Twitter Censors Criticism of BLM Founder Buying $1.4 Million Home In Predominantly White Neighborhood

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We have been discussing the expanding censorship on Twitter and social media. The latest example involves the story of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37, and her purchase of a $1.4 million home in a secluded area of Los Angeles whose population is reputedly less than 2% black. The professed Marxist received considerable criticism for the purchase, including from Jason Whitlock, an African-America sports critic who has also been a critic of BLM.  When Whitlock called out Khan-Cullors, Twitter promptly censored the tweet — leaving a notice that it was “no longer available.”

Last week, various cites like reported, “A secluded mini-compound tucked into L.A.’s rustic and semi-remote Topanga Canyon was recently sold for a tad more than $1.4 million to a corporate entity that public records show is controlled by Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37-year-old social justice visionary and co-founder of the galvanizing and, for some, controversial Black Lives Matter movement.”

It produced a firestorm of critics who noted that Cullors has long insisted that she and her BLM co-founder “are trained Marxists. We are super versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”  Critics like Nick Arama of RedState pointed out: “[I]t’s interesting to note that the demographics of the area are only about 1.4% black people there. So not exactly living up to her creed there.”

Jason Whitlock posted a link to a story but was promptly censored by Twitter.

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The controversy is illustrative of the age of Internet censors.  Tweets, and in some cases Twitter accounts, vanish without explanation. Twitter is notorious for not responding to media inquiries over such censorship and even less forthcoming on the decisionmaking process behind such decisions.

If Whitlock was expressing his contempt for the purchase, it is core political speech.

Even the head of New York City’s Black Lives Matter chapter is calling for an independent investigation into the organization’s finances in the wake of the controversy. This controversy follows an Atlanta-based figure being criminally charged with fraud.  According to the Justice Department, Sir Maejor Page, or Tyree Conyers-Page is accused of using a Facebook page called “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta.”

The New York Post and other publications have reported that Cullors is eyeing expensive properties in other locations, including the Bahamas.  However, it is not clear if this money came from BLM which has reportedly raised almost $100 million in donations from corporations and other sources. Indeed, Cullors seems to have ample sources of funds. She is married to Janaya Khan, a leader of BLM in Toronto, and published a best selling memoir of her life and then a follow up book.  She also signed a lucrative deal with Warner Bros to develop and produce original programming across all platforms, including broadcast, cable and streaming. She has also been featured in various magazines like her recent collaboration with Jane Fonda.

The issue for me is not the house or claimed hypocrisy. It is the censorship of Twitter of such criticism. Cullors is a public figure who is subject to public scrutiny and commentary. Twitter is rife with a such criticism over the lifestyle choices of figures on the right ranging from Donald Trump Jr. to Rand Paul. That is an unfortunate aspect of being in a high visibility position. I would be equally concerned if criticism of Trump Jr.’s big game hunting exploits or Giuliani’s lavish tastes were censored.

Whitlock apparently is a vocal critic of BLM which he has denounced as a scam and even compared to the KKK. One does not have to agree with such statements to support his right to speak freely without corporate censorship.

Indeed, the greatest irony may not be the home purchase but the corporate support. A professed Marxist, Cullors has not only been paid handsomely by corporations like Warner but is being actively protected by corporations like Twitter.  When it comes to free speech, I support them Cullors and Whitlock. The question is whether both have an equal opportunity to speak on platforms like Twitter.

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  1. She and her husband are smart cookies. They know better than want to live in a liberal/leftist run city which is filled with crime, poverty, drugs, violence, disease and corruption.

  2. “The latest example involves the story of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37, and her purchase of a $1.4 million home in a secluded area of Los Angeles whose population is reputedly less than 2% black. ”
    As with any corrupt movement, the leaders’ hypocrisy always does it in. At the heart of every con lives a conman (or in this case a con-women) saying what the suckers wanna hear. They prey on the ignorant, the angry and the dregs of society enlisting them in their quest for the fools gold of the masses – a nirvana where they invert the social strata and they are finally on top, It’s a pipe dream as it’s been through history with the poor suckers holding the bag while the “visionaries” parachute to some tropical paradise snickering all the while that the suckers have been conned yet again. As Robert Penn Warren wrote in his masterpiece about the conning demagogue: “Just tell ’em you’re gonna soak the fat boys and forget the rest of the tax stuff…Willie, make ’em cry, make ’em laugh, make ’em mad, even mad at you. Stir them up and they’ll love it and come back for more, but, for heaven’s sakes, don’t try to improve their minds.”

