Unfortunately, I often only have a short time in the early morning each day to post stories on this blog. Given the pressures of classes, litigation, and traveling, I will often miss typos or automatically “corrected” words that are errors. I apologize for those errors, but we have no staff or copy editors on this blog. We welcome any suggested corrections. Thanks again for your help and your understanding.

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  1. Does anyone actually look at the comments here? I noted typos yesterday, and they still haven’t been corrected.

    Today, I noticed that there’s a pasting error in a new column, “Trump Fires The State Department’s Inspector General In Violation Of Federal Law”. The following paragraph is in the wrong place: “Notably, the person who actually fired him was later House impeachment counsel Norm Eisen who was the Special Counsel to the President for Ethics and Government Reform. Walpin said ‘You can either resign, or I’ll tell you that we’ll have to terminate you.’” It belongs further down in the column, after Walpin is first mentioned. Will it be corrected?

    1. OK, I see that those 3 errors from yesterday and today have now been corrected. But I suggest that you note corrections at the bottom of the column, in keeping with standard practice (e.g., “Correction: An earlier version of this column misspelled Rep. Schiff’s name”).

    2. Turley is blase about typos, poor grammer etc. And I doubt he ever reads comments…enabling takes all his time.

  2. This isn’t a particularly good set-up for soliciting corrections. People often note errors in the comments section of the column in question, and unless you either direct people here or give people a way to flag comments with corrections (for example, by adding a check box for “this is a correction,” analogous to the “notify me of new comments” check box), you’re unlikely to become aware of most of them.

    I’ll note two errors with people’s names in recent columns: Andrea Mitchell was identified as “Andrew” Mitchell ( ), and Rep. Adam Schiff was identified as Adam “Smith” ( ). There have been a number of more substantive errors in the last week, but I’m not going to go back and find my comments with them now. One other that I remember is you’d omitted the fact that the Yale prof. had also criticized Democrats in his “genocide” comments ( ), a form of cherrypicking that misrepresented his argument.

  3. Possible correction to May 14, 2020 posting “Judge Sullivan To Consider Perjury Charge Against Flynn”:


    The last sentence of your first paragraph reads: “I believe he is moving well outside of the navigational beacons for judicial action and could be committing reversible errors if he denies the unopposed motion or moves forward on this perjury claim.”

    Did you mean to write “…committing irreversible errors…”?

    1. Or maybe “reversible” in this context mean “reversible on appeal”? If anyone reading this has legal training (I have none) and can explain I would much appreciate it. Thanks!

  4. Dear Professor Turley, It never ceases to amaze me, as so many writers, including yourself, while clearly detailing society’s ills, never seem to ask, or describe, what has done this to our nation, and the world? Even more amazing, the correct answer is so readily available! George Washington provided the answer in his Farewell Address in 1796. In his Constitutional Convention saving speech, June 28, 1787, Benjamin Franklin also provides the exact same answer, in different words. “…have we now forgotten that powerful friend?” I know you are well familiar with that speech. The answer to Franklin’s question, and mine, is “Yes,we have indeed forgotten our Powerful Friend.” Corollary to Franklin’s intent, are the words of Washington, “…the (Sacred) Oath is the instrument of investigation in our courts of justice…” What did Washington mean by his words? How are we to apply his caveat? Much more to this, but…Sorry to go so long, I got your message re: your time limitations.

  5. In the Wisconsin election case, the Court’s opinion was per curiam, not (necessarily) written by Kavanaugh.

  6. From ‘Gabbard Blocked By CNN From Town Hall Events Despite Greater Support Than Invited Candidates’ article:

    “…an accusation the mirrors the allegation by Hillary Clinton that she is an actual Russian asset.”

    …an accusation THAT mirrors…

  7. 1. You said I was charged with “diverting” $7 billion.
    2. You said I used a “routing number”.

  8. Professor Turley,

    There is a formatting issue that occurs on a regular basis, about every other day on average – maybe more, whereby blog posts are not formatted in the proper template. Here is a link to a screen capture example:

    This error makes it difficult to read the posts and the loss of branding begs the question ‘am I still on Jonathan Turley’s website’?

    Thanks for the great posts and articles!

    1. It may not be a server issue, it may be in your browser or your computer,

      I often get misformatted pages which are usually cured by a reload.

