Jenna Ellis Admits to Criminal False Statements in Ominous Plea for Trump

The image most of us had of former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis was a remarkably cheerful mugshot after her arrest in the RICO case brought by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Ellis made a very different appearance today in state court as she pleaded guilty to intentionally interfering in the election process in the state of Georgia. While the impact of earlier pleas by figures like Sidney Powell is hard to judge at this stage, this plea has more ominous implications for the former president.

Ellis offered a sobbing apology for her role in challenging the 2020 election and stated  that

“as an attorney who is also a Christian, I take my responsibilities as a lawyer very seriously and I endeavor to be a person of sound moral and ethical character in all my dealings. … In the wake of the 2020 presidential election, I believed that challenging the results on behalf of President Trump should be pursued in a just and legal way. I endeavored to represent my client to the best of my ability…What I did not do, but I should, was make sure the facts that the other lawyers alleged to be true were in fact true. In the frenetic pace of attempting to raise challenges to the election in several states, including Georgia, I failed to do my due diligence.”

As with the other former Trump counsel, she will not face jail time and was charged with one charge of aiding and abetting false statements in writing.

As part of the plea deal, Ellis will have to serve five years probation and pay $5,000 in restitution to the Georgia Secretary of State within 30 days.

She will also have to complete 100 hours of community service, write an apology letter to voters in the state of Georgia and testify truthfully in future hearings regarding ongoing cases.

Ellis is the type of plea that tends to concentrate the mind.  Powell pleaded to relatively minor charges involving unauthorized access to voting machines and areas. Those charges tend to be easy to prove. It is not clear if she would tie Trump to a conspiracy or racketeering.

Ellis pleaded guilty to false statements that could conceivably implicate the President if she claims that he was aware of the falsity and facilitated the crime. Moreover, Ellis recently broke with Trump. She called him a “malignant narcissist” who cannot admit mistakes — and said that she would never vote for him again.

The question is now whether Ellis will implicate Trump in this conspiracy. What is clear is that her plea will hold particular interest of Special Counsel Jack Smith in his parallel federal prosecution.


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  1. Ellis and Powell both pled guilty to crimes they did NOT commit. They were just going bankrupt due to the malicious prosecution. Cowards!

  2. “Ominous plea for Trump”? Such hyperbolic nonsense. It’s a nothingburger with an air shake.

    It’s actually another sign that our esteemed Banana Republic is unable to even successfully invent “meaningful” fake crimes with which to charge Trump allies.

    Perhaps the Deep State Criminal Operatives could get together and sign a letter to be published in the fake news NYT stating, that “Jenna Ellis’s plea deal has all the earmarks of posing an omission threat to Donald Trump’s candidacy for President.” That might carry some weight with brain-dead Democrats.

    Meanwhile, what’s going on with the purported “case” against the genuine criminal Ray Epps? Oh, yeah. I forgot. That’s a fake case designed to protect the professional agent provocateur paid from taxpayer funds by a shell company controlled by the FBI. If murderer Michael Byrd didn’t even get charged with murder on behalf of the Deep State, how will there be a scintilla of punishment for Epps? Silly me.


    1992 104 MILLION


    2000 104 MILLION +9M

    2004 121 MILLION +17M BIG WAR IS PLUS

    2008 130 MILLION +7M


    2016 129 MILLION +3M

    2020 155 MILLION +26M

    See anything funny there, like the 26 million extra votes in 2020

    1. suggested reading (where you can follow all sources and confirm the data for yourself):

      Your numbers are off! … though it is true that the 2020 Presidential Election had the highest participation rate of eligible voters and as a percentage of voting age population.

      I am Swiss, we take our democracy seriously!

      To be frank, it’s been baffling to see American voters question their own election. Especially since 2020 was internationally recognized by organizations and Universities who study these things, as one of the USA’s most successful iterations of a presidential election in terms of irregularities (ie FEWEST).

      If you would like to read about the 2020 Election from an independent source, one that can’t have any partisan tilt, simply because it has nothing to do with the USA at all; may I suggest the site the site is available in english for the most part and it has an english twitter feed swissinfo_en

      1. I do not know what international organizations chose to recognize – though I am not impressed by the integrity of international organizations.

        I do know that the US election violated the standards that many of those organizations have for elections.

