Biden Slams CBS Reporter For Asking About The Hunter Biden Scandal

For years, many of us have criticized President Donald Trump for his attacks on the media when they asked him about controversies involving him or his family.  The media however has been largely silent as Democratic leaders have ratcheted up attacks on any journalists who question their positions. That was evident recently when Speaker Nancy Pelosi bizarrely attacked CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer as an apologist for the Trump Administration simply because he pressed her on blocking the stimulus package. Other liberals attacked Blitzer after the interview.  Now Joe Biden slammed the first network reporter who asked for a response to the unfolding scandal involving his son Hunter Biden. In emails found on the laptop, Joe Biden is named in communications with foreign figures seeking influence over U.S. policy. Biden refused to comment and then disparaged CBS News reporter Bo Erickson for even asking him the question.

Erickson simply asked “Mr. Biden, what is your response to the New York Post story about your son, sir?”

Biden responded “I have no response.” Then Biden added “I know you’d ask it. I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

Biden has been hammered for refusing to tell voters whether he will support packing the Supreme Court. This however concerns emails where there are not just allegations of influence peddling worth millions coming from China, Russia, and Ukraine but references his possible knowledge or involvement. As I wrote recently, there is a striking refusal of the Biden campaign to offer the expected responses to such allegations.

I have expressed my skepticism over how this laptop was found and when it was disclosed publicly. This could very well be the work of foreign intelligence. However, as I discussed this morning in the Hill, that does not mean that the emails and photos are fabricated. Many of us have long denounced Hunter Biden’s work as a classic influence peddling scheme. That does not make it a crime, but it is a common form of corruption in Washington. These emails however, if true, would contradict Joe Biden’s past statements of his lack of knowledge or involvement. Moreover, it would shatter Joe Biden’s repeated assurance that his son did “nothing wrong.”  One can argue over whether this is a crime, but few would say that there is nothing wrong with raw influence peddling worth millions with foreign entities.

Now however the question is how other journalists will respond. ABC has yet to even air the allegations and failed to ask a single question to Biden on the scandal during the recent town hall event. Whether these emails are fabricated or authentic, this story is major news. The question is whether there are major news organizations willing to report it.

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  1. For those of us who have chosen to stick with President Trump instead of embracing a corrupt man with early stages dementia and a Vice Presidential candidate like Kamala, Brandon Straka (WalkAway) has made a video as a tribute to the “patriots”:

    1. Funny how those with words like “honest,” “truth,” and so forth in their self-identifications so often show a strong inclination against honesty, truth, etc. The human condition.

      1. For the past several months we had someone using “Honest” in the profile name who was perpetually dishonest. Eventually they changed their profile name to…..Sanpete

        1. Hard to tell if a lot of the comments here are serious or parody. Maybe serious paranoia and self-parody.

          1. 3:25PM Anon. is referring to a commenter named CommitToHonestDiscussion who hasn’t been around for a couple of days. You clearly aren’t her.

            Speaking of which, there used to be someone named Sanpete who commented at NPR when they had comments. Are you that person?

              1. OK, Im busted. I use many sockpuppets and will do everything within my keyboard potential to obfuscate, dissemble, confabulate and CommitToHardDaysWoke, all from St Petersburg Russia, on NPR

            1. Communist trolls feed on induced responses.

              “If you [ignore] it, [s]he will [go].”

              – The Voice, Field of Dreams

  2. 2 Trump rally goers in Minnesota now hospitalized for #COVID19 out of 20 cases from Trump rally. 4 of 20 people said they participated in counter-protests that same day. MN officially declares 2000-person airplane hanger rally an OUTBREAK.

    Normal people would have reconsidered the prudence of holding large, unmasked, gatherings if a friend died after attending one of their events. This president doubled down.

    1. CDC says about 80% of new cases were with people who were masks most or all the time.

      They are reassuring but not very effective.

      1. The increase in positive cases is a very good thing, actually an excellent thing. Recall that CFR is a result of total number of deaths (numerator) divided by total number infected (denominator). With more infections comes not a proportional number of deaths but rather a reduction in CFR. I have been stating for months that the reported CFR is bogus precisely because the number of positives (denominator) is based on selection bias, i.e. those admitted to hospitals. Now we are learning that the positive infected rate is 6% – 16% greater than originally reported (see below), meaning CFR is incredibly lower than what we were told.

        As more numbers of people are reported to have produced antibodies to the virus, it supports the fact that COVID-19 is a flu bug. The news media merely focuses on those few who have died due to comorbidities like nursing home patients.

        The 14 deaths reported Friday raised Minnesota’s toll to 2,121. Among those who’ve died, about 71 percent had been living in long-term care or assisted living facilities; nearly all had underlying health problems.

        Of the 109,312 cases of the disease confirmed in the pandemic to date, about 89 percent have recovered to the point they no longer need to be isolated. The positive test rate trend remains around 5 percent, a threshold of concern for public authorities trying to stem the spread of the disease.

        “Even though we’re testing a lot more people, a consistent high rate of positivity means there’s a lot of disease out there,” Kris Ehresmann, the state’s infectious disease director, told reporters Friday.

            1. Since when is a false moral accusation about another person not defamation ?

              There appear to be multiple different studies released about the same time.

              I linked to a cdc meta study several days ago that found no effect to any government policy – social distancing, masks, shutdown in real world data.

              I am seeing a variety of different numbers on masks – from 71% to 85% of new cases wore masks.

              The differences are not critical. What is clear is that mask wearing has no significant effect in the real world.

              Exactly why is not known. Maybe people are wearing masks badly, or have poor masks. Any number of factors are possible.

              The POINT is the real world is NOT the laboratory.

              HCQ is incredibly effective “in vitro” – it is only 20% effective in the real world.

