Georgia Prepares For Second “March To The Sea” As Leading Democrats Promise Scorched Earth Campaign

After the election with two races undecided in Georgia, Chuck Schumer sounded more like William Tecumseh Sherman, proclaiming on the streets of New York: “Now we take Georgia, then we change the world. Now we take Georgia, then we change America.”  The Senate Minority Leader (and hopeful Senate Majority Leader) was referring to two runoff elections that could hand the Senate to the Democrats with total control of the legislative and executive branches. The last Yankee to promise a scorched earth campaign through Georgia delivered on his promise. Ironically, the Georgia campaign will commence on an ominous anniversary. The infamous “March to the Sea” by Gen. Sherman began on November 15th and ended shortly before Christmas.  The march left Georgia in ashes.

The idea of the march through Georgia was to break the spirit and ability of the South to continue to resist. It has been described as “total war” with Sherman’s forces living off the land as Sherman promised to utterly destroy his opponents.

One distinction is that Democrats are predicting that the scorched earth campaign will come after, not during the Georgia campaign. When the news media was still predicting a “Blue wave” taking both houses before the election, senators were openly discussing stripping their colleagues of legislative powers, packing the court, and changing the political system. Even after losing seats in the House and a close presidential election, Schumer was assuring his supporters that Democrats will move forward with their sweeping agenda on a single vote margin in the Senate.

That agenda took on an even more menacing tenor in a tweet from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). She rallied Democrats to win the Georgia races so “we don’t have to negotiate in that way.”  She further seemed to promise another scorched Earth campaign against anyone who was not sufficiently opposed to Trump. She tweeted “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

Other Democratic figures are celebrating Biden as a “healer” while emphasizing that he and his followers remain evil incarnate. Former first lady Michelle Obama denounced “tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division.”

The “healing” moment appears to have passed as the nation falls back on what is now our natural default position of contempt and condemnation. There are still scores to be settled and spoils to be claimed.  When Biden said that we will now “see each other again,” it appears to have been heard as an invitation for targeting rather than embracing those on the other side. When asked about AOC’s call for a black list, Sanders surrogate Nomiki Konst helpfully noted that the first on the list would be people like the former Republicans in the Lincoln Project. She said that those people like George Conway are the “perfect examples” of people to be cancelled despite their work against Trump. That did not take long. After spending millions in support of Biden, Knost and AOC are calling for all such figures to be listed and held “accountable.”

The promise to identify and cancel anyone deemed as “complicit” is all-too-familiar for many faculty and students across the country.  We have been increasing intolerance for dissenting views. What began as compelled silence has become compelled speech where the failure to be sufficiently enthusiastic is deemed evidence of complicity. Indeed, Marymount Manhattan theater arts associate professor Patricia Simon was the subject of a campaign to be fired after appearing to fall asleep briefly during an anti-racist meeting held on Zoom. She was by definition not “woke.”

It appears that lists are being prepared on some campuses. At Harvard, students are calling for the firing of professors who personally hold views deemed unacceptable. Joshua Conde, a Crimson editor pointed to the hiring of two professors Diana Schaub and David Kane who were viewed as critical of the loss of faith and family values in the African-American community. The editorial demanded that Harvard remove any professors who hold “similar unacceptable views” because “The voices of students cannot be ignored any longer.”

I am not sure if I will be one of those found “complicit.” While I have repeatedly criticized Trump, I testified at the impeachment hearing as the only Republican witness. So let me cut to the chase. I am ready for reform. I am frantically assembling my columns criticizing Trump to clutch pathetically to my chest through any public shaming. It is not clear if any of us can still redeem ourselves as cooperative subjects for reeducation but, I am prepared to give up names (starting with my editors). I will immediately embrace everything from Biden’s consideration of unprecedented court packing to Elizabeth Warren’s call for unconstitutional wealth taxes as really good ideas. Just give me a chance. Why cancel when simple coercion will suffice?

In the Union song, “Marching Through Georgia,” Sherman’s forces sang “Treason fled before us, for resistance was in vain.” The problem is that even those who joined the “resistance,” like those at the Lincoln Project, are now being set up for cancelling. I have often quoted the statement of French revolutionary Abbe Sieyes, the author of French Revolution’s manifesto of “What Is The Third Estate?” Yet, when asked what he had done during the French Revolution, he simply responded “I survived.”

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  1. Or, alternatively speaking Jon, the Dems are just trying to win control of the Senate. Something the Repubs are good at. In fact, even amazing at since their approach never has majority public opinion. In a a perverse way, I’ve always appreciated their ability to rig, manipulate, gerrymander, etc. their way to bypass democratic synthesis…

    As far as your past columns supposedly critical of Trump, you always come from a Repub point of view, Turley. Your criticism of Trump policy has always been like this: ‘many of us have criticized trump for (fill in the blank), BUT….’

