Tragedy of the Commons: Developing Nations Reject Global Warming as Number One Priority

Before the start of the international conference on global warming, various countries including China made clear that they will continue to put economic development ahead of the environmental, even if global warming threatens a worldwide ecological disaster. Most startling was China. For the story, click here “For a developing country, the main task is to reduce poverty,” Xie Zhenhua, vice chairman of China’s national development and reform commission, told a forum. China has already destroyed its own environmental and may be killing between 500,000 and 750,000 people a year due to environmental violations and pollution. It is now becoming the largest produced of greenhouse gases and its pollution is causing major environmental problems in countries as far away as the United States. It is a remarkable example of the tragedy of commons where a nation will continue to wealth maximize even though it is inviting tragedy for both itself and its neighbors. For an interactive map of the localized consequences of global warming, click here

2 thoughts on “Tragedy of the Commons: Developing Nations Reject Global Warming as Number One Priority”

  1. GLOBAL WARMING, most burning issue for the present day World is not the outcome of single day or night. its not necessary to define the term again. Now the question is WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR GLOBAL WARMING? Directly or indirectly we the educated class are responsible for this. We always think about development at any cost, without considering the nature also. So the final outcome is available to us. It has become a serious matter whether our next generations will be able to take birth with free oxigen available in the environment or not.
    Growth of population, introduction of plastic, poly-thene etc. are the root causes of this problem.
    So, its the red alert for all of us to think about development in Eco-friendly way.
    its not sufficient just to ask the developing nations to stop GLOBAL WARMING, nor enough to make them responsible for the whole issue. Here it doesnt mean that developing nations are not responsible for it. Its the time to get united together and to solve this major problem by proceeding for economic development in eco-friendly way.

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