Utah Sued Over Cross Memorials on Highways for Troopers

The Utah Highway Patrol Association is being sued for more than a dozen crosses, over 12-feet-tall, that bear the names individually of troopers killed in the line of duty.   It should make for an interesting case.  Normally, the courts tend to view such symbols as permissible given their limited use and non-sectarian meaning.  However, at 12-feet-tall they may prove more difficult for a state agency to support.  The problem is whether the court would create a giant hole in past precedent bearing the use of religious symbols by the state.  If a memorial for police officers is made an exception, courts could expect many states to embrace the idea as a way of putting crosses on public land — after years of decisions barring such public displays.  The case is currently on the trial level awaiting decision.  For the full story, click  here