“Lizard Brains”: Historian and NBC Analyst Meacham Attacks Trump Supporters As Functioning On Primitive Limbic Systems

Below is my column on Fox regarding the recent remarks of NBC analyst Jon Meacham explaining how Trump supporters suffer from “lizard brains.” The statement is indicative of a long-standing trend in the media of insulting and biased comments about Trump supporters. Analysts seem to have dispensed with any notion of restraint or reason in such attacks.  What is most troubling is that there are students who support Trump at Vanderbilt and there have been complaints for years about an increasingly hostile environment for conservative students. Taking a professor who has publicly dismissed your political views as the result of a lizard brain is hardly welcoming.

Here is the column:

We recently discussed how Vanderbilt professor and historian Jon Meacham gave a quiz in his course on the 2020 Election in which students were asked “Was the Constitution designed to perpetuate white supremacy and protect the institution of slavery?” You had to answer “yes” or get points deducted.

It appears that the final exam in the class could prove even more demanding for any intellectually honest student if Meacham asks about the voters themselves. The NBC analyst this week declared that President Trump and his supporters are examples of being controlled by what is called “the lizard brain.”

It only got worse from there.

Meacham addressed a simple question of whether Trump helped himself with his base in the second presidential debate Thursday night. It is impossible on NBC, however, to refer to Trump voters without some derisive or insulting precursor. Meacham did not disappoint his audience.

“I think Trump did himself good with his base tonight,” Meacham said. “The question for America is how big that base is. There is a lizard brain in this country. Donald Trump is a product of the White man’s, the anguished, nervous White guy’s lizard brain.”

Meacham was referring to a primitive part of the brain in psychological literature: “Many people call it the ‘Lizard Brain,’ because the limbic system is about all a lizard has for brain function. It is in charge of fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing up, and fornication.”

Of course, even with the lead held by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the polls, roughly half of this country still supports Trump (or at least rejects Biden, who Meacham has endorsed). That is a lot of lizard people.

What is striking is that Meacham is supposed to give what NBC, MSNBC and PBS present as neutral, scholarly analysis. But his comment about Trump supporters having lizard brains captures why conservative or independent voters view the networks as biased and gratuitously insulting.

Indeed, these comments show that networks like NBC are now focusing entirely on Democratic and liberal viewers — writing off half of the American people as gag lines.

I have written repeatedly about how the media have helped Trump by fulfilling his narrative of open bias. Meacham shows that they are now enjoying this too much.

There appears to be no point that is too insulting or raw for national commentary so long as it is an attack on Trump or those who support him.

I did not vote for Trump, and I have regularly criticized him in columns and blog posts. However, I have watched the stereotyping of Trump supporters at media conferences for years. It suggests that roughly 63 million people in this country who voted for Trump in 2016 are knuckle-dragging racists.

The media have simply never tried to see any nuance or gain any insight into what is motivating Trump supporters. It is easier to dismiss them as a whole as racists and lizard people.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin has declared that Trump supporters as a whole are racists. That common stereotyping of Trump supporters is uncontested, even as the media object to Trump’s generalizations about other groups.

Miami Herald columnist and NBC analyst Leonard Pitts wrote a column headlined: “No, it’s not the economy, stupid. Trump supporters fear a black and brown America.”

The narrative has moved beyond Hillary Clinton’s description of Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables” to now portraying all Trump supporters as open racists.

“Make America Great Again” hats are denounced by academics as the symbol of “modern day hitlerjugend” and hate speech.

What is most distressing about Meacham’s comments is that he is an incredibly talented and insightful academic. But it is hugely popular to degrade Trump’s supporters on television. That can create its own conditioning reward system.

It is also popular in academia today to rewrite history to fit a narrative, like declaring simplistically that the Constitution was designed to perpetuate White supremacy and protect the institution of slavery. No nuance. No objectivity.

Following this logic, if you believe Trump is a threat, it follows that his supporters are threats. That actually sounds familiar. You could almost say that it sounds like … well … the lizard brain.

An article headlined “Why Your Lizard Brain is Keeping You Stuck and Specific Tools To Start Connecting” could be distributed as a self-help guide for network analysts.