      2. Any group that studied the 2020 election and found it has the fewest irregularities is up to its neck in horse schiff.

        Whether you attribute it to fraud, incompetence or just the problems of conducting an election in the midst of Covid – the US election was conducted DISASTEROUSLY badly.

        States routinely and often on very large scale violated their own election laws.

        Many if not all of those international organizations you cite have reported that Mailin voting can not be conducted such that it can be assured to be fraud free.

        Teh moment you put a ballot in the hands of a voter outside the oversite of election officials you create the oportunity for myriads of new forms of fraud that you can not prevent or even detect. The most trivial is that you can no longer prevent securing votes through coercion or inducement.

        Any organization that claims an election that includes mailin voting as a method as error and fraud free is dishonest.

        Appeals to authority do not trump history, facts, and logic.

  4. The following claim by Turley makes no sense : “Ellis pleaded guilty to false statements that could conceivably implicate the President if she claims that he was aware of the falsity and facilitated the crime.”

    In her elocution she made clear that due to her own negligence in “due diligence” she did not know the statement were false at the time she made them: “What I did not do, but I should, was make sure the facts that the other lawyers alleged to be true were in fact true. In the frenetic pace of attempting to raise challenges to the election in several states, including Georgia, I failed to do my due diligence.”

    If at the time, according to her statement, she didn’t know the claims were false (and thus presumably a crime) how in hell could she know Trump was himself “was aware of the falsity and facilitated the crime.” If she knew at the time that trump knew, then she herself must have known which would mean her elocution was itself a falsehood.

    1. “. . . how in hell could she know . . .”

      Damn good question.

      I suspect, though, that those motivated by a desire to “get Trump,” will not be moved by such logic.

      1. I agree with you completely Sam. But I’m more interested in why Turley would make such an obvious error in logic. It was sloppy analysis which, to my mind, is becoming a disturbing trend for Turley. I’m beginning to question how serious he really is in providing readers with a solid examination, based on his considerable legal understanding, of these cases. More and more it seems he’s just pulling stuff out of his ass. And that’s quite apart from his now boring repetition which is making him seem to me like a one-trick pony.

    2. This is like treating the legal challenges as settled cases already disputed in the courts with a verdict, but as we know court verdicts of our modern era are often wrong.
      So now they want absolute truths ex post facto, which means for the security state and demoncrats, every election challenge was a known lie at the time …
      These people are a joke. All they did was lie and declare it the safest most secure most fair and honest election ever, which is the exact opposite of what it was and everyone knows it.
      Mail out ballots to anyone and everyone and let em all return unverified and in unfolded piles that *”came through the mail” /sarc*

      I’m the judge: ” She has no standing to declare what is and is not true about the 2020 election challenges. She can stand and spew for the false prosecution DA’s but she’s hasn’t clue one to this very second which are true and aren’t, and neither does the prosecution.”


    3. I like your logical reasoning. I assume that Ellis will be used to demonstrate willful ignorance on the part of Giuliani and his team, of which she was a part and possibly of their client… at least at times? ( We have other statements where President Trump on the same day said he did not loose AND where he said “I can’t believe I lost to…”)

      It is an interesting conundrum! I can’t wait to see how this part of it turns out! Of course Pres Trump and several of his cohorts already claimed voting irregularities before the first vote was cast…so I have to believe that their internal numbers already foreshadowed the outcome: he knew he was going to loose, as did most serious pollsters in and outside of the USA quite early on. Even the most perfect presidency couldn’t have weathered COVID!

      – and remember, I’m Swiss. I take it as a given that Trump lost fair and square. My only interest is in democracy itself. So I am very interested in whether the Pres Trump himself tried to subvert democracy or whether it was a this group of lawyers and partisan operators or both. We shall see what the court cases find!

      1. sorry my reply was for JibberJabber and his question as to the logic of using Ellis to prove something she claims not to have known at the time! my reply got filed in the wrong spot!

      2. Willful ignorance does NOT transform legal actions into crimes.

        While it remains a FACT that the 2020 eleciton was rigged – it was NOT the responsibility of those challenging the election to determine precisely how that was done – without the power to question witnesses or subpeona people.

        The requirement that elections must be transparent exists for many reasons – one of those is that only government can force disclosure of information that is hidden.