        1. Do you read what you link ?

          From the report you linked to:

          “In the 14 days before illness onset, 71% of case-patients and 74% of control-participants reported always using cloth face coverings or other mask types when in public”

          So this report is saying that 71% of those who reported getting C19 wore masks in public.
          Sounds like Olly is correct and you owe him and appolgy.

          1. Anonymous seldom reads what he links to. He expects everyone to ignore the links. I have found many of his links to have nothing to do with the subject matter and to disagree with his opinion. He then says nothing but when you repeat that this has happened he wants everyone to go back and find the information he ran away from. This is chronic. He is not credible.

    2. It’s a matter of scant interest if those taken ill are (1) under 50 or (2) under 60 and are not bedeviled by excess weight.

  3. Trump spending the closing days of his failing reelection campaign going after GOP senators (first Collins, now Sasse) for crossing him rather than getting a stimulus bill done for his voters is a pretty solid metaphor for the whole President Trump Experience.

    Trump tweeting about Sasse this morning –

    “The least effective of our 53 Republican Senators, and a person who truly doesn’t have what it takes to be great, is Little Ben Sasse of Nebraska, a State which I have gladly done so much to help. @SenSasse was as nice as a RINO can be until he recently won the Republican Nomination to run for a second term. Then he went back to his rather stupid and obnoxious ways. Must feel he can’t lose to a Dem. Little Ben is a liability to the Republican Party, and an embarrassment to the Great State of Nebraska. Other than that, he’s just a wonderful guy!

    Senator Little Ben Sasse of the Great State of Nebraska seems to be heading down the same inglorious path as former Senators Liddle’ Bob Corker, whose approval rating in Tennessee went from 55% to 4%, & Jeff “the Flake” Flake, whose approval rating in Arizona went from 56% to practically nothing. Both Senators became totally unelectable, couldn’t come even close to winning their primaries, and decided to drop out of politics and gracefully “RETIRE”. @SenSasse could be next, or perhaps the Republicans should find a new and more viable candidate?”

    Trump’s just p*ssed that Sasse criticized him.

    1. The entire country – except you knows where the fault regarding the Stimulus lies.

      That said I am happy Pelosi is sitting on it.

      We do not need to waste more money on C19.

      More money solves nothing. You can not make standard of living rising by spending more money – if you could zimbabwe and the Weimar republic would be wealthy.

      Wealth must be produced – that is businesses back doing what they do – without interferance from the government.

      Neither Trump nor Pelosi understand that – or if they do, they also grasp that their personal political benefits outweigh those of the country.

      If as you claim – Republican’s are not monolithic – that is a good thing, something democrats might want to learn.

        1. “Democrats aren’t monolithic”

          Correct, but they are enthrall to their own far left wing as they can not win national elections without them.

          This is much like the Past GOP had to be very careful regarding Evangelical Christians. But the Evangelicals power has collapsed and they no longer control the GOP.

          But the radical left does control the DNC.

          “and don’t need to learn anything from Repubs”

          If you can not learn from the mistakes of others then you are doomed to repeat them.

          1. Evangelicals never controlled the GOP. They were and remain an influential vector. The GOP establishment pocketed their votes and rolled over every time their evangelical constituency was assaulted.

            1. Evangelicals were in the same position in the 80’s and 90’s that the far left is today.

              They were a minority within the GOP – but sufficient a minority that sitting out an election would doom any GOP candidate.

              That is exactly where the Democrats are with their far left flank – they can not win without them, and at the same time they are so extreme they alienate the center.

              Absolutely the GOP failed Evangelicals – sort of. Just as democrats have Mostly failed progressives.

              Regardless, the GOP has resolved its evangelical problem – their power is diminished and they are going to vote Republican.
              Other related groups such as the Tea Party have supplanted the Evangelicals – there is lots of overlap between the TP and evangelicals.
              But the TP platform is more paletable to moderates. Trumpism is a permutation of the TP platform.

              Another major factor in TP and Trumpism is that both are more libertarian friendly than Evangelicals.

              Finally Trumpism contains a significant and successful outreach to Blue collar workers, that has stipped democrats of a key voting block that they took completely for granted for decades. And Trumpism is attempting to appeal to minority voters who also feel ignored by democrats for decades.

              Between the TP and Trump Republicans have a solid foundation moving into the future.

              While the democratic coalition is (and always has been) more fragile.

              There is little question that Future GOP presidential candidates will reflect nearly all of Trump’s political values for a long time.
              There is an open question whether they will also mirror his style.

              I strongly suspect that too may be the case.

              Democrats, the left and the media are unlikely to abandon this Racist, Nazi. Homophobic, hateful, hating hater nonsense,
              and so long as they continue to do so, any successful republican must “pinch back twice as hard”

              The Romney’s and McCaine’s and the less agreessive Republicans will be pummelled by the left and the media, and those voting blocks that feel the media and the left is attacking THEM will feel abandoned if the Republican does not fight back and defend them.

        2. Actually, Democrats are monolithic. Different components of the Democratic Party play different roles, but they have similar aims. Those aims are to abuse and dispossess people they fancy are social enemies.

          1. All democrats are not like that. I do not even think a majority are.

            What you describe is a consequence of the power of the extreme left.

            Democratic politicians can not get elected without the extreme left.

            This makes the democratic party unstable.

            Blue collar voters are not the only large groups the DNC can not afford to lose.

            Hispanic minorities are almost entirely catholic – and many are deeply religious.
            Some Hispanic minorities have fled leftist regimes in Cuba, Venezuella, Nicaragua and they are NOT fans of socialism.

            Minorities generally and hispanics in particular are prospering with each new generation, and moving up the ladder shifts them more conservative.

            Just a 5% change in the US minority vote would cost the democratic party all national elections for the foreseable future.

            There has been and will continue to be a huge GOP outreach to minority voters.