The article states: “When you’re acting in one of these fear-based modes — whether you fight, flee or freeze — you can’t remember any of the great communication tools you’ve learned or the tips or strategies you’ve been practicing because you can’t access the part of the brain where that stuff is saved! Brain imaging has shown that when the amygdala is activated by negative emotions, it actually interferes with the brain’s ability to solve problems (or figure out how to get unstuck). But here’s the good news: positive emotions and thoughts do the opposite; they help you with creative problem-solving and strategic thinking.”

In other words, it is possible that tens of millions of voters are not lizard people, but people with opposing views. Yet, once Trump supporters are shown or discussed, it triggers these intense negative emotions in analysts who respond with fight and flight impulses.

Once you accept that, you can access parts of “the brain where that stuff is saved” from your training and your scholarship. You know. Like history.

193 thoughts on ““Lizard Brains”: Historian and NBC Analyst Meacham Attacks Trump Supporters As Functioning On Primitive Limbic Systems”

  1. It is rather odd that Democrats believe they are going to win in Nov by insulting everybody. They insulted mothers who raise children in a household of principles by crucifying Judge Amy, they alienate people with a religious persuasion by demeaning Catholics, Orthodox Jews and Evangelical Christians, and now they insult anyone who leans towards Trump by calling them lizards. fascinating strategy!

    If Democrats are so happy being with people only of their thinking, perhaps they should consider breeding amongst themselves and thereby accelerate genetic aberrations and hence extinction. But that would require having children and everyone knows Democrats hate newborn babies.

    1. We will rise up from the primordial muck like GODZILLA on election day. And breath fire to scorch their lies

      1. You’ll just drink scotch to a resounding loss. The only fitting outcome to such a flawed and incompetent presidency.

    2. Estovir,

      Why would you take a single person saying “lizard brains” and turn it into Democrats as a group saying that? It’s a single person out of tens of millions.

      What did Democrats as a group say that you consider “crucifying Judge Amy” and “demeaning Catholics, Orthodox Jews and Evangelical Christians”?

      Democrats don’t hate newborn babies.

      If you object to Democrats demeaning groups of people, then don’t demean groups of people yourself.

      1. Most Democrats I know say they hate Trump and his supporters are racist . One retired black policeman said the record numbers of blacks flocking to the Republicans this year are house negroes . With such beliefs widespread amongst so called “moderate” Democrats , its unsurprising many young radicalsa feel emboldened toward violence . Jef Bezos , the richest man in nthe world , who owns the Washington Post , George Soros and others of the super wealthy have done a superb job since 2017 of mass brainwashing the left .Trump will probably win 4 – 6 million extra black & latino votes next week

    3. “It is rather odd that Democrats believe they are going to win in Nov by insulting everybody. ”

      They are not hoping to win the election. They are hoping to cheat their way to victory.

      1. Allan again responds with two of his go-to strategies: insults and pretending to read someone’s mind.

  2. Just give them all frontal lobotomies! The product of the best scientific minds and for many years the accepted standard of care for the mentally deranged. So much so that it won the 1949 Nobel prize for Medicine. #Science!

  3. Meacham is nothing more than the crystalized essence writ large of the intellectual, political, and media left.

    Totally reprehensible on both intellectual and moral
    grounds. The end product of a century of that ill-fated and hubristic movement of progressivism. Their self-righteous sanctimony stinks up whatever environment they inhabit.

  4. Turley, your situation is getting sadder and sadder. First of all, you need remedial math. 40% is not “half” of the country, and that’s the number of Trump’s hard base. So, stop engaging in hyperbole by claiming that about half of the country supports that fat slob smelling up our White House.

    As to the “lizard brain” remark, what Meacham was referring to was the amazing capacity of Trump’s base to ignore the reality of Trump’s lying, incompetence and failures because he panders to some emotional need for vindication against better-educated people, especially women and minorities, whom they resent. This resentment is based on fear: fear of getting left behind in a world that is rapidly changing, fear of economic insecurity, fear of change from things like polluting coal to ecologically-friendly energy, cars that don’t burn petroleum, women and minorities in leadership positions, instead of white males. Support for this creep has to come from some primeval force, because it isn’t based on reality, logic, leadership or successful results. Just how badly does he have to do before they stop supporting him? I mean, how many Americans have to die, how bad does the rate of COVID positivity have to get before the base wakes up and realizes that they’re just audience members of a reality TV show? In this TV show, we have a failed businessman deeply in debt, who was supported by his father well into his forties, who has bankrupted several businesses, who wanted the perceived glory of the US presidency,and who needs attention and adulation. In this reality show, real people are actually dying, 11 million + real people are unemployed, hundreds of real children, some very young, were kidnapped (even infants at the breast) and are being held in cages to punish their parents, who now cannot be located, the economy is in shambles, American relationships with allies are shattered, and the slob constantly lies, refuses to take reasonable measures to prevent the spread of a very contagious disease, like wearing masks and social distancing, and encourages his faithful followers to do likewise. Governors who take measures to limit or prevent the spread of this disease are the objects of kidnapping/murder plots, which the slob does not condemn. Don’t forget that he cheated to get into the White House with the help of Russia. Such a person cannot legitimately use the tile of “American President”, and those who blindly support such a person who panders to their fears, must have lizard brains.