    Always leaving room for a dive back into a positive rationale for the action behind the rhetoric. It’s been quite manipulative, really. But own it, Jon. It’s what makes you so good at what you do. And you have survived in the past and will continue as Washington changes once again. Granted, it changes in a way that makes the horse you’ve chosen to ride a lot less relevant. But, truthfully, if you couldn’t see this coming as a result of lining up behind a carnival barker something is wrong.

    Looking forward to seeing how your survival will dance in the shifting climate. Especially if Dems maintain their uppity hopes of actually winning control of the Senate. Oh the horrors! Lol.

    1. Wake-up! The average citizen is being played by the “ruling class” regardless of party. If you are in the “ruling class” then I understand you response, otherwise why are you schilling for DC? You think the repubs are the only one gaming the system? Ah…i got some bad news..the Dems doing the same thing…you should be horrified by the possibility of retribution by an incoming “ruling” party. This will only escalate every 4 years don’t you understand? Again, unless you have direct “skin in the game”, federal officials could care less you exist; they want power for themselves and their friends. Are you a recipient of this power, then remember “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Based on your response you seem to be in the trance of our corrupt institutions of government, media, and academia. I would like to see you debate Mr. Turley; this would be far healthier than sniping from your keyboard.

    2. The purported moral superiority of the ‘woke’, along with their open hate of Trump (and their fellow citizens) ensures that their coalition will quickly wither and fade away. Even with near total control of media (and OPEN CENSORSHIP from tech giants) only 50% of the public believes that it was a fair election.
      I predict that the ‘Wily Coyote’ is going to be disappointed again, when the RR says ‘beep beep’ as he motors away from a obviously discombobulated ‘Wily Coyote’.
      Enjoy the ‘fun in the sun’ Democrats, I think your stay in the ‘sun’ is going to be BRIEF.
      I almost WISH Biden had won, with the coming exposure of his Chinese corruption, TV will be fun to watch again.

  2. A hand recount of all ballots in GA will result in Trump winning by 4+ points and Purdue easy being over 50%. Ossoff can go back to being a PPC ( perpetual political candidate) play imaginary Senator and Governor with satcy Abrams, while he cozies up to Beto and they lead the Soy boy ticket for the Dems in 2024.
    However this only answer the first issue. Voter fraud. This will be the limited hang out they want us to focus on. yes it will be more than enough ( hand recounts PA,MI,WI,GA,NV and AZ) to put trump over 300. book it.
    However as i said, this puts the crime on the Voter…The real crime is the electronic machines. That is the real fraud on the American people or any jurisdiction world wide that uses any of the private companies that operate in the USA as well. that is SYSTEMIC and involves the most corrupt elements on the planet. Starting with the CIA and their cover up organization FBI and legal thugs in the DOJ.
    Unless the SYSTEMIC fraud in electronic voting is exposed its more of the same from RINO/DEMS…and we the people, regardless of party are done. They are all in it together. This is the last chance we have to peacefully regain our Republic. Failure is not an option!

    1. Its a damned shame people like Jonathan will not just come out and tell the truth. these Dems are THUGS and they have been doing this for eons, which is why they do not want Voter I.D. and why they want 30 day early voting periods. Its pathetic we have nothing but Dem operatives in the damned media.

      1. “It’s [communist], stupid.”

        – James Carville

        Communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) can’t be a little bit pregnant and they can’t be a little bit communist.

        They’re all communists or communists-in-waiting.

    2. That’s right. They make a list and we make a list. When the hunting starts they (politicians) are going to be a lot easier to find.

  3. Jonathan: Andrew Jackson, Trump’s favorite president, made famous the phrase “with victory go the spoils of war” when he replaced government officials with his own supporters after his election in 1824. It spawned the “spoils system”. When he came to office Trump emulated Gen. Sherman’s “scorched earth policy” by eliminating any vestige of the Obama-era. There was never a “healing moment” under Trump. So it is sour grapes for you to complain when Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to do the same as they assume power. What goes around comes around.

    I am pleased to hear you say: “I am ready for reform. I am frantically assembling by columns criticizing Trump…” Despite your tongue in cheek mea culpas I doubt anyone seriously believes you were ever a serious critic of Trump or his policies. Except on the margins you consistently backed Trump, e.g., your opposition to Trump’s impeachment, your support for Justice Barrett, your support for your good friend William Barr’s undercutting of the DOJ’s commitment to the rule of law, your defense of Michael Flynn, and now your support for Trump’s attempts to overturn the results of the election. For 4 years you have been “complicit” in the Trump agenda. So I doubt you or any of your conservative brethren will be “cooperative subjects for reeducation”. But that’s OK. Now that you are part of the loyal opposition you will no doubt fight tooth and nail against Biden/Harris policies. Those of us who follow your columns will welcome the coming verbal battles.

