Prosecutor Drops Charges for Push Ups

A prosecutor joined a worrisome trend by trading criminal charges for push ups. Judges and prosecutors have been increasingly turning legal proceedings into a form of personal entertainment or farce. With the encouragement of the media, judges have been forcing people to do shameful public displays like cleaning court rooms with a toothbrush. The result is the creation of dozens of little judicial Caesars who mete out their own forms of punishment for the delight of the public. Now a prosecutor has joined this circus trend in law and agreed to drop charges if a man did 50 push ups in front of him. For the full story, click here Chase C. Allen’s misdemeanor trespassing and disorderly conduct charges were dropped after he performed for the satisfaction of the prosecutor and a crowd in the courtroom, who applauded like a day at the Collesium. Marion Superior Court Judge Barbara Collins was quick to say that she did not participate in the agreement, but she notably did not sanction of the prosecutor. As for Deputy Prosecutor Daniel Cavallini, he is not commenting. Allen is now on his way to Marine boot camp. Even if this prosecutor has a soft spot for Marines and a penchant for extrajudicial entertainment, it is unclear why he can mete out his own personal choice of justice for different defendants. The question is what happens to the kid who is not enlisting in the Marines and what other occupation would satisfy Cavallini’s peculiar standards.