    1. Oh Natacha your comments are dripping with lizard brain hate and fear hormones. The dark side is strong in you!

      I embrace the shadow, I don’t repress it.

      Let the fear flow people, now is the time to let it stir you into action, before it’s too late.

      1. All of this is just Turley using his credentials and platform in an attempt to legitimize Trump, who doesn’t belong in our White House. He is no patriot. He is not an honest man or a good leader. He lacks character and integrity, which are hallmarks of conservatism, which is why he isn’t even a conservative. Conservatives believe in paying their debts and being truthful. He puts himself first, always, because he has a fragile ego that desperately needs affirmation. And, for all his arrogance and bluster, he is an abject failure. The US will take decades to recover from Trumpism. It will take years to repair the damage done to relationships with our allies. His disciples, which is the only accurate word to describe his followers, ignore reality, ignore the illnesses, ignore the deaths, and ignore the recommendations of health professionals because their exalted leader gives them license to do so, they ignore the steep recession we are in, they ignore the unemployment. Now, he even attacks people like Dr. Fauci, who has devoted over 4 decades of his life to preventing illness and death. He attacks anyone who doesn’t fall down in adoration to him, even a war hero like John McCain. And, he constantly lies. BTW; Obama did detain families briefly, prior to deportation, but never separated children from their parents. That was a whopper he told last night when he railed against media for what he calls their “dishonesty”. This person does not belong in our White House. Why do you think the early voting lines are so long? Americans have had enough. VOTE this freak out!

        1. Yes Natacha FEEL THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE!
          continue with these insults and vituperations of our President. We need more people like you spitting venom to help get out the vote


          otherwise the fanatic mobs of blm, antifa and the hateful Democrat power-lusters are coming for us. Vote like your life depends on it– it may well!

          If you are feeling slothful and have not voted yet, just imagine NATACHA as your second grade teacher, in power for another 4 years! like that notion? Then get moving, fast!

          1. Donald Trump doesn’t want law and order. He’s a crook, and hopefully the DOJ will indict him for some of his crimes as soon as he’s out of office.

                1. BREAKING: Tucker Carlson’s show tomorrow night will be devoted entirely to an interview with Tony Bobulinksi, the Biden family insider-turned-whistleblower whose explosive e-mails show that Joe Biden himself was deeply involved in Hunter’s foreign business dealings. According to a source familiar with the planning, Bobulinski will play recordings of Biden family operatives begging him to stay quiet and claiming Bobulinski’s revelations will “bury” the reputations of everyone involved in Hunter’s overseas deals. @seanmdav

        2. Natacha, don’t freak out or anything, but….

          Justice Clarence Thomas to swear-in Amy Coney Barrett at White House tonight. On Hillary Clintons birthday, RBGs replacement, chosen by President Trump, will be sworn in.

          LESSON from RBGs bad judgment: Know when to call it quits, because timing is everything.

          Welcome to the court, Justice ACB!

    2. Ask and ye shall receive – the solution is always at hand.

      The Founders actually engaged in “…the pursuit of Happiness…” as planning for compassionate repatriation of the African pawns originally sold by their tribal chiefs.

      All “Americans” should pursue happiness – don’t worry, be happy – wherever they may find it, no matter a distant local.

