Florida Governor Under Fire for Hanging Religious Symbol on Governor’s Office Door

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is under attack after an event in which Rabbi Schneur Oirechman affixed a mezuzah from Israel upon the doorway of his Capitol office on Oct. 11. One can certainly understand the desire to be grateful or respectful. However, there are some legitimate questions raised by such symbols. Presumably, this would mean that any member of the legislature can hang religious items from their doors, a practice that will make many feel a bit uncomfortable. Whether it is a cross or a sign of Scientology, the hanging of religious symbols from doors creates a barrier for some and crosses into very uncertain constitutional waters. For a prior column, click here The question is why. More than anyone, a rabbi like Oirechmani (and presumably Rep. Adam Hasner who gave Crist the mezuzah) should recognize the dangers of allowing legislators to openly associate with particular religious groups. The more responsible measure would have been to put the mezuzah on Crist’s home. The desire to associate it with his official duties is precisely the problem for those who fear the implications of such entanglements. For the full story, click here