Catholic Bishop Alleges Condoms Intentionally Infected with HIV/AIDS to Kill Africans

Archbishop Francisco Chimoio, head of the Catholic church in Mozambique said on Wednesday that some European-made condoms were deliberately infected with the HIV/AIDS virus to kill African people. “I know of two countries in Europe who are making condoms with (the) virus on purpose, they want to finish with African people as part of their program to colonize the continent,” Archbishop Francisco Chimoio. This bizarre allegation is likely to undermine further the efforts in Africa to prevent the spread of AIDS. For the full story, click here Even in the United States, such statements are difficult to prevent legally. If a company is named, a lawsuit can be filed under many state laws that cover disparaging commercial products. This is a variation of defamation law. The best example recently was the unsuccessful lawsuit against Oprah for disparaging beef products. She ultimately prevailed but only after an expensive trial.

2 thoughts on “Catholic Bishop Alleges Condoms Intentionally Infected with HIV/AIDS to Kill Africans”

  1. “A rare kind of intelligence” is the most civil and diplomatic way of summing up the good cleric’s views. It is astonishing that such people can assume positions of authority in any field.

  2. Indeed it requires a rare kind of intelligence to make the statement that the condoms are are deliberately infected with aids/hiv virus, that too from the respected mouth of a highly esteemed Catholic Bishop. This is the most dangerous virus jargon ever heard. Whether this statement is made to save the African population or to “finish” the African population: it’s very hard to come to terms. The vested orchestrated interest of the “religion” in it, if any, is to be immediately explored. Truth has to be thrashed out at once.

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