Senator Stevens and Congressional Corruption: Where were Alaskan voters?

For years, Senator Ted Stevens has been the poster boy of congressional corruption. I have written for years about his very public effort to enrich himself and his family. He now appears to be in serious trouble, but the question is why Alaskan voters allowed him to continue so long after media and columnists raised such issues over and over again. For a prior column on Stevens, click here .

3 thoughts on “Senator Stevens and Congressional Corruption: Where were Alaskan voters?”

  1. Stevens wants a speedy trial in order that Bush can pardon him in case McCain doesn’t get elected.

    If Stevens is convicted and Bush doesn’t pardon him, I’ll post positive reviews of the next “movies” in which Adam Sandler, Adrian Brody, or Jack Black “star”.

  2. Alaskans are obviously mostly Republicans who don’t mind criminal activity in their politicians as long as (accused) criminals like Stevens keep bringing them all the “pork” they can eat.

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