Teenagers Beat Mother, Steal Car, and Throw Baby Out Window

In a shocking crime in Nebraska, three teenagers stole a car, kidnapped a baby, then threw the baby out the window. The crime occurred after the three teenagers stood in from of the car of Amber Blakeman, 21, and her 10-month-old son, Cayden, and demanded a ride. When she refused, they beat the mother, dragger her from the car and took off. Down the street, according to witnesses, they threw the baby out the window. said three women stood in front of her car on 25th Street near Corby Street. They asked her for a ride and when she refused, they allegedly pulled her from the car and took off. A young mother said she followed the cries of her baby Wednesday night after her car was robbed and the boy was thrown out of the vehicle.

Two of the suspects are 14-year-old girls, and authorities said they are charged with robbery and child abuse. The other teen is a 15-year-old girl charged with robbery.

It is a case that raises the interesting divergence of tort and criminal law principles. Under the standard criminal law principle, these teenagers would be tried as juveniles and released at 18 – only a few years for multiple counts of aggravated battery, kidnapping, car theft, abuse of a child, and potential attempted murder. It is possible to charge as an adult in some states, but it runs against the grain. In torts, there is a standard just for children in negligence. However, when a child engages in an adult activity like driving, they are subject to the standard of an adult. The current literature shows that the teenage brain continues to operate in a highly unpredictable way. The part of the brain that deals with foreseeing and responding to risk is one of the areas that is last to develop. Here, it does not appear that this is the type of youthful stupidity but clear depravity. By 14 or 15, any child should be sensitive to the life and care of a baby. In other words, this shows pathological and antisocial conduct that is not likely to be altered by three years at a juvenile detention center. It is a case that shows the continued difficulty in isolating dangerous individuals and recognizing the lack of foresight and judgment of youth. For the full story, click here

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