        Regardless, the CORE problem with the democrats unconstitutional prosecutions/persections is that it is not illegal to INTENTIONALLY lie to win or overturn an election. If it was Joe Biden would be in Jail.

      3. The way it turns out is simple – it dies. The only question is when and how far through the appeals courts it must go.

        It is entirely possible that Willis or Smith may make the arguments you are pushing – though we all know what the verdict in Atlanta and DC will be.
        What we do not know is when and how this will be killed.

        As to your argument – the problem with your alleged contradictions – aside from that they are relatively commonplace in ordinary speech and do not actually mean what you think

        “I can not beleive I lost to this guy” – litterally means – I do not beleive it – therefore something else must have happened.

        Regardless, given enough time and enough remarks anyone will eventually say something that is atleast partly at odds with something else they have said.
        All that is, is evidence that we are not automatons. Trump in particular does not speak with a great deal of precision – I suspect that is deliberate. I have not read Trump’s books – but I would suspect that is in there – the process of successfully making a deal involves getting the other party to buy in early and address the details LATER. People who speak with too much precision can not close deals.

        But that is not the core problem of the left – it is that – THERE IS NO CRIME.

        One of the easier ways to understand your FUNDIMENTAL error, is that criminal defense attorneys walk into court every single day and argue for the innocence of defendants that the BELEIVE are guilty.

  5. Protect yourself against the dishonest Anon who smears others by butchering their words and arguments.

    Here is yet another example:

    “Professor Turley,

    How is pleading guilty to a felony a “relatively minor” charge?”

    The only problem is that JT never wrote that.

  6. Trump cultists may want to ponder this:

    If Section 3 of the 14th Amendment (Disqualification Clause) is superseded by “popularity” of the voters – the 2nd Amendment would also be superseded by popularity of voters – the 2nd Amendment would be literally overturned.

    The premise of a “constitutional rule of law” system is that when voters demand “unconstitutional” laws and practices, a plaintiff in court can challenge and overturn unconstitutional practices – even if the majority of voters support that unconstitutional practice.

    Does anyone honestly think Trump (and friends) didn’t violate Section 3 of the 14th Amendment? Section 3 legally bans anyone from holding a position of governing, if that person previously swore an oath of office to follow the U.S. Constitution then betrayed that supreme loyalty oath by giving aid & comfort to insurrectionists.

    There is strong evidence that Trump wasn’t the passive supporter of insurrection but was himself the architect that engineered the entire thing (before the 2020 election) before he even lost the election, then tricked his followers into attacking the Legislative Branch of the federal government (Congress).

    If “popularity” supersedes a form of treason (outlined in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment) – the 2nd Amendment, property rights or any other right has no meaning. A simple majority of voters can take away any constitutional right in any voting district. Judges will bow to “popularity” instead of providing constitutional “judicial review” (top duty of every judge).

    These same Trump cultists were crying that Obama was going to take away their gun rights. Reality: today in 2023, gun owners have MORE gun rights than before Obama was elected. If Conservatives start supporting a “constitutional rule of law” system, gun rights will never be taken away in our lifetimes following the 2008 “Heller” U.S. Supreme Court ruling – only bowing to unconstitutional “popularity” will do that!

    1. Re: “If “popularity” supersedes a form of treason (outlined in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment) – the 2nd Amendment, property rights or any other right has no meaning.”

      Right. The Woke Left is using “popularity” as an argument to quash First Amendment rights. Supposedly, popular sentiment now equates words with “violence” differing opinions as “hate crimes” and different interpretations of information as “disinformation”. Under the Woke Left rubric the First Amendment only has meaning that they ascribe to it.

      Related to Power Elites selectively attacking fundamental civil liberties, pick your poison.

      1. Responding to Radical Pragmatist:

        I don’t support some Democrats favoring censorship of legal First Amendment activity either. Censorship harms everyone including Democrats and Republicans.

        I support the entire Constitution including the 2nd Amendment gun rights with minimal regulation. One disagreement, in addition to the 2nd Amendment, the 9th Amendment is very powerful in protecting things like hunting and target shooting. The 2nd Amendment only allows government-controlled militias, so state-governors and Joe Biden is actually in charge of the state National Guard militias.

        I’m equal opportunity no matter who violates the U.S. Constitution (right or left)!