      I suspect but do not know that browsers may need more computing power than is available at that instant. As time moves on computers sold new become more powerful and the people who write web pages and web browsers add features that consume that greater power. What was adequate power a few years ago may no longer be adequate. Also suspect that some browsers may be multithreading and may be using more than one CPU at a time and the relative order in which things happen may cause some things to not be done in time. Another suspect is computer memory. IT consists of arrays of tiny capacitors, a one is indicated by a charge and a zero by no charge (or the other way around). Capacitors leak but as long as a capacitor has enough charge to register by the next memory refresh cycle it will keep its value. Servr class computers and things used for business have ECC memory which means means error detecting error correcting memory. A single bit error in an eight bit byte can be detected and corrected by the hardware double bit errors can be detected but not corrected by the hardware in the failing byte to be rerun. Hardware and OS between them in some systems may stop using the suspect memory and subsitute for it known good memory.. Heavy duty operating systems on high end equipment can log error in a file for the engineer and may also be able to cause the instruction stream leading up to whatever value should have been in the failing byte.

      However most low end mother boards have memory with no error checking at all. This would include most computers used for home and small business, PCs intended as high end work stations will include ECC memory. However to get the benefit of ECC memory the mainboard processor and OS all must support it.

      Try another computer for a test as long as you think it would take for you to see several occurrences of the error on your normal computer.Also are you running something on your machine that may be sapping CPU cycles which are therefore not available to the HTML decoding code in your browser?

      1. In my previous post a big chunk of a sentence went missing.

        Here is the full sentence as it should have been:-
        A single bit error in an eight bit byte can be detected and corrected by the hardware double bit errors can be detected but not corrected by the hardware but the CPU and OS between them can cause all instructions leading up to the creation of the value that should have been in the memory location that failed be rerun.

    1. Dear Mr. Turley,
      As others have said, you are objective and a clear thinker.

      I rely on you for a balanced appraisal of almost any legal issue, even when I don’t agree with your conclusion.

      Be of good courage and stay the course.

  9. June 10th: ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE…first sentence reads “I was been” and should be “I have been.”

  10. Hi Jonathan. Came across your website and enjoy reading your perspective on things. I wanted to comment on Mueller’s conflicts and one that I have read about for 2 years was answered regarding him interviewing for FBI job. Here is a apart of an article that talks about this.

    Trump publicly claimed Mueller had conflicts of interest and was turned down for FBI job. Trump aides told investigators none of that was true.
    Trump tweeted on July 29, 2018: “Is Robert Mueller ever going to release his conflicts of interest with respect to President Trump, including the fact that we had a very nasty & contentious business relationship, I turned him down to head the FBI (one day before appointment as S.C.) & Comey is his close friend.”

    Mueller’s report (p. 80, Volume 2) makes clear that Trump’s close aides told Trump there were no true conflicts of interests. Steve Bannon told Trump that one of his conflict of interest arguments — that Mueller disputed membership fees at Trump’s Virginia golf course — was “ridiculous and petty.” Also, Mueller never went to the White House looking for a job, and the Justice Department cleared Mueller of ethical concerns preventing him from the special counsel role.

    “As for Mueller’s interview for FBI Director, Bannon recalled that the White House had invited Mueller to speak to the President to offer a perspective on the institution of the FBI. Bannon said that, although the White House thought about beseeching Mueller to become Director again, he did not come in looking for the job,” Mueller’s report said.

  11. Please help,

    Ooopsy, I accidentally posted my email address in the name block when commenting on this link:

    This was my comment:

    April 4, 2019 at 6:46 PM

    Thanks again everyone and congratulations on the latest milestone.

    Thank you for providing a censorship free platform on the intertubes where people may espouse ideas/opinions that can be weighed/measured in a public forum that spans the globe.

    Please leave the comment if possible – just scrub the email addy.

    Thank you

  12. A question on your essay from June 11, 2012 “Report: Muslim Cleric Describes Gay Worm And How Satan Makes All Non-Shiites Passive Homosexuals”:
    Did you ever get any confirmation as to whether the the fundamentalist speech of imam Yasser Al Habib on passive homosexuality was a hoax?

  13. Professor Turley,

    I was linked to a story where I was arrested. The charges were false and the case itself involved a local Sheriff with a personal conflict. Unfortunately, years after the charges were dismissed, the online story on your website follows my name and makes employment and business relationships difficult. I can send you the dismissal…please let me know if you can help.

  14. I believe that the “dog park” paper you referenced in the St. Lawrence U/ Collins article has been revealed to be a hoax.

  15. Professor Turley, I so appreciate your perspective. When I’m conflicted or confused I always go to you first for a clear and objective analysis of the matter. As a conservative I’m especially appreciative of your unbiased viewpoint. Thank you!

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