      Earlier Resettlement Plans

      The view that America’s apparently intractable racial problem should be solved by removing Blacks from this country and resettling them elsewhere — “colonization” or “repatriation” — was not a new one. As early as 1714 a New Jersey man proposed sending Blacks to Africa. In 1777 a Virginia legislature committee, headed by future President Thomas Jefferson (himself a major slave owner), proposed a plan of gradual emancipation and resettlement of the state’s slaves. In 1815, an enterprising free Black from Massachusetts named Paul Cuffe transported, at his own expense, 38 free blacks to West Africa. His undertaking showed that at least some free Blacks were eager to resettle in a country of their own, and suggested what might be possible with public and even government support.7

      In December 1816, a group of distinguished Americans met in Washington, DC, to establish an organization to promote the cause of Black resettlement. The “American Colonization Society” soon won backing from some of the young nation’s most prominent citizens. Henry Clay, Francis Scott Key, John Randolph, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Bushrod Washington, Charles Carroll, Millard Fillmore, John Marshall, Roger B. Taney, Andrew Jackson, Daniel Webster, Stephen A. Douglas, and Abraham Lincoln were members. Clay presided at the group’s first meeting.8

      Measures to resettle Blacks in Africa were soon undertaken. Society member Charles Fenton Mercer played an important role in getting Congress to pass the Anti-Slave Trading Act of March 1819, which appropriated $100,000 to transport Blacks to Africa. In enforcing the Act, Mercer suggested to President James Monroe that if Blacks were simply returned to the coast of Africa and released, they would probably be re-enslaved, and possibly some returned to the United States. Accordingly, and in cooperation with the Society, Monroe sent agents to acquire territory on Africa’s West coast — a step that led to the founding of the country now known as Liberia. Its capital city was named Monrovia in honor of the American President.9

      With crucial Society backing, Black settlers began arriving from the United States in 1822. While only free Blacks were at first brought over, after 1827, slaves were freed expressly for the purpose of transporting them to Liberia. In 1847, Black settlers declared Liberia an independent republic, with an American-style flag and constitution.10

      By 1832 the legislatures of more than a dozen states (at that time there were only 24), had given official approval to the Society, including at least three slave-holding states.11 Indiana’s legislature, for example, passed the following joint resolution on January 16, 1850:12

      Be it resolved by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana: That our Senators and Representatives in Congress be, and they are hereby requested, in the name of the State of Indiana, to call for a change of national policy on the subject of the African Slave Trade, and that they require a settlement of the coast of Africa with colored men from the United States, and procure such changes in our relations with England as will permit us to transport colored men from this country to Africa, with whom to effect said settlement.

      In January 1858, Missouri Congressman Francis P. Blair, Jr., introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to set up a committee

      to inquire into the expediency of providing for the acquisition of territory either in the Central or South American states, to be colonized with colored persons from the United States who are now free, or who may hereafter become free, and who may be willing to settle in such territory as a dependency of the United States, with ample guarantees of their personal and political rights.

      Blair, quoting Thomas Jefferson, stated that Blacks could never be accepted as the equals of Whites, and, consequently, urged support for a dual policy of emancipation and deportation, similar to Spain’s expulsion of the Moors. Blair went on to argue that the territory acquired for the purpose would also serve as a bulwark against any further encroachment by England in the Central and South American regions.13

      – Robert Morgan

    3. My sons and I all support Trump, consider Biden a disaster, and believe that Harris should not be allowed near the White House, given her record in California.
      We must have very well developed lizard brains because we all have degrees, including a law degree and a Ph.D.
      I know a lot of people who support Trump, simply because he is not Clinton or Biden. Others because he is blunt. Others because, wonder of wonder, he did his best to keep his campaign promises. Name a Democrat who has done that. I did not understand the Reagan Democrats because Mondale still led the Democratic Party, but I understand the Walk-Away Democrats because the current DNC despises its former base whom their standard bearer described as so many deplorables.
      Over the years, the Democrats have talked a good game, then betrayed their base repeatedly — black, white, Hispanic, working class, you name it.
      If you are curious, and I doubt you are because you appear to be so self-centered that you cannot imagine anyone disagreeing with you, I spent most of my life as someone who sided with the working class and the poor and was wary of the corporate elites and the wealthy. I still do and I still am.
      But the DNC is cram full of corporate elites and wealthy individuals, who do not give two cents for the poor unless they are black and can be manipulated, and could care less about workers if they happen to be white. They are so out of touch with the people who used to support them that it is pathetic. The Democratic Party had become the party of the latte liberals and the politcally correct, two groups whose view of the world is so narrowly circumscribed by their egos that it is not worth discussing.

      1. Trump hasn’t kept his promises. He’s been promising for 4 years to release his health care plan, and he still hasn’t done it. He even had a Republican majority in both chambers of Congress for the first two years.

