Why the House Has No Alternative to an Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden

Below is my column in The Messenger on the expanding evidence in the Biden corruption scandal and the need for Congress to take commensurate action to investigate the matter. After this column ran, Fox’s Brian Kilmeade conducted an interview with Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin. What was striking about the interview is not just the contradiction with other accounts (like insisting that he was investigating Burisma and the investigation was expanding when he was fired), but that he claimed that Kilmeade was the first to seek to interview him. This is just Shokin’s account and many question his veracity. However, it is astonishing that this is the first interview that I have seen of one of the key figures in this scandal. It highlights the need to still fully investigate a scandal that the media has largely avoided in prior years.  However, the greatest case for an impeachment inquiry was made by Attorney General Merrick Garland himself.

Here is the column:

When Congress returns next month, it has little alternative but to launch a long-discussed impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. For House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the case for an inquiry came from a most unlikely source: Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The debacle in the Hunter Biden investigation has left most objective legal analysts in disbelief, with one CNN analyst calling it an “unholy mess.”

Even before the collapse of a widely condemned “sweetheart deal” with Hunter, the investigation headed by U.S. Attorney David Weiss was a growing concern for many observers. In prior years, I wrote about Garland’s refusal to appoint a special counsel despite the obvious conflicts posed by the potential involvement of President Biden in his son’s alleged influence-peddling scandal. I also raised the problem of an investigation that remained ongoing for years as the statute of limitations expired on major potential crimes.

It turns out that the same concerns were being raised within the Weiss team. Two IRS whistleblowers recently confirmed that the expiration of potential tax felony crimes was raised with Weiss and the Department of Justice (DOJ). There reportedly was an agreement to extend that period, including on the violations tied to the most controversial alleged payments from sources in Ukraine and other countries. The two witnesses testified that the Justice Department instead allowed the statute of limitations to expire.

These two whistleblowers — and, more recently, a former FBI agent — said that the DOJ tipped off the Biden team on attempts to interview Hunter and to conduct searches. They describe an investigation that was anything but the “routine” matter described by congressional Democrats in seeking to block House investigations.

What followed has bordered on the burlesque. Weiss cut a deal with Hunter’s legal team that was widely derided. After years of investigation, he and the DOJ agreed to a couple of tax misdemeanors, a papered-over gun charge, and no risk of jail time for the president’s son. The deal disassembled in court after a few questions from the presiding judge about sweeping immunity language and other curious elements. When District Judge Maryellen Noreika asked the prosecutor if he had ever seen any agreement like this one, he replied “no.”

House Republicans had previously demanded that Weiss and his team answer questions about the investigation and the plea bargain. And an appearance before a House committee was planned when Garland suddenly preempted that by doing what many of us have demanded for years: He appointed a special counsel. To the amazement of many, though, he appointed the one prosecutor who should have been categorically excluded — David Weiss.

Section 600.3 of the DOJ’s code on special counsels requires an appointment from outside the Justice Department, for obvious reasons. While another prior special counsel, John Durham, also came from within the Justice Department, Durham was retiring from the department at the time of his appointment. Not only did Garland have to ignore his own regulations to appoint Weiss but he also had to ignore the main qualification: The appointed outside counsel should be someone with “a reputation for integrity and impartial decision-making.”

Weiss could well have a legitimate defense to Republican complaints that he ran a fixed investigation into Hunter or accusations that he made false statements to his own team. However, he clearly remains under suspicion by many people. That is reflected in an ABC News/Ipsos poll in which almost half of Americans lack trust that the DOJ will conduct the Hunter Biden investigation in a “fair and nonpartisan manner.”

In addition to this controversial appointment, Garland again refused to expressly extend the special counsel’s mandate to include influence-peddling allegations involving President Biden.

Even some liberal pundits are mystified by these moves and why Garland would not simply appoint someone in compliance with the regulations who could guarantee a new and full investigation.

So Weiss is now investigating crimes that continue to dwindle in number due to the long delays in prosecution. It is like waiting for winter to go goose hunting in Canada, long after the geese have flown South. Everyone just gets dressed up and fires aimlessly into an empty sky.

While Hunter still can be charged on the same meager grounds (and possibly the addition of a Foreign Agents Registration Act charge), the alleged fix remains in the Biden investigation.