    Tel ’em Willie … er … Patrisse! Hell, cons even in her name.

  3. Professor Turley,

    It occurs to me, and this, while I virtually always agree with what you say about issues, and have admired your willingness to go against the sick threads that now run through the american tapestry, that while you talk a great game, in your own way, you are profiting off of our misery, no differently than politicians.

    With all your expressed grief, and unless you are blind and do not see how close to the end of the “republic” we are (with your brains and experience, this is not possible) what are you actually DOING about any of this besides talking and reinforcing your own position in life?

    Gandhi changed a whole country with non-violence, but certainly with more than just talk.

    He was in a position to concentrate non-violent action (what is needed; I am, and I mean this, not advocating any kind of violence, if for no reason other than it is not necessary to bring about the kind of equilibrium we need), as were Nehru and others.

    You are not Gandhi, but you do have a national forum and you obviously see the issues, and even more, can set them forth in a way that people can understand. Yet you are not using your power, except to regurgitate the same things over and over and over.

    Gandhi helped bring things to a head with “a day of prayer and fasting”. IOW, a national strike. My bet is that, for just one example off the top of my head, thousands of truckers in the US really dislike what is happening in our country and would gladly participate in one, especially if credible people not only called for it, but helped with a fund to support those who act for the rest of us, while they are acting and not able to make a living.

    Similar actions could be taken by local citizen groups, if coordinated. The cowards that run US corporations would no doubt climb on board if really feeling the losses, claiming, of course, that they have seen the light. Perhaps even the CCP allies in so-called MSM, would have to pay attention if millions simply stopped looking at any of their products on TV and the Web.

    IOW, I am asking about an extension of “talk”, but in the true American tradition and in a way that what is left will not throw up leaders that would harm us all, but rather, prove (including to ourselves) that we care enough to actually do something rather than talk, talk, talk without anything further, as if posting here is “action”.

    It is obvious that most officials from both parties could not care less what “citizens” think or say……and that includes what you or anyone else says here. Something additional is clearly necessary, lest, for among so many other reasons, we all end up speaking mandarin before too long.

    I understand that in a traditional world, one counteracts “bad” speech with more speech. That said, it is certainly not working now, and only someone who willfully misses what is actually happening, can fail to see that with every passing day, we lose what remains of our Constitutional souls.

    Hanging our hats on 2022, when there is no reason to think that we won’t end up even worse off than we are now, is a fool’s errand.

    With my apologies if I am being unfair here without seeing it, but maybe you should stop taking your usual private elevators, and do something.

    1. ps by “profiting”, I do not mean illicitly making money or unfairly gaining “position”or any such thing, and in hindsight, I wish I had chosen a better word. by this I simply meant that you maintain a forum, get to express yourself as you wish, you no doubt continue to be admired by many (I, among them, or I would not have written this to you) and one imagines that your life is going on as before, while many Americans are suffering from doing nothing more than expressing themselves. My apologies for a poor choice of word.

  4. For years, cons have complained about Twitter censorship and for years it’s continued. That indicates that *how* cons oppose their censorship doesn’t work. I mean, if it did, then there’d have been at least be a reduction in Twitter censorship, right?

    The main reason cons have completely failed to reduce Twitter censorship is that few cons truly oppose censorship. Truly opposing censorship means you want even your worst opponents to speak (with exceptions for specific threats, doxing, and so on). You might not like it, but if you truly oppose censorship you grin and bear it. You don’t, for instance, try to get people silenced for disagreeing with you. Most cons don’t rise to that level.

    For those who truly oppose censorship, see the reports in the pinned tweet at my (currently unused) account: @24AheadDotCom_ (with the underscore). Those reports have detailed, reproducible data on who’s actually censored on Twitter. Highlighting those – such as the fact that Twitter censors about one half the replies to Rouhani – would make Twitter look very bad. Twitter knows they can censor cons at will, but if most realize they censor everyone from Iranian dissidents to Target customers, Twitter will be forced to change.

  5. No problem don’t ya know. Whitlock could start his own social media platform if he had the really big bucks that would allow him to have his own servers. Don’t complain Jason Whitlock. If your not careful we will just slap your black mouth wide open. If that’s not enough we’ll just stomp it narrow closed. BLM is awaiting our orders with storm trouper boots at the ready.

    1. I have no love (or like) for Thinkitthrough, whom I consider a troll, but telling someone “[We] will put an end to you once and for all” is inappropriate, and if you don’t stop, I’ll report the threat.

