Judge Accused of Spanking Prisoners

Mobile County Circuit Judge Herman Thomas is accused to taking prisoners about the jail, ordering them to remove or drop their pants, and spanking them in a room in the Courthouse. Thomas has refused comment. However, if true, this would follow a gradual erosion of judicial restraint and growth in novel punishments, which appear to cable shows and public sentiment. For prior column, click here
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4 thoughts on “Judge Accused of Spanking Prisoners”

  1. JT, if it is actually proven that this judge did such things, wouldn’t this be considered not just “judicial misconduct” but also a CRIMINAL act? I would hope so! This sounds like simple assault to me, which I believe is a felony offense in most jurisdictions.

  2. Jesse, You find this kind of blatant abuse of judicial authority, not to mention the perception of criminal conduct, “funny?” You have a VERY strange sense of humor, and I’ll let it go at that.

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