Turkey Recalls Ambassador Over Genocide Bill

Today, Turkey added pressure on the Administration by recalling its ambassador in Washington after a congressional committee’s decision to approve a bill describing the World War I-era killings of Armenians as genocide. The Bush Administration is already caving into the Turkish threats, fearful that it could undermine its efforts in Iraq. It is now either forget about the genocide or face supply problems. The choice is easy it appears for the White House which has been demanding that Congress forget about hundreds of thousands massacred by Turkey in the 1900s. With the added threat of the recall, the United States would now cement its status as a weakened nation incapable of fighting for core principles and the rule of law. We have already seen how the war on terror has led to our adoption of torture, violation of international laws, and the stripping of American citizens of their access to courts and counsel. Now, even genocide is secondary to the need to claim some form of victory in Iraq.