Boy Who Brutally Tortured a Tortoise Gets Only 270 days

Jose Antonio Mosqueda, 18, was sentenced to just 270 days in jail (with credit for 156 days already served and for good conduct) after he admitted to taking a pet tortoise from an autistic boy, slashing its legs and neck, stabbing it through the shell, and throwing it against a wall. His attorney said that the boy is remorseful and the prosecutors cut this deal in Ventura California. Once again, the problem is how prosecutors deal with such animal cruelty cases. It is not simply the wanton violence committed against this creature or an autistic boy, it is the fact taht Mosqueda is clearly a sick and violent individual. His attack on a helpless creature and theft from a disabled child reflects a deep and dangerous violent nature. He was eligible for a three-year sentence, which is about right if he got the maximum. Instead, he will spend less than a year. For the full story, click here This is precisely the type of decision by prosecutors that outrage animal rights activists and signal that violence against animals is treated closer to a property offense.

One thought on “Boy Who Brutally Tortured a Tortoise Gets Only 270 days”

  1. There is more to this story, professor. Apparently the family dog was poisoned after this incident, and the family has received threats against the mother and autistic child. I am very friendly with many Latinos, including illegal immigrants. However, this story pinpoints why an effective immigration policy is so crucial.
    My take on this is ethnic gang violence. The kid is involved with scum, and he did this for them. His remorse is worthless to me unless he renounces his friends. I am not concerned for the turtle as much as I am concerned for the family, as they are human beings. To quote the mother: “Why are your friends threatening us?” This kid and all of his friends should be locked away/deported, depending on their situation.,2933,308619,00.html

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