Res Ipsa Hits 46,000,000

crowd vj dayLast night, we passed the 46,000,000 mark in views on the blog. The blog continues to grow with new regular commenters and a growing international readership. Again, we thank our loyal readers who return every day to discuss contemporary legal, political, and occasionally bizarre stories. We have used these moments to give thanks for our many regular readers around the world and give you an idea of the current profile of readers on the blog. We continue to rank with the top legal blogs in the world. As always, I want to offer special thanks for Darren Smith who has continued to help manage the blog and help out folks who encounter posting problems.

So here is our current profile:

This morning, we also hit 19,456 posts. We have also experienced a continuing increase in those following us by email and Twitter. On Twitter alone, we now have roughly 225,000 active followers.

In the last 90 days, our ten biggest international sources for readers came from:

1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia
5. Germany
6. Netherlands
7. Israel
8. France
9. European Union
10. New Zealand

The top five posted in terms of readership in the last 90 days are:

1. “Not Pro-Black”: Wisconsin Students Unanimously Vote To Remove Lincoln Statue As Racist

2. ACLU Staffer Attacks University For Admitting Nick Sandmann While Professor Denounces His “Anti-Intellectual” Views [Updated]

3. Chuck Todd: The Michigan Supreme Court Did Not “Cite Any Law” In Ruling Whitmer’s Actions Unconstitutional

4. “I Was Uninformed, Ignorant And Harm Inducing”: Ohio State Professor Issues Profuse Apology For Saying The Nation Could Benefit From A College Football Season

5. Main Suspect In Brutal Attack At BLM Protest Seeks Donations While Evading Police

Thank you to all of our regular commentators. We remain an extraordinarily broad and diverse body of commenters from different parts of the world and different political and social backgrounds. Thanks again.

20 thoughts on “Res Ipsa Hits 46,000,000”

  1. 46,000,000 hits?

    Oh, my!

    The Good Professor is truly a brilliant, devout legal mind, a constitutional scholar, a patriot and a moral man; distinctly not a chintzy profiteer.

    “I’ve seen people value traffic at anything from $3 to $10 per hit per day. By this equation a blog with 1000 impressions per day would sell for anything between $3,000 to $10,000.Dec.”


  2. The Professor Is Overly Optimistic About New Commenters

    Turley writes: “The blog continues to grow with new regular commenters”.

    There are, perhaps, a ‘few’ new commenters. But a disproportionate number of posts are still written by one or two people using endless names. Their cynically stupid replies give these threads a monotonous redundancy. Far too many posts feature phony outrage!

    But for the sake of ‘variety’ our trolls sometimes pose as baffled ‘innocents’. Like the Old Guy forever baffled by ‘mean Democrats’. Or the ‘former Democrat’ shocked that his party has become so radical. These baffled innocents play on the sense of victimhood Professor Turley panders to.

    The fact that these comments dominate the blog threads leads us to wonder if Johnathan Turley knows this troll or trolls. If he does, Turley needs to realize these comments are essentially becoming ‘his’ voice.

  3. Congratulations! (and to Darren)

    Thank you for creating a forum where I can enjoy some intellectual stimulation. And the only cost to me is rational deliberation — and civility.

    1. We must always allow for civil debate to protect and keep a free society. Being open to new information, the views and perspectives of others different from our own can protect us from ignorance and help us to understand other viewpoints. And we must truly listen to all viewpoints even if we disagree. But we are entitled as free people to disagree and to those freedoms protected in the US because of our US Constitution and as a good Constitutional Democratic Republic! That is what my husband n we his family sacrificing alongside him served to protect during his 20 years of US Naval service to our country.

  4. Wow………46 million is a lot of people. I think we should just draw names this year for Christmas gifts. 😊

  5. Turley has written, “We have increasing intolerance for dissenting views.” Those of us who want to hold others accountable for their speech are not doing so for their good faith dissenting opinions; we are shunning them for being LIARS! Anyone who states that Trump is not a pathological liar is himself a liar. Not only is it not wrong to marginalize a liar, civilization positively depends upon it. Our society cannot long endure the poison of demonstrable lies being injected into the marketplace of ideas. Are Q-Anon pedophilia conspiracies a mere dissenting view, Professor? We have to be tolerant of those deranged lies? Their advocates ought not to be ostracized? Tell us if we can draw *any* lines short of an incitement to violence?

    Last night, I was flabbergasted to see you, a distinguished professor holding the Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law at The George Washington University Law School, appearing on Hannity! What’s next Alex Jones? Or could it be that Infowars is not within your bounds of legitimate debate? As if Hannity is much better, and you damn well know it. You will not have to live long to regret your legitimizing a “Trumpism” propagandist and virulent hate monger such as Hannity. One day you will look back with shame. Despicable!

    1. I have heard far more false information from the mainstream media liberals and Democrats than conservative sources. Both sides are guilty however usually in the form of intentional omissions n intentional deceptive reporting. They have uncovered a substantial amount of voter fraud yet the press n liberals deny it exists or attempt to minimize it when it is thousands of votes. Whether enough to bring a Trump win over Biden remains to be seen but it is the legal right of Donald Trump n his 71 million voters to request n pursue that legal challenge. The courts will decide as our system allows for. I do not see Trump supporters violently rioting over the results either. A lie is that there is not significant voter fraud in multiple states as there are hundreds, coming forward n under penalty of law for false stmsts, signing affidavits of evidence of that voter fraud or election interference.

    2. Are you intentionally providing Turley with a living example of an attempt to censor speech, or are you too stupid to understand that the point of debate is to change minds?
      Daryl Davis didn’t get over 200 KKK robes given to him because he refused to talk to people with opposite (and reprehensible) beliefs as himself.

    3. IS it despicable or just enoujgh people who sold out to a party that now openly admits to it’s perfidity and as a result is being openly investigated in the court and legal system. This one is far from over. not counting the Senate now needing one they can’t hide behind Pelosi’s I’m number three as the Senate can overturn the Act of succession with the snap of a finger. The Senate MAY at it’s discretion appoint a stand in. The Court big C means Supreme. can ask the Senate to do that or … do it themselves?

  6. Congratulations!
    And thank you.
    Please keep publishing. Yours is the only blog on the web that I read regularly.

  7. Yes, Professor, we enjoy the honest and often insightful opinions you share. A few clunkers but mostly right on target. You do need a proof-reader, since too many typos and “write-o’s” make it through.

    1. Agreed. Content is superb, but I’d chip in to a GoFundMe to hire a proofreader/editor for the blog.

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