Now, however, Congress will have a more difficult time getting answers out of Weiss because he can claim he is engaged in an ongoing special counsel investigation, and he can use the eventual special counsel report as much to defend his own actions as to detail any potential crimes.

At the same time, the Biden administration still is resisting the sharing of information with the House, including records held by the National Archives.

For months, I have discussed a potential impeachment of the president with Republican House members and have encouraged them not to repeat the abuses of House Democrats in the use of “snap impeachments” and the discarding of fact hearings in the House Judiciary Committee.

Garland, however, has effectively forced their hands.

While Garland seems incapable of imagining any crime involving the president, he has made a conclusive — if unintended — case for an impeachment inquiry.

With the investigative impediments created by the Weiss appointment and by Garland’s refusal to expressly extend the special counsel’s mandate to the allegations of Biden family influence-peddling, there is little choice but to commence an impeachment inquiry. The authority of the House is at its apex when carrying out its duties under the impeachment clause.

Whatever interest — or ability — remains to prosecute Hunter Biden, Congress has a separate duty to confirm any high crimes and misdemeanors committed by President Biden. Indeed, the Democrats themselves established precedent for carrying out retroactive impeachments for prior offices, including any which may have occurred when Biden was vice president.

With the current state of the Hunter Biden investigation and the baffling conduct of Attorney General Garland, there is no alternative for the House but to launch the impeachment inquiry.

Jonathan Turley, an attorney, constitutional law scholar and legal analyst, is the Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law at The George Washington University Law School.



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  1. Insanity reigns supreme within the establishment bubble (GOP and DNC), the contagion affects Democrats at-large, RINOs, and other silly Libertarians. They’ve been brainwashed by the MSM’s multi-year long propaganda campaign that caricaturized, and villainized, Donald Trump – Democrats actually believe Trump is a Russian agent, praises the KKK, is a White Supremist, promoted the injection of bleach, and is basically Hitler – seriously!? The derangement is so severe they’ve convinced themselves that Joe Biden is a decent man, is a competent leader, and is even in charge. Now, who are the crazies?

  2. Wow, now the big guy wants to take away our cieling fans. As I’ve said before, what’s next, flush toilets!

    1. Biden administration targets ceiling fans, saying the appliances should be more ‘energy efficient’
      “The Energy Department has recently been imposing new regulations on various household appliances, including for washing machines, gas stoves, refrigerators and more.”

      I could actually see them mandate something like the European toilets were it uses only 1.1L for urine and 1.8L for stool.

    2. Love the venture into straight cray, Independent Bob!!


      Tell us something we don’t know, little bug.

  3. My longshot prediction is that round about October or November Joe Biden will issue a full pardon to Hunter Biden and to Donald Trump in one fell swoop. The Hunter Biden trial will feature numerous witnesses (e.g., Devon Archer and possibly even Hunter Biden) testifying under oath that Joe Biden received bribes from foreign governments while he was the Vice President. Team Biden can’t let this happen. Joe Biden will lose the nomination, will likely have to resign the Presidency, and may well face indictment.

    Pardoning Trump will suck all the media oxygen out of the room so the pardon of Hunter Biden will get little attention. It will make Biden look magnanimous and Presidential. It will be framed as Biden rising above the partisan fray in an attempt to heal the rancorous divide in America.

    1. You’re absolutely beyond delusional. If biden tried to even speak of pardoning Trump he would be murdered within the hour.

  4. Jonathan: Now that we have dispensed with your crazy calls for the MAGA to impeach Pres. Biden, it took no time for DJT to capitalize on that also crazy mugshot at the Fulton County jail. He is now hawking actual “mugs” with his mugshot, T-shirts, etc.—all emblazoned with “Never Surrender”. Kind of ironic since DJT just had to “surrender” for booking and release.

    And when we say DJT lies about everything–things big and small–when DJT was allowed at his booking to self report his height and weight, what did he put down? 6′ 3″ and 215 lbs. Re his weight there were a lot of disbelievers. “No way!” said Ty Cobb, his former WH counsel. Stormy Daniels had the best response: “Mmmkay. And I’m 110 lbs and a virgin. I’m not a scale or doctor but I have spent some time beneath 215 lb men and Tiny was not one of them”. Priceless!

    Another curious thing about DJT’s booking is why he had to use a local bail bondsman to post the $200,000 bond? Some lawyers with experience say billionaires they have represented usually get a commercial insurer to post bond. So DJT is just cheap, which he is, or maybe because he is having liquidity problems.