    1. Whaaa? The president gets to have the people he wants. Clinton got his people, Bush got his people, Obozo got his people, etc It is the view of many that Trump took too long to replace treasonous deep staters. This election has attempted to be stolen, pure and simple. You know it, we all know it, and it isn’t going to stand. I promise you that.

    2. Trump did not fire 1,300 employees like Obama did. He treated government as a Company that must have a smooth transition! Dems on the other hand resisted. Russia gate, Ukraine gate, Impeachment, and now Dominion/Scorecard gate( I excluded China virus). Republicans have every right to investigate and prosecute this election fraud!!

    3. What agenda exactly is that. How about some details creep. Because last I remembered Trump took office right after the entire Obama administration spied on him with the DOJ and they lied about it. FROM DAY ONE! He was attacked endlessly FROM DAY ONE. So take your crybaby thumb sucking ways to the Gymboree party down the block. We are headed for war because of guys/gals like you. Your too damn brain dead to see it. You’ll see it soon. Yea you’ll see it. Even a guy like you won’t be able to ignore it. So… You better pray to whatever crocodile you have decided to surrender your soul to and hope Biden doesn’t become your leader or you might just get what you asked for and you know what they say about that…. Be careful

    4. Obama did not pack his appointees with loyal yes men?
      Stop being delusional. It is not healthy
      “I’m Obama’s wing man” -Eric “the red” Holder

  4. “Moving the Goalposts to Satisfy a Desire”

    One way to tell if you’re dealing with an honest opponent is whether he has a clear standard — and sticks to it. Here we can see, once again, the dishonest nature of the Democratic Party.

    With respect to voter fraud, they initially claimed: “There is no evidence of voting or counting fraud.”

    And now that the evidence is mounting (e.g., in affidavits, et al.), they move the goalposts to: “There is no evidence of *widespread” fraud.”

    Next it’ll be: “Widespread fraud is a Russian hoax.”

    The Caligulas need their horse in the Oval Office.

  5. Zuckerberg the Silicon Valley billionaire and censor, dumped $300 ,million into outfits which helped rig the vote

    When a billionaire says the outfit is to help make a proper vote– that means, a vote that the billionaire will like!

    You don’t think he gave all that money so they would count our votes, did you?


    -Saloth Sar

    1. Almost certainly nothing will change, however exposing the dead voting, the polls that didn’t allow proper oversight or didn’t follow proper procedures is essential.
      The risk of questionable voting procedures is a far greater threat than your distaste for Trump and a far greater threat than Russia and China combined.

      1. oooh but the mass media says hate the scary Russians and Chinese, they are fascists and communists. perhaps– but whe should we truly fear?

        should we worry perhaps instead, about the billionaire Americans-in-name-only, who would make us all slaves?

        who did the billionaires back in 2019? find out

        who did they back in 2020? find out

        billionaires get their way. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE “EQUAL” BILLIONAIRES, THEN YOU ARE A FOOL. But bless you anyways

        I don’t bless the billionaire class. I damn them all to hell!
        We should use political and social power, that is, the power of organized violence which is the essence of law, to put them in their place.

        –Saloth Sar

      2. Where’s the proof of “dead voting’? That’s the question a federal judge asked before dismissing one of Trumpy Bear’s frivolous lawsuits. “Proper oversight”? There were both Republicans and Democrats at every polling place and at every ballot counting location–some of the vote counting is on constant video feed, available to the public. No one ever had access to ballots anywhere in which they could add to, destroy or alter them. but Trump demanded more, including having “poll watchers” stand close to the vote counters. What “proper procedures” weren’t followed? Name them, and prove it. Most importantly, prove how any of this changes the fact that Trump lost the popular vote–again–this time by more than 4 million votes. Did you forget that Trumpy Bear demanded poll watchers at polling locations, to, according to him, prevent the cheating he was sure would happen? The reason was, of course, because he was losing in the polls.

        What you’re seeing is the sad effects of malignant narcissism, and it’s still dividing this country. Sadder still are the cowardly Republicans who won’t stand up to him and tell him it’s time to hang it up. Where I live we’re still seeing the effects of DeJoy’s efforts to slow down the mail. I mailed my office rent check almost 2 weeks ago, to an address in the same city, and it hasn’t arrived yet, and neither have a number of other tenants’ rent checks.

        1. You should probably shut your trap, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Sit back a relax, the professionals are on the job and it isn’t looking very good for Joe and the ho.

        2. Only the state legislature make the voting laws as per the constitution. Neither the governor nor the courts are aloud to change the laws that were made by the state legislatures as was done in Pennsylvania. Also the equal protection clause was broken by different voting precincts. Both are unconstitutional.

      3. If you have evidence of illegal voting, turn it in to authorities. Imagining that there was some huge illegal vote doesn’t cut it.