        You complain about the DNC being cram full of corporate elites and wealthy individuals, but take a look at who the biggest donors are: https://www.opensecrets.org/elections-overview/biggest-donors
        The corporate elites are as likely to be GOP too.

        Trump is a dishonest crook. If you believe in him, you’ve been conned.

        1. Wall
          Embassy to Jerusalem
          Boost economy
          Reduce Taxes
          Reduce Regulations
          Correct NAFTA blunder
          NATO countries to pay agreed share
          Block Iran
          Get us out of wars
          Middle East Peace
          Free Up oil exploration and development
          Supreme Court appointments
          End penalty in Obamacare
          And much more…

          Without RINOS like Paul Ryan and wimps like Jeff Sessions he could have, and would have, done still more.

          1. He didn’t keep his promise on the wall.

            He’s only constructed a few miles of new wall, and Mexico hasn’t paid for it.

            1. Quite a bit more than that. The old wall was a flimsy fence that obstructed nothing. In fact no wall at all. CNN or MSNBC sent reporters to the border to confirm their propaganda and were astonished to see that Trump was right. The old wall is no wall and the new wall is a magnificent barrier. I think it is up to about 400 miles of new, actual wall now. Mexican tariffs are helping to pay for part of it but more importantly the Mexican government has posted thousands of troops along the borders to interrupt illegal traffic. With obstruction from the Congress, the bureaucracy, and the courts I didn’t think he would be able to build much at all, but he has managed clever workarounds.

              The Left isn’t angry because Trump doesn’t keep his promises. They are enraged because he does.

                1. And the Bannon financed section (through donations of the gullible) made every foundational fence building mistake possible. Erosion is already taking it away.

              1. Young, excellent, but take note how the opposition doesn’t address any of your points. They can’t because that would reveal their ignorance.

                Anonymous writes “you resort to the strategy of pretending to read people’s minds.”

                That is all he can do. No facts, no logic.

                  1. Only in Allan-and-Young-land is The new “wall” is also a fence, and Americans are the ones paying for the tariffs. “no facts, no logic”.

                    1. Anonymous, there is fact and logic to Young’s statement. You didn’t deal with those facts. Instead you said something that sounded smart to you but is really dumb.

                      “400 miles”
                      “Mexican government has posted thousands of troops along the borders to interrupt illegal traffic. ”
                      “With obstruction from the Congress, the bureaucracy, and the courts”

                      Full quote:
                      “Quite a bit more than that. The old wall was a flimsy fence that obstructed nothing. In fact no wall at all. CNN or MSNBC sent reporters to the border to confirm their propaganda and were astonished to see that Trump was right. The old wall is no wall and the new wall is a magnificent barrier. I think it is up to about 400 miles of new, actual wall now. Mexican tariffs are helping to pay for part of it but more importantly the Mexican government has posted thousands of troops along the borders to interrupt illegal traffic. With obstruction from the Congress, the bureaucracy, and the courts I didn’t think he would be able to build much at all, but he has managed clever workarounds.

                      The Left isn’t angry because Trump doesn’t keep his promises. They are enraged because he does.”

            2. When the media tired of accusing Trump of not really building a wall they shifted to the environmentalist position that he IS building a wall and it is enormous and it is destroying the planet.

              Yes, Anon, there is a new wall.

              MSNBC discovers it and doesn’t like it–too long and too big.


              Too keep up with the lib narrative sometimes you have to turn around so fast your head is on backwards, like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

              Must be uncomfortable.

  5. “I did not vote for Trump, and I have regularly criticized him in columns and blog posts. “

    To all those on this blog that still think Turley is on the right. He has stated this preference many times but too many of our left wing posters are negative thinkers so their amygdala’s are constantly activated preventing them from thinking and solving problems.

      1. You are one of those that believe Turley is on the right.

        OK, your amygdala is not loaded with negative thoughts, you were born stupid.

        1. You’re simply doubling down on your favorite go-to strategy: insulting those you disagree with.

          1. No, I am reminding you of what you have said about who Turley supported by quoting Turley. It just doesn’t seem to penetrate your brain.

