Finding Jesus in the Dock: Michael Vick’s Post-Indictment Conversion

I once had dinner with a Texas judge who asked me if I knew where Jesus lived. When I answered no, he replied “he lives at Huntsville Prison because all my prisoners tell me they find him there.”

Today, Michael Vick became the latest to find Jesus in the post-plea stage of his life. He appears to have shown “bad judgment” in carrying on the medieval form of entertainment known as dog fighting — simply a matter of “growing up.” I have four kids under nine and, without growing up, they would be physically ill to watch what Vick enjoyed as entertainment.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Jesus in the Dock: Michael Vick’s Post-Indictment Conversion”

  1. Hey, Mister, Sir,

    I think you need an institutional education. You find Jesus in Jail and the Pope in Prison or is that you get poked in Prison.

  2. Somewhat ironic that this vicious killer of animals, this former Falcon, should suddenly become an Eagle. Is the word ‘birdbrain’ floating in the media yet? (Yeah, I know, that would be insulting to birds…)

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