    Now that all 19 defendants have been booked in Fulton County jail what can we expect to happen next? The 19 defendants have already formed a circular firing squad. Some are pointing fingers at others claiming they were only following orders from the former president. Others, like Jenna Ellis, are complaining that DJT is not paying her legal bills. Cheapskate or is DJT having problems even paying his own legal bills? DJT is also into the finger pointing business. He says: “I don’t know many of the others. Never met them”. Typical words you hear out of the mouth of an indicted mob boss: “I don’t know the guy who wacked the witness who squealed on me. Never met the guy”. How do DJT’s words differ from those of the head of a crime family? Not much.

    What is for certain is that soon you will see some, maybe many, of the defendants plea out because they don’t want to take the heat for the boss who refuses to pay their legal bills. Anyone disagree?

    1. There should be some sort of penalty for the amount BS that some of these blowhards post on this site.

    2. Why would anyone even bother disagreeing with a person who apparently can not even see the forest for the trees?
      Really? You think that that T-shirts, the correct weight (let alone what others think is the correct number), and who was the source of bond $ are the burning issues here?
      And why even bother with a trial if you give credence to ‘claims’?
      And who should pay another’s legal bills? Are you kidding?
      It would appear you are more into the infotainment aspect of these events than anything else. Good luck and have fun, little fella!

    3. Dennis knows “CRRRRRAZY!!!”

      And he knows his DNC deployed tag team partner NUTCHACHACHA, Super Wack Job and affirmative action beneficiary (it makes her almost like a real person).

    4. Brace for impact, Denny. TRUMP is gonna win back the White House and you are gonna lose your dam mind. We cannot wait.

  5. Trump is like Aslan the Lion, and the Democrats of the media and government that are persecuting Trump are like the monsters that persecuted Aslan:

  6. Jonathan: Your column reveals what we all suspected: “For months, I have discussed a potential impeachment of the president with Republican House members…”. A transparent admission that you have been behind the MAGA Republican effort to bring down Joe Biden. If you can get the House to impeach the President you think that could pave the way for the GOP to win next year. Nothing to hide here anymore. Pretty transparent.

    So what do you actually have in the way of evidence to support Articles of Impeachment? Despite years of columns neither you nor the MAGA Republicans have come up with any concrete EVIDENCE or FACTS to show Hunter or his dad were involved in any criminal acts. “Influence peddling” by Hunter, to use the family name to get lucrative contracts, is not a crime. And there is no direct EVIDENCE Joe Biden was directly involved in his son’s business dealings nor that he was bribed in the process.

    Complaints about the appointment of David Weiss as Special Counsel in the Hunter investigation are a distraction. As Special Counsel, Weiss has all the authority he needs to investigate any and all alleged “crimes” of Hunter. Besides he was appointed by DJT. He is not a Democrat. But you are still complaining. Funny but you didn’t complain when DJT appointed John Durham–someone who came from inside the DOJ.

    So now you say “there is no alternative for the House but to launch the impeachment inquiry”. Well there IS an “alternative”. Stop the fishing expedition. You have no EVIDENCE or FACTS to prove any of your claims about the Biden family. No proof that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business affairs or received brides. James Comer’s months long investigation has yield nothing to support your claims. On what would you base Articles of Impeachment against President Biden? David Weiss has not even yet decided whether he is going to indict let alone prosecute Hunter. This is all about theories in search a crime. It’s like Rudy Giuliani’s attempts to change the vote count in the 2020 election. As he admitted: “We have lots of theories but no evidence”. That would be what a MAGA House impeachment would look like.

    But maybe you have another motive for wanting the House to impeach Biden. Maybe get appointed as leading counsel for the MAGA House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry? It would be a feather in you cap. Lot’s of media exposure for someone who has been relegated to Fox and who has little relevancy or respect in the mainstream media or among legal scholars.

    So have at it. The only “influence-peddling” going on here is your desperate attempt to remain relevant by persuading the MAGA Republicans in the House to impeach Biden. Otherwise, all of your columns about the “corrupt Biden family” will collapse like a house of cards. If you are successful, however, that will be the fastest “snap impeachment” ever seen in House history!

