Just Setting Up My Twttr [Chumps]: Jack Dorsey Reportedly Selling His First Tweet

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There is a report that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is selling the digital signature to his first tweet reading “just setting up my twttr.”  While I originally assumed that this was a prank, there have been reports of offers in the six figures for the tweet. The question is whether you would buy a painting when a billion identical paintings exist and an infinite number of others can be produced. The answer appears to be yes, though Dorsey may want to add “Chumps” at the end of the message “just setting up my twttr.” Update: bids have now surpassed $2.5 million.

This “digital memorabilia” comes with an autographed digital certificate, and signed using cryptography with metadata from the original tweet.

I admit to being a tech chimp but I fail to see the value of a digital copy of a five word tweet, even with an autographed digital certificate. Here is the tweet in all of its glory.

With an original recording, you have the actual spoke words of someone like Graham Bell saying “Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you.” That would be the first audible message that could be replayed so others would hear exactly how it sounded. This is a digital copy of words that can be replicated in the same exact form – and have been replicated millions of times.

Another analogy is like selling the first words printed in the oldest known book,  Diamond Sutra, a Buddhist book from Dunhuang, China from around 868 A.D. For most of us, the words are only as valuable as their content not as meaningless memorabilia of the first publication since they are fungible. Here the only non-fungible element is the autograph since even the copy is just a printing of a digital message.

Next Dorsey can sell digital pillows made from the virtual feathers of the Twitter bird for the ultimate virtual sleep. He could be the digital MyPillowGuy with an alternative of Giga rather than “Giza” cotton.

If we are going to sell off digital relics, I would be more interested in memorabilia of free speech that once defined Twitter and other Big Tech companies. That is now the ultimate “non-fungible token” (NFT) on social media. Indeed, Dorsey’s has added to its scarcity (and market value) with his expanded censorship of opposing viewpoints.

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  1. six figures for nothing? one can get that just for reading any of the social media slop shows.

  2. This is not so uncommon. At Art Basil, well known for its art and high prices, a regular banana was taped to the wall. It sold for something like $120,000 and another was taped up and again sold for a higher price. I understand another was taped up and eaten by a “performance artist”. I would have always questioned the exact nature of the story if I hadn’t seen the banana myself. I took pictures with the banana, but I don’t think anyone will be willing to buy them.

    1. “Pet Rocks”

      “Bottled Water”

      “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

      – Thomas Tusser

      “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

      – David Hannum

    2. If it were about the artwork I would have gladly, perfectly replicated the image for far less than the six figures reports.

      It is about having money to burn and a sense of entitlement to match.

      Let’s see him eat his “art” when the economy starts feeling $2.0 E12 flitted away on political on an ephemeral victory.

  3. “Take” Twitter, Facebook, You Tube et al. for public use after just compensation until such time as effective competition is viable.

    Operate the “taken” Twitter, Facebook, You Tube et al. under a Public Utilities Commission as Federal Communications Commission for public use as a state-regulated monopolistic utility under general Welfare.

    Assure that the “taken” and newly public Twitter, Facebook, You Tube et al. support all the rights, freedoms, privileges and immunities provided by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    1. “Take” Twitter, Facebook, You Tube et al.

      You can remove the scare quotes from “Take.” What you’re advocating actually is theft. That you dress it up in an allegedly noble end (“for public use”), still makes it theft.

  4. Twitter will tell us that they are taking down Marjorie Taylor Greene’s tweet because it does not actually come from the Cat In The Hat and is therefore categorized as dangerous misinformation that could lead to insurrection.

  5. I am wondering how soon Twitter will take down this tweet by representative Marjorie Taylor Green. From the cat in the hat.

    I do not like your mental haze

    I do not like your leftist ways

    I do not like your son on blow

    I do not like you MR. JOE

    Fell free to add your own rhymes.

      1. I know AnonJoeFriday. Donald Trump was responsible for the deaths of six million Jews, and he was responsible for the starvation of 60,000,000 Russians. Your link is a perfect reflection of where you are coming from. It is absolutely important that you are allowed to post your well thought out comparisons to educate us all. You remind us of the need for our continued diligence.

        1. Dude, it’s Seuss, you and Green’s new hero. What’s the problem? Is that cartoon “inappropriate”?

          1. AnonJoeFriday, you link is only appropriate if it makes an appropriate comparison. The results of actions by Hitler and Stalin ending in the deaths of millions being compared to MAGA are clear evidence of a twisting of history to meet the confirmation of bias required by a syndrome of derangement. Flippant use of comparisons to Nazis and Communists diminishes the seriousness of their actions. I suppose that if you see the deaths as only abstractions rather than real people you can gain license to use their suffering in any cheap way you like.

          2. AnonJoeFriday, you link is not Seuss. He has been dead since 1991. It is an appropriation of his work for a political purpose. I charitably assume that you somehow didn’t know.

            1. Thinkit, that’s Seuss. There was an America First movement before WWII.

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