The Army Offers College Credits Without the Need of Going to College

The Army appears to have solved an age-old problem with getting a college education: going to college. In its latest effort to attract recruits, the Army is now offering to award college credits for such things as basic training. Utlimately, a soldier could serve in the Army and walk out with a bachelor’s degree. Called the College of the American Soldier, the Army is working with colleges to gets its training programs accredited. This is the ultimate expression of the trend in instant degrees. It is treating a BA like nothing more than technical training. The fact that the government is now joining the market for faux degrees is distressing. There is more to a B.A. than a collection of hours learning a task. Moreover, if all employers can convert their jobs into “educational experiences” the B.A. will lose its meaning. I realize that it is not easy to get people to sign up for trips to Anbar or Basra, but the College of the American Soldier is one marketing ploy too far. For the full story, click here

4 thoughts on “The Army Offers College Credits Without the Need of Going to College”

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  2. I would trust the military to educate my young men and women before I would trust the public school system of America. It has failed and the military is picking up the pieces left and giving kids a meaningful education. We only have to look at our bottom standing for education among all the industrialized nations. When a veteran (with some explanation) comes to me for a job, he has about twenty times more credibility than the typical graduate of a public education institution. Let’s welcome the “College of the American Soldier.” Now if the soldier needs specialized/remedial training for a job, let academia offer than instead of time-killing programs that fail our hero’s.

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