    1. Dennis—thank you. You rhetorically ask what basis Republicans would have to try to impeach Biden? The polls that show that most Americans support the criminal indictments of Trump and most also believe him to be guilty. Republicans have to have some counter narrative to the mountain of solid evidence of Trump’s guilt. There’s so much of it that they can’t come up with enough ways to deflect and project blame. So they have to do something, anything, to create the illusion of equality of criminality on Biden. As you point out—there isn’t any.

        1. And yet you live on the Turley blog. Why don’t you go to the communist party troll headquarters blog, Fishy?

          Oh, my bad.

          That’s the very communist troll headquarters that deployed y’all, Fishy, Dennis and Nutchachacha, to the Turley Blog to attempt daze, confuse, brainwash, propagandize and indoctrinate actual Americans, am I right?

          Is it working, are you guys getting raises, promotions and communist badges for all your successes?

        2. “Dennis, thank you for spewing more ridiculous nonsense (gug-gug-gug-gug). does that feel good?
          Here let me add a little of my own blah blah blah blah blah (spit). Did I do it right daddy?”

      1. @Gigi
        Since when are polls used for indictment?
        Since when are polls used for determining guilt?
        Why do you view impeachment as a “counter narrative”? The purpose of impeachment hearings is to carry out investigation of facts and to determine the worthiness for articles of impeachment.
        Likewise, the evidence against Trump has yet to be presented for judgement. Yet, you claim that that “mountain of solid evidence” shows he is guilty?
        “create the illusion of equality of criminality on Biden”? Wow! where did you go to law school?

        Only one question: Are you Dennis McIntyre?

        1. The facts have been investigated, and there’s nothing there. There’s simply no proof that Joe Biden committed any crimes. But, it’s all Republicans and their media enablers have, so they keep hounding and pounding, paying Turley to keep harping about a”scandal”, and now, trying to legitimize the House Republicans’ waste of even more time and money—all to deflect attention from Trump’s crimes.

          Oh and BTW, polls show that Americans are far more concerned about the Trump prosecution than the “Hunter Biden Scandal “.

      2. Thank you Gigi for not making a single “factual” statement for a change. I dont have to call you a liar this time because you just spewed a bunch of partisan blather instead of lying about facts. “Thank you Dennis”… what a bootlicker. Lmao

      3. Gigi: Be careful about continuing to thank me. Some on this blog actually think we are the same person. They can’t believe more than one person on this blog shares the same views. So I guess we have to reveal the truth. We are joined at the hip in sharing the view that just because JT writes a column that doesn’t make it true. But you can’t tell some on this blog anything contrary to what is perceived as the gospel truth. Any contrary views are considered heresy. They are cult followers just like the MAGA crowd.

        George thinks we should go to the “Communist party troll headquarters blog”. George accuses me of being “Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Communist Prevaricator-in-Chief and direct mortal enemy….”. You can’t accuse George of being understated. I think George would be happier in the 1950s when Sen. Joe McCarthy was out to expose all the “Communists” in the government. I think George channels McCarthy every night before he goes to bed. But that’s George. Nobody on this blog treats him seriously.

        1. Ex Dem
          I dont think Gigi and dennis are the same person. Gigi lies incessantly, and denniis predominantly just exhibits narcissistic tendencies. He does lie as well, as i have pointed out, but he is audacious enough to do it by contradicting himself lol.
          Neither of them will address their lies when i point them out, preferring instead to run off to their next lie.
          Of course, i am addressing this comment to you, and not to dennis or gigi, because i am a coward and not here for a discussion.

        2. “Nobody on this blog treats him seriously.”—Dennis

          This could be the new high water mark for irony and lack of self awareness for Dennis.

      4. Dennis

        Thanks for that post, but your boy Dick Head says it much better, I’m afraid.

        “No proof that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business affairs or received brides.”

        He especially comes to your defense on the “brides” thing. He is with you, there is absolutely no proof that Joe ever married any of the women or girls that he sexually assaulted, fondled, or inappropriately touched, including his daughter.

      5. Dennis, than you for that post (gug-gug-gug-gug).

        And check out Dick Head…he is backing you up on that whole “brides” thing!!

        “No proof that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business affairs or received brides.”

        You are correct, there is no “concrete” proof that Joe ever married the women and girls that he sexually assualted, molested, touched inappropriately, or showered with.

    2. “[You] have been behind the MAGA Republican effort to bring down Joe Biden.”

