NBC Finally Responds To Hunter Biden Story . . . With An Exhaustive Expose Of An Unknown and Unrelated Document

We have been discussing the continuing blackout on the Hunter Biden story, even as reports have surfaced that the FBI not only rejected claims that the story was “Russian disinformation” but confirmed that it has an ongoing investigation into possible money laundering. Now, NBC has finally responded with an expose into allegations against the Biden. However, the article entitled “How a fake persona laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy deluge,” does not deal with the laptop or its content. It instead focuses on an obscure document that no one has covered or discussed. The value for the Bidens was simply the headline, which was immediately used to warn people not to follow up on the Biden story as Chinese disinformation.

I will say it again. These emails are not proof of criminal conduct.  There are a lot of unanswered questions on these sources and emails. However, this is a major story either way. It is either disinformation (with criminal acts committed in lying to the FBI and Congress) or it is evidence of potential crimes and clear influence peddling by the Biden family. On its face, Joe Biden’s past denials of knowledge or involvement have been contradicted by a witness who has repeated those allegations to the FBI at his own legal peril. That is why the media blackout makes no sense. You can probe the specific allegations which now involve detailed dates, locations, and individuals — exposing lies on either or both sides. That is what the media normally does when the possible next president has been tied to possible influence peddling, suspicious foreign contracts, and direct alleged contradictions.
I have no reason to question the veracity of the NBC story, just its relevancy.  Rather than find some unknown, obscure document to debunk, NBC could start with simply asking Biden for a specific response to allegations of meetings and discussions about these foreign dealings.  Otherwise, the most relevant post-election article could be “How an evasive press report laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy denial,”

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    1. Each time I hear Pres Biden mention “hard erned money” I automatically think of Hunter and half million $$ paintings

  1. I will certainly concede that Biden is somewhat feeble-minded if one of you Trumpists will be honest enough to admit that Trump is a habitual liar. If you pretend that Trump is not a chronic liar, then I will pretend that Biden’s mind is perfectly fine. Fairer than that, I can’t be.

    1. You don’t have to concede a damned thing, Mr. Silberman; the American people can see it for themselves in every mangled sentence, forgotten train of thought, and garbled words. You might, however, concede that you’re not voting for Biden so much as for the promise of a President Harris. God help this country if she assumes that office.

    2. Trump is a chronic fibber. Not a consequential liar. Immaterial fibs, not important ones. sales puffery, not fraud.

      Moreover, in his overall sincerity, he is crystal clear compared to the fakes who came before him

      And that fake Joe Biden who has been all over the political spectrum for the past 50 years nearly of his overlong federal career as a politician. All over the place!

    3. Habitual liar? Seems like his statements almost always turn out to be true in the end, after hundreds of people call him hundreds of endless “names” for months.

    4. Is Trump self agrandizing – absolutely – all politicians are, Obama certtainly was, but Trump is without peer.
      Does Trump exagerate – absolutely – again all politicians do. I am not sure that Trump is particularly exceptional there.

      As to specific claims of lying – something on the order of “Benghazi was a spontaneous protest against an internet video”.
      I am not aware of an instance where Trump has done that.

      Trump has made many campaign promises. He has kept an incredibly portion of them.

      One of the problems democrats face at the moment is that the left expects exactly that of Biden.
      And Biden can not keep the promises they expect without disasterous results.

      regardless, you asked me to condemn lies by Trump.

      Sure – produce actual lies. Not out of context or edited videos. I am sure that over the course of 5 years you ought to be able to find a few lies.

      But those claims that have been pushed aggressively have FAILED. Many spectacularly.

      And that is a BIG DEAL. When you accuse someone else of lying – that is a moral accusation and one of the two of you is going to be condemned. You are either right – or YOU are the liar.

      We are not dealing with mistakes. We are dealing with actual deliberate lies.

      You want to claim Trump makes mistakes – everyone does. I still want evidence, but making a mistake is not a moral failure.