        The irony is many in the Trump wing are actually very liberal on constitutional due process. These constitutional-liberals only cherry-pick the parts they agree with – wanting rights for themselves but denying constitutional rights to others.

    2. You think overturning the 2nd would happen in a nationwide referendum? LOL.

      The country is much more diverse and wise than your Bethesda (or w/e) coffee shop

      1. No I previously said “in any given voting district” – not a nationwide referendum. A large city or state could theoretically could now violate the 2nd Amendment, since Conservatives set a precedent that it’s perfectly fine to cherry-pick only the parts you agree with.

        Conservatives were virtually silent when the U.S. Supreme Court bypassed the constitutional-amendment process during the War on Drugs (which produced more illegal drug use) and the “Bush Preemption Doctrine” which totally destroyed the Fourth Amendment’s letter & spirit – also without the legally required constitutional-amendment process.

        During the War on Drugs, the dissenting opinion in “Terry v. Ohio” warned of “totalitarianism” in America by skipping the constitutional-amendment process. That’s exactly what George W. Bush did about 30 years later.

        Conservatives have weakened the constitutional rule of law system as a “restraint” on unconstitutional laws and practices. If you lose your gun rights, look in the mirror, stop blaming Democrats!

        1. You did okay , then you blabbered out the last sentence. A total hoax and totally stupid.
          As you tried to claim but just can’t seem to help yourself in the end, both parties rip away at the Constitution, depending upon the subject at hand.
          The dems wants the guns taken, period, not republicans.
          The republicans favored harsh illegal searches post 911, but so did the dems …
          The dems want the right to murder babies
          The republicans want the right to murder criminals.
          Republicans want rights for big business and corps that go beyond CotUSoA limits, but now the dems do too, even more so.

          You can be fair and not devolve into hate and stupidity like you did with the last sentence, right? Come on man.
          Republicans favored torture post 911, dems much less so to not at all.
          Obama favored drone strikes, to the max, and more foreign wars, so did hillary.
          Trump does not and did not, though he favored military spending openly.

          Dem crimes are not the republicans fault, and republican crimes are not the dems fault.

    3. Yes, everyone who knows the meaning of “insurrection” honestly believes the provision you cite does not bar Trump from office.

  7. Since bad due diligence that causes election interference is now a crime, the 51 “spies who lie” deserve a perp walk.

    1. Except they all knew they were lying at the time, which is much worse.
      She hasn’t a clue what she lied about.
      We have an out of control government who wants their pathetic theft of 2020 written down as pure white snow, and everyone knows it’s a BIG FAT LIE.
      They will run their lies though court and run the people who opposed it or do now into their grinding lawfare machine and then clap like a seal and bark their walrus blubber all over the place.
      What they never do is address the crimes uncovered in the 2020 election.
      Now as before they ignore and declare it all good.
      Then they drag people into court and do the same thing.
      They dragged people from social media into their secret blackout machine works, which have been MINIMALLY exposed with twitter.

      A partisan government declaring their partisan falsehoods as true.

  8. Ok. She didn’t do due diligence….who has? Has the fbi? Her guilty plea doesn’t make for facts…whatever that Latin term for ….. we found it in another case … nylon. So it’s res ajudicada? All she begged about was forgiveness for not doing due diligence. Expensive for sure. And if that’s the standard….lawyers rates will certainly go even higher. Making a mockery of our profession to be even more dispiesd. Bottom line neither her or the cracken’s plea constitute facts….all they are is a bend pover. And not piick up the soap. 7e.

  9. “It wasn’t leftist Americans who jammed the Palestinians in Gaza.”

    The Americans didn’t do it, but the left acts like fascists and dictators.

    How did the Palestinians end up in Gaza? The government of Israel put out notices for the Palestinians to stay in Israel. The Grand Mufti told them to leave. The Jordanians threw them out of Jordan, and no Arab nation wanted them. Egypt owned the Gaza Strip but stopped them from entering Egypt even though many were Egyptians.

    If you compare the size of the Arab-speaking nations to Israel, it is the size of a book compared to a postage stamp. There is plenty of empty space in Arab lands where most of these people came from. Let them return. But, you should ask, why the Arabs forced the Jews to leave their countries under the threat of death. How come you don’t ask that question?