            The political war of the next few decades will be over minority voters.

    2. A rational man has to wonder about Sasse’s motivation for his unprovoked character assassination of the sitting POTUS of his own party with an election pending within two weeks. It is of course unreasonable political back-stabbing, and goes far beyond ‘criticism’ given the circumstances. His comments suggest an attempt to torpedo the GOP efforts to maintain control of the Senate.

      1. My take on his performance during the hearings is that he’s enamored with the sound of his own voice.


    In the above column Turley writes: “the unfolding scandal involving his son Hunter Biden. In emails found on the laptop..”.

    Hold it right here! In no coverage I have read can the shop owner honestly say that Hunter Biden was the party who left said laptop at the shop. So right there this bogus ‘scandal fails to meet any accepted threshold of factual evidence.

    The truth is that Connecticut Federal Attorney John Durham has signaled that his investigation has come up short. There will be ‘no’ October surprise by Durham & Company. Therefore the Trump forces are desperate for a ‘scandal’ to halt Joe Biden’s sleep walk to landslide victory.

    However this Hunter Biden laptop ‘scandal’ is a sinkhole of suspicious links with Rudy Giuliani, of all people, at the very center. Sean Hannity’s former producer happens to play a key role. What’s more, The New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News.

    One recalls that 4 years ago Clinton emails were found on former Congressman’s Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Weiner was famously the troubled husband of Hillary’s main lieutenant. It was widely alleged that Giuliani had used his connections to get that story leaked from the FBI’s New York office.

    So 4 years later we have another ’emails found on laptop story’ with Rudy Giuliani the facilitator. How contrived!! Could Trump loyalists not even think of a fresh ‘scandal’?? They had to use the very same playbook again?? No wonder Facebook and Twitter wanted no part in speading this manure! Yet here Professor Turley feels compelled to put this manure out.

    1. So according to YOU – the laptop and Content IS Hinter Biden’s – and yet you rush off on a tangent regarding Guliani ?

      Either the contants of the latop are actually Hunter’s – in which case Hunter Biden is a sleave, and a crook, and an addict – all things we already know to be true. AND his Father is a Liar, AND The entire Biden family has been corruptly profiting from government service for decades.

      Of course NONE of this is news – we all know it to be true. What is not known – is what will it take for left wing nuts to grasp that they are trading a loud mouth they do not like for an ACTUAL liar who can not be trusted about anything.

      I have no idea where Turley’s claim this is dome Russian OP came from.

      Nor do I care. While we do not know whether the DNC emails were released by a leak or a Russian Hack – that remains a TANGENT.

      For they are true.

      How these emails, photo’s and videos ended up in the Posts possession is irrelevant. Explore it if you wish, but what matters is whether the information is TRUE.

      Given that the Biden campaign is trying to get the hard drive back (after the cos is out of the barn) that is an admission that the informaiton is true. You can not legally recover property that is not yours.

      If the information is false – the appropriate legal remedy is a defamation claim.

      Personally /i find all this a giant YAWN – There has been plenty of evidence that Biden is corrupt. I do not need him on video taking bribes from Russians to grasp that.

      What is disturbing is that those of you are the left are holding your hands over your eyes and yelling “I can not see anything wrong”.

      1. Maybe all of the contents are real.

        Maybe it’s a mix of real contents and disinformation.

        If some of the information is false, a defamation claim can be filed later.

        1. Any mixed choice is highly unlikely.

          The claim is that the information came from two mac laptops that Hinter left for repairs last April, and then refused to pay for.

          After extensive efforts to collect the computer shop owner turned the files over to DOJ but also made a copy which he provided to the NY POST.

          Purportedly Hunter has already demanded that the courts order the return of HIS hard drives.

          If they actually are his and he pays for the repairs he likely can demand that. But it is too late to pull back the files that have become public.

          If they are “disinformation” – then why is he filing in court for their return ?

          You have no property rights in things that are not yours – though you may have a defamation claim.

          Conversely you have property rights – if you pay the repair costs in the equipment and can get it returned.

          What is near impossible is for the information/Drives to be Hunters AND disinformation.

          If this is disinformation – that should be trivially provable.

          Prove that a single email. picture, video is fabricated and that will cast doubt on all of it.

          The Biden campaign has only made a half hearted effort at that – claiming the meeting with the Burisma #3 was not in Biden’s calendar.

          It is not likely it would have been. People do not calendar corrupt meetings.

          Regardless there are private photos and video’s and other damning information about Hunter – if any of it were not true – we would know by now.

          1. “If they are “disinformation” – then why is he filing in court for their return ?” is what’s known as a loaded question, which assumes he filing in court for their return when you clearly don’t know that.

        2. I would separately note that if VP Biden met with the Burisma #3 before blackmailing Ukraine to fire Shokin, that is an actual impeachable offense. It is substantially worse than what Democrats alleged against Trump.

          It would be a real crime.

  5. The MSM is totally biased against Trump withholding the truth and creating lies. They are totally attached to the DNC and social media has blocked loads of people talking about Hunter’s emails along with a major newspaper, the New York Post. They also blocked Breitbart and have not permitted a whole host of conservative blogs to monetize their work product on the net. Project Veritas has been blocked many times but remains open at present. As an aside last I heard Project Veritas has another big case for libel. This time it is The New York Times and if it goes to trial Project Veritas will win.

    Social media blasts Trump town hall moderator Guthrie, asks why no questions to Biden on son Hunter
    Andrew Clark of the Trump campaign tweeted during the first portion of the event that it was a debate between the president and the moderator.

    Ice Cube says CNN canceled his interview because they ‘can’t handle the truth’
    “We can’t afford not to negotiate with whoever is in power,” said the Hip Hop star, who’s helped President Trump on plan to help black communities.

