Video Shows Police Officer Hitting a Cuffed Suspect

A new video shows police officer hitting a cuffed suspect in Braddock, Pa., for not apparent reason. The suspect was not resisting or running at the time. The suspect had been caught allegedly in the act of a burglary. Braddock Mayor John Fetterman left the rather curious comment that
“I’m certainly not going to excuse what is seen on tape, but I would ask everyone who views it to consider, perhaps, the context and maybe what had occurred up to that point,” Fetterman said. “The officer is a human being just like the rest of us, and sometimes emotions can get the best of us.”
Given the permissive attitude of the good mayor, it is easy to see why abuse occurs in his town. There is no reason why a professional law enforcement officer would hit a cuffed suspect in this fashion. He is supposed to be train so not to let his emotion “get the best” of him. Indeed, absent this film, it is unlikely that this suspect would have any chance at all of raising the matter. For the article and video, click here Being a police officer is a terribly difficult job. Indeed, the ability to use extreme force can corrode the judgment of the best of us. However, the vast majority of professional law enforcement officers would be appalled by an officer who beats or strikes a cuffed suspect.