Texas Police Union President Accused of Being Grand Wizard

In what appears to be a defamation case in the making,the San Antonio Observer accused San Antonio Police Association President Teddy Stewart of being a Grand Wizard. If false as alleged, the publication would constitute a clear case of libel. Stewart said “I take this very personally. It’s hard to even talk about. I despise people who even think like the KKK. It’s the worst insult I’ve ever heard.”

What is bizarre is the statements of former City Council member Mario Salas who responded to Stewart’s statement that he might sue: “That’s an idle threat. You can’t sue a newspaper. If he wants to do that, it’s up to he and the newspaper.” Salas said that, even it untrue, it was deserved Salas went on to say that even if the accusation is not true, it is probably deserved. “For Mr. Stewart to protect those officers that stripped people naked on the street — he probably deserves those criticisms,” Salas said. For the full story, click here