    I see this was Bug and banned, but I will answer anyway. His response is gone, mine will remain.

    1. I often often say how many Jews live in Muslim majority countries? Or at least under 70? I never get an answer.

      1. Thank you, Michael, for highlighting that point. The Jews were thrown out of their homes across the Arab world. They were told to leave without their property, and if they didn’t they would be killed. There was a similar number of Jews that exited the Arab lands under force as exited Israel following their Arab leader’s direction. That Arab leader partnered with Hitler and called for the extermination of the Jews. His Nephew was the founder of the PLO, Yasser Arafat, (born in Egypt) who died a wealthy man. (Was he indiginous to Israel? No.)

        We hear none of the psychopaths saying Jews should be able to return to their former homes and property. I repeat this because it should be drummed into the heads of the ignorant who can’t seem to get their facts straight.

      2. BTW, I hope you know the full range of Muslim-majority countries around the world. For example, the most populous Muslim-majority country is Indonesia.

  10. Instead of wasting my time in POLITICAL Turleyville today, I spent time productively reviewing actual recent LEGAL FILINGS regarding the DC USA v Trump case, including:


    They are all VERY solid Motions, and I would expect each of them to be granted, if the judge feels like doing her JOB. If not, I see the Appeal as being a winner, whether in the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court.

  11. Get a grip people. those in the know say trump is a lying grifter. Look for more plea deals as the dominoes fall.
    Jt tried to get you all to believe in the big lie as well. Remember whose side JT was on when the guilty pleas and jury verdicts come in.

    “Meadows said that by mid-December” of 2020, “he privately informed Trump that Giuliani hadn’t produced any evidence to back up the many allegations he was making, sources said. Then-attorney general Bill Barr also informed Trump and Meadows in an Oval Office meeting that allegations of election fraud were ‘not panning out,’ as Barr recounted in testimony to Congress last year.”

      1. Anyone that’s NOT in good financial standing that has to face the state or federal government which both have UNLIMITED RESOURCES AND MONEY and face a jury that’s is mostly biased as in DC or Atlanta you might as well lie and take a plea deal to save your skin..I’m no fan of Ellis but she read the room and so will anyone else that doesn’t want to be in jail for years..doesn’t mean she is guilty of the crime being charged with. This is what Willis no one would ever challenge an election ever again..BUT this can flip with Dems one day so careful what you wish for .

    1. Problem is there is fraud in GA. …my neighbor couldn’t get a DL in alabama (×con) so he found a DL mill in GA. And those mills also automatically register ppl to vote..
      In ga.! So when their ballots arrive the xcon is long gone and who fills out the ballots? But Jenna Ellis would have needed a team as big as the fbi to route that out. Due diligence saw impossible for a gal with a shingle….she’d need a budget at least as big as the feds and what lawyer has that?

    2. Gee Bob,,,You left sooo much evidence against Trump there is nowhere to begin.
      How about I do as Annie Fannie did & just make stuff up. You lefties are used to no evidence accusations by now, so I shouldn’t have much trouble…


    3. Bob, you from media matters? Or another site where other soros trolls lurk? One thing fo sho! You are either VERY UN-informed or a liar. Just a small sample–

      Have any idea of how many dead people voted in 2020? People who had moved but were still on voter rolls? I suppose the THOUSANDS of sworn statements by poll workers are ALL wrong…made up by people who could go to jail for perjury for fabricating sworn statements regarding vote fraud.
      Ever hear of The Great Election Coincidence? This happens a LOT in California & has spread around the country.
      R’s have the lead most all of the voting day. They often have substantial leads when the polls close.
      Funny thing. The next morning the D’s have the lead. Imagine the continuous miracle for the dimms. About 95% or so the dimms win the next morning after being behind the night before.

      This miracle happened in swing states in 2020. When polls closed, Trump was ahead. Next morning, Jobomma had ‘won’. Uh huh. Shuuurrre. There is video of trucks being unloaded at polling places when the PP was supposed to be closed. A few of the drivers made sworn statements. Video of boxes being drug our from table cloth covered tables & some batches counted over & over.

      What about the recordings of the drop boxes being stuffed. 2,000 mules or something.

      The big lie is that the last election was fair & square. THAT IS WHY dimm lefties work so hard to stop election investigations. THEY don’t want the truth to come out, so they fight to hide it.

