Maryland Town Moves to Block Mosque

Walkerville politicians are seeking to block a Muslim organization from building a mosque and a rather raw example of sectarian prejudice. Chad Weddle, a lawyer and a town commissioner in Walkersville, Md., has proposed a zoning amendment that would prevent the construction of places of worship on land zoned for agriculture there. While the protection of agriculture areas must be cited, the true motivation behind the effort have been made plain to the Ahmadiyya Community USA.

Mayor Ralph Whitmore has noted that some residents are “apprehensive of Muslims.”

“Tensions are still there. We have a lot of people here who haven’t forgotten 9/11.”

Whitmore says people who have loved ones fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan have reservations about Muslims in the community, and fear remains after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

“We’re not a very diverse community,” the mayor said. I wonder why. However, the term is not diverse but tolerant.

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