  6. Meacham is a favorite among our local Epissypalians. Some of them went to school with him at University of the South, Sewanee.
    That denomination, nationwide, and too many of its members have turned very mean this past year, and haven’t tried to conceal that fact. They are showing their true, deranged feelings towards others who are more conservative in the church….and yes, there are conservative members. You should read how they are derided and talked down to on social media. Such unchristian comments, written by rectors, Episcopalian administrative staff, seminary professors and others!
    Honest Lawyer and I left the Episcopalians last year because of their increasing intolerance and behavior.
    Bishop Curry can kiss my fanny!

      1. Mr Kurtz……..me too! I love the formality and reverence of the services. Increasingly, however, the church was trying to water down the formality to appease younger adults……There has been a silent, sinister movement within the church to phase out what the “old people” want…….It’s really sick, and it’s real.

        1. Cindy, this seems to be a partial answer to my question, the younger people and watering down the religion. The best I can gather is that the Jewish population breaks into two groups, the more religious and the supporters of Israel who are conservative and the less religious who are liberal and who in general do not support Israel. It seems the leftist religion pushes away any competitors. Their amygdala’s run wild.

          1. The Jewish community at least the Orthodox were in the streets for Trump in NYC over the weekend it was fantastic

            who can blame them? they can’t practice their religion under Democrats.

            1. No, Kurtz: They want the perceived power of the US on their side with them when they take over land belonging to the Palestinians in Israel, which is wrong.

              1. They want the perceived power of the US on their side with them when they take over land belonging to the Palestinians in Israel, which is wrong.

                Israeli Arabs have never been subject to property confiscations above and beyond ordinary exercises in eminent domain. About 1/2 the privately held land in Israel is owned by the Arab minority.

              2. Natacha, When was that the land of the Palestinians? Where did the Palestinians come from? When did Arabs start being referred to as Palestinians? Israel has the lawful sovereign rights to Judea and Samaria for historical, religious and legal reasons. They are also the indigenous people of Judea, Samaria and of course Israel.

        2. that’s what happened in the Presbyterian church long time ago too.

          also why i became a Catholic. but then i got a divorce and the Pope says he’s keen on gay unions now so I suppose I could become an Orthodox Christian.
          but I am a little tired of it all at this point. I have tried hard at church since i was little but I never felt like I was all that welcome. I suppose they can tell my “reptile brain” is too strong for some of it.

          maybe I just become a Buddhist now. LOL

          1. Mr Kurtz………..try the Anglican Church of North America. They are uber conservative Episcopalians There’s one in Austin..
            They actually go to PRO LIFE rallies!! They are the antithesis of the regular Episcopalian Church.
            Check and see if there is one in your area.

    1. Cindy, what is making this happen? Do you think that those engaging in this type of hate are less religiously inclined?

      1. Allan……..Oh, no! This is mainly from rectors and seminary profs!!!. One rector baptised our grandchildren!! He and other rector friends of his routinely berate conservative Episc. on Facebook! So hateful!! The hierarchy of the Texas Episcopalians fully endorses.
        It’s shocking. Oh, for your information, you can’t be a Christian and be a Trump supporter.
        They love their good friend, Meacham, and his writings.

        The world has gone crazy.

      2. Allan…..I hope I answered your question. I was raised Southern Baptist, so this was my first rodeo with the Episcopalians

  7. “…..why conservatives and independents view MSNBC, CBS CNN….as being biased…” is a mostly false statement Professor.

    We do not “view” those outlets for the Democrat Talking Points which pimp the Democrat Agenda.

    We turn them off….and look elsewhere such as right here at your Blog as we know anytime spent “viewing” them is time out of our Lives we shall never get back and is a complete waste of something so valuable.

  8. I found it fascinating to watch the Mandela Effect play out win real time during the latest debates. Thousands of people were CERTAIN Trump responded, “Good” when Joe Biden said there were so many children who couldn’t find their parents. His actual response, “Go ahead,” to the moderator was perfectly clear, has a different number of syllables, and has no overlapping vowels with “Good.” But they were absolutely certain he said something else. And it wasn’t just a few people feeding on each other. Their hatred of Trump (and, frankly, Republicans in general) is so intense they are literally hearing things that aren’t there.

    1. Or AI things that were put in. I have not watched what you’re referring to, but the deep fake audio is coming (has come???).

  9. This is an insult to lizards to compare them to Trumpers. The lizards I know are sweet, gentle creatures, very unlike Trumpers.

    1. I’m a dragon, My limbic system is strong. My cerebral cortex is too. We fire on all cylinders out here

      Its the overly socialized, overly propagandized, who lack instincts. we do not.

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