    Social media blasts Trump town hall moderator Guthrie, asks why no questions to Biden on son Hunter
    Andrew Clark of the Trump campaign tweeted during the first portion of the event that it was a debate between the president and the moderator.


  6. Texts show raw, intimate exchange between Joe and Hunter Biden

    Joe Biden texts his son in rehab “Good morning my beautiful son. I miss you and love you. Dad”.

    Trump wouldn’t be loving with a child in rehab.

    Jonathan Martin of the Times says “It is hard to think of a more powerful, viral in-kind contribution that Rudy could have given Biden. Can’t overstate how turned off casual voters were by Trump humiliating Biden about his son in first debate. Have heard it repeatedly from non political types.”

    1. The media will spin it as a sympathy story for poor Hunter, the family druggie who just tried so hard and still failed, and yet look at the loving father Joe Biden has been throughout it all, never disowning his wayward troubled son. What a nice guy Joe Biden is. What a good dad Biden is. Don’t we all know someone who is an addict struggling to overcome their addictions? Wouldn’t we all want to have a loving family like Joe Biden’s? Watch. This will be the spin to avoid looking at the real and troubling and disqualifying corruption of the Biden Crime Family.

      1. If Joe Biden knew what his son was up to, and he was in on it, and Joe Biden was “the big guy” getting a cut of the action (not just his son, but his brother too?)…and Hunter Biden was giving “the big guy” 50% of his “salary” and “paying for everything in the family” for decades, and Joe Biden allowed his son to do this…or actually put his drug-addicted son in this position all these years in the “family business”?? What the hell does THAT say about Joe Biden’s moral compass for pete’s sake?

        There is a lot to probe in this story. And we know the media will do everything it can to protect Joe Biden for the next few weeks to get him over the finish line.

        1. The only thing that matters is whether VP Joe Biden used his position as VP to personally benefit his family.

          That Hunter Biden is a rotten scoundrel and that his father still loves him is mostly meaningless.

          That Joe Biden lied about knowing and being involved in his Son’s corrupt influence pedaling is HUGE.

          This not merely makes Biden look corrupt – but it makes the whole democratic party and the media corrupt.

          Trump was impeached for asking about specificallyt this corruption.

          We have been told by the media and the democrats over and over that it is a hoax, debunked. Didn’t happen.

          Those of us with working brains grasped that Joe Biden has been selling out the country for his family for years.

          The rest – are still buying the hoax nonsense.

          1. So prove that Hunter engaged in influence pedaling and Joe Biden lied about it.

            1. “So prove that Hunter engaged in influence pedaling and Joe Biden lied about it.”

              As to Biden lied – that is trivial. Biden said he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings. That he did not even know he worked for Burisma. There is plenty of emails and correspondence with the VP’s office and with the State department, and with the Press to demonstrate that JB was aware of HB’s dealings. You have just been head in the sand over it.

              But the newly released emails put JB in direct contact with Burisma through HB.

              As to Corruption –
              1). The UKraine PG (Shokin) was investigating Burisma for corruption.
              2). Hunter Biden was hired by Burisma.
              3). Hunter through his lawyers lobbied the US State department to shutdown the Burisma investigation.
              4). Joe Biden met witht he Burisma #2 and lied publically about both his own and his son’s dealinfs with Burisma.
              5). Joe Biden as VP of the United States threatened to withold aide from the Ukraine if they did not fire a prosecutor who was investigatin a company that his Son was on the board of.

              That is pretty classic influence peddling.

              BTW there has NEVER been any doubt that Hunter has been influence peddling. It is not illegal for him to do so and he has been relatively open about it in his correspondence.

              Trading on his father’s name is not illegal – actually delivering influence from his father the VP is – but it is illegal for Joe not Hunter.

              1. John Say writes:

                “But the newly released emails put JB in direct contact with Burisma through HB.”

                No, it doesn’t.

                1. JF – read them – they absolutely do.

                  The only question is whether they are authentic and accurate.

                  They say what they say – and it is damning.

                  I will note that there are really only two possibilities here – the entire things is a fraud – a massive russian disinformation, and the odds of that are near zero. There are too many things that all tie together from multiple sources – including the US state department that each corroborate significant portions of the other.

                  But I fully expect the press and the govenrment to investigate that. But what I want from them is FACTS – not rumor, and oppinions from anonymous sources.

                  The other is that this is correct and that Biden is the most corrupt VP the US has ever had.

                  There is not some middle ground here.

                  If these documents are authentic and accurate there is no innocent explanation.

                  1. John does not explain how the emails put Joe Biden in contact with Burisma. He can’t.

                    1. I do not need to.

                      The one commonly cited email thanks Hunter for the meeting with Joe.
                      Either the author of the email – a top Burisma executive is addle brained or lying – or he Met Joe.

                      Since this is a legal blog – lets put this in the context of a criminal trial.

                      Does a prosecutor need to put the killer and the victim in the same room at the same time to prove murder ?

                      If the murderer and victim agree by email to meet at a time and place. If immediately after that time and place the victim is found shot and the alleged murderer is found with a gun that matches the one used to kill the victim – is he going to be convicted ?


                      And we are not dealing with beyond a reasonable doubt as the standard here.

    2. So make the case that Biden is a better father.

      If you beleive that Voters were turned off regarding Trump’s attack’s on Biden – you are free to beleive that – we find out soon.

      Though I find it odd that your argument is “See no evil” – few care much about Hunter Biden’s misconduct.

      We do expect that Biden will love his son no matter what.

      We do NOT expect that he will abuse his power as VP to benefit his son, his brother, his family.

      There is a difference between loving Hunter Biden despite his flaws and allowing him and the rest of the family to profit off your influence with government.

      Do you have an ACTUAL instance where Trump made decisions as president purely for the benefit of his family ?