      There is so much proof of election fraud…not enough room. Courts threw out cases without investigating & allowing evidence to be heard or seen.


      1. Millions of ballots, some printed on the wrong size paper, appearing in the middle of the night. Yet so many apparently intelligent people refuse to see what is in front of their eyes. Easier to go along to get along.

        1. Yea there were billions of ballots printed on rice paper. Except. No rice paper was found. Or maybe it was bamboo paper? or paper tiger paper? or magic elixir paper? Republicans in Arizona did a recount and ended the recount with…more votes for Biden.

          Get a grip people. You’ve been lied to. They are now admitting to their lies and all you do is say no. the liars are lying. There really was voter fraud when none was found and now they’re lying when yesterday they weren’t lying or something like that.

          My head is spinning with the amount of deceit you all beliieve.

          1. Is there a reason to beleive people who think Hamas was justified in burning and beheading babies, and raping women and children ?

            Is there a reason to beleive the people who lied about Russia, Russia, Russia ? Or The Biden corruption ?
            Is there a reason to beleive those who lied about covid ? or who censored views they disagreed with ?

            Falsus in unum Falsus in omnibus.

            At this time there is no good reason to beleive democrats about anything.

            1. “At this time there is no good reason to ‘beleive’ democrats about anything.”
              There is a good reason to believe you cannot spell, like ringing a bell, or Trump in a jail cell, with too much hair gel, and not enough to sell. Do tell….oh well….don’t yell.

          2. As you see, if you do say anything and you’re in the power elite, the rest of the elite attacks you and jails you.
            At the very least you’re in for millions in legal fees and a kangaroo court from hell.

            What people did is the same thing most did with covid. Shut their cowardly yaps and played along. To this very day the evidence of massive crimes is overwhelming and continuing to be public information that cannot be stopped.
            Most people however, jabbed full of the GENE EDITING THERAPY, are scared to death to hear any of it. After all, health is related to mindset. Stay ignorant, stay “right” and stay alive and healthy, is the going theory.

            Same thing here, besides the Trump hate, but then again it is always in vogue to hate a republican president, just not so much as to be rabid out of control mindless zombies and be widely applauded, to the detriment of the USA.

    4. “Those in the know say – “. . These are probably the same geniuses who told us that COVID could not possibly have originated in a lab.

    5. I watched the evidence Guiliani provided in hearings, with the witnesses brought forth.
      What I noticed is their testimony was not refuted, but they were made fun of in the dem press.
      I also noticed bill barr and his poppy were under the thumb of Epstein from way back.
      I further noticed bill bar publicly comment and testify mail in ballots, way before the 2020 covid fraud election, were so dangerous and so fraught with cheating that they encouraged it.
      So bill bar may tell the truth that everyone agrees on at some point, but when the rubber meets the road fatso caves in to the national security state and the lying blowing winds.

      Epstein did not kill himself, the cameras did not malfunction, the guards were not asleep, and fatso knows it.
      The ex cop rhoid monster who was in the prior Epstein cell, was incarcerated for murdering several drug kingpins and yanking the loot.
      That’s who choked Eppy out in the first incident, and he thought he had finished him but the great mossad jew survived that one.

  12. While we listen to the BS coming from leftist-run prosecutors who bankrupt people to force confessions of to non-crimes, we should keep an eye on what is happening in Gaza. That is the type of government the left would like to place all of us under.

    Voices from Gaza… What do the people have to say? (middle of page)

    1. S. Meyer says…”That is the type of government the left would like to place all of us under.”

      BS. I know of no left leaning people that want a fascist government. That is why the oppose trump so much.

      You appear to like the lying grifter trump. Those close to him are spilling the beans on a daily basis on how they lied to you in late 2020 and 2021 about the election being stolen. But of course you, along with millions more, know better. Get over it. Trump lied to you so you would “love him”. He is a lying grifter.

      1. “BS. I know of no left leaning people that want a fascist government. “

        Bob, you wouldn’t recognize a fascist government unless someone told you. I have read your posts. They are inaccurate and contain worthless opinions. You cannot debate facts, so you choose hit and run. You are a waste of time.