      1. Anon at 6:58. I love your reaction. Twitter has already limited free speech and BLM has already used their jack boots. I simply pointed out actions already performed by Twitter and BLM and gave a warning about what might come if the blocking of free speech and violence continues. Read my post more diligently.

        1. I consider you a troll, TIT, due to what you’ve written in scores of your comments. My comment was to Joe Johnson about his threat, not to you. Work on your reading comprehension and your ability to follow a subthread.

    2. Joe Johnson at 6:30 pm. My comment was about what the leftist at Twitter are doing and that they will not stop at violence by BLM. There is obviously no way that Jason Whitlock can afford to start his own platform. I write in support of Mr. Whitlock and his right to free speech. I am pointing out the direction that this nation could go if people are muzzled. First comes the muzzling and if that is not enough the Gulag may soon follow. We have abundant historical warning.

  6. Diversity dogma (i.e. color judgment) breeds adversity.

    Diversity of individuals, minority of one. Step forward.


      “Distrust diversifications, which usually turn out to be diworseifications.”

      – Peter Lynch, One Up Wall Street

  7. A women of great moral integrity or just another race hustler? She saw Al Sharpton do it ($500,000 net worth) She saw Louis Farrakhan do it ($5,000,000 net worth). She saw Jesse Jackson do it ($15,000,000 net worth). What’s a poor Marxist girl supposed to do? She could increase here value even more if she would go on line to the whatever makes you feel good school of ministry and then place the word reverend or minister in front of here name. My oh my. The young Marxist girl is just now scratching the surface. A marvelous leader of her people indeed.

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    Caveat emptor

  9. It used to be generally understood that censorship was not a real problem in America, because the first amendment outlawed it. Or so we thought. Since the internet and social media, any unpopular speech expressed is immediately known by millions, including those frightened by what they read or hear. Naturally, elected officials bend to these headwinds and, suddenly, we have laws clearly stating how free speech is to be punished. Also, because government can never hope to catch the “offenders” out of billions every day, the laws target both the speaker and the social media that broadcast it. The government not only wants to remove the protection from civil suits given by 230, it wants to threaten the social media into doing its censorship for it. Suddenly, the first amendment is a relic of the past.

    1. “suddenly, we have laws clearly stating how free speech is to be punished”

      What laws?

      1. suddenly (it appears) we have laws clearly stating (showing) how free speech is to be punished.

      2. Such laws already exist in Europe. They’re supported by the leftwing parties almost exclusively.

        The Democrats are proposing the same thing for us for pretty much the same reasons. The social media actually may want the regulation to codify the leftwing censorship that they and Beijing prefer. Such codification would likely replace 230 with some politically-correct indemnification, making social media an arm of the of the deep state–a real “Ministry of Truth.”

        My question for Anonymous the First is, given that both social media and Democrats want censorship of the right, what is your preferred outcome?

        1. “Such laws already exist in Europe. ”

          The original comment was about “America,” and that’s what I was asking about. EU countries don’t have our Constitution.

          “The Democrats are proposing the same thing for us…”

          I’ll believe it when you link to it, and I can read the proposed law’s text and sponsors.

          “given that both social media and Democrats want censorship of the right, what is your preferred outcome?”

          I don’t agree with your premise. I’m a Democrat, and I don’t want the government censoring people (though I generally agree with the existing limits on freedom of speech: perjury, defamation, etc.). My preferred outcome is for the speech clause of the 1st Amendment to remain as is.

          1. “My preferred outcome is for the speech clause of the 1st Amendment to remain as is.”

            Then we really have nothing to argue about there. I think you make an interesting point when you say that social media has created more calls for censorship. It may be that if social media didn’t exist, fewer might be demanding censorship, but it’s speculative.

            “I’ll believe it when you link to it, and I can read the proposed law’s text and sponsors… I’m a Democrat, and I don’t want the government censoring people.”

            Honestly, Anonymous, I’m not going to waste time on this point. Most people on this comment board know what some prominent Democrats and CNN have said about censoring speech. I accept that you don’t want censorship. It’s very hard to tell if you represent the majority of Democrats on that point. If you have polling that shows most Democrats are opposed to calls for speech codes and other censorship, I’ll happily cheer your victory on this point.

        2. The First replies: We’re in chaos now, so who cares what I prefer? Censors will always justify with labels of “dangerous ideas”, but it doesn’t work. The Progressives don’t own the game. The internet has made resistance much easier. I’m on the side that will fight censorship…period! That means I’ll team with Turley and with crackpots like 8chan, because we agree on that one…if only, one…goal.

