, Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, LA (LTCBR.com), on 7 months of live worship without COVID sickness, government attacks including arrest and the fight over the First Amendment

      For viral content, in-depth insights and breaking news be sure to follow David Knight on Parlor and Twitter @Libertytarian

  7. Prof Turley,

    What Law would you be speaking of?????

    What law there was in the US has collapsed completely by the Commie/Fascist American Hating Aholes still using Karl Marx/Hegelianism tactics.

    More later.


    BREAKING: DNI Declassifies Handwritten Notes From John Brennan, 2016 CIA Referral On Clinton Campaign’s Collusion Operation
    On Tuesday, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified and released to Congress handwritten notes from former CIA Director John Brennan as well as a CIA investigative referral to James Comey and Peter Strzok requesting that they investigate Russian knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s anti-Trump collusion smear operation.


    1. “According to the declassified notes, Brennan and the U.S. intelligence community knew months prior to the 2016 election that the collusion smear was the result of a campaign operation hatched by the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

      “We’re getting additional insight into Russian activites from [REDACTED],” Brennan’s handwritten notes state. “Cite alleged approval by Hillary Clinton–on 26 July–of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to villify [sic] Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security services.”

      The notes appear to have been prepared by Brennan to memorialize a meeting held at the White House with the president and his top national security advisers.”

      ah. this is telling. and here i was thinking that brennan was a seditionist. but apparenlty HILLARY green lighted the plot. pathetic wretches, all of them!

      1. This revelation does not clear Brennan of using his CIA position to help manufacture a predicate for Crossfire Hurricane. It could be Brennan’s way of trying to innoculate himself as a target. Durham knows enough about CIA tactics to look at Brennan as an actor in this plot well before having the meeting with Obama.

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