        Let us hear the three most significant lies of the Trump Presidency. Take out your dictionary and learn the difference between opinion and fact. Learn how your fact checkers twist words, though, in your case, that might be impossible. Stop reporting on headlines without investigating their truth.

      2. Gee Bob,,,You left sooo much evidence against Trump there is nowhere to begin.
        How about I do as Annie Fannie did & just make stuff up. You lefties are used to no evidence accusations by now, so I shouldn’t have much trouble…


  13. Big Deal. Jenna Ellis did what hundreds of thousands of other people all across this country have done. Plead guilty to a charge that they may or may not have committed to end the abusive, overreaching, potentially bankrupting treatment that comes from the US justice system. Lawyers like Johnathan Turley at one time before it became normal to harass attorneys for doing their job, would work pro bono cases to protect people from being abused by the justice system. Now we have attorneys who are afraid to defend the people who need to be defended more so than ever.

  14. I’m sure that you have the same worries for poor people who’ve been charged with crimes. /sarc

  15. Well they got to her. It’s obvious that she is trying to end the endless attorneys fees that will leave her in bankruptcy. I’m sure the tears will help. What would you do if they threatened your ability to house and feed your family.

    1. I’m wondering why none of these attorneys being indicted aren’t countersuing for malicious prosecution and why their attorney friends aren’t taking these cases pro-bono? What am I missing?

  16. “Former President Donald Trump’s final chief of staff in the White House, Mark Meadows, has spoken with special counsel Jack Smith’s team at least three times this year, including once before a federal grand jury, which came only after Smith granted Meadows immunity to testify under oath, according to sources familiar with the matter. The sources said Meadows informed Smith’s team that he repeatedly told Trump in the weeks after the 2020 presidential election that the allegations of significant voting fraud coming to them were baseless, a striking break from Trump’s prolific rhetoric regarding the election. …”


      — as a matter of criminal law, it doesn’t matter what Meadows or anyone else said. Trump has the right to his own opinion, he has a right to be wrong (if he’s wrong, and I don’t think he is), and as far as criminal law goes, he even has a right to lie when making policy statements. Meadows supposed statements have ZERO bearing on the case. You should try reading applicable LAW related to the case instead of relying on ABC “News” for either facts or law.

      1. It’s your opinion that “Meadows supposed statements have ZERO bearing on the case,” when you cannot possibly know, as you have zero knowledge of what Meadows said. So your opinion about that is baseless.

        You think Trump’s argument in his MtD is strong. I don’t. Neither of our opinions matter. It will be decided in court.

  17. The drip, drip, drip by Biden’s DOJ and Left-wing prosecutors of Trump charges were intended as a distraction from the collapse of Biden’s policies. We are seeing inadmissible aliens swarm into America, with no thought of who they are, where they are going, why they are here, what illnesses/pathogens they carry. Meanwhile Americans are being manipulated by the Left wing MSM into thinking that America is awash with “hope and change”.

    Perspective is key.

    Biden Admin Releases 96% of Inadmissible Aliens Who Use Its ‘CBP One’ App

    Of 20,948 appointments made by Russian nationals, 19,780 were released on parole, according to the committee. Of 246 Afghan nationals who used the app to schedule an appointment, 229 were released into America; 16 out of 18 Iranian nationals who made appointments were released. Of 36 Chinese nationals who made appointments, 88% were also released…

    1. Did you say, “Inadmissible aliens?”

      3 million “inadmissible aliens,” who could not be “admitted to become citizens” per extant immigration law, came in on January 1, 1863.

      Read the relevant laws.

      1. This aiding and abetting is actually has been done backwards by the prosecution. Trump has not been convicted of deliberately defrauding anyone or conspiring to steal votes, or lying to obtain money, goods or services etc. But the prosecution and news papers present hearsay (gossip) that Trump lies about himself winning the election when in fact it is a belief! Then they go to a young and vulnerable woman and intimidate her that because they believe Trump acted in malice to obtain more votes she has aided and abetted him. It’s supposed to be the other way around. Trump get convicted then the secondary parties are prosecuted. This whole thing is no more than British judicial thuggery which our Constitution rejected over 245 years ago. Ms. Ellis forgot her training in Constitution 101, she had the right to remaIn silent and let the prosecution provide proof. Of she is a Christian she forgot that Jesus didn’t speak at his trial fir the same reasons.

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