Dancing Dentist Sued by Injured Patient

Dr. George Trusty (yes, that is his name) is a dentist who loves dancing, even when working on patients. Recently, while dancing to the tune fo Car Wash, Trusty is accused of snapping off a drill bit in her head — lodging it near her eye. When he used a metal hook to try to pull it out, Trusty succeeded in pushing it farther up, driving it through the sinus and bone near her eye socket. Trusty downplayed the problem and told her that she would probably sneeze it out (which would have blinded her). He would not agree to pay her bills initially and is now being sued for pain and suffering, facial swelling, nerve damage and chronic infections by Brandy Fanning, 31. She is asking for $600,000 for her medical expenses, pain and suffering. Presumably, she will ask for punitive damages. As a rule of thumb, punitives can be ten times the compensatory damages withou running into constitutional problems.