  10. ( )
    Jonathan Turley @JonathanTurley
    Replying to @JonathanTurley

    On Jan. 6th, Pence was a profile of courage. He was an extremely loyal VP for Trump, but he followed the law and his conscience in certifying the votes.


    Jonathan Turley @JonathanTurley

    Former President Trump reportedly just criticized former Vice President Pence, again, for his failure to stop the certification in the Senate. … Once again, Pence did not have the authority to stop the certification and acted in conformity with the law. ))

    I say Bull S (Crap)

    But it’s your argument… Make your case to us or apologize & admit your Wrong!

    1. Oky1 Biden not my Prez says:
      April 11, 2021 at 2:38 PM
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      ( )
      Jonathan Turley @JonathanTurley
      Replying to @JonathanTurley

      On Jan. 6th, Pence was a profile of courage. He was an extremely loyal VP for Trump, but he followed the law and his conscience in certifying the votes.


      Jonathan Turley @JonathanTurley


      1. I say Bull X (Xrap)

        But it’s your argument… Make your case to us or apologize & admit your Wrong!

        1. I don’t think Turley reads the comments, and I’m pretty sure that he already made his argument in a previous column.

          1. If you’ve a real case to make, be nice & just make it please & I’ll attempt to respond in kind. I believe that’s why JT gives us this blog to do.

  11. What value does Twitter have? Can you trust that you are receiving the truth? I think not. Who controls the levers at Twitter, are they honest or vapid partisans. If you hope to get an answer from Twitter about actual facts, you have placed yourself at the mercy of an obdurate bunch; their objective seems to be limiting speech they oppose, and garbling the truth.

  12. Millennials, you have a chance to be the greatest generation of all, but you have to overcome the lies your teachers and professors and media have been telling you your whole lives.

    The long journey to greatness begins with a single step, and for you, that step is realizing BLM is a bunch of narcissists and hypocrites masquerading as racists.

    Another small step. Corporate American supports BLM because the suits are kissing up to Beijing. No hate America? No access to Chinese markets. It’s that simple.

    Another small step. Jack Dorsey is a posturing pig. A poseur of “social justice” BS who actually doesn’t want you to know anything except what he allows.

    The same for your lefty teachers and professors. They get lots of gubment money to pay for their Beamers, but they don’t want you to think too much about that. They want you to compete with your own tax dollars for their time. The cost of college education in America has skyrocketed faster than medical inflation because of their woke hypocrisy. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

    Still don’t believe me? Look at your college debt.

    Being woke is NOT being awake. The truth needs you now. God bless you all.

    1. @diogenes

      Have a millennial friend who writes for a well known dissident right publication. Well educated, traveled, and bilingual (as am I). He explained that most everyone his age is either “woke” or similar to him in beliefs. There are few moderates and no center left. And yes, the leftist ones tend to think they are the most moral people who have ever lived. The others tend to be discouraged about the future of the US and West in general and are certainly tired of being told for they are responsible for all of societies problems. Does not bode well for us.


      1. I hear you, Antonio. There are millennial heroes–like your friend–out there. The most interesting ones are those who’ve thrown off the brainwashing, but those are still a minority. THE BEST HOPE FOR AMERICA IS A MILLENNIAL AWAKENING. Hasn’t arrived yet but I’m still hopeful. In the meantime, I’ve decided to take a positive tone with our millennials.

        I can’t blame the millennials. Boomers kicked religion out of the schools, and what we discovered–too late–is that many really evil dogmas had little competition in the schools. Didn’t see that coming. Millennials have been lied to their whole lives with few alternative reference points.

        Boomers also mistakenly thought they could reform China with capitalism, and instead Beijing is corrupting America’s media and corporations with globalism. Didn’t see that coming either.

        Boomers thought that freeing internet companies to grow was a good thing and it was a good thing for a while. Then came Jack Dorsey, and we now realize that our grandparents were right and we were wrong. MONOPOLIES ALWAYS BECOME EVIL.

        Boomers, when they were young, were much worse than millennials. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll were a thing. My parents thought America was sliding into doom. Then came the misery index and parenthood, and boomers started to come around. Reagan really cemented the deal. Boomers wound up creating the internet, helping to free millions upon millions from Soviet domination, and winning the cold war without blowing up the world.


