State Prosecutor Brings More Charges on Vick

It is often said that one day on the cover of Time, the next day doing time. It is a reference to the perils of celebrity status. Today, while the state prosecutor in the Michael Vick dog-fighting case announced that he intended to file a flurry of charges against Vick, a grand jury handed down two charges against Vick: one count of killing dogs and one of promoting dogfights. For story, click here It has become now routine for state and federal prosecutors to essentially double charge for the same conduct. The federal courts have reduced the barrier under the double jeopardy clause in allowing such double charging. This has proven a bonanza for state prosecutors to get their own face time in high-profile cases. Ironically, like many, I hope that Vick gets a good solid prison sentence for his blood lust sport. However, it is unfair for defendants to face such redundant cases. It is true that the federal crimes refer to violations crossing state lines, but the underlying conduct is the same. The fact is that a celebrity case is often impossible to resist for prosecutors and Vick will not be done until every prosecutor with a claim takes center stage. It puts the rest of us in the unenviable position to crying foul for someone who showed little sympathy or humanity in the abusing and killing of these dogs.

One thought on “State Prosecutor Brings More Charges on Vick”

  1. Why not double charge? It happens all the time. If a prosecutor can’t get a verdict in a criminal court, the Feds will charge a “hate’crime” in Federal court. Glad to see there’s no double standard in Vile Vick the Dog Killa’s case.

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