      If so – produce them.

      1. Trump visits Trump properties every week purely for the benefit of his family.

        1. Not true.

          Maybe Trump’s family should fly off to Hawaii for annual 3 week luxury vacations in million dollar beach front rentals….where the Secret Service details stay in Waikiki beachfront hotels for the holidays – all billed to taxpayers of course. Where the press ride around following the motorcades that regularly screws up holiday traffic for the locals while the Obama family goes out for a sno-cone? Then the Obama family does it all over again for the month of August on Martha’s Vineyard. Then Palm Springs in Jan, Aspen skiing in Feb, etc etc etc. Let’s talk about the world travel and luxurious vacations the Obamas treated themselves to for eight long years. Spare us.

            1. Trump takes no salary and works endlessly on behalf of the American people. Obama was (and is) a slacker who took numerous luxurious vacations a year and threw weekly lavish parties with celebrities at the White House. Make no mistake, the Obama’s milked every last drop out of the perks and benefits of being in the White House. Every last drop.

              1. You think Mar a Lago and Bedminster and Trump’s other properties aren’t luxurious? Trump vacations all the time.

                John asked Do you have an ACTUAL instance where Trump made decisions as president purely for the benefit of his family ? so I gave him lots of instances.

                1. But you did not.

                  The fact that his family benefits incidentally from Trump continuing his life much as he did before being elected is nothing.

                  Biden met with the #3 at Burisma for the benefit of his son. And blackmailed Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma – to benefit his son.

                  You have nothing close.

                  So long as the Secret Service must follow the president arround, tax payers foot the bill.

                  But Trump is still free to golf where he wishes.

                2. “You think Mar a Lago … aren’t luxurious? ”

                  You should realize that Mar a Lago is Trump’s home. He is a Florida resident. Florida has a lot of residents with more than one home. Mar a lago is luxurious and was luxurious before Trump even bought it.

                  Regarding Mar a Lago: Your point?

                  1. If you don’t understand the point, Allan, it’s because you rely on email and can’t be bothered to read comments in context. You want to be bottle fed.

                    Trump signed tax documents saying that Mar a Lago wasn’t a residence, only a business.

                    1. “only a business”

                      Contrary to your understanding Mar a Lago is also a home. It is also a place he entertains foreign dignitaries dealing with affairs of the state along with domestic affairs. One could call it the Southern White House.

                      Now back to the question.

                      Regarding Mar a Lago: Your point?

              2. Trump watches TV for about 4 hours most days.


                President Term Vacations Days Total Costs
                45 Donald Trump 2017-2020 24 279 $140m[10]
                44 Barack Obama 2009-2017 112 328 $96m[12]

                1. Do not care.

                  I do not care how Trump spends his time – or Obama, or Bush or …
                  Reagan was famous for lots of vacations.

                  He was also a great president.

                  Obama and Bush were abysmal presidents. I doubt they would have been better had they taken less vacations.

                  Trump has accomplished a great deal – that is what matters.

                  1. You think that your opinions are what matters.

                    Other people have different opinions, and your opinions don’t matter to them.

                    1. One judges another’s opinion based on credibility and though everyone makes an error every once in awhile some people are credible and some are not.

                      One can look at the facts one brings to the table to demonstrate why their opinion is likely true. John provides a lot of facts and those facts are based on reasonable data (as opposed to opinion that some claim are facts.)

                      One can look at your facts and opinions and determine your credibility. I won’t judge them here and let everyone else judge for themselves. The truth is quite evident.

                    2. Nope – facts matter.

                      Regardless, free speech is not an opinion. It is a right. Even Putin has it – whether we like it or not.

                      I would further note that not only is it a right,

                      But as a practical matter silencing Putin is not possible short of nuclear war.

                      Is that what you want ?

                      This is a typical left wing nut issue – you think that you can convert your false opinions in to laws and they will work.

                      The left has been ranting about big money in politics. Yet if there were actual strict limits on political money – Trump would be awash in money and Biden would have none.

                      Nearly all Biden’s money is big donors. Nearly all Trump’s is small donors.

                      What you call the optimal political donations system – is what is funding Trump.
                      What you call the most crooked system is what is funding Biden.

                      You claim that Biden is not corrupt ? Why are all these big businesses donating to him ?

                      You claim Trump is ? Why arent the big money donors trying to buy influence with Trump ?

                      The world does not work as you claim.

                      Facts are facts.

                      Most opinions are demonstrably false. It is an opinion shared by some that the earth is flat – that does not make it flat.

                2. Which family was uber wealthy BEFORE getting into politics? Hint: it wasn’t Joe Biden.

                  Which family became uber wealthy BECAUSE of public office? Hint: it wasn’t Donald Trump.

            2. Then change the law.

              Congress decided the president gets secret service protection.

              Getting elected president does not require you to give up your entire life – you are still free to travel, vacation, relax, Golf.
              And you can do so whereever you want.

              But the US government is not obligated to send Secret Service everywhere. to protect you.

              Change the law. I will join you and asking.

          1. His many business properties aren’t all his home, and the previous presidents didn’t charge Secret Service nearly as much.

            1. Trump does not charge the secret Service. The Golf Course do.

              Trump plays some of the best courses in the world. They are expensive. Before he was elected we knew he was a man of very expensive tastes. I beleive he has a gold plated toilet.

              Regardless, if you do not like the rules – change them.

      2. Take a look at the Biden family. A close, loving family? Ok sure. But strange and screwy to say the least. Hunter left his wife of 20 years and mother of his 3 children to start banging his dead brother’s widow, who he then cheated on with a stripper in Arkansas who then had a baby that Hunter denied was his and refused to pay child support forcing the stripper to take him to court only to prove that Hunter is the baby Daddy and THEN Hunter meets, and within 10 days of meeting her, marries his current wife who recently had another baby of his! And all this time Hunter is flying around on Air Force 2 with Dad the sitting VP of the United States cutting deals, or ‘shaking down’ if you will, corrupt, foreign actors and then giving “the Big Guy” his 50% kickback. Oh, but it’s “nothing wrong” and all perfetctly legal they keep telling us. Yep. That’s their story and they are sticking to it.

