Man Fights to Get Leg Back

As if North and South Carolina did not have enough to fight about. When Shannon Whisnant purchased a barbecue smoker recently, she was surprised to later discover a human leg inside. It turned out to be the leg of John Wood’, who used the smoker to store the leg after it was amputated as a result of a 2004 airplane crash. Wood always intended to be buried as “a whole man” when he died. Now, it appears that Whisnant wants it back rom a funeral home for show. The family has been charging adults $3 and children $1 for a look. They have even proposed sharing the profits with Wood.

Putting aside obvious questions of not having a leg to stand on, it is a hard legal case to make. First, state law generally prohibits the holding of human body parts and restricts their sale. Second, while a sale of an item often is viewed as including contents, there was no evidence of an intent to do so here. Third, such a sale would violate public policy. Finally, if this story is true, the Whisnants would set a new low for humanity — let alone the grilling world. For the full story, click here

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