        1. 2 U.S. Code § 7. Time of election

          The Tuesday next after the 1st Monday in November, in every even numbered year, is established as the day for the election, in each of the States and Territories of the United States, of Representatives and Delegates to the Congress commencing on the 3d day of January next thereafter.

          TUESDAY – ONE DAY – 24 HOURS

          Mail-in ballots are, by definition, illegal.

          Mail-in ballots cannot be obtained by certified, resident, citizen voters, executed and deposited within the 24-hour period of TUESDAY.

          The counting of ballots is a simple ratio (i.e. counters-to-voters) and counting must be engineered to also be accomplished on Tuesday.

        2. Election has not been certified. Patience. what’s your hurry?

          Stand down. We have your back covered. Ignore the bullseyes hanging from your neck

        3. They are turning all evidence over to the DOJ and to the Supreme Court. The press does not have the constitutional right to call elections. The Democrats tried the same thing in 2000 with Al Gore.

      4. The risk of questionable voting procedures is a far greater threat than your distaste for Trump and a far greater threat than Russia and China combined.

        You bring up rational points that conservatives on this blog understand. That will carry no weight however with the liberals on this blog who commonly respond to how they feel about a particular outcome by completely ignoring what their eyes can surely see. The physical existence of facts and evidence is not processed by liberals in the same way it is for conservatives. It’s as though conservatives have to share this country with an alien species that has the same rights as us. They don’t share our culture, our traditions, our respect for the rule of law, or even the reality of what is right before our eyes. They are in every way the operational definition of domestic enemies and 70+ million people have eyes wide open to this threat.

    2. Prepare yourself for a Trump admin backed up by 71,000,000 toddlers if need be, Joe. Trump owns the Republican label now. The fakes Republicans will be wandering in the Beltway for 40 years and the Dems will fight the Marxists until they are both floating face down in the Potomac.

      Nice fake facts tho Joe.

  6. Professor Turley Quoted In Vanity Fair..

    As Fueling Trump’s Denialism

    The Gingrich and Levin posts are just two of Trump’s 16 tweets since Friday night that used Fox segments to disregard the results of the election, the majority of which were hit with content warnings by Twitter.

    Another one of the president’s promoted weekend hits came courtesy of Jonathan Turley, who Trump quoted as saying, “We should look at the votes. We’re just beginning the tabulation stage. We should look at these allegations. We’re seeing a number of affidavits that there has been voter fraud. We have a history in this country of election problems.” He went on to describe a “systemic problem,” adding, “This is about how these ballots were authenticated, because if there’s a problem in the system about authentications, that would seriously affect the ENTIRE ELECTION. And what concerns me is that we had over a hundred million mail-in ballots in cities like Philadelphia and Detroit with a long series of election problems (to put it mildly).”

    Edited From: “Of Course Fox News Is Fueling Trump’s Denialism”

    Vanity Fair, 11/10/20

    Great contribution, Professor: ‘Stoking the delusions of a megalomaniac president as he attempts to rip the country apart (instead of admitting defeat)’.

  7. If serious election fraud occurred–especially in Georgia–and Chief Justice Roberts punts on the question, he’ll receive the next Darwin award from the gulag. The three liberals better figure it out, too. We need a clear and unambiguous statement from all the justices to these kinds of threats and possible cheating.

    1. If there is a clear and unambiguous ruling is that each state dealt with the vote legally and Biden is the President-elect, will you accept that?

      1. Actually, yes, I would. I would also stop commenting publicly. I have no illusions about living in a third-world country.

        1. I doubt you’ve ever lived in a Third World country. The US isn’t one, and there is no immediate risk of our becoming one.

          I hope you accept the Supreme Court’s refusal to grant cert as clear and unambiguous.

          Trump poses a greater risk than Biden does. Yesterday, he filed another lawsuit, this time claiming that voting by mail is unconstitutional. He’s a nut.

          1. If there is a clear and unambiguous ruling is that each state DID NOT deal with the vote legally and Biden is NOT the President-elect, will you accept that?

            1. Sure, but I’m not sure how you expect to arrive at that, when there aren’t even lawsuits in most states.

  8. Turkey jests, “I am not sure if I will be one of those found “complicit.” No, you are not complicit, but you would do well to heed the words of Voltaire: “Everyman is guilty of all the good he did not do.” To my recollection, you have seen fit to call into question only one of Bill Barr’s orders, namely, his overseeing the clearing of protestors In front of the White House. It’s not too late to add your voice to the myriad of Republican and former AG’s and US attorney’s who have condemned many of Barr’s controversial actions and dubious statements. Despite your long and abiding friendship with this man, I fear that your professional reputation may well be sullied by not denouncing Barr who *will* undoubtedly be remembered as the Roy Cohn of Trumpism, for he did the legal bidding of an indisputably pathological liar whose presidential legacy is excrement.

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