      “Funny but you didn’t complain when DJT appointed John Durham–someone who came from inside the DOJ.”

      – Dennis McIntyre – Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Communist Prevaricator-In-Chief and direct and mortal enemy of the American thesis of freedom and self-reliance, the law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Americans and America.

      Special Counsel John Durham

      On October 19, 2020, John Durham was appointed by Attorney General William Barr to serve as the Special Counsel by the order below.

      Order No. 4878-2020

      – Department of Justice

      DJT distinctly did not appoint John Durham; the Advice and Consent of the Deep Deep State Senate, in the guise of William “Mr. Deep Deep State” Barr, appointed John Durham to whitewash the most prodigious political scandal in American history, and John “Dudley Do-Right” Durham did exactly that—he made damn sure all the Deep Deep State bad actors got off scot-free and the Obama Coup D’etat in America was whitewashed into oblivion.

      Dennis probably thinks it was wrong to “bring down” Al Capone for his evident crimes, that 150 Suspicious Activity Reports on Biden accounts were merely traditional and customary and that multiple incriminating whistleblower statements and various references to the “Big Guy” hold no weight or force.

      Oh, and why did Hunter take the back door off the plane so many times?

      Please do continue making a fool of yourself, Dens.

    3. Evidence to support an inquiry:

      1. Form 1023 — report by a reliable source that Zlochevsky said he paid $10m to two Bidens to end legal pressure on Burisma;

      2. Network of shell companies through which funds were laundered to Biden family members; currently in excess of $20m but Nancy Mace has said the total will exceed $50m;

      3. E-mail communications from Pozharski to Hunter Biden demanding he lobby D.C. to relieve legal pressure on Burisma;

      4. Dec 4 call to D.C. by Hunter Biden, Zlochevsky and Pozharski to do the same thing;

      5. Biden’s publicly recorded statement that he unilaterally withheld $1b in loan guarantees until Shokin was fired;

      6. No US policy document supporting linking the $1b in loan guarantees to Shokin’s firing; and

      7 Shokin’s repeated statements that Poroshenko told him Biden demanded that he drop the Burisma investigation or be fired.

      1. Daniel, I appreciate the information you provided earlier that set forth the purposes for the impeachment inquiry and here that sets forth the evidence for such an inquiry. By the same token, the need for you to provide both is because Professor Turley in his column really failed to adequately make the case for an impeachment inquiry and even more so that no alternative exists.

      2. Daniel

        In the immortal words of Gigi the troll….”you got no proof!”

        Allow me to add to the “lack” of evidence, if I may.

        8. Archers testimony, that he KNEW that it was JOE that Hunter and Zlovchevsky called after the board meeting in Dubai. He was allowed to change the “official” testimony after a timeout in which Archer’s lawyer reminded him that he was implicating himself in the bribery scheme.

        9. Hunters contact with Amos Hochstein, to help with the “Z problem”. Hochstein then accompanied Joe on AF2 to Ukraine, on the trip when the Shokin coercion occurred.

        10. Archers testimony that Zlovchevsky hired Hunter SPECIFICALLY to help with the fact that Shokin was on his a$$.

        11. A 2014 visit by Devon Archer with Joe Biden at the White House, five days before Biden left for Ukraine. Days later, Archer is added to the Burisma board.

    4. Big Volunteer Opportunity for Dennis! —–>

      Scott Adams

      “I’m looking for a rabid anti-Trump Democrat to deprogram in a public demonstration. Any volunteers?

      Note: I’m a trained hypnotist, but no induction or trance is involved. Just talk.”

  7. Class Action/Mass Action Impeachment






    et al.

  8. Please indulge me one off topic comment on an issue that I would like to see Professor Turley address at some point. The mayor of Chicago, who happens to be a teacher’s union activist and a radical leftist, is suing Hyundai and Kia because they haven’t made it hard enough for his supporters to steal their cars!!!!! Please think about this for a minute. Instead of arresting and incarcerating the car thieves they are going after the car companies. This is the same as suing a homeowner for not having a deadbolt on their front door after they have their home broken into.

    How in the name of common sense can we allow this insanity to continue? This is the radical that worried about mobs being called mobs because it somehow dehumanized the MOBS. The leftists always, and I mean always, protect the criminals, they always attack the innocent and they do everything in their power to weaken America.

