And Then They Came For “The”: Associated Press Warns Use of the Article Can Be “Dehumanizing”

The Associated Press has announced that the article “the” should be avoided in many circumstances because it is “dehumanizing.” It warns writers to avoid saying offensive things like “the French”. It does not seem that we can even just add an x like Latinx. It is not a gender thing so “thx” will not suffice. It is now an article of faith to stop using the article “the” in referencing groups.  It is reminiscent of Winston Churchill who was chastised for ending a sentence with a preposition. He responded by showing the artificiality of avoiding an ending preposition: “This is the type of arrant pedantry up with which I will not put.”

The AP declared that:

“We recommend avoiding general and often dehumanizing ‘the’ labels such as the poor, the mentally ill, the French, the disabled, the college-educated. Instead, use wording such as people with mental illnesses. And use these descriptions only when clearly relevant.”

Even the French Embassy responded with “Le” scorn.

By the way, if you are thinking of objecting to “the grammar police,” think again. It will just establish that you are a dehumanizing monster.

What concerns me most is that this dehumanizing article has lingered in the English language for so long without being noticed until now. Even The editors of The Associated Press are shadowed with this vile, dehumanizing word. It is literally lurking on every computer and in every  dictionary.

The only option is decisive action. AP must take its ox cart through the streets and call on people to bring out their “thes” for proper disposal. As for any French people encountered along the way, simply refer to them as “people associated with the nation of France.”

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  1. Full lucky you site uses ain’t a saint.nominations of ppl were switch cyclone bee. Murdered. And if never get to post this comment if i didn’t use code. Cyclone b.

  2. Jonathan: Vive LES francais! How else could we say it? I may be old fashioned but I will continue to use the word “the”. But focusing only on the French, as you do, is a convenient diversion from the problems we have with some words right here at home.

    Take for example the word “woke”. It’s a term of a lot of controversy these days. In Florida Gov. DeSantis has led the charge against “woke”. Last week DeSantis cancelled an AP class in African American studies. He said the course “significantly lacks educational value” and whined that the course contained a section on “queer theory”. DeSantis made his decision despite the fact that Florida law (1003.42(2)(H)) mandates the teaching of African American studies. Oh well, DeSantis never lets the law stand in the way of his anti-“woke” agenda.

    Now DeSantis won’t come out and say he cancelled the AP course because he hates Black people–that he is a racist. No, he uses the word “woke”. Hating a word is easier, more palatable and hides his real intentions. By banning the AP course DeSantis is saying that a White kid will feel “uncomfortable” learning something about slavery or that racism still exists in America. Did DeSantis ask the students in Florida or Black and White educational authorities what they thought?

    I think “woke” is actually a “joke”–a joke on some white people to make them perpetually angry. Not angry that they are stuck in the middle by the economic system that keeps their wages stagnant, they can’t find either affordable health care or afford a new car. No, DeSantis, and right-wing politicians, want to re-direct White people’s anger away the real causes of their economic anxiety by blaming “wokism”. Maybe DeSantis is really worried that an AP course in African American studies will expose White kids to the real experiences of Black people–and how the present economic system exploits them both. Now that is something politicians like DeSantis don’t want White kids to hear. Keep people divided–that’s always how a ruling class stays in power. For DeSantis and his ilk the enemy is not the economic system but Black people and other communities like LGBTQ+ people. That’s the part of “woke” that no one on the right wants to discuss. So it appears the French have nothing on us!

  3. So will the woke cult replace “the” American oppressors, the white Supremacist, the rural Republican voters and unborn developing humans will become people who are American oppressors, people who are white Supremacists, people who are rural Republican voters and people who are unborn developing humans?? I see, “the” is only bad when applied to those with Democratic privilege.

  4. The Sermon on the Mount is in trouble, especially the Beatitudes.

    (Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven . . . Blessed are the meek, . . . Blessed are the pure in heart, . . . Blessed are the peacemakers . . .)

  5. THE people who presume to tell others words they should and should not use are arrogant tyrant wannabes who should be dismissed as THE immature self absorbed POS they are.

  6. THE Ohio State University owns THE trademark to THE. THEy’re just trying to avoid paying trademark fees to THE Ohio State University

  7. The only way it will be acceptable is when used with the words, Americans, Christians, Right, and White Males.

  8. Babylon Bee headline coming soon “Associated Press Decides English Language Dehumanizing and Racist – In historic move, makes announcement Lorem Ipsum”

  9. So. Will people respond by dancing to the jerk of AP’s marionette stirrings like people did with perfectly normal words and phrases of the past? Or, will they finally draw a line in the sand and say,”no!”?

  10. I’m reading some complaints below about censorship taking place on this blog. Is there any more information about these incidents and what triggers the removal of comments? JT? Darren? Others?

    1. Yeah, I posted a General George Patton video today speaking in French & then insulting a Russian General. Then it was removed!

  11. Does the Constitution define which entity provides the language to America?

    Which entity creates and maintains the English language?

    How could it possibly be the communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO, AINO) party which is a direct and mortal enemy of America?

    There oughta be a law.

  12. I vote that we stop using “is” or any tense of it. It is discriminatory against those who don’t live in reality.

  13. To THE ASSociated Press, I will continue to use there when appropriate. How long will it take the employees of AP to decide that every word is in some form dehumanizing, offensive, or inappropriate? The reason behind my question is soon your company will not be in business

    For all of you who find “THE” dehumanizing or triggering: grow up, smell the coffee and move on. Do not bother the sane, literate humans with you drivel.

    1. Life is more important that all this stupid preoccupation with language. language was created many years ago, and has been evolving according to reason, not to stupidity. Damn the sensitivities, use “the” proper language.

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