        I honestly believe millennials have a real choice between being the greatest of all America’s generations or the worst. How blessed would it be for boomers to be sandwiched between America’s greatest generations. How blessed would it be for my parents and my children to be my biggest heroes.

        I’m still rooting for millennials because the future is unthinkable if the left controls their thinking.

        1. Boomers are right about a lot things. Mainly, they learned decades ago that socialism sucks. They learned Americans can be special, but they have to work at it like every generation of Americans.

          But boomers learned more recently that just because capitalism is far superior, that doesn’t mean capitalism is without problems. Exhibit A in that sad education has been globalism, Beijing, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, etc. Boomers have also belatedly learned that divorcing religion from conservatism is a dead letter.

          Boomers are still learning, too.

        2. “many really evil dogmas had little competition in the schools.”

          Diogenes, As you recognize this is a new faith based religion to replace the old. This religion is a religion of hate and despotism.

  13. ‘Is this a crazy impossible thought? How about Barack Obama suspends his ‘I LOVE ME’ book tour (his ninth) and go to BALTIMORE and CHICAGO and work with Black youth and get them to stop Shooting each other.’ @gregkellyusa

    1. Majority black communities will never prosper so long as blacks who become successful always move away. I often wonder why they move to the whitest neighborhoods. After all, they hate us, but we don’t shoot them in the streets.

      1. @jizmo

        Blacks are 12% of the US population but responsible for 56% of homicides. Are over represented compared to their numbers in all types of crime except DUI.

        That is why even the most deluded virtue signaling leftist prefers not to live in the hood or send their kid to school there. Look forward to a day when they may be unable to avoid the result of what they condemn the poor and working classes to.

        I suggest you read and download “The Color of Crime”. The numbers are from FBI statistics and the download is safe and free.


    2. How about Greg Kelly goes to go to BALTIMORE and CHICAGO and work with Black youth and get them to stop Shooting each other? Is this a crazy impossible thought?

  14. BLM should have been rounded up just like the Capitol rioters. Patrisse Khan-Cullors et al. should be in Supermax in Florence, Colorado. The Deep Deep State’s bias is showing. Criminals are allowed to perpetrate crimes based on race, empathy and phantom white guilt.

    All citizens must obey laws and all citizens are treated the same under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which do not differentiate. Citizens enjoy the freedom of speech, thought, religion, belief, press, publication, assembly, segregation, opinion, discrimination and every other conceivable, natural and God-given right and freedom per the 9th Amendment, and no law may be passed which forces citizens to accept, reject. approve, deny, love, dislike, favor, disfavor, rent to, sell to, marry or divorce, etc., any other citizen.

    At some point, people will grasp the futility of attempting to mix oil and water and that political emulsifiers are biased and unconstitutional. Lincoln did so and espoused a coherent resolution to separate oil and water:

    “If all earthly power were given me,” said Lincoln in a speech delivered in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, 1854, “I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.” After acknowledging that this plan’s “sudden execution is impossible,” he asked whether freed blacks should be made “politically and socially our equals?” “My own feelings will not admit of this,” he said, “and [even] if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not … We can not, then, make them equals.”

    America is banging its head against the wall. America is acquiescing of faux, phantom guilt and cowardly forcing unconstitutional emulsifiers on its citizens.

    People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

    Freedom does not adapt to people, dictatorship does.

  15. Twitter is a great American enterprise enjoying its absolute right to private property.

    Caterwauling critics have the same opportunity to establish competing social media platforms as private property.

    In the unlikely event that competition is not possible, Congress must “take” all social media platforms for the public good and operate them as state-regulated utilities under the full dominion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    “It’s time to stop talkin’ and start chalkin’!”

    – Chick Hearn, L.A. Lakers Sportscaster

  16. I can’t wait until the next time some dindu is killed in the commission of a crime and BLM “mostly peacefully” protests in a white, upper middle class, liberal neighborhood. Having a Black Lives Matter sign in the yard will be of little help but you can at least take comfort in knowing you aren’t “racist”. That is what really matters.

    1. And now if you display an American flag in front of your home then you are the racist. This is how bassackwards and twisted these idiots have made things.

        1. Says the anti-American collectivists who regard the flag as a symbol of “structural racism” — the emotion-dripping creatures who feel “triggered” by the sight of the flag. Those pathetic souls are everywhere. You can start by looking at American universities.

          1. How about you name one of these people instead of telling others to look for them?

            I just Googled flag as a symbol of “structural racism”, and the top results were all about the Confederate flag.

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