        1. Hunter Biden isn’t running for office.

          Trump was cheating on his wife with a p0rn star days after his son was born.

          1. Hunter should be in prison according to his Daddy’s crime bill.

            If Hunter was not registered as a foreign agent (and he wasn’t) then he belongs in prison in the same way Paul Manafort was put in prison.

            1. Manafort should not be in prison either.
              But Joe has serious problems here.

              He lied.
              He allowed his son to use his influence.
              He failed to remove himself from matters involving his son.

          2. This is not about Hunter – as titilating as the Hunter information is.

            The BIG deal is that Joe was involved in influence peddling and that he has lied publicly and repeatedly.

            Democrats impeached Trump claiming there was no justification for Trump to investigate Biden.

            Clearly there was, and clearly every democrat who voted for impeachment is corrupt.

        2. I do not think Biden’s family is “fair game” – nor is Trump’s.

          EXCEPT to the extent they engage in Selling influence with their parents government positions.

          And even there the “crime” is one of the parents, not the children.

          Hunter can claim to be able to influence his father the Vice President.

          But the criminal and ethical responsibility is of Joe as VP to remove himself from anything involving his son.

    3. “Trump wouldn’t be loving with a child in rehab.”

      You drew a conclusion without any knowledge what so ever of what Trump would do. Additionally we are looking for a President that is able to do exactly what Trump did, create a great economy and stop getting us into wars.

      Biden used his drug addicted son to act as the in-between man in his lust for money. That is something we see on TV when a crime family is involved.

  7. Hunter Biden’s computer contains thousands upon thousands of emails and tens of thousands of pictures and video.

    The emails reveal the CEC (China Inc.) wanted a high level meeting. Meeting confirmed and Joe Biden met hiding that meeting.

    Joe Biden also met with the #3 guy at Burisma.

    How did Joe Biden handle his role in containing China? China militarized the China Sea and stole American IP. Nothing was done.

    Joe Biden has lied on perhaps the most significant action that any VP has taken in recent years. He sold America down the drain.

  8. Professor Turley has some skepticism regarding Hunter’s computer findings. Good reporting leads to confirmation. The computer data is being confirmed as we speak. There is confirmation by some that were on the other side of the emails along with documentation of a Joe meeting even though his meeting log didn’t record the meeting. There is confirmation in the way a puzzle piece fits into other pieces. That is enough proof for an immediate public discussion on the computer findings with Joe Biden. My understanding is that the FBI had been given the computer awhile back and I don’t know of any denial that what has been released is legitimate. Why wasn’t the FBI investigating this data earlier?

    1. Why are you assuming that the FBI didn’t investigate? They’ve had the computer since December. They normally don’t announce the results of their investigations unless there are charges.

  9. We will never know the truth about Biden’s dealings with Ukraine and the Chinese. Every media muscle in Washington and New York is flexing to protect him.

    When Trump first was elected, I had my doubts about the “Deep State.” After four years, those doubts are gone. My concern now is that by electing a corrupt man suffering from early stages dementia and a Vice President who has no real experience, intelligence or moral compass at all, the Deep State and all of its evils may well cost us this country. The election will pave the way for a take-over by the whiners and entertainers and rioters who have done nothing to build this Country but have surely sucked its blessings nearly dry.

    There should be no surprise. It took Goebbels only a few short years to convince ordinary, religious Germans that it was appropriate to gas the Jews. The propaganda spewed by our media for the past four years has been equally effective although not yet intended to call for the wholesale elimination of those who dissent. So far, the media, academia and their “progressive” leaders have been somewhat selective in whom they seek to destroy but that will change if left unchecked. Even Fox has begun a slight shift toward them.

    I think they all are dangerous spoiled brats who are afraid of their own shadows. Individually, if challenged, they would melt because they have no spine. Imagine the horror of not being invited to a DC party! Just as a lone wolf is vulnerable, however, these so-called journalists have learned to run in packs. The attack on the target starts with the first morning “news cast” and in unison each outlet repeats the claim of the day all day. If any one of their number tries to break free of the pack, they are hunted and hounded mercilessly until they relent and surrender again.

    My hope is that the damage they have done can be healed. Only time will tell.

    1. You just described the “Wall of Propaganda” Trump is up against. The media won’t do its job and vet Joe Biden or Kamala (actually, its job is to protect and defend Democrats, so we can see that the media IS doing its job very well) and so it will be up to the voters to disqualify Biden. And because we know the Dems will be cheating, lying and pulling out all the stops to win (steal) the election by any means necessary, we, the voters, MUST make this a DECISIVE win for Trump by delivering Trump both the EC and the popular vote in record numbers.

    2. “Honest” (?), do you have concerns about 2 WH employees who are family members with business dealings in China and Saudi Arabia (that we know of) or a president who won’t release his tax returns, hides any financial records he can , and owns businesses run by his sons which also have dealings with foreign businesses and governments?

      “….An investigation by The Times has found over 200 companies, special-interest groups and foreign governments that patronized Mr. Trump’s properties while reaping benefits from him and his administration. Nearly a quarter of those patrons have not been previously reported.

      Here are some key findings from the investigation.

      The president’s family business earned millions from customers with interests before his administration……

      The president kept an eye on the Trump Organization from Washington……..

      Getting access to Mr. Trump was easy: He has spent time at his hotels and resorts on roughly one day out of every four of his presidency……..