      Lying is a serious moral failure.

      False accusations are an even more serious moral failure.

      So bring on the evidence.

      But understand – if you accuse someone of lying – you had better prove the accusation – otherwise YOU are the liar.

      I am and have been ready to listen to evidence.

      Further I will raise another factor.

      All politicians lie. All politiicans exagerate, All politicians are self agrandizing.

      So even if you manage to demonstrate Trump has occasionally lied – and I wish politicians never lied, you unfortantely also have to demonstrate the lie was consequential.

      This is one of the reasons we evalutate presidents (and politicians) based on acts and results – not words.

  2. “The Biden Family Scandal is monumental, which explains why the media and Big Tech moved quickly and aggressively to censor it. There’s mounting evidence that the Biden family made millions of dollars from deals with foreign entities (China, Russia, the Ukraine for starters). Among the evidence are emails and documents from son Hunter Biden’s own hard drive (verified by the FBI, and the authenticity has not been denied by any of the Biden three, i.e. Joe, brother Jim or son Hunter), an eyewitness to some of the deals, a Senate interim report about the matter, and an open and active FBI investigation of Hunter Biden and his associates focusing on money-laundering allegations. The Scandal raises extremely serious questions about whether the Biden family violated federal laws, compromised national security, and whether they exploited the Office of the Vice President to make millions of dollars at the expense of the American people.

    And then there’s Kamala. What does she think about all of this? No need for her to speak in defense of her top-of-the-ticket guy when the media isn’t asking her about it. (Okay, there was that time last year when someone asked her about Biden getting the Ukraine prosecutor, who was investigating the entity linked to Hunter, fired. Harris said, “let’s leave Joe Biden alone.”) You would think just maybe as an attorney, an officer of the court, Harris would be troubled aligning herself with such a candidate and maybe she would want to know whether her running mate has been engaging in some hanky-panky (not of the Tara Reade kind; Harris believed Tara as a primary candidate but believed Joe once she became his VP choice; but let’s not digress). This brings us to the “what’s in it for Kamala” angle.

    Perhaps Kamala views the Biden Family Scandal as the means to hasten her quest to occupy the Oval Office. One can’t help but get the sense that Kamala is actually hoping for a “perfect storm,” so to speak. After all, the Dem media, in concert with Big Tech, stifle any information about the Scandal. And the usual suspects Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, along with evil-doers John Brennan and James Clapper are on the offense, calling it all a pesky “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax.”


  3. I really miss the Walter Cronkite days or yore. A bunch of our greats must be turning over in their grave. I am less concerned if it is true of corruption or not right now, but I am very concerned that it was dismissed right out of hand by the media. It comes across that the media is so biased toward good Biden stories that they have lost all ability to investigate on their own. I take no position whether it is true or not, that will be decided at some point in the future. Yet, I cannot fathom how the media is so sure that there is nothing there when both Justice and at least one participant says this happened.

  4. Jonathan: It looks like you are not the only one having a problem trying to sell the largely ignored conspiracy theory that Hunter Biden was trading on his father’s to make money in Ukraine and China and from which Joe Biden directly benefited. Rudy Giuliani and Trump hoped the NY Post “October surprise” article would deep six Biden’s candidacy. It would cause FBI Director Chris Wray and AG Barr to immediately initiate criminal investigations. Instead, there was total silence from the FBI and the DOJ. This did not go well with Trump and Giuliani. Frustrated, Trump remarked: “Why aren’t they doing anything?…What the hell are they waiting for?!” When Wray refused to announce an investigation Giuliani went ballistic and told Trump he should fire the FBI Director. Trump was even more alarmed by Barr’s silence: “We’ve got to get the attorney general to act…He’s gotta act, and he’s gotta act fast”. When Barr continued to resist Trump was going to call Barr and tell him to get off the dime but Trump’s aides told the president the optics would be terrible. Barr, although acting on Trump’s behalf in other cases, decided discretion was the better part of valor and refused to announce an investigation. That was a prudent decision because the former head of the DOJ public affairs office said: “A Barr announcement would be a full banana republic style intervention in the political process”

    I can understand your frustration because the press refused to treat the Trump/Giuliani conspiracy as, you say, a “major story”. But if the FBI and DOJ refused to act there was no news to report! There was no there, there.

