I Am The Walrus: Three Key Questions In The Investigation Of The Role Of Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper

Courtesy of National Park Service

Below is my column in The Hill newspaper on the key questions that need to be answered in relation to controversial role of Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper.  Called the Walrus, Halper has not given even a “Goo goo g’joob” to media on the details of his past role with the FBI.

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Florida Man Arrested For Yelling The Facts Of Life To Children From Atop Playground Equipment


Otis Dawayne Ryan, 30, has a curious idea of family planning education classes.  The Florida man was arrested in Clearwater Beach at a playground after he climbed atop a piece of equipment at a Clearwater Beach playground Sunday and yelled at a bunch of children in the area about where babies come from.

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Cohen Business Associate Flips and Agrees To Cooperate With Prosecutors [Updated]

EDCSBXWDGIE7FC7LWYPWRIRFXYMultiple defendant cases often resemble a lethal form of musical chairs as targets grab deals — leaving the loser still standing to face a full array of charges and cooperating witnesses.  Trump former counsel Michael D. Cohen must be feeling like the music is about to stop after his close business associate Evgeny A. Freidman decided to take a deal from prosecutors.  Freidman may be the only figure who could compete with Cohen on the higher Richter scale of sleaze. Update: Cohen denies that Freidman was ever this “partner” but does not address prior associations.

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What Seems To Be The Problem, Officer? Three New Hampshire Men Arrested Trying To Steal 25-Foot Shed

Maine State Police troopers had little trouble spotting alleged thieves on Sunday. They responded to a caller who reported that a shed was being stolen. The police soon found Matthew Thompson of Lebanon, Timothy James of Pembroke, New Hampshire, and Robert Breton of Milton, New Hampshire towing a 25-foot shed down the road behind their pickup truck.

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Just When You Thought You Had Enough To Worry About . . . Lunar Hay Fever

apollo moon photos-1033716704_v2.grid-6x2If you are planning to join the first Moon colony, you might want to read the latest report from NASA which found that moon dust is actually quite harmful to humans.  A recent study published in the April issue of the journal GeoHealth found that moon dust produces what some described as “lunar hay fever.” Indeed, it might give you Moon Lung if you live there long enough.

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Pistrina Sine Laude: Publix Deletes “Cum” From Summa Cum Laude As Offensive Speech

downloadPublix stores appear to need a Latin-to-English dictionary.  When Jacob Koscinski was declared summa cum laude at this Charleston, S.C., home-schooling program, his mother Cara ordered a cake online from Publix to read “Congrats Jacob! Summa Cum Laude class of 2018.”  It is a simple recognition of graduating “with distinction.”  However, when it arrived, the store had deleted “Cum” as profanity so that cake read “Summa . . . Laude.”  Publix will now receive the distinction of pistrina sine laude, or bakery without distinction.

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With New Referral To The Inspector General: The FBI Finds Itself Caught In A Crossfire Hurricane

2560px-Hurricane_Isabel_from_ISSBelow is my column in the Hill Newspaper on newly released information on the use of an informant against Trump officials as well as other details stemming from Operation Crossfire Hurricane.  The disclosures appear to confirm in large part the allegations made by President Donald Trump at the beginning of his Administration.  While denied at the time, it does now appear that campaign officials were surveilled and investigated.  Deputy  Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has now referred the allegation to the Inspector General for further investigation.  That is a belated but correct decision in light of the troubling implications raised by this new evidence.

Here is the column:

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