Father Told to Pay Millions to Daughter Who Was Allegedly Raped

In an interesting torts case, the judge ruled that prominent businessman Fred Blackmon of Montgomery Alabama must pay his daughter $8 million dollars for sexual abuses in her childhood.

The case presented difficult evidentiary questions and will likely present equally difficult appellate issues. Blackmon, a vice president with Merrill Lynch & Co., was sued by Louise Plott, who made some pretty strange allegations, including that Blackmon repeatedly took her to orgies at a hotel as a young girl, once mailed her a dismembered thumb and a fetus, and forced her to participate in the stabbing death of a young man.

Her attorney insisted that such bizarre accounts are merely the result of the mental anguish and problems caused by years of abuse, including alleged rapes the night she became prom queen and before her wedding.

Four therapists testified that Plott had symptoms that are common among victims of childhood sexual abuse, and two experts (who testified for Blackmon) couldn’t say whether Plott had been abused.

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3 thoughts on “Father Told to Pay Millions to Daughter Who Was Allegedly Raped”

  1. my ex- husband raped and beat our eldest daughter who at the time, was 15 years old. at the time she was living with him in minnesota. he mentally abused this child as well as emotionally abused her. we are currently waiting to go to trial which is set for march 7th of this year. they found his dna in the room in which she slept while living with him. they found traces of bodily fluids all over the apartment. the dna report excluded everyone in the home, but the two of them. sadly, he still denies touching her and will not accept the plea the district atty offered him. my daughter was smart. she kept a diary of everytime it happened with very specific detailed information. unfortunately, the state of minnesota only allows a person to serve 12 years max in prison for a crime like this. 12 years is not enough time to give an animal who would do this to a child. his very child to say the least. i think a crime like this should carry a life sentence. my daughter has been robbed of her innocence and purity. she has a hard time trusting men and is still in counceling. at 17 years of age, she should be enjoying life, but she is afraid he will show up and hurt her again. i am proud of my daughter though for coping as well as she is. she is a brave and strong young lady. i pray for her everyday. i mainly pray for the Lord to keep her safe while she is out of my eyesight. we currently reside in alabama(our hometown). i am going to fight like hell to make sure he never sees daylight and i ask that you pray for my family and i too. i hope when we step into that courtroom, it won’t be in vein and justice will have its way with that sick wicked twisted bastard!!!!!!!!!!

  2. She won because it was true. This type of abuse is hard to prove yet somehow she did. My hat is off to her.People think “prominent” members of a city’s social network can’t possibly be sexual deviants….yes they can.

  3. How did this woman win this case? It doesn’t seem like there could have possibly been 28 witnesses…

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