Wisconsin Man Sues Brut Cologne When It Ignites Near Campfire

An 81-year-old Milwaukee man has sued the Brut cologne company after the product allegedly ignited when he used a campfire. According to the complaint, Charles B. Lewitzke had just freshened up with Brut when the accident occurred. He is also suing Walmart. Such product liability cases will likely turn on the jury decision over a defective warning and a possible defective design claim. The case was filed in the U.S. District Court in Wisconsin’s Eastern District this week.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Man Sues Brut Cologne When It Ignites Near Campfire”

  1. I see that people being dumb is very profitable!

    I feel ashame for being
    I’d like to sue that guy for giving man kind a bad name.

    By the way.. Brut should receive something, since now is stereotyped to be the aftershave of dumbs.

  2. You might want to fix the broken paragraphs in this post, Jonathan. Looks like the wording got a little messed up.

    Splashing on alcohol-laced cologne by a campfire? Who would have thunk it would ignite!?

    I really hate these blame-everybody-but-me lawsuits.

    Quick: Somebody tell the guy not to inject Brut up his butt, either.

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