NBC Reports that Craig is Reconsidering Decision to Resign

It would be the world’s greatest irony. NBC is reporting that Sen. Craig is now reconsidering his decision to resign. First, Craig pleads guilty and then tries to withdraw the guilty plea. Now, if this report is accurate, Craig has resigned and, a few days, later wants to withdraw the resignation. The only thing worse than having late night talk shows using your name would be for doctors to use your name for a new form of psychological disturbance. There must be a name for such bipolor political judgment, but if not it could easily be named the Craig Syndrome. Ultimately, such regrets must be due to the final realization by Craig that he made all the worst possible decisions after his arrest. This was a charge that would never have made it into court and, even if it did, he would never have been convicted. However, by pleading guilty, he eradicated any basis for people to care about him or his fate.

2 thoughts on “NBC Reports that Craig is Reconsidering Decision to Resign”

  1. From a political standpoint, this is good news for progressives, if he reneges on his resignation.

    He will serve as a constant reminder of hypocrisy at its finest, instead of fading out of the spotlight. He’ll be a huge embarrassment to his party (wild applause).

    I suspect that he is doing this for a number of reasons: 1) To spite the party that threw him under the bus. 2) If he resigns, it appears to be an implied admission of guilt (I’m not an attorney), which will screw up his effort to get this charge reversed. 3) If the charge gets reversed and he doesn’t resign, there will be questionable grounds for any kind of investigation by the Senate Ethics Comm.

    So, aside from the brazenness and ego of this man, his behavior is in keeping with his Party of No Shame and No Regrets.

  2. Larry Craig is your typical closeted Republican Gay. Simply because he “says he’s not gay” – he’s not gay. Nevermind his promiscuous bathroom behavior and other unsavory activities. Any gay man alive over the age of 40 knows what can happen in a mens room and knows the code of tapping, paper passing, etc. This guy is such a biggoted hypocrite, I have to think him unwelcome in the gay community. After the AIDS epidemic real gay men (proud, unashamed, and with an ounce of self respect) ceased these types of behaviors. Resign or not, he’ll continue to seek sex in places where people are defacating. Maybe he is straight – it’s just the smells that get him disoriented

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