    PS. Please show me the last time a climate activist said anything negative about China, the world’s worst polluter.

    1. The Ebbinghaus Curve, or the Forgetting Curve, demonstrates that even students of the “best” teachers forget 80% of what they learned in one month and that teachers are fraudulently embellishing their efficacy and importance. Students forget. Giving teachers absurd amounts of pay and less work has no effect on the Forgetting Curve.

      Abrogate the teachers union. Teachers are hired, not negotiated with. Strikers must be fired with extreme prejudice. The power of elected office is not to be transferred, or otherwise sold for bribes, to anti-American, anti-constitutional communist teachers. Call out the National Guard and clear the schools of the communist teachers unions. Schools are conceived and established to operate for the benefit of students, not communist teachers unions.

      Schools exist to provide education for students. Schools were not created to be over-compensated, make-work programs for incompetent, anti-American, communist teachers. Teachers and administrators who believe they ought to be rich must take their services to the free markets of the private sector. The solution is always privatization and free market competition. Public worker unions are anti-American, criminal, and constitute the antithetical and unconstitutional communist “dictatorship of the proletariat” of Karl Marx.

      1. The spoils system had its flaws, but government labor unions have proven to be a very expensive disaster and should be prohibited.

        The idea that one group of citizens “needs” a labor union to negotiate with another group of citizens doesn’t even make sense. For one thing, just who do government unions think is the “management” that’s getting rich by “exploiting” their labor? The management is us, ‘we, the people,’ who have every right to determine not only how much we can pay for any given service, but whether or not, beyond what is specified in the federal and state constitutions and municipal charters, we want a particular service at all (and constitutions and charters are amendable).

        Even FDR saw the distinction between public and private sector workforces as making public sector unions a bad idea—impractical if not also unconstitutional. In 1937 he wrote:
        “The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service….The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for…officials…to bind the employer…. The employer is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives…. Particularly, I want to emphasize my conviction that militant tactics have no place in the functions of any organization of government employees.”

        As FDR saw, the main problem with government unions is that citizens working for government are still citizens with the same voting rights as every other citizen—in other words, government employees are both management and labor. If even FDR could see—and warn against—the corrupting influence of public sector unions on our governments and politician processes, I don’t understand how any government union can even pretend to claim legitimacy, let alone their outrageous claims on the public purse. (The average government employee is far better compensated than the average private sector employee in a comparable position.)

        Again, the idea the one group of citizens has a ‘right’ to use their vote to dictate to the fellow citizens, through our commonly elected representatives, the wages and terms of their employment simply means that “some citizens are more equal than others.”

    2. “ How in the name of common sense can we allow this insanity to continue?”

      I’d like an answer to that, also. I’m afraid that the ‘commons’, as in common courtesy, common decency, common knowledge, common sense, etc. are no longer that common. Wonder why?

      In the backassward world that’s become out legal system it won’t be long before teachers are suing their students for not learning, doctors are suing their patients for clumsily breaking a leg, and politicians are suing their supporters for not donating enough $$ to win their campaign.

    3. HullBobby,
      Common sense is not a common virtue among the leftists.
      We see it everyday here on the good professor’s blog.

  9. We all agree that the US is no longer a nation ruled by laws nor a Justice Dept that follows the US Constitution. So what is keeping Americans from revolting and using the guillotine on authoritarian national leaders? Asking for a friend

    1. Jacques,
      I get what you are saying.
      But as I have stated many a time here on the good professor’s blog, that is a path we must not take.
      To do so, ten of thousands, maybe even millions would die many miles from a shot taken in anger.
      What I fear is that day may be coming.

      1. America doesn’t need guillotines.

        America needs a judicial branch, with emphasis on the Supreme Court, to finally do its sworn duty to support the literal, manifest tenor of the Constitution—to intercede and correct the anti- and unconstitutional communism out of America.

        America has suffered 150 years of the incremental implementation of the principles of communism and the incremental nullification of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        The singular American failure has been and continues to be the Supreme Court, which refuses to differentiate the Constitution from the Communist Manifesto.

        If you like, start with Obamacare, which will never be constitutional in any aspect or facet as Congress has no power to tax for individual, specific, or particular welfare, or charity.

