Columbia Refuses to Turn Over Videotape in Noose Incident

Academics and students are shocked by the recent appearance of a noose outside the door of an African-American professor at Columbia University. The noose was hung outside of the office of Madonna Constantine, who has suggested that it might be another professor who has had issues with her in the past. However, Columbia has refused requests from authorities to turn over security videotape that could help identify who hung a noose on the door. There is no known reason for the refusal since such videotapes are routinely turned over to police. For the full story, click here What is curious is that one would assume that Columbia would want to identify an unhinged racist wandering through its halls without delay. Indeed, the university could be sued for withholding such information if the culprit were to hurt a third party.

One thought on “Columbia Refuses to Turn Over Videotape in Noose Incident”

  1. I would opine that the school was knocked severely off balance by the incident, and did not want NYPD to run all over them. I personally was in a school in New York where there was an alleged racist incident. NYPD take these allegations extremely seriously. The brusque questioning of students and staff at my school was in my opinion really pushing it. All this was for an incident that was rather benign. (By this I mean largely made up.) I can only imagine what NYPD’s reaction would be to an event that clearly happened.

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