      Victories were as weighty as a presidential directive and as ephemeral as a presidential tweet………

      Even politicians from small countries rubbed shoulders with the leader of the free world………

      Selfies and social media posts chronicled the favor-seeking
      Many of those seeking help from his administration were not shy about advertising their access to the president’s realm……..

      1. joe friday– The only concern I have is that you and many others are so blinded by hatred of all things Trump that you really cannot let yourself see what is being done to this country– or– you simply don’t care because you have signed on to the democrats’ unquenchable thirst for power and their willingness to do anything and destroy anyone to achieve it, whether they be young teenagers or nominees for the Supreme Court. Surely you will admit that if this story involved President Trump, it would be receiving wall-to-wall 24 hours a day coverage. No stone would be left unturned. Obviously, that blatant media and political hypocrisy is of no significance to you. That means you have lost any capacity you ever had for critical thinking.

        1. Honest, absent any substantive claims about me or democrats in general in your opening sentences, I’ll let go as mostly self revealing.

          As to a “story” about Trump or Biden, we’d need more reputable sources for either than Rudy – noted by the Treasury Dept as close to being a Russian asset . I gave you a reliable source to review on influence peddling in the Trump administration. I hope you read it.

          1. There will be more coming. Heard Steve Bannon say on video there will be more coming and that each time Biden and his campaign lie about it, there will be more information coming out to ‘prove they are liars’ including much more evidence, sworn affadavits, etc. Biden, et al are “going to be buried in an avalanche of corruption and how you’ve sold out US.”

            We shall see….

            btw….the New York Times is no longer considered a ‘reliable source.’

    3. Perhaps you’ve missed the recent rant by Keith Obermann calling for the complete, wholesale removal of Trump supporters from society? Or the seemingly endless stream of leftist talking heads blanket condemning Trump’s supporters as fascists and nazis, and whether it’s acceptable to “punch a nazi?” Or Don Lemon justifying antifa violence as “fighting fire with fire?” There’s been a very steady march towards leftist violence throughout this administration, and vows to stop re-election of Trump at any/all costs… It’s become the normalized narrative that I expect will come to a very ugly conclusion, regardless of election results… This is what the left has been planning for and what they have vowed. Then watch as they turn around and blame everything on Trump and his “white supremacist” supporters… The left seeks to reclaim power, and they are more than willing to demonize half the people in this country, and to ultimately destroy this country to achieve it. They view Trump supporters as no more than chaffe that needs to be completely eliminated in the process. We will never be able to go back from this, imho. I pray that I’m wrong though.

      1. Xololoi, who GAF about what Keith Olberman says? You misrepresent concern about Trump being supported by fascists and nazis – he is, that’s a fact – as a statement that all or most of his supporters are. No one says that. Who GAF about what Don Lemon says? I don’t assume all Republicans agree with whatever nonsense Hannity, Levin, or Carlson come up with.

        Stoking paranoid fantasies about the tens of millions of democrats who are voting now is a last gap try to stop the will of the majority, a group you are now trying to demonize. If anyone doesn’t care about 1/2 the country – the bigger half – and thinks their defeat is all that counts, it’s the GOP and it’s voter suppression, EC only “victories”, and stealing of the SC.

  10. “I have expressed my skepticism over how this laptop was found and when it was disclosed publicly. This could very well be the work of foreign intelligence.”

    Are you crazy Jonathan?

    1. Cassander1– “Are you crazy Jonathan?”

      He’s a vegan. Insufficient nutrition perhaps.

      1. Young…………Prof Turley is a vegan? Oh that poor dear. That’s my idea of hell.
        Speaking of nutrient deficiencies, they say that’s what happened to Hitler, another veg.

        1. No, not Turley. One of the commenters here is a Jonathan too and identifies as a vegan, like a rabbit. Hitler was a vegetarian and had extreme flatulence because of that. Too bad they can’t include a couple of sound effects with those Hitler rant videos we see every now and then. I read it was sometimes difficult for folks in meetings with him. When you are with someone who can shoot you it is hard to say, “Mein Furher! Heil! Could we open a window? That last one was very strong, naturally, being a Furher fart it would be, but . . .” Hard to be obsequious with that one, but our media personalities could pull it off with Biden.


              And today is Parashat Beresheet:

              “Why, if God’s blueprint for humanity under an Edenic Covenant was veganism (Gen 1:29), did Abel’s offering of meat find greater favor than Cain’s offering of grain (Gen 4:5)? Perhaps because God knew the hidden content of Cain’s heart. As vegan constitutionalists sharing a world with many tribes following diverse cultures, we must remember that veganism without holistic compassion cannot help us find favor with God. Concern for the wellbeing of our entire human family is a more promising sign. We can investigate our current ecological predicament according to this hypothesis: ‘only a global vegan majority can now safely protect the cultural rights of a non-vegan minority.’ We are our non-vegan brother’s keeper, not his extinction.”

      1. That would be the same corrupt agency that pushed the Russian hoax, hid Brady material Flynn was legally entitled to have, and took possession of the Biden harddrive and did nothing.

        But there is a foreign, Chinese, connection to this. They are using and paying gangster Bidens for their own purposes.

        More corroboration of the scandal is emerging every day. The story is so big it is beginning to stick out from beneath the Jackboots of Big Tech.

        1. Note, the partisan Democrats on this board aren’t the least bit perturbed by this. This is the Democratic Party in our time.

        2. You sound like a conspiracy theorist who can’t be bothered to back up any of your claims.

    2. No, that you believe this tripe coming out weeks before the election colors you moderately brain damaged. They’ve had years to investigate Hunter Biden, and interestingly, they only started talking about him when the president was being impeached.

  11. When Nixon fired the prosecutor during the infamous “Saturday Night Massacre,” there was justifiable outrage. Nixon would have been impeached if he had not resigned.

