Military to Expand Role in Running Public High Schools

With financial and political support of democratic leaders, particularly Raum Emanuel, the military will add to its controversial Marine run high school with high schools for the other services: Chicago Military Academy-Bronzeville (Army), Carver Military Academy (Army), Phoenix Military Academy (Army) and Rickover Academy (Navy). Marine Military Academy is the nation’s first public Marine Military Academy. It is an astonishing policy decision made with little debate or consideration of its implications or propriety. Rather than improve our public schools, leaders will embraced charters schools and other gimmicks that distract from the overall problems affecting the majority of students. Militarizing public schools is only the last of these gimmicks and stands as a great departure from the model of a single uniform education for child.

One thought on “Military to Expand Role in Running Public High Schools”

  1. Are they teaching children how to live in a democratic society or are they teaching them to be authoritarian followers/leaders?

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