    1. No ‘there, there’? Is that right? Of course not. There is plenty of ‘there, there.”

      Has it occurred to you that, should Joe Biden win the election, the most expedient way to push Biden aside in order to usher in their preferred progressive leftist President Kamala, would be to uleash the attack dogs in the media to go full steam ahead on the Biden corruption story?

    2. But if the FBI and DOJ refused to act there was no news to report! There was no there, there.

      Of all the arguments made by the Left in defense of the Democratic party, this comment by you is Exhibit A proving the party is supported by an army of Useful Idiots.

      They’ve abandoned all objectivity with regard to the law. Instead, they rely on others telling them what they’ve seen, what evidence means, what facts matter and what truth to believe. This was most evident during the Obama administration and has carried into today. Whether it was Benghazi, IRS, Crossfire Hurricane, Hunter; no indictments = no crimes.

      So when one of these useful idiots tells you there is no there there, just consider that as an admission they are talking about the left-half of their brain.

  5. Hunter Biden Story Relied On Cooperation From Sources Trump Attacked Repeatedly

    They Returned The ‘Favor’

    For 4 1/2 years Donald Trump has been attacking mainstream media on a near daily basis. Millions forget that the term ‘fake news’ originally referred to bogus newspapers affiliated with Russian trolls. Those bogus newspapers were created for the sole purpose of smearing Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign. Yet Donald Trump has convinced a substantial number of Americans that mainstream media is ‘fake news’.

    Therefore it is the pinnacle of hypocrisy for Trump and his allies to demand that mainstream media promote the Hunter Biden story. If mainstream media is ‘fake news’, why should Trump need their help in stoking this ‘scandal’? If rightwing media is the only ‘truthful’ media, then their help should be sufficient in promoting the story.

    Surely most Americans know that only Fox News is credible. Therefore, if mainstream media promoted the Hunter Biden story, it would be ‘fake news’ which would contaminate the story. And the same applies to Social Media. Trump and his allies have repeatedly attacked Silicon Valley as ‘tools of the liberal deep state’. So it was best that Facebook and Twitter imposed a black-out on the Hunter Biden story. The story remains ‘unadulterated’ when played on only rightwing media.

    But honestly we know Trump allies worked very hard in developing the Hunter Biden story. Rudy Giuliani and Steven Bannon have been on this project for up to 2 years. Lev Parnas, Giuliani’s former associate, claims Giuliani paid more than a million dollars for Hunter Biden’s hard drive. Parnas, and Igor Furhman, another Soviet-born mystery man, accompanied Giuliani to Ukraine in May of last year. That is when Hunter’s hard drive was allegedly purchased from a shadowy Ukrainian source.

    So of course Republicans are furious that Social Media and Mainstream Sources muzzled this ‘scandal’. The Hunter Biden story was supposed to be their ace in the hole; the card they would play in mid-October to upend the campaign. But they needed Social Media to give the story traction. You see, Social Media was supposed spread the story ‘like a virus’; forcing mainstream media to deal with the allegations. That was the plan, at least. But when Social Media blacked-out the story, that whole plan collapsed like the house of cards it was.

    Therefore a project 2 years in the making was stillborn as a major news story because Social Media said ‘no’. But one could argue the project was flawed in the sense that it ‘relied’ on Social Media. In other words, the project had no legs of its own. The whole plan was leveraged on cooperation from Social Media and Mainstream sources. That should be a lesson to future campaigns: “If your manufactured scandal relies too much on cooperation from Mainstream Media, then the plan is flawed’.

