“Friends” with Benefits? Hunter Biden’s Team Accused of Ethical Violation Before Plea Hearing

Hunter Biden‘s lawyers were accused last night of an ethical violation in misrepresenting their representation in the case. Jessica Bengels of Latham & Watkins, the head of the firm’s litigation group, is accused of lying to the court clerk in seeking to remove an amicus (or “friend of the court”) brief from access to the public. The clerk insisted that Bengels stated that she was representing the amicus, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith, who filed the details on recent evidence showing a “sweetheart deal” behind the plea bargain.

The court gave Latham a deadline of last night to respond and it is insisting that this was all due to “an unfortunate and unintentional miscommunication.” They attached an affidavit from Bengels who said that it was all a misunderstanding:

“At around 11.54am, another Court employee called my Latham & Watkins phone number (which I believe she knew through caller ID) to let me know she would be removing the material from the docket. She did not ask which law firm I was affiliated with, and at no time during this call did I mention anything about my law firm affiliation… I believe there may have been some confusion when Julia passed the information on to the other Court employee, resulting in a mistaken understanding that I had called from Mr. Kittila’s firm…I am completely confident that I never indicated that I was calling from Mr. Kittila’s firm or that I worked with him in any way.”

The entire matter could be a misunderstanding, but the clerk clearly did not think so. The problem for Hunter could be a delay in accepting the plea bargain. It is not clear what additional evidence the Court could secure on the issue, but it could want interviews on the record.

I still believe that it is unlikely that the court would refuse to sign off on the plea bargain. Most judges are leery of demanding more charges against a defendant. That is a matter usually left to the discretion of the prosecutors. The investigation and implications of this dubious deal will ultimately be left to Congress.

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  1. “At around 11.54am, another Court employee called my Latham & Watkins phone number (which I believe she knew through caller ID) to let me know she would be removing the material from the docket. [. . . ] at no time during *this* call . . .” (Emphasis added)

    This strikes me as too clever by half.

    The issue is *not* the Court’s notification (at 11.54). The issue is who, if anyone, from L&W contacted the Court *before* that, to request that the amicus be removed. Notice the cover she provides for herself with her emphasis on “this call.”

  2. Judge Sullivan had no problems fighting tooth and nail to try to force DOJ to prosecute Micheal Flynn – long past the time when it was clear that Flynn committed no crime and had been coerced into a plea bargain.

    1. John B Say

      Not a bad comparison. With Flynn, it was the Judiciary colluding with the DoJ against the Defendant.
      This is the Defendent and Prosecutors colluding against the Judiciary.
      The dirty player in both of these is the DoJ. While not proof the DoJ is corrupt, it is indeed evidence.

      Two things I found interesting.
      The Prosecutors wanted all of this discussion moved to chambers and the transcripts sealed. They desparatly wanted all this to be kept secret.
      Prosecutors wanted the Judge, not the DoJ to referee any problems with Hunters “deal”. Admitting that the DoJ is crooked.(accussing the Right of doing with they themselves are already engaged in)

      1. With Flynn the Judiciary continued to try to go after Flynn even after the DOJ backed down.

        There NEVER was a case.

        Trump is quoted when he fired Flynn as saying that he was told he had to fire him – because Flynn had lied to VP Pence. but that he (Trump) still did not understand what the lie was.

        We were told that the Flynn lied to the FBI.

        But there was NEVER any evidence of that.
        The original 302’s disappeared, the notes that the FBI kept – BIASED agents kept do not contain evidence of any lies.

        And long before the case shgowed up on Sulivan’s doorstep the DOJ/FBI KNEW that the investigation had DIED before Strzok showed up at Flynn’s office.

        So that people are clear – there is no “Lying to the FBI” crime. The actual crime is lying to a government agent in the midst of a legitimate investigation about something material that the agent is not aware of that misleads the investigation.

        The “agent” can be an OSHA inspector.

        Regardless, the “Agent” must be persuing a legitimate investigation.

        It should now be clear to everyone that XFH was not legitimate EVER.

        And the lies have to be germain. Lying about what you had for lunch is not a crime.

        Even today – we have no idea what Flynn allegedly lied about.

        And we KNOW – as Judge Sullivan did, that there was no valid investigation regardless.

        The FBI is not the Gestapo.

  3. Who will the Global Communist Deep Deep State Swamp ensconce in the office of the President now?

  4. Mark Robinson on reparations: “It’s YOU who owe … The sacrifice in blood that has been laid out in this nation on your behalf, there is a bill at your feet for it. It’s time you got up off your tail and went and go pay it.”

    The video is one of the best. WOW! He is one accomplished speaker and says it all in about 2 minutes.

    1. On January 1, 1863, when the status of slaves changed from legal “property” to “illegal alien,” immigration law left only compassionate repatriation, aka deportation, distinctly not reparations, for particular people who could not be admitted to become citizens.

      To wit,

      Naturalization Act of 1802

      United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,” March 26, 1790

      Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof…

  5. The cover story doesn’t cut it. You can’t ask the clerk to do anything with something YOU didn’t file. Whether she said she worked for the attorney who filed the document doesn’t matter because the request itself is a representation that she does.

    1. Thank you! You’ve answered my question. I figured that the opposing party cannot alter the other party’s filings. You’ve confirmed this. Cheers!

  6. What is the likelihood that the U.S. House votes to give Hunter Biden total immunity in exchange for testimony by Hunter under oath at a formal congressional hearing? Justification for immunity would be that it’s in the best interest of this nation to learn the truth.

    1. But….he won’t tell the truth…..rub my hand unwittingly on my brow. Judge doesn’t like the plea agreement because it’s scope isn’t broad enough. Hunter needs charged in toto now….so in toto can be pardoned. ….by the big guy before he’s done. She doesn’t care about fara she just doesn’t want loose ends. And the fact no one will testify to congress if it’s an open investigation. She’ll milk it. Until walla the agreement is in the last minutes…encompasses it alll…thereby two birds in hand….Stonewall congress bc its an open investigation and hurry close it for a pardon for hunter. Non is good news.

    2. I say just force a name change to “Trump” and let the lawyers pick his bones. “The is no Justice in the Department’s of justice.”

  7. A corrupt, stupid, and mean-spirited president. A corrupt, entitled, and degenerate son. And a wife who will do anything to maintain her power, fame, and social standing. God help us.

    1. And so many corrupt, lying department heads such as Mayorkas and Garland. The forces of evil from the pit of hell have wormed their way into the halls of power in this country.

      1. Yet we will be okay. You are good. You know how to garden and save seed. You know how to preserve without refrigeration. You downloaded the fema pamphlet on wood gas and ordered the parts. You have a stash in self defense…at least a ton of a ton of salt from mauraders….you’ve learnt to leave no trace…youll be fine. Your biggest problem….will be killing another man. Who comes to you with lead bullets. ..and no knowledge. You’ll have to learn to kill or be killed. .

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