        1. I agree, completely.

          One thing I’ve never understood is why a regular citizen is not considered to have “standing” to bring a question before the US Supreme Court or a state Supreme Court? I’ve wondered about the Constitutionality of some government actions for years (I just went off on a tangent about public sector labor unions). It’s not just a question of money—even if one can afford to bring a case, it can take years to work its way up through the layers of courts.

          While I want courts to be thoughtful, it seems to me that there are times—like now, before a major election—when getting at least a prompt legal decision would be more helpful than the endless and divisive speculating by politicians and pundits. Of course, our judicial system may have already squandered too much of its reputation on base politics to be considered an authority on anything.

  10. I wish that one “reporter” would ask Obama if he was aware of what Hunter was doing in Ukraine. Of course we know he knew, but why won’t someone ask him? This begs the question…what did Obama have to gain by allowing Joe Biden to be the point man on Ukraine? Why did Joe Biden go to Ukraine FIVE times as VP and what did Obama think about it? Has Kamala Harris gone to any one country more than once?

    It is so moronically simple to see what was going on in Ukraine. Remember how many times the question was raised, “what did Hunter bring to the table to earn $83,000 a month from a Ukrainian energy company?” Even with the moron Joe Biden bragging on video that he got the prosecutor fired doesn’t seem to move the Raskins and Goldmans of the world to admit that 2 + 2 = 4.

    They know it, we know it, they know we know it, we know they know we know it and yet they just keep on lying. This is the most unbelievable hiding of facts that I have ever witnessed. The “media” should be ashamed.

    1. You nailed one of the two major problems in the US in your last sentence: we now have “media” instead of journalism.

      When I was a college freshman (way, way back in 1969) I took Journalism 101 to satisfy one of the required English credits. 50+ years later, I don’t remember much from that class, but two things still standout: (1) that the book I was required to buy for that class was written by my professor (I had never heard of the practice, and it struck me as a bit unseemly) and that the first paragraph, if not the first sentence, of a story should always (always! This was a sacred rule.) answer the 5 Ws: who, what, where, when, and why. Today, it seems the rule is to sprinkle those answers throughout the article to ‘keep eyeballs on the page’ as long as possible.

      The goal of journalism was getting accurate info to the public as quickly as possible (especially for newspapers and the ‘new’ field of television journalism).

      The goal of ‘the media’ is sales.

    2. Been listening to an audiobook about Alexander Hamilton. At the founding of the country, journalists took sides. Those my age do not forget Dan Rather, a serious leftist both now and then, blathering on about the Viet Nam war as well as Walter Cronkite, another leftist. As the Bible states, ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’. Super frustrating? Absolutely! Something new? No, I don’t think so.

  11. I like how Turley is dropping more and more pointed hints to Kevin McCarthy who is on vacation and just as pointedly doesn’t care. You want the Republicans to clean up your mess, not going to happen. Republicans are bought and paid for just like your side so you’re stuck with the wonderful Resident you voted for. Maybe next time, if there is a next time which I doubt, cast your vote based on facts and information rather than emotion and the D after their name. In the meantime, enjoy the slow spiral as the greatest nation in the world circles the drain and remember: you did this.

  12. The continual cry for more evidence is very suspicious.
    And the public has noticed.
    The GOP is losing voters, the People elected them to get something done.
    McCarthy lost the budget poker game.

  13. Your flaw is thinking (wishfully) that President Biden will eventually be Impeached or Retire early.
    AG Merrick Garland just wants to put this to bed. IMO – Biden will be in office to hand over the Presidency to Whomever.
    The DNC knows that Biden or Harris is a non-winner in 2024. So to make that January 20, 2025 hand-off appear to go Peacefully,
    Biden will be there (comatose or otherwise). There after is the time to go after the Biden(s) full throttle (wait until He’s out of Office),
    much like they did Trump. Hunter’s Day may come first, but Joe’s will come after January 20, 2025.

  14. OT, in the leftist pecking order, Muslims overseas outrank gays since the former are anti-American. Thus, when they throw gays off buildings the Left doesn’t care.

    Now the interesting question is: what about the relative positions of trans and Muslims? Seems we have the answer: trans wins. Grooming and mutilating little kids is the holy grail of the left and nothing, repeat nothing, will stand in their way.


    1. Oldman, I love your analysis of the pecking order and I agree with it entirely. Especially your observation about being anti-American is an important factor.

