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Is Global Warming Is Making Us Stupider?

290px-The_Sun_by_the_Atmospheric_Imaging_Assembly_of_NASA's_Solar_Dynamics_Observatory_-_20100819It is bad enough that global warming may be slowly killing out planet, but what if the hotter it gets, the dumber we become in dealing with it? If a recent study is correct, that may be the case. According to Harvard researchers in n a PLOS Medicine article, the human brain functions 13 percent slower when it has to operate in extreme heat.

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Wrapped In Glory Or Gory? Kentucky Hunter Reignites Debate Over Trophy Hunting

(Photo: Twitter/@africlandpost)

We have previously followed the controversy over the shooting of “Cecil the Lion” by an American dentist Walter Palmer from Minnesota as well as  subsequent controversies of a Idaho hunter taunting animal advocates and killing giant elephants for trophies.  A new such controversy ha erupted over social media postings by Tess Thompson Talley posting with herself literally wrapped in the dead body of a black giraffe.  The Kentucky woman gleefully posed with the huge dead animal from South Africa. Continue reading “Wrapped In Glory Or Gory? Kentucky Hunter Reignites Debate Over Trophy Hunting”

High-School Student Defaces the Colorado National Monument With Graffiti

1528734885063We have been discussing the growing number of idiots who are leaving graffiti and destroying national and state parks (here and here and here and here and here). Now some teenager has defaced the incredible Colorado National Monument with juvenile graffiti meant to convince a girl to go to the prom.  The stunt could cost the culprit six months in jail.  Indeed, until judges hand down some serious jail time, people like this will continue to deface our national parks. Continue reading “High-School Student Defaces the Colorado National Monument With Graffiti”

Thrill Kills Turn Into Wild Massacre: Eleven People Accused Of Killing Spree Of Wild Animals in Oregon

hunter pic 2Eleven people in Oregon have been charged in what have been described as “kind of demented social club” that would kill and even decapitate animals in thrill kills that became a massacre.  The poachers killed bears, deer, and other animals in a disgusting competition of who could rack up the greatest number of kills. Despite the carnage, they only face misdemeanors, albeit over 100 such charges.  Police have already confirmed seven bobcats, four cougars, five bear, 35 deer and one silver gray squirrel among the trophy kills.

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Pruitt Goes For An Even Dozen: EPA Chief Is Now Facing 11 Federal Probes Into Excessive Spending, Special Dealing, and Ethical Violations

440px-Scott_Pruitt_official_portraitEnvironmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt seems a virtual perpetual motion machine of scandals.  With 11 different federal probes into his conduct, two of his top aides quit their jobs in the middle of the investigations, according to the New York Times.  I certainly will not deny my opposition to many of the actions taken by Pruitt, who is widely viewed as one of the most anti-environmental EPA chiefs in history. However, this is not about policy differences.  Trump is fulfilling his campaign promise to reduce regulations and he is entitled to take the EPA in a different direction.  Rather this is about fundamental values of good government.  Pruitt continues to be an embarrassment in his relations with lobbyists and alleged spending of public funds — a sharp and glaring contradiction to the pledge of Donald Trump to “drain the swamp.”  Continue reading “Pruitt Goes For An Even Dozen: EPA Chief Is Now Facing 11 Federal Probes Into Excessive Spending, Special Dealing, and Ethical Violations”

Cincinnati Police Arrest Woman In The Theft Of The Rare Blue Morpho


Police have been looking for a rather unique felon.  A woman was caught on security cameras at the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati stealing a rare blue morpho butterfly.  According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, they have now arrested Jamie Revis, 36. Without deciding guilt, I must confess that, if I was to guess at a butterfly thief in a line up, I just might pick Revis.

Blue morpho butterflies only live for 115 days.  They are native to Central and South American rainforests.  It also means that the removal of the butterfly likely resulted in its death due to the change in environment.

The surveillance tape shows the suspect going into the exhibit and being confronted by a woman at the facility:

For the purposes of a theft charge, it would be interesting to see how they put a price on the butterfly.  There is likely no market for the rare butterfly but there is a market for butterflies for collectors. In any case, it should be easy to satisfy a felony charge based on value.