    Ironically Donald Trump contributed to the failure of this ‘scandal’. By doing everything possible to undermine early voting, Trump actually sparked a record early turnout. Apparently 90 million Americans were concerned enough by Trump’s threats that they made sure to vote as early as possible. Therefore the Hunter Biden ‘scandal’ would have had only had a limited effect on this campaign as a would-be ‘October Surprise’. Which goes to show that schemers like Donald Trump invariably defeat themselves.

    1. Hope you don’t assume all those early voters are Democrats motivated to vote against Trump. We say they are voting “against Trump” because there is no one rushing out to vote FOR Joe Biden.

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  7. Let’s hope Turley drops his laptop off for repair someplace, and the repair shop owner reveals the contents to the world. If Turley is asked about this emails, will he answer questions about them by the press, will he dutifully answer them, or will he say those emails are private and he is not going to answer questions about stolen emails?

    1. “Let’s hope Turley drops his laptop off for repair someplace, and the repair shop owner reveals the contents to the world.”

      Wow! What a nasty fellow. But he also misses the point. Stolen or not the emails demonstrate illegal actions by the Biden family and Joe Biden and can be used in court. However in the case of Hunter his computer was never stolen.

      Do you like making up stories?

      1. Allan likes making up stories and accusing Democrats of illegal actions while not even naming the crime he pretends occurred, nor explaining why AG Barr hasn’t gotten indictments.

        1. I listed a whole host of crimes related to Biden’s political positions that needed to be proven or disproven. Strong evidence exists for all of the crimes I previously mentioned. They did not include crimes of family members for drunk driving, drugs, assault on a police officer, sex crimes, stolen credit cards which were handled with kid gloves due to Joe Biden’s position.

          For Joe you can start with bribery.

          What is amazing is that the MSM doesn’t report on this news most important to the American people. Anonymous relies on predigested garbage from the MSM so I completely understand his lack of knowledge.

      2. . Stolen or not the emails demonstrate illegal actions by the Biden family

        Except they don’t show anything illegal.
        They show commonplace ordinary corruption. the corruption has been known for years and is very similar to the corruption seen in the trump family. .

        1. “Except they don’t show anything illegal.
          They show commonplace ordinary corruption. ”

          You realize that your statement is contradictory. Corruption is illegal.

          Anyhow, you say: “very similar to the corruption seen in the trump family.”

          No it isn’t. We are talking about corruption in public office There was no Trump family corruption. Moreover the Trump kids worked for a living in the private and are upstanding members of the community unlike many in the Biden family that have been arrested.

          Of course you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.

        2. The Biden corruption is “very similar to the corruption seen in the trump family”

          Like what? Which Trump family member is making $10 million dollar deals with Chinese front companies to “make introductions” in Washington DC using the family name?

          Even if this sleezy Biden influence selling is technically “not illegal,” how on earth does this kind of self-dealing by Joe Biden’s family NOT compromise HIM as a sitting US President? That is exactly what the Biden Family “business” does: it pockets MILLIONS selling influence using the Biden name….which clearly compromises Joe Biden….. and it undoubtedly disqualifies him from ever being President.

          1. Correction: it is actually a $30 MILLION 3-year deal ($10 million a year!) that Hunter Biden and Jim Biden made with a Chinese front company.

    2. Do you always support the graft of politicos…do you idolize the biden KKKlan’s ability to fleece taxpayers and be bought by international despots worldwide ?. Do you support this ginormous empire of corruption ?. The Clintons excelled in such corruption , but they were smart enough to create the “Clinton crime foundation” to appropriately launder their filthy lucre – with their daughter over seeing the take there.
      The Biden corporation is just a typical fleecing and pay for influence set up that only a partisan apparatchik could not see , or smell. It’s so obvious what a filthy bunch of grifters the whole biden clan is . From china joe’s South America corruption and allowed expansion of leftism there…. to all the useless green energy plots they have sapped cash from. The oligarchs and despots whore hunter has arranged with daddy’s blessings , to the absolute sellout to Chinese communists for the big prize.
      These money and power hungry arrogant leftist are sloppy and that crackhead hunter left his lap top the way he did is the very definition of an elite arrogant chosen son aiding his grifter clan while high on the $upply. People like you insult the American citizen with whom you must regard with disdain for supporting other than your chosen leftist grifter. A pox on you sir !.