    Then Vice President Joe Biden did exactly the same thing. He had the Ukrainian prosecutor fired (which he openly admits) because that prosecutor was investigating his son’s (and his) corruption. Yet the response now is crickets.

    This almost makes one long for the Watergate era.

    1. Sam, it was WH, EU, and IMF policy to fire Shokin, who was corrupt and not investigating Burisma. Those entities did not GAF about Hunter Biden. Do you seriously think that if Joe Biden had been instrumental in that firing – he was, that was his job – and it was for corrupt purposes he would have bragged about it at a seminar of Foreign Policy mavens who know where The Hague is and who the president of the IMF is?

      1. “. . . he would have bragged about it . . .”

        Crooks do that all the time. It’s often their downfall.

        Besides, any politician who lies to the entire country (via plagiarism) should be considered unfit for the position of dogcatcher.

          1. Gee, if only they would do the same for Joe Biden’s false or misleading claims. Biden’s presidential campaign is based on a lie and he keeps repeating it and has yet to be called out on it by the media.

  12. ‘Media had a meltdown when Donald Trump, Jr. met with a Fusion GPS client for a hot second, but they’re now going to pretend it’s no big deal that Biden’s dirtbag son used daddy’s name to grease deals with foreign crooks who just wanted to buy off the VP.’ @seanmdav

    1. Hunter Biden can do whatever he wants, including selling his name for window dressing – done all the time legally. Until he works in the WH, like Ivanka and Jared , or Joe does something illegal, your wasting your and our time.Meanwhile, Joe’s getting Shokin – who was not investigating Burisma – was WH, EU, and IMF policy and none of them cared about Hunter’s $100k a month or whatever it was. In Fact, phony Hunter crusader Senator Ron Johnson wrote a letter encouraging it back in 2015.

      1. So if the Chinese Communist Party set Hunter Biden up with drugs and pedo sex tapes, and they have *at least* that much compromising material with which to bribe, extort, control a Joe Biden presidency, does that make it a problem or nah?

        1. Gee anonymous, that would be terrible. If Biden starts siding with Xi in public over his own intelligence agencies and justifies China meddling in our elections and assassinating people on foreign soils because “we’ve done as bad”, we should get suspicious.

          1. You’re right, democracy is an outdated concept. The government should be run by FBI, CIA and state security organs in general.

        2. They can’t bribe anyone if it’s out in the open or already shared with law enforcement.

          Hunter Biden’s drug addiction was already public. Trump taunted Biden about it in the first debate. The computer was already taken by the FBI.

          1. Trumps comments about Hunter:

            “I don’t know Beau. I know Hunter. Hunter got thrown out of the military. He was thrown out, dishonorably discharged for cocaine use.”

            “– and he didn’t have a job until you became vice president. Once you became vice president he made a fortune in Ukraine, in China, in Moscow and various other places —

            “He made a fortune and he didn’t have a job.”

            “But why was he given tens of millions of dollars?”

            “– 3.5 million dollars. Let’s talk about Moscow –”

            All the statements were true. Biden kept that discussion going. What one has to ask themselves is what was Biden doing as VP using his son as an intermediary for illicit transfers of funds.

            Wallace’s words defusing the situation were somewhat wry considering some people go ballistic over this subject.

            1:11:33 WALLACE

            You know, I’d like to talk about climate change.

      2. If Joe Biden flatout lied about not knowing anything about his son’s foreign business dealings, when evidence shows that not only did Joe Biden know about it, he was IN ON IT, does that make it a problem, or nah?

        1. It is a problem. The big question that reporters should be asking, point blank is: Did Hunter Biden introduce that Ukrainian businessman to his vice president father?

          Joe Biden needs to answer this question. His campaign has already suggested there may have been some kind of informal off-the-official-schedule meeting.

          “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” Joe Biden said in September 2019.

          The New Yorker reported in July 2019 that Hunter recalled, his father only discussed Burisma with him once: ‘Dad said, ‘I hope you know what you are doing,’ and I said, ‘I do.'”

          Seems there is some ‘splaining for Joe Biden to do.

          1. “Dear Hunter,” the executive, Vadym Pozharskyi, wrote, “Thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure.”

            Did the meeting take place? Any response Joe? Other than claiming this is Russian disinformation?

            1. Politico reported: “Biden’s campaign would not rule out the possibility that the former VP had some kind of informal interaction with Pozharskyi, which wouldn’t appear on Biden’s official schedule. But they said any encounter would have been cursory. Pozharskyi did not respond to a request for comment.”

  13. Turley’s typical selective outrage on display again. I guess influence peddling by the President’s entire family is not a problem because Turley’s handlers haven’t told him it is. Besides, how would that get him on Fox News?

    When and if there is something there there, Joe will have to answer the question, There isn’t and he doesn’t. Ask Trump about Ivanka and China, Jared and Saudi Arabia. They have jobs in the WH.

    1. When and if there is something there, Joe will have to answer the question? Well….. There is. And he does.

    1. Recall how for three years they shouted about the “pee tape” they had of Trump with hookers in Moscow giving a “golden shower” on a bed once slept in by Barack Obama? Turns out none of that was true. But now with Hunter Biden, it sounds like not only do they have compromising video of him doing drugs, but that he was setup by the CCP and filmed having sex with minors? And those sex tapes are on the hard drives in possession by our DOJ?

      1. And at the end…Bloomberg. And The Bio-weapon Plan.

        This makes the Clinton/DNC Russian propaganda seem like a Hollywood B-movie we were forced to watch for nearly 4 years.

        Grab some popcorn.

        1. Will this be before or after the McCabe indictment, the unmasking indictments, and the Dunham Report?

            1. Can’t wait! Olly’s been promising indictments of McCabe, the unmasking “scandal”,a nd Durham for a couple of years now.

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