      When the left boycotted NC over bathrooms, including the NBA, they had no issue with Iran or other Muslim states. When they discuss the “climate crises” they have no issue with China. This goes back to Oldman’s observation about it being anti-American.

      But Trans trumps all these days. Black men can be erased, Muslims ignored, gays intimidated and women just completely pushed aside in the all powerful Trans movement.

      1. Thanks Hullbobby.

        Especially your observation about being anti-American is an important factor.

        We can do a little thought experiment. If conservative Catholics in a pro-American eastern European country such as Poland or Hungary threw gays off buildings, the left would be in favor of cutting off diplomatic relations with the government until it did something about it. If conservative Muslims in Iran do the same thing, Dems don’t even notice and instead want to send Iran billions of dollars. Poland and Hungary love America, Iran chants “death to America.” Coincidence? Unlikely.

        1. OldMan and HullBobby,
          Why go as far as Iran?
          Why not look to Maui and Biden’s lame response for real anti-American sentiment?
          The same day he authorized a one time payment of $700 to those affected Americans (comes to $1.8million), he sent $200million to the Ukraine.

  15. Turley proved that he is a hypocrite when it comes to impeachments. Turley will jump any shark to distract dismiss and deceive, in the protection of # PO1135809.

      1. Turley’s hypocrisy is a proven fact when it comes to impeachments. And his protection of # PO1135808 is also a established fact, Turley’s view that # P0 1135808 is above the law is also a fact. On those facts alone Turley deserves to be held up to the light.

        1. Dear Fishwings from the Darkside ET AL…. If Prof. Turley upsets you so much with his remarks on his site.. it only makes sense for you to ‘get the hell out of Dodge’ and take your Radical Left woke carcasses to a site more swamp-like where you can pollute to your hearts’ desires….

          1. 18th
            Fishlips is not here for the purpose of persuasion. He is here to antagonize, as evidenced by his comments, which are completely bereft of any signs of intelligence. Reactions like yours and this one are what get him off.
            This is evident by how little effort he ever puts into making a case.

            For instance
            “And his protection of # PO1135808 is also a established fact”

            Choosing instead to refer to his opinion as “established facts”.

            Let alone that we are left trying to figure out what power Turley has to “protect” Trump.

            one can only surmise that he makes asinine comments for one purpose. Unlike Dennis and Gigi, he just isnt advanced enough to use circular reasoning, preferring instead the 3rd grader approach.

            1. Not sure how the bug man came to that conclusion, but not surprised either.

              He is right about one thing though. He said once that he can be differentiated from the other Smeagol’s by his commenting style.

              IDK, maybe in his world, a nerve CAN be touched by childish rantings.

              LMAO if he could see the grin on my face as he gets humiliated again.


  16. ‘Baffling conduct’ on the part of Garland? Seems pretty in keeping to me for the dem regime, all of it, none of it is a surprise (I continue to flashback to Pelosi tearing up the speech. 21st century dems are inexcusable). The question for me is: have the dems finally gone too far? Unfortunately my answer snd opinion is probably not. They and the globalists and their ilk will not relent until disagreement itself is a crime for *everyone*. Gotta spare those feelings, fill those coffers, and ensure it into perpetuity, no matter how egregious the falsehoods or the damage done on the road to getting there. It is disgusting, and the average Joe’s compliance is something I thought I’d never see, even if signs clearly pointed to it. There is now no discernible difference between leftist machinations and those of totalitarians of the past.

  17. Says the “lawyer” who is just fine with Trump spearheading an attempted coup. Let me take something from the Turley playbook. Anything Biden said to anyone in Ukraine was protected by the First Amendment. Speech can not be a crime. And since there is no crime, there can be no impeachment.

    1. Speech can not be a crime.

      Sammy – can you link to a page where Prof. Turley actually said that? Didn’t think so. You must feel good valiantly slaying straw men.

    2. There is no statute of limitation period on an (IRS) assessment or a court proceeding to collect tax if the return is false or fraudulent, there is willful attempt to evade tax, or no return is filed under IRC 6501 (c).

  18. The KGB/DOJ will do whatever it wants as long as there are any democrats in control of our bureaucracy. These are the prime movers of our nation’s descent into anarchy and cultural death. As long as there are any prog/left dems remaining in any position of power or authority within our governments (federal, state and local) we will never right this ship. Why even worry about what garland will do when there is, as yet, no power or will to stop it within the general body of the republical party.

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