      1. phergus, do you idolize the Trump KKKlan’s ability to fleece taxpayers and be bought by international despots worldwide? Do you support this ginormous Trump empire of corruption?

        1. “Trump KKKlan’s ability to fleece taxpayers and be bought by international despots worldwide? Do you support this ginormous Trump empire of corruption?”

          This is just plain stupid unless you have proof. You have repeated things like this over and over again absent proof.

      2. “Do you support this ginormous empire of corruption ?”

        No, but Trump does and all that is being accomplished here is to make the widespread corruption seem normal and acceptable
        It is acceptable when your candidate does it which means the majority of the population finds it acceptable

        1. Provide an example of this “widespread corruption” by Trump and his family members. Just one example.

    3. “Let’s hope Turley drops his laptop off for repair someplace, and the repair shop owner reveals the contents to the world.”

      A) Turley is not the cocaine addicted son of the VPOTUS.

      B) Turley isn’t in the business of colluding with his father (VPOTUS) and his Uncle to illegally take bribes from the Ukrainians and Chinese in exchange for favors granted by Joe Bisen when he was VPOTUS.

      C) If Turley did drop off his laptop for repair he would return to pick it up and actually pay the bill.

      D) If that’s the best you’ve got Chicom, you should look for another way to earn money.

    4. “The Crime Is . . .”

      For goodness’ sake, please know the facts of a case and the applicable law before commenting.

      By contract and by Delaware law, Hunter Biden’s laptop was “abandoned property.” Delaware law is very clear about the disposition of such property: “[A]ny person who holds, stores, safekeeps or otherwise is left with possession of any abandoned personal property . . . shall be vested with complete and absolute title to said abandoned personal property and shall have all right to sell, alienate, gift or otherwise dispose of the said abandoned personal property . . .”

      Now, Hunter Biden might be able to assert a copyright infringement, with respect to the emails and salacious videos. And I hope he files such a suit. It’d be a blast to watch.

  8. PaintChips says the Hunter computer, the emails and all the people involved including the Chinese, the audio and video recordings, etc. were all set up by Trump.

    PaintChips has always lived at the edge of reality but now he is in free fall.

    1. Allan, you ended your own reality free fall with a crash that resulted in a permanent TBI.

    2. You think he *just now* jumped into free fall? That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen on the Internet since…, well, … circa 1995 in the AOL chat rooms. Thanks for the actual, out-loud belly laugh!

  9. The best part about this idiotic cocaine addled laptop mistake by Hunter is that the ChiCom’s are completely busted for influence peddling at the highest level of American government, and the Ukraine impeachment BS show run by Schiff and Pelosi is fully exposed.

    There is no doubt that Barry the Grifter was also in on the action along with old Uncle Joe.

    Pooh Bear (like all Chinese) remains stone faced, but is turning multiple shades of red. Which is always the dead giveaway that runs counter to their poker face.

  10. “ABC explains how Joe Biden was dispatched to Kiev to fight the “cancer of corruption” as civil war broke out.

    But then something strange happened: “just three weeks later, a Ukrainian national gas company, Burisma, which had been accused of corruption, promotes Hunter Biden to its board, and paid his firm millions of dollars a year.”

    Llamas pointed out that the younger Biden had just been discharged from the Navy reserves for testing positive for cocaine, and that although he had sat on corporate boards before, he